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Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Slouchy Smurfling


Slouchy Smurfling is only available on the island and he cannot visit the mainland village. To get him the village has to be at least on level 21, after that his mushroom house can be build on the island for 2000 Coins. It will be build within 24 hours. Slouchy Smurf walks around the village, he is not stationary, and gives out quests of his own.


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  1. Shakhriyor says:

    I have 17029 coins I purchased slouchy and snappy. I didn't receive daily Xp, need sassete smurf!!!!!

  2. Karla says:

    Does anyone knows about the quest, "Gather 6 pieces of wood using the rafts" I only have two rafts, would it work if I send two rafts at once and then the third on the second day, would it add up 4+2=6. I remember having a previous quest collecting 4 pieces of wood and I only had one raft back then and I sent the raft for two consecutive days didn't allow me to complete quest until I upgraded and sent the rafts at the same time. If it doesn't work with two rafts that means I had to upgrade again and the third upgrade costs 25000…wondering how much the forth upgrade will cost. Slouchy's quests cost a bit of money, previous one sand sculpture cost 16000

  3. EST_TOL says:

    Science level 29 i havent recieved quests from slouchy in new levels

  4. Nilza says:

    How I can place a drink tray in the village? I'm in level 40.

  5. chin says:

    I have all Sassette, Slouchy, and Snappy but I can't get the daily XP no matter how I place the 3 huts. I have tried line, triangle, change the order but nothing works. I remember there is a topic for this before but can't find it now. Does anyone have the screenshot for this?
    I haven't finished sassette quest yet, I don't know if it the reason I can't get the xp

  6. Smurfism says:

    Slouchy requests to plant e,/@u. Can u guys help me out? Im on level 27

  7. EmmaSmurf says:

    How often does slouchy give quests.

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