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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurf’s Village Beginner Village Guide


Our friend Spencer (GC  : “spencersoccer”) has kindly written this guide to share   with you  tips and tricks  that he thinks   are  the  quickest  way to get your village into the higher levels. This guide is mainly  dedicated to the begginers,  so if  you have other ideas or suggestions you want to share please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Here is version 1.0 of the smurf’s village guide it’s fairly short due to the fact most of the things can be found on other parts of thi website. But this doesn’t mean I, or someone else, can’t add more to it later. It will be rewritten and revised further later on.

This is a guide to help make money and level up quicker, not a “how to play smurf village for dummies guide” Without further to-do, here is version 1.0.

So maybe you just downloaded the smurf’s village app from the App store and are starting to wonder what the heck you downloaded. Maybe you got through the first couple levels, did a few quests, but its taking SOOOOO long to level up now and you need help. Or maybe you’re an avid player, but you feel there is more to learn. Either way, here you are and I hope no matter how much you play this amazingly addictive game, you learn something.

Let’s start with the beginning, something has happened where the Smurf’s have been scattered and you have the main objective of getting them back together and restoring the destroyed village. The first 3 or 4 levels almost play themselves with the simple tutorial quests Papa Smurf gives you. Pay attention to these quests though, these are the basic building blocks to making a village.

So by the time Papa finally gives you somewhat of free range you should be level 3 or 4. If you plan on buying smurfberries through the app store, I would get enough to purchase Hefty Smurf. If you don’t buy him now, and wait til you earn the smurfberries in game without buying them, he won’t be of much use. In the beginning of the game, you are constantly building something, and Hefty cuts building time in half. This greatly accelerates the growth rate of your village. Because up until level 10 or so, most of Papa’s quests involve building things, like Timber Smurf’s house or bridges.

And while all these things are building, with or without Hefty, it’s your time to gain gold coins, the game’s currency. At first you may only plant Blueberries, as they are free to plant and only take 30 seconds to grow. My personal opinion is it becomes much too hard of a task to keep planting them and harvesting them. This is because it normally takes smurfs 10 to 20 seconds to walk to the garden plot anyway. So to avoid this, I personally always planted raspberries. They didn’t take long, 5 minutes. And they provided about the same amount of experience I could get from painstaking planting 5 minutes worth of blueberries. So in the beginning levels, i’d chose Raspberries over Blueberries.

Choosing raspberries also gives you 5 minutes to play the mini games from your newly built special smurf houses. You should have Baker and Handy Smurfs ready to go and can play their respective mini games. Play these games every time they are available to you. The offer enough experience to really help you along at these early stages of the game. Tips on how to play this game are found at a different part of this wonderful website. But after 2 or 3 sets of raspberry crops you’ve played all the mini games and now it’s time to assess your village. Get it organized.

This means getting all your houses in one place, your gardens in another, and maybe your special houses in another. Decorating isn’t that important now because you’ll need all the money you can grow for a while. After purchasing Miner Smurf though you can relax and let money roll in because you won’t have to make any big purchases for a couple levels. The main being a 30 coin house or a 20 coin plot of land, and that’s not a lot. Although you do need to upgrade your smurf houses so you can add another smurf to your village which gives you another plot of land of grow crops. That will cost you 500 coins a house, so you might go for broke. But a quick tip is to always keep around 500 in your account so you can continue to plant crops without worrying about running out of money. I wouldn’t buy decorations or anything yet because you won’t know how you want to make your village without leveling up a bit and unlocking more items.

It’s around this time, your houses should be upgraded at least once, and you should have around 20 to 30 smurfs at your disposal. You should even have a fair amount of money if you always had something planted. Watermelon, tomatoes or ideally Corn planted at night will really help you move along quickly. With all these smurfs you should have a lot of plots of land, and it’s a hassle to keep planting things.

If you are willing to purchase smurfberries, I would take this time to buy farmer smurf. If you didn’t buy hefty before, you won’t need him now, but farmer will be used all the time from here on out. You’ll need 30 smurfberries for Farmer, then another 15 to upgrade him so you can plant all your land and harvest all your land in one click, saving you a ton of time. He also raises the value of the 8 crops you can fit around him by 25%. So plant your bigger crops there, like watermelon or potatoes, if you can.

There is really nothing left to do for a couple levels, so just keep up with your planting and earn money and level up. Soon your village will be at maximum space and the design process will take over. But that’s an entirely different guide. This simple start up guide should get you into the 20’s within a week or two depending on how often you play. Just always keep something planted and always play all the minigames and complete quests as often as you can.
Thanks for reading and check back every so often for updates.

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  1. Jean says:

    I cant found the wood carving to finish papa smurf quest how do it get the wood carving

  2. Joan says:

    what is Papa Smurf Wood Caving?

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      It is a wooden statue. You need resources for three stages to build it and it gives XP and coins once a week.
      Please, try to avoid double posts.

  3. Coco says:


    I am at level 17 with 32 smurfberries. Is it better to buy the rock crusher (15) + timber cutter (15) or to invest it in a magician's hut to slowly get the stuff in the homnibus tome?

    Does anyone experience these?

    (1) Game hanging or unable to log on to play game especially when after receiving a notification to harvest crops? Usually I have to shut down the phone several times before I can log in by which time the crops have wilthered. I emailed beeline and am told there is no problem with the game but I find it strange that it happens after getting a notification from them.

    (2) tracker telling my to click on the cauldron to receive xp but when i click to collect my xp, there is no increase in the value.

    Thanks for this helpful website!

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      I can only tell you that Tracker isn't working properly since he was introduced. If you can't collect from his cauldron now, you should try again later.

  4. Monisha says:

    Hey guys I’m on level 13 and papa smurf is asking me to start building a wood carving of papa smurf. I’m completely lost can someone help please

    • Jokey01 says:

      The carving has just come out on the latest update. You should find it in the village menu under featured. costs 1000 coins and needs building.

  5. Smurfette says:

    Is there any way to level up quickly without spending real money or going broke on coins? Or is planting crops the only way to go?

    I tried doing all of Papa Smurf's quests, but by level 9, I'm nearly broke because he kept asking me to buy stuff with very little reward in return. And I don't want to spend any real money on this game.

    • Poet says:

      Planting and harvesting crops is the main way of gaining xp and leveling up in the game without spending real money or spending too much coins. It is only much later when you have accumulated too much coins, then you can consider buying the butterflies and place them in your village. They give huge xp every 2 hours if you manage to buy a lot of them.

  6. Kelci says:

    What are the rainbow rain drops for .?

  7. Stepan says:

    Hello, I am lvl. 24 and father smurfs quest is: second riddle- this is a room that has no floor, no walls, no windows, and also no door. What is it? :-(

  8. Smurfersab says:

    Hi, im at level 26 and half of my smurfs are gone and my ship is gone so i cant go to my island anymore! And all my animals are gone too. Help i dont know if its part of the game or a glitch… Can anybody help :s thnx!

    • Smurfette says:

      It is not part of the game. You should restore your village from a previous backup point using the recovery feature. Instructions can be found in our troubleshooting section.

  9. Susie says:

    How can I get a cherry cake in mini game. It only gives me 20 seconds to do it.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You should collect the cakes before they start steaming. If you collect some of them before they begin steaming, you will have much better results.

    • mariana says:

      try to collect the cake once it has berries topping, so you dont have to wait for it to steam. try to collect 40 of them (so you have to back and forth for couple times), and while you go back and forth, the time will get slow and it enables you to collect more cake. goodluck!

  10. scr050 says:

    Where do I find logs for Papa Smurf?

  11. raymond says:

    hi i am on level 26 and on the island it say harvest something red what do i plant

  12. raymond says:

    what do i plant on the ialand to harvest something red please help

  13. Smerf says:

    Why did my smerf village destroyed?

  14. lil.dwayne says:

    how do you get to make a new garden at smurfs village

  15. iKayla Smith says:

    I need neighbors in smurf village and ones who will gift me as i gift everyday and wiish for one in return my gc id is kittykatkk1896 thanks and hope to see u as my neighbors! Ps when u request to be my bpnrighbor please say u want to be friends in smurf village so i know please!

  16. Diana says:

    Im at level 8. In a empty space, but im unable to plant anything..

  17. Sassette says:

    I am at the part when you need to collect tools from a friend, but I don't have Facebook and I have no friends on GameCenter. How do I do the quest?

  18. ImYonn says:

    Actually if u update It will be to lvl 47 and I'm only on lvl 41 and ur lucky!

  19. ADD ME IF YOU GIFT BOLTS!!!! dzigner35

  20. marie says:

    how can i level up faster? what level is it that you can have another island??

    • Brainy says:

      you build the island around lv19.

      Plant crops with high xp is the only way for you right now. Dont plant longer hour crops like 16 – 24h. Shorter harvest time crops are more efficient but more work.

  21. Lloydi says:

    I have reached the island and have opened the blue print from the bottle. It says that I need to collect bolts from friends to unlock tools, but I only have one other friend via Facebook/game centre. How can I increase my friends village with other Smurf Village gamers?

    • Poet says:

      You can try finding some friends at our facebook site. Check it out.

  22. Matt says:

    help .my quest grow 20 crops of potatoes . but i get many time also cant do it ? why?

    • Sassete says:

      Be sure that you are growing the right kind of potatoes. Have you tried to grow both (20 crops ordinary potatoes and 20 crops golden potatoes)

  23. Lizzie says:

    Can someone tell me what tailor smurf is for? I feel like I wasted my smurf berries.

  24. TheD says:

    Beginner question: If the smurfs app is totally closed down on my device, does time still progress in the game? In other words: I start building a hut, close the app completely, come back in two hours (and 1 minute). Will the hut be done or will it pick up where it left off when I closed the app?

    Also, if I completely close down the app, how are my neighbors still able to view my village IN MOTION on GC? Does the copy on GC continue to run forward if the app is closed on my device?

    • Handy_Smurf says:

      Yes, no matter what, the time in the smurfs village game will never stop

      I do not understand when you mean motion, but usually if you completly close your app, your GC neibours will see the latest version of your village the last time u logged in GC

  25. Ashclow says:

    Ah that’s great news, thanks for your reply :)

  26. Ashclow says:

    Im on Level 40…. Is that the last level?

    • Smurfette says:

      At the moment, yes, but the developers usually add new levels with the new updates. And your XP will still be counted (even though the percentage does not go up at the moment)

  27. leak1210 says:

    Also, another tip when using Smurfette is to limit the number of bridges to increase your chances of all your smurfs walking past her. I only have two bridges one to the left and one to the right-that way I have a chance when I harvest to have smurfette crossing a bridge and give a ton of XP.

  28. alo0oy says:

    i love smurfs village game allot and i love the movie of the smerfs

  29. Chiikiss guiizarr says:

    which means when a medal in the village of one of your friends appears???

  30. ChrissyW says:

    Any word on how to become a featured village?

    • Smurfette says:

      Either you have to send them your village information and ask them to concider you or partake in a village designing contest that offers the winner to become a featured village. Though I am not sure if there is one at the moment, because one has just ended.

      • spencersoccer says:

        I didn't know that was possible. Whats the website to be considered for that? I feel like I have a pretty good village

        • Smurfette says:

          The latest village design contest where this was possible was in cooperation with the SmurfsVillageFriends Group on Facebook. I would advice to check out Beeline's Facebook page, if they do a contest they should announce it there (

  31. Maz says:

    How do you get rid of a lazy neighbour? They are getting to an overload point and many just dont play.

    • Smurfette says:

      There are two options, first if you just want them removed from your neighbour's map, just tap on the red circle and banish them. They can still see you and your village, but you will not see theirs (unless you unbanish them). The second one is permantent. You will have to unfriend them either on Facebook or GameCenter (depending on which service you use to connect to that neighbour).

  32. Smurf says:

    BTW Spencer do you know what is the the XP amount required for each level? Can you buy the XP using smurfberries?

    • Smurfette says:

      I am not Spencer, but I’ll answer you anyway :-). The folks from Smurf Village Friends (that is a Smurf Village Facebook Fangroup) have made the effort to make a chart for what you are looking for. You can find it here: (XP Chart). You can not buy XP, but if you buy an item (whether with Smurfberries or with Coins) you will receive XP for placing it. That is the closest you can come to buying XP Points.

    • Smurfette says:

      Our website Admin created a approximate list of needed XP for the higher levels:

      lvl 27=5987xp
      lvl 28=6586xp
      lvl 29=7245xp
      lvl 30=7969xp
      lvl 31=8766xp
      lvl 32=9642xp
      lvl 33=10607xp
      lvl 34=11667xp
      lvl 35=12834'xp
      lvl 36=14117xp
      lvl 37=15528xp

  33. C.. says:

    Any news on the next update? Or anybody have any ideas what should be included?

  34. spencersoccer says:

    No, experience from most "special" smurfs, isnt nearly enough to make a difference. For a new villige the first thing you should get is Hefty to accerate all your buildings. Then get farmer once constantly clicking to plant and harvest get annoying to you. As for Markus's comment, ill agree with smurfette. She's somewhat worth it. But Nat isnt. I would rather plant crops and gain both money and XP as opposed to free flowers.

  35. Markus says:

    In my opinion Nadia, I find lazy smurf to be useless along with taylor and painter smurf, buy them only if you want your village to be really good looking. If you want to get alot of xps, you should probably get smurfette or nat, if you have ALOT of smurfs then get smurfette, she gives Xp to all smurfs who are neer her (15xp/1smurf) , however if you have good neibours who water you floweres every day then i sugest you get nat smurf because she unlocks most of the flowers (wich give you a hell of xp, but no money back, and if you have neibours who water them every day then you wont hav to pay a dime to plant flowers anymore

  36. Markus says:

    Spencer, I am at lvl 30 and I consider myself an expert on smurfs village and i could help you with this guide because I know about 7 cheats and 3 of those are amazing cheats that could really level you up extremely faster, 1 is to get Xps without paying, 2 is for unlimited smurfs and 3 is the most popular cheat the time cheat, but i know how to use it without getting caught or getting a : Bad Device Time , so Add me if you wanna learn more or even see my village : **** & ****

    • Spencersoccer says:

      Are they “cheats” or tips? My stuff are more like tips. I don’t cheat.

      • Markus says:

        I dont really think theyre cheats, just glitches in the game that will benefit you and theres also tips, the only cheat i beleive that theres in the game is the time cheat.

    • Alex says:

      Nice article Spencer but do you know how long is gonna take to get to level 39? .

      Markus please can you tell us these tips and glitches please :) is gonna be very helpful before they release any update that may stop them.

      Thanks guys for your help

      • Markus says:

        Thing is i dont know if this website will let me post them because i dont work for them, so they might delete my post, that is why im trying to ask permission from spencer so i can give it to him. Or maybe Smurfette?

      • Spencersoccer says:

        Well I’ve been playing since July. And without buying massive amounts of smurfberries I managed level 26. Feel free to add me as a friend on gamecenter.

  37. I built a profitability matrix for the various crops in My Smurf Village, both for XP and gold. I've got a copy of it posted at Google Docs:

    Share and Enjoy

    • spencersoccer says:

      I've seen something similar to this before, the only problem is that you dont have times for how long it takes smurfs to actually get to the plot of land to plant the crop. So the accuracy for you matrix for something like Blueberries will vary a lot especially if you have a lot of crop squares. But its a good tool nonetheless

      • I'm seriously not sure if you're being sarcastic.

        I had no idea there was any pattern to how long it takes a Smurf to get to a plot – I assumed it was based totally on distance from the plot, and random, based on what Smurf is chosen, and how far he is from any point on the board.

        Is there some pattern to which Smurf gets chosen for a job? Order they were added to the village or something?

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