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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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SmurfetteSmurfette costs 30 Smurfberries and comes with her own house, she is, however, not stationary and walks around in the village, blowing kisses to the other Smurfs every now and then.

If Smurfette has a heart above her head, tapping this means that she gives 15 XP for every Smurf who is close to her. This happens every couple of hours. With this patience is a virtue, because there should be as many Smurfs around her as possible. A good trick for that is to tap on the Smurfs at a specific area, once tapped they start waving with their hand and don’t move anymore. That way a lot of Smurfs can be gathered in that area and as soon as Smurfette comes nearby they will all give the extra XP. Another trick is to wait until a harvest is done, then all Smurfs stop working and start walking around, usually all at once, so it is easier to gather them in one place.

Smurfette will only give the bonus XP to the working Smurfs, the special Smurfs like Papa, Brainy, etc. are not affected, even if they are in her proximity.

If you don’t buy Smurfette, she will visit your village in some seasonal updates, i.e Christmas and Valentine updates.  She will eventually give you some quests and riddles.

For Smurfette Valentine’s riddles visit Riddles  page.


In the  Apple iOS update (version 1.1.9)  again you will get quests form Smurfette  asking  you me to add a Frog to the village. If you are on level 32  upwards you can fulfill the quest and get the next quest to harvest 20 plots of flowers.  But  if you are below level 32, just ignore the quest and don’t force yourself to use Smurfberries.
Also it was reported that  Smurfette will ask you to plant 10 corps of corrns, which will not work, so try to  plant 10 crops of Golden Corn instead of simple  corn.

Smurfette House


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  1. Lili says:

    I Dont have the seed for red roses what can i do?

  2. Meta says:

    I think it is a glitch. I had 20 flower boxes and planted all 20 of them with red roses the first time, daisies the second and the chrysanthemums lastly and still the quest isn't done <_<.
    I also noticed my flowers don't wither.

  3. manda says:


    Where i can buy a caterpillar?

  4. I love this game, im on level 24, but it takes 4evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, to pass levels.. I dont have any smurfsberries, and none of my friends likes this game, so i play all by myself, and noone gives me shit! i hate that part. lol. WOuld anybody add me to there friends list? thanks guys

    Cláudia Lima

  5. Ramya says:

    This is the best game in smurf's in the world who agree's with me please reply and i will check and who ever i chose i like the most i'll send you 100 berris for the smurf's game from me please…….

  6. Jess❤ says:

    I don't know what to buy with 50 smurfberries either hefty smurf, farmer smurf or add 30% more space to the village could you help me please? ( I can only buy 2 items ) thank you

  7. Jess❤ says:

    I've just bought 50 smurfberries but I don't know what to buy either hefty smurf or 30% more space or farmer smurf? Please help thanks

  8. Smurfygirl says:

    When do you get the s.s smurf village thing I'm on level 19 now thanks

  9. Smurfygirl says:

    Can you update or upgrade smurfettes hut like normal houses? Thanks:-)

  10. Dkriz says:

    Smurfette want 20 boxes of flowers. I’ve planted and harvested a good 50 and the quest never completes. What am I missing?

  11. Pavlina says:

    Hello there, can anybody please tell me where is the toy chest, one of the smurfs is asking in the new village and I cannot find it. Thank you.

    • Brainy says:

      there is a toy train you can buy for 2500 coins only when you are on the island. You put this toy train next to smurfing huts for more xp.

  12. Smurfygirl says:

    Please add me I need either stones, dye or wood my game centre name is Ilov3smurfs thank you :-)

  13. Jamimay says:

    Can smeone please send me some red rose seeds? Thanks! Game center name jamimay_luz

  14. vickie says:

    When the last upgrade came out lot of people lost all of their bolts collected. Are these going to be replaced and how

    • Brainy says:

      I lost 98 bolts and I dont think beeline will replace it. You just have to depend on your smurfy neighbors to gift it to you. So far, I've got 48 new bolts after 2 days.

  15. Alyssa says:

    The ananagram rare stew ribs what does that make

  16. Arica says:

    What is the riddle from Smurfette tht talks about a leafy thing with a heart on the inside or something? Wat do I need to grow?

  17. jules says:

    smurfette is asking me two harvest 20 boxes of flowers.I have already harvest the amount of flowers but the quest isn t done is this a bug have other people this problem to

    • Brainy says:

      works on certain flowers. Red roses worked for me . Just plant and delete, no need to wait for harvest.

    • vickie says:

      yes, I can't get it to work,was told it was a bug. Also was told it is optional. I planted Red Roses, which I was told it was the only way to do right now. I planted, harvested, deleted in groups. It still wo't work.
      Wasted alot of coins.

    • Diane says:

      on Android Smurfette asks to Plant 20 boxes of flowers as soon as I did with daisies the quest was complete she doesn't mention harvesting them I wasted 2 days planting and harvesting so I emptied all the flower boxes and just clicked each on with a daisy and it worked

  18. Mary90 says:

    I have a problem, my smurfette has stop giving xp…and recently i reached level 24 and she did not give me any task….is that normal?? Some1 help!!!

  19. i was given a riddle by smurfette what is red on the outside sweet and it cant be eatten in one bite

  20. Jaylynnnic says:

    I have been trying to do Smurfett’s flower quest. I have grown way more than 2O boxes of flowers. What am I doing wrong. She just says flowers not a specific flower.

  21. Cayce says:

    Will Smurfette ever be on sale for 15 Smurfberries?

  22. Pauline says:

    Hello I am in level 39, and Papa Smurf asks to build the architect house. In order to do that, I have to have Handy's Hut shop. where can I find that?

    • Brainy says:

      upgrade handy hut on main land through papa quests. There are about 5 quests.

    • Kambinggunung says:

      Try ti complete all task that has been given by papa smurf then you can upgrade handys hut become shop in the village, for the architect hut you have to go to the island you'll find that hut there. Build in 24 hours

  23. Xxlinaaa says:

    I’m planning to buy smurfette or baby smurf.

    But I want to wait until there is a discount.

    Will there be one soon? Or should I just buy it for the full price?

    And another question shall I buy smurfette or baby smurf? I can’t chose.



    • Sassete says:

      We dont know if Beeline is planing to have a sale on smurfette or baby smurf and they actually none of them give you so much xp either think that you need to chose with you heart or wait for an sale then you maybe can buy them both

    • Brainy says:

      in my opinion. Both are nice to have in village but they are not useful and give little xp, especially baby.
      Farmer is much more useful and u use it every day

      • Xxlinaaa says:

        I already have farmer smurf.

        I don’t know why I want them, I just like them somehow.

        But’ll wait. Maybe they will be on sale soon,

        or else I’ll buy one.

        Thank you for giving your opinion,

  24. smurf rock says:

    On level 38 smurfette asked to grow 10 crops of corn, tomatoes and artichoke. Have done this twice but not working. Any ideas?

  25. Ollie63 says:

    I too am having a problem with Smurfettes task of harvesting 20 flower boxes. I have 10 flower boxes & have planted roses in them at least 5 or 6 times now without the quest being completed. Very annoying :(

  26. smurf Tan says:

    where to get golden corn, now I am at level 37 but cannot find golden corn

  27. Sherry says:

    I cannot figure out smurfette's quest for harvesting 20 flower boxes. I've harvested them separately and then all at the same time–no luck. Anyone know?

  28. Shenkie0180 says:

    Ive got the same problem over here with the plant 10 crops of corn, artichokes and tomatoes quist! I even tried the golden corn but it wont seme to work!? Someone Please help me???

  29. Utyfa says:

    Smurfette: what crop uses the same letters as rare stew ribs?

    Whats the answer, pleaseee heeelpp

  30. Smurf lover says:

    Yes but the harvest wagon cost smurfberries maybe beeline shoul make the harvest wagon price into money 500$ 1000$

  31. andreea says:

    I'm on level 32 and just had the new update with harmony smurf. Smurfette has a task to do, she has to harvest 10 corn, 10 articokes and 10 tomatoes! Everytime I harvest the crops nothin happens!! Help me please!!!!! I have grown approximately 60 of each and nothing ….cry…

  32. Penumbre says:


    I have a question about Smurfette’s lattest request to grow 10 crops of corn, 10 crops of tomatoes and 10 crops of artichokes.m I have grown approximately 55 of each of the three crops and she is still firm on her request. Help!

    Thank you.

  33. Laura says:

    Smurfette is asking me to add a frog to the village but you can only have it at level 32 and i'm at level 29… is this normal ?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Yes it's normal, just ignore the quest utill you reach level 32

      • Juniper says:

        I think that's ridiculous. I'm only level 25, so now I have to wait 7 levels before that stupid explanation mark goes away? Waiting that long to be able to complete a quest hasn't been normal in my experience with the game. I feel like this is an attempt to force us to use and buy smurfberries.
        With all of the recent issues, I'm almost finished playing the game. I know it's free, but I can find another free game without these issues.

        • Brainy says:

          there are other free games out there but they all want to sell you in game contents or sell you energies, z-point… etc. It's all a business. I play other games too and I have to agree with u beeline game is very buggy.

  34. Ash says:

    Smurfette asked me to plant 20 boxes of flowers. NOTHING HAPPENED……..Have done that since I have 5 boxes only which means I cant grow all 20 at once.
    Should I keep planting more flowers. Please help. Thanks

  35. Hitsme says:

    Have the exact same problem. I have already tried to haverst them seperately as well as all together but doesn’t work and have spread enough smurfberries in order to try it. Seems that thd new update’s smurfette’s quests have a bug! Hope they fix it soon

  36. Hi, I just got the new Harmony Smurf update. I am unable to buy the frog since I am only level 27. How do I get rid of this quest or is it just going to be there for the next like 5 levels? Thank you for your help ^.^

  37. Liza says:

    In level 38, smurfetted asked to harvest 10 tomatoes, 10 artichokes and 10 corn. I've that twice but she isn't accepting the harvest. Any clues what's going on?

    • Lazy_s says:

      I have same problem with smurfette too. I m on level 35 and still hv not got the bottle and 1 raft missing for 3 weeks now. Looks like new version hasnt fixed this

    • andreea says:

      i have the same problem

      • Liza says:

        Actually have completed the task…..but it requires to harvest golden corn, not the ordinarily corn… unfair is that?!

        • Poet says:

          Smurfette is asking you to harvest golden corn? Are you sure? Could you post a screenshot of that message?

          • Brandi says:

            I have harvesting her request twice! The first time I harvested BOTH types of corn, still nothing…

          • Poet says:

            Then you could be experiencing a bug and may have to wait till the next update to fix it.

          • Liza says:

            It’s not actually written as gold corns but her request was 10 tomatoes, 10 artichokes & 10 corns. Did that twice but nothing happened. An entry suggested trying gold corn and only then she accepted it. The request was for a potion to cure snuffles that she was having from a poisonous flower or something….can’t actually remember what

          • Poet says:

            So do you have the golden corn?

          • Liza says:

            Yup…once harvested then only the task was completed

    • farmer d says:

      I am on level 41 and I have encountered the same problem. I also have Jokey requesting 20 crops of black currants and he does not accept them as well. I have tried three times now for each of them without being successful.

      • Sassete says:

        Be sure that you are planting the right kind of crops, that you actually planting blackcurrants and not blackbeeries

    • dee says:

      just grow 10 crops of golden corn even if smurfette's quest said otherwise. :) it worked for me.

  38. smurfyyy says:

    Hi. I’m on level 30 and just had the new update with harmony smurf. Smurfette has a task to do, she has to harvest 10 corn, 10 articokes and 10 tomatoes! But mine doesn’t seem to work! Everytime I harvest the crops nothin happens!! Help!!! Thanks xx

    • Brainy says:

      havent seen the quests yet. May be they have to be harvested together ?

      • Smurf lover says:

        Same here

        • Sabrina says:

          I tried many times. I harvested together, tried exactly the quantity as requested but still didnt work

          • Brainy says:

            A bug in latest upage. U need to replace regular corn with golden corn. I havent see any one get it to work with regular corn.
            Unfortunately, to get golden corn, you have to buy harvest wagon for 15 smurberries.

          • Laura says:

            I got it to work with regular cor, did all three at same time. I used farmer to harvest.

    • Pissed off smurf says:

      It's not working for me either …. Harvested together using farmer smurf.. I am not going to buy the harvest wagon. They shouldnt force us to use our smurf berries on things we dont want..

  39. Rinnie says:

    how do you do the quest buy a frog for the quest for smurfette coz the only one i can find it 55 smurfberries.. how do you do that quest if you cant get smurfberries

  40. Tas says:

    Why cant i play on smurfs village or do anything on it?

  41. Oscar says:

    Hello someone can help me please smurfette says tris to me: I'm a giant leafy bud YOU can pull apart, a spiny flower with a tender heart some one knows what i need to harvest?? Tañiste

  42. yuri says:


    It says, 'If Smurfette has a heart above her head, tapping this means that she gives 15 XP for every Smurf who is close to her. This happens every couple of hours.'

    Does 'every couple of hours' mean '2 hours' or '3 hours'? Which is that?

  43. Ana says:

    Buy the marbles. What's mean? I don't understand…

    • Poet says:

      On the island, there are some small looking balls in the build menu. Place the one that cost coins on the island, and you are done.

  44. tasha says:


  45. Chochicha says:

    I am on level 28th but in my villages were disappeared all. I am so confuse if my game has been reseted by my own why am i still in level 28th or it might be error in this page any one help?!!!


  46. Linda says:

    I cannot find the answer to smurfette’s riddle of a leafy plant, can anyone help?

  47. Kamushek says:

    On level 21 Smurfette is asking to buy some nice looking stones for her. I’ve looked through the store but not sure what stones is she talking about. Can you help me please?

  48. HeZZaG says:

    I have 2 questions about smurfette:

    1) Is there a limit to how many smurfs can recieve XP? (example: farmer smurf is limited to 8 crops)

    2) If smurfs are in the middle of doing something (like working in the field), will they be effected by her kiss and get the XP, or not?

    THANK YOU! <3

    • Smurfette says:

      No, there is no limit, the only limit is that you have to get so many Smurfs close to her, because her range (at which the smurfs are affected) is rather small. It also works for working Smurfs, they will just stop for a second and get the XP, but Smurfs working on crops are spread quite far from each other, so she won't affect many working Smurfs.

      • HeZZaG says:

        U r like a god do you know that? It is so kind of you to set up this web and answer everyone's questions. Thank you so much!!!

  49. Ricky says:

    Yesterday I found my iPod with year changed to 2021. I don't know what happend and where it takes this on the net… Now I found (just like happend to other) that Smurfette doesn't give kiss, Marco doesn't left the village and Jokey not give gifts/bombs….. there's a way to have all back working again? Or I have to wait till 2021 for playing normally?

  50. Ryan says:

    I cannot find Smurfette!!!Is there anyway to get her back??????????

    • Smurfette says:

      Have you bought Smurfette's house? Because she was only free during Christmas, if you want her now you have to buy her house for 30 Smurfberries if you have not done so yet.

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