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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Second Expansion to the west on the island (Clifftop Expansion)


From level 28 onwards, it is possible to build stone steps on the island’s left side to make it so that the smurfs can access the land on top of the cliff. To build the stone steps, the dam expansion needs to be completed first. After that, and if the required level has been reached, the stone steps come available from the first shop in the build menu.

There are two kinds of stone steps, the big ones, which can only be placed at one certain spot at the top of the cliff, and the small ones, for which there are up to three places (if all south expansions have been bought) where they can be placed. Both versions of the steps cost 10.000 Coins and take 120 hours to build (60 hours if Hefty Smurf is on the mainland).

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  1. Rodney says:

    How do you get stairs ? Can't find dem

  2. DavyDelaqua says:

    I recently build the cliff pathways for the expansion on the island. i've put some animals up there, and firemens hut, but when i go to the island now, i can't go up the cliffs. I can see some stuff that's been placed to the east side on the cliff, but can't reach it.

    • Smurfette says:

      Have the stairs accidentally been deleted? Have you tried building another set of cliff stairs? This usually only happens if the access to the expansion is gone. If it does not work, try to recover your village to a point when it was still fine.

  3. niksi says:

    i m on level 32, i got a expansion in my village but i m not able to see the land, & plots..can anyone help me

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Was it once uncovered and is now covered up? You'll need to recover your village data to prior to the time it became covered up again. Go to the blue Play menu and tap Options. Then tap the icon of Papa Smurf 16 times. When it appears, tap Recover Village. Then preview the files that appear going from most recent to least recent. When you find one that shows the expansion in its proper configuration, overwrite your village with that file.

  4. Emily watson says:

    When will the zig zag expantion on the island be available?

  5. Shelly Smurf says:

    My smurfs don’t like using the stairs. I have all 3 small stairs built going up the cliffs. At first I only had one set, then I decided to build the other 2 so my smurfs would stop going offscreen to get up/down the cliff. I couldn’t access the cliff section until the other stairs finished building, but since that resolved itself once the stairs were built I wasn’t too concerned about it. But my smurfs still won’t use the stairs. I have paths going to and from the stairs and still no luck, they will walk within 1 square of the stairs and continue down past the bottom of the screen then appear on the other side of the cliffs coming back up onto my screen. Is anyone else having this problem? I’m using iOS, updated to the latest version.

  6. Tari says:

    On my island my grass that i put over the river has been moved why? Its literally there but u can not see it! Can u please fix this glitch? Ty

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Sounds like the grass is a ghost image and that something has gone wrong with your data. You should be able to restore from the hidden backups. From the blue Play menu tap Options; tap Papa's head 16 times; tap Recover Village, and you should see a list of your backup files. Starting with the most recent preview the files and choose the one in which the grass is as you placed it (not a ghost image).

  7. Gramma says:

    Since the last upgrade I have a problem with the Island. If I leave the island and go back to the mainland the smurfs stop working. When I go back to the island they are not working on the crops but go back when I arrive. It takes forever to harvest a crop.

  8. Syd says:

    can you beyond the zig zag in the ground!

  9. soujanya says:

    Hi..I am not able to place any item on the cliff to the east in the mainland….is that a bug or am I doing anything wrong??please help…..

  10. suze says:

    I deleted all my steps bar two ….(the one second in is the one they use not the long one – ever!)) and put ALL my crops up on the cliff. When the smurfs are heading down the cliff to the beach I do smurfettes game and get heaps of xp because the little smurfs are back to back. I always harvest my crops first as this can slow down smurfettes game. There is still plenty of time to have them all close together in a convenient line!
    Unfortunately I need more land on the mainland and island desperately. I've totally run out of space.

  11. moose2525 says:

    Smurfs do not use the steps. They just go directly up/down the cliff once you have the steps built. Smurfs may walk backwards go to/from the cliff. Do not put Sluchy, Snappy and Sassette Smurfs' hut on the cliff, it would immobilized the three tiny Smurfs.

  12. dude says:

    I think it’s already available at Lv 27…

  13. Trey says:

    Sweet, new update for ios literally just released with a new smurf, new land expansion, new house upgrades, and different gifts to be received from lucky smurf!

  14. Brodie g says:

    Will there be a bridge or something going across the crevass?

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