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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfette’s Corn, Artichoke, & Tomatoes Quest


Smurfette’s quests can sometimes be tricky, depending on the glitch associated with it. In the Corn, Artichoke, and Tomatoes Quest players are instructed to grow 10 crops of each.

Although this task seems relatively simple enough, there is a bug with that quest and the workaround is to replace the regular corn with golden corn. It was never Beeline’s intention to use golden corn as part of the quest and golden corn is only a temporary fix until Beeline corrects it in the next update.

 Golden corn is not a traditional crop. It has to be unlocked by purchasing a harvest wagon. For those players who do not already own the harvest wagon it’s worth the 15 Smurfberries. Golden corn is a valuable vegetable in Smurfs’ Village to have. It’s one of the best methods for accumulating coins quickly. Each harvested crop yields a whopping 165 coins and 44 experience points to boot. The 10 hours that it takes to grow allow players to double their profits in a single day.

An effective method to tackle this quest is to make sure you have 30 empty fields available for planting. Start planting the 10 crops of golden corn first. After an hour log back in and begin planting 10 artichokes. Wait another hour and plant the 10 crops of tomatoes. Using this process will make it where all of the crops are ready to be harvested at the exact same time. Stair stepping the crops can save a lot of time. Players without enough fields or with fields occupied that have to plant each crop after the last has been harvested can take several days to complete. Strategically plant your corn, artichokes, and tomatoes for a plentiful harvest and a generous XP reward from Smurfette.

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  1. christy says:

    I am having this problem with smurfettes quest and it’s 2015!

  2. Stefan says:

    Hy! A had for 1 month golden corn and now writes that i need harvest corn to crop again. I had already bought harvest corn, so what do you think i should do?

  3. Mary Diepstraten says:

    Waarom kan ik in level 39 geen radijs,luttiche en groene pepers oogsten? En de oranje mix lukt ook niet!
    Heb het al een paar keer gedaan!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There is a bug with the orange potion. Some people are able to make the potion on the practice screen and get past the quest, but it doesn't work for everyone. I'm not sure why the radishes and lettuce harvests aren't working for you. You might want to contact Beeline and ask if it is a bug.

  4. Jack says:

    Is the bug fixed that I can use regular corn (instead of golden corn) to finish this quest right now?
    Thank's in advance!

  5. muz says:

    the 20 flower boxes need to be red roses only… good luck :)

  6. Julie says:

    What do you mean by stair stepping the crops? I will be starting this challenge in a few hours and don’t want to mess it up lol

  7. Jenn says:

    Any word on when the update will be coming out for android users?

  8. essiw says:

    Lol you were a little late posting this bug, I've had this bug for already 2 weeks. Not going to spend 15 sb on that wagon.

    • Brainy says:

      We found the bug right after update but all the admins were too lazy to write an article about it :-)

      Just want to let you know that golden corn is a good crop to generate coins. I've used golden corn to generate millions of coins. At one time, I had 7+ millions coins but I spent 5million coins on butterflies which let me collect xp every 2h.

  9. jackisforever says:

    I have a quest by Smurfette to harvest 20 boxes of flowers. I got this uwest in level 35 and I have harvest over 20 flowers and upgraded to level 36 but she still wants 20 flowers. I have harvest orange lillies is there a different flower I should harvest to complete this quest?

  10. V smurfy says:

    I planted all three crops (although in that order, 10 of each) at the same time and simply waited until the golden corn was ready before harvesting (again, in that order, 10 at a time). That also works and was easier than having to remember to come back several times to plant more…

  11. Ssj says:

    Hello! Anyone of u got a quest by Smurfette to get a frog (cost smurfberries)???

  12. Tingga says:

    I just got scaredy smurf and when I click on him it says to come back at night and calm him down. How do I do this?

  13. JennyBrown says:

    Hey Dreamy Smurf…Can you talk to Papa Smurf about sending some island smurfs out on a quest to find island farmer smurf? I have a lot of crops and could really use his help!

  14. Zuma says:

    Currently smurfette has me harvest 20 flower boxes. I’ve harvested way more than that but the quest isn’t done yet. Any tips or tricks to do it or is it a bug as well? Thanks

  15. Kellen says:

    Smurfette are asking me to add a frog into the village. But i am at 31 level and a frog costs 55 sb. Is this the Smurfette's quest you are mentioning? She is not asking me to plant any crops… :(

  16. Sebastian says:

    but as far as i understand and read here before, the quest should be done without buying stuff with smurfberries. is this now only a bug and will be fixed or is it a must to have the harvest wagon? i dont have it and want to safe my berries

    • Poet says:

      You are right, it is a bug, and if you are patient enough to wait for the next update, it will be fixed with regular corn. If you can't wait however, you would have to get the golden corn to solve this quest.

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