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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs’ village update

Please do accept our Most Sincere Apologies as one of our Authors has posted a link of “Smurfs’ Grabber Game” in this page instead of ” Smurfs’ village Game” which resulted in confusing many of you. Smurfs’ village game update will be available  sometimes this week or the week after. have a smurfy Day
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  1. shannon says:

    I cant visit any villages because i need to update my game…. how do i update it on the kindle fire?

  2. Hester Opperman says:

    I am at level 25 where / how do I find clumsy or grumpy smurfs?
    I have not received any quests to unlock a ship!
    I have purchasing extra smurfs with smurfberries now I keep on receiving message I have the total of smurfs thats allowed even after going to higher levels and cant buy any other trees eg pears etc

  3. cheezypuff says:

    How do I open jokeys box, I keep hitting him and nothing happens. This is crazy, and when growing stuff on the island it takes like 3 days to grow peas. CRAZY!

  4. tracy says:

    playing smurf on samsung galaxy s3 and now i cant open it

  5. I’m having problem in the island.. I just can’t harvest those crops I’ve planted.. The time just got stuck for at lease 3 days… 2ndly I already max no of pink snails in my village.. I wanted to delete some and buy others.. How can I do that.. To delete the snails???

  6. Abdullah says:

    If I have problem what I do ???

  7. baderbaroudy says:

    i can't enter my smurf village app iam at version 1.2.5 an d at level 44

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Try airplane mode. If it doesn't work delete and re-install the app but only when you're connected with Gamecenter so you can recover or when you have a reliable back-up on your pc. If you don't want to delete write an e-mail to Beeline (

  8. mamanya kakakadek says:

    I can't update my smurfs' village version 1.2.4. Please help me

  9. angelndeed says:

    Do you have to be a certain level to receive gifts from friends? My friend that is level 44 can get the gifts I send but my friends below that level don't get them. I can't get the gifts my friends send me either and I'm level 40. What's up with that?

  10. theng says:

    Hi, what can I do if there are no palm tree on my shop. How do I choose to crop one?

  11. Felicia says:

    Wat is wrong with Beeline !!! I can't get into my game no matter how I tried going into by the game centre, before I can press Play I got kick out !!! My crops are withering !!!! Please help !!!!

    • Brainy says:

      Game server issue and beeline is working on it. The current workaround is turn on airplane mode (or turn off wi-fi) on your device if you need access to your village to save your crops. While in airplane mode, your phone can't receive calls/emails so dont forget to turn off airplane mode when you are done with your village

  12. maya mejia says:

    i opened my smurf village and then suddenly a conversation between gargamel and this cat appeared, saying gargamel scattered some smurfs into the village. and then just all of a sudden they gave me a new village. the smurf population was 24/24. papa smurf told me to buy a garden simply by pressing the "build botton". but when i am tapping the garden, there is no place to put the garden, like the garden was marked red. it is not working everywhere i put. and now i can not go back to my old village and island. does it mean i really lost my progress?? it makes me so sad.. and i dont wanna start all over again.. please help pe bring my old village..

  13. Help PLEASEE says:

    İ had deleted this app and bow i have reinstalled it but İ cannot use my old village anytime i tap on it there is an error screen that says update application but i just reinstalled it so i have the newest version. İ dont want to lose all my progress what am i supposed to do???

    • Brainy says:

      have you rebooted your device ? If that doesnt fix the problem then I dont know. Did you make any backup to itune before reinstalling ?

  14. Catherine Wong says:


    I tried sending raft to collect woods but is not working. How long do I need to do this? Pls help.


    • Farmer_Smurf says:

      If you are talking Slouchy Smurfling quest. That asks for 6 pieces of wood, send "Wood
      Voyage" rafts 3 times because every time you'll get only 2 pieces of wood

  15. Estela Penzon says:

    I lost my Smurps Village twice, please do something about this. I was suppose to be in the level 28. Thank you if you can help me.

    • Brainy says:

      We cant fix the problem because we are NOT beeline. The only thing players can do is recover the village. See recovery section on how to recover your village.

  16. Sad Smurf says:

    I have been playing Smurf Village for 6 months and have reached level 31, had 65 smurfs and had a great looking village. Now I have just gone into my village and I am back to level 1, no smurfs and my village is completely bare. What the?? There id also no option to restore my village.? Has anyone else experienced this? Can this be fixed somehow?

    • Poet says:

      Have you tried this? To recover your village, go to the game menu, tap options, then tap on Papa Smurf's head 16 times. A 'Recover Village' button should appear on the right hand corner. Tap on it and a list of saved games will appear in the next screen. From there, select your desired saved game, preview it and tap yes to confirm.

      Another option is, do you sync your game via Game Center? It's another way to restore your latest game.

  17. jo weimer says:

    just updated and now i cant read it its like in hebrew or somthing how do i change back 2 english?????

    • Brainy says:

      I saw another user reported the same problem and we don't have any solution to this problem. U need to contact beeline

  18. deanna says:

    This game did automatic update today and now the ship does not go to the island. The game just closes and stays on the same main land. I have crop and smurfs on my island and now I can’t get to it.

  19. lindsey says:

    i have android all my games work but this one. it constantly closes and now i can't find anything that was on the bottom half of my screen. Ive been playing this game for months, have put money into , and now it fucks up, its been like 2 weeks you think tech support has "more important" things to do then tend to paying customers!!! Bee-line clearly SUCKS for this reason

  20. salem says:

    Since I updated version 1.0.6a, I can not visit my friend’s village.

    Even we both connected to Facebook.

    Do you have any ideas how I can visit my friend’s village?

    • Brainy says:

      My village on android is having the same problem after the update. It keeps searching for neighbors and can't get to the island.
      You need to post a message to the beeline getsatisfaction page

  21. Helena says:

    I purchased my I pad in the USA and updated Smurfs Village in New Zealand and by doing so lost all of my seasonal purchases. I updated in January and my Village was snowed in and after updating it was sommer and rain !

  22. MarieParent says:

    Why don't I have the ship

  23. sissi sissaki says:


  24. alissa says:

    Can I get it on my kindle fire

    • Brainy says:

      We are not beeline official website and we dont have any kindle fire. Check amazon market and android market to see if the game is available for download. This game doesnt run on all androids.

  25. David from Korea says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy I phone, and I've been playing Smurf Villages on it for quite some time now. The thing is, it is now so laggy that when I click on the Harvest All button (farmer smurf), it takes about 2 minutes to harvest my crops. (You don't want to know how it takes to uproot my crops when they spoil.) Is it at all possible to transfer my current progress to a new android based phone? Or is there absolutely no choice but to restart the game on the new phone?

    • Smurfette says:

      The Android system does not have an inbuilt backup system as it supports so many devices. Sometimes, the manufacturers offer their own backup software or you can use a third party app to backup and transfer your data. But this might not be neccessary. Try turning on the sound from the options menu of the game, that helps the game to run smoother. (you can still mute your device if the sound annoys you).

  26. Pedro says:

    I got a message to buy tailor's House it won't let me purchase it and I have 23 Smurf berries and it says it's on sale for 15 Smurf berries it says I don't have enough Smurf berries to make the purchase

  27. Julia says:

    Hi, since I update my smurfvillage it s really slow on the screen ????

    • Smurfette says:

      Try turning on the sound from the options menu of the game, it has been reported that that helps the game to run smoother. (you can still mute your device if the sound annoys you).

  28. Alice says:

    hi, I have a problem in my smufs’ village.nao have Smurfette’s house, and this would save smurfsberries to purchase them, when I got the smurfsberries, I decided to buy the home of tailor smurf, and my daughter who is in the same level as I bought the house of Smurfette, this, she got the update, I would have to buy the house from Smurfette to get the update??

    • Smurfette says:

      I am not really sure what you are asking, but you do not need Smurfette's House to get the Valentine's Update. It is available for all iOS devices, but not yet for Android devices, regardless if you do or do not buy Smurfette.

  29. Will the Androids get the Valentines update?

  30. nevetsrekab says:

    I need help, I recently purchased Smurfettes house, I received her house but she did not come with it. Is there anything i can do to get her ? Please let me know if anybody has any suggestions.

    • Smurfette says:

      Are you using Android? I have heard of this happening either with Smurfette or Baby on Android devices recently. I would advice that you contact Beeline ( and if you have not bought her so long ago, you can also use the recovery village tip (Instructions here:… and restore to a point were you did not have her and then rebuy her. But you will lose some progress with that method.

  31. Sugabutt says:

    I need help!!! I’m on level 26 and now my phone is asking me to update smurfs village but when I click on the update button it wont update. What can I do ? Someone please HELP!!!!!!!!!

  32. ari says:

    i have problems when i try to open my game in a new device

    could you explain me how to do it?

    • Smurfette says:

      Do you use Android or iOS? If you use iOS, just connect your village to Game Center and log into that Account before opening the game on a different device. On Android, I do not think it is possible to transfer your village, although that depends on the device.

  33. maria says:

    many foods can make me strong give me water and wont live long what am i ??

  34. Renu says:

    Hi Smurfette, I am miserable. I have not been able to open my Smurfs game for a very long time. Could you please tell me what is wrong and how to overcome it?

  35. buneinei says:

    hi smurfette! just want to ask when are they releasing the new updates? cuz i cant play my smurfs anymore i cant open it… it makes me sad…

    • Smurfette says:

      The next update is expected some time in mid October, I do not think that Beeline will be able to release it earlier (it has to be programmed, tested and Apple's approval process also takes quite a while).

  36. Gary Bennett says:

    I'm on level 39. How can I purchase the alchemist smurf? Not available on my game. Thank-you.

  37. Annie says:

    Thanks so much Smurfette :) That helps a lot :)

  38. Annie says:


    I have ipod and have been playing for a while now. I am going to buy an ipad soon. My question is, is there any way to play this game on ipad but keeping my current progress?

    • Smurfette says:

      You can if you have connected your village to Game Center. Just log into Game Center on your iPad and then start the game, you will be asked if you want to continue your village or start a new one

  39. Denise says:

    How is it possible to get all collect stuff (Smurfs Grabber) to your Smurfs Village? The game says to go to Jockey, but he only laughs :) Im sorry for my English, Im Dutch.


  40. Kim says:

    Played Smurf grabber today! Kind of cute, little slow at first but then gets harder ( not IMO too much ) it’s a timed games. IMO pricey! Papa Smurf comes onscreen for less than one sec and gives you advice – you barely have time to read it and it’s gone, they are going to have to fix this. There is currently no help in the options?? Another thing they need to fix. It does mention for you to come back to see what items you have won for your village , but so far nothing shows. I think they are using us Canadians to weed out bugs first. Anyway thought Smurf fans would want to know! :-) so I guess to answer the question, does it combine with Smurf village is yes, but they are figuring it out prior to USA launch. One more thing, if you have to set your game options every time you play! A tad annoying as the music will drive you nuts – well it does for me 😉 hope that answers some questions.

  41. Smurf Julie says:

    Do you plan to create more levels? I’m stuck in level 38 :)

    • Smurfette says:

      We are not the developers, just an inoficial fansite, so we do not know what the plans for future levels will be. However, the developers have anounced that the next update will at least have one new level, what comes after that has to be seen, but it can be assumed that they will eventually add new levels.

  42. tiffany says:

    In what level do i get to start getting items in the smurf grabber that connects to my smurf village?

  43. Help me says:

    Does smurfs grabber connects to smurfs village?

    • Smurfette says:

      Smurfs Grabber is at the moment only available in the canadian app store, so there are not yet that many information about it. You might want to contact Beeline about that, there email is On their Facebook page they sad that the game was created by a completly different team and only some graphics were shared, so it might be possible that it will not connect, but only Beeline can tell you that for certain.

  44. Becky says:

    Will a new update be coming soon?

    • Smurfette says:

      You will have to ask the developers of the game (Beeline) about that. You can reach them at . They usually announce a new update a week or so before on their facebook page as well (

    • Jules says:

      I just emailed them and they gave me no timeline as to when the new update will be available. I am also stuck with the grapes task :(

  45. Carol Peszek says:

    Thank you. Smurfette, I feel so much better, now I feel safe upgrading my houses to get more smurfs.

    I need to move the wood around the Timber Hut to have the stumps get closer to the Hut.

    I did read about the BUG after I posted. Thanks again.


  46. Carol Peszek says:

    Can someone help?
    1. I am on Level 28, total of 60 Smurfs, 4 flower beds and 3 fruit trees. I have upgraded 2 houses with 4 Smurfberries each. Should I have more Smurfs than I currently have? I think I should have 62 Smurfs.

    2. How do we get Papa Smurf to move on? I have accidentally press ok to grow/harvest Grapes which I do not have as I do not have the Fruity Fun Crop Pack. I am not able to get Papa Smurf to move on, am I stuck with this message for the rest of the Smurf Village game?

    3. How do you get the stump to help timber Smurf collect lots of wood?

    I have been trying and trying to get the answer to the above and still working on it.

    Thank you

    • Smurfette says:

      1) No, you should not, you should have 28 Smurfs for each level + another 28 for upgrading the houses with coins + 2 more for the two Smurfberry upgrades + 2 Smurfs you get free at the beginning, who do not need a house, makes a total of 60.

      2) Sorry, there is no way to change what Papa Smurf wants you to do. It is a bug, the producers/developers will fix this in the next update, so you can complete all the tasks again without having to use Smurfberries. Unfortunately, if you do not want to use Smurfberries, it means you have to wait for the next update to complete that task and get a new quest

      3) Just buy the stump in the shop and place it near timber’s hut, then tap on timber’s hut, then when timber has a sign above his hut, he will give you extra xp for it. unlike all the other wooden things that give extra xp, the stump does not turn green when tapping timber, but it will still give the xp if he is close enough to his hut.

  47. Adriana says:

    smurfs' village is sooooo fun!

  48. madison says:

    i love smurfs

  49. Cayce says:

    Will "Smurfs' Grabber" be available in America any time soon?

    • Smurfette says:

      The developers (Beeline-Games) have announced that it will be released in more countries over the next weeks. If you want a certain date, try contacting their support team (

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