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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs’ Village Ultimate Guide to XP


In the game Smurfs’ Village, players earn experience points also referred to as XP or EXP for completing various quests and tasks.  Experience point systems are used in most role-playing games to measure players’ progress. In order to level up or advance a specific number of points must be accumulated.  Although some games allow users to create their own characters to level up individually, Smurfs Village takes a slightly different approach.  Each player’s main objective is to build and expand their village. Starting off with a small empty field, users have to construct mushroom homes, set up gardens, and decorate. Instead of a custom character, it’s the village that has to be leveled up. The majority of the gameplay involves tackling special quests that aid in the construction of your town while assisting Papa Smurf on his personal mission to protect the village from the wicked Gargamel.

As player’s progress the amount of experience points required in order to level up increases. First time players only need 50 XP to advance to the next level. After level 6 those low numbers quickly jumps towards the thousands and higher, sometimes tripling. At its core experience points are everything. Currently the highest level in the game is 45 which require a whopping 29,978,334 experience points to reach.  Luckily, most of the tasks performed in the game generate XP.

The secret to playing Smurfs’ Village is to complete as many high XP generating tasks as possible each day. Completing Papa Smurf’s quests, harvesting crops, placing decorations, sailing on voyages, receiving gifts, and even playing mini-games earn experience points. Never neglect any of Papa Smurf’s quest they often reward large amounts of experience points upon completion. Strategically planting and harvesting crops like corn, onions, lettuce, pumpkin, and magical berries when possible to boost your experience points potential. Snails, caterpillars, large flower patches, and stone pathways are also good XP items to use to decorate your village.

When you’ve reached level 19 and unlocked your island take advantage of the voyage system. Sending smurfs on trips always produce XP.  Becoming a good neighbor by frequently gifting will usually result in your pals doing the same act of kindness for you. Flower pot gifts with 400 XP can really add up for players with a lot of generous friends. While waiting on crops to ripen play some of the mini-games like the Miner’s or Potion Mixing game to earn a few quick points. These methods are only a handful of techniques. Remember accumulating EXP is essential in order to create a prosperous village.

The chart below made courtesy of our friend and fellow Smurf Expert Leonard Campbell displays the required amounts of XP necessary to reach each level in the game :

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  1. Valerie says:

    How do I place Papa Smurfs wood carving?? Been stuck on this for ages.. I’m on level 13

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Is it a quest from Papa Smurf? There is a wooden statue of Papa Smurf under "Structures" for 1000 coins. But I guess you can only complete it with resources. I'm not even sure you're already able to gain resources in level 13? If you cannot collect wood from Timber and stone from Miner, please open a ticket with Beeline's customer support.

  2. Gamemaster Smurf says:

    For the most XP, I have discovered that weathervanes are the

    most helpful thing you can buy. I have completely blanketed

    every area of unused space with weathervanes on the Village,

    island, mountain and swoof planet. I collect over 1,000,000 XP

    per area every 12 hours. Now there is no need to grow crops

    or do anything else for XP. Put Fireman Surf everywhere to

    collect it all and you will move through levels extremely fast.

    I am on level 76 and advance a level every few days.

    • Woody says:

      On the mountain use every available space to plant Nat Smurf's trees……they reward 3000 XP every 24 hours. I collect over 3 million XP on the mountain and another 2 million on the mainland, Island and space.

  3. Liza says:

    Hi! I'm at level 60, somehow the smurf gone missing in forest and been asked to start all over again on the mountain and also at the space. All the smurfy wonders there also gone. Can't even go to the Island. Is this one of the normal quest? Will they back to normal again?

  4. Looonly says:

    Hi I’m now in level 81 I want to know how I can unblock the new plant I bough all the new think but nothing unblocke it

  5. David says:

    My brother is using an IOS device and has an anteater on the planet Swoof to collect XPs and coins. I'm running an android device and do not have that "critter" to help. I'm at level 58 and have about 45 critters running around. It is very time consuming to collect all the XPs and very easy to miss some. Is there an update for android devices that include the anteater?

    • Smurfette says:

      The Anteater is also available on Android. You should look again, its in the build menu.

      • David says:

        My version is 1.3.2a and I cannot find the anteater after a thorough search in the build menu several times.

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Your Smurfs' Village version number is way behind the current version for both Android and iOS. The current version for Android is 1.50.1a, and for iOS is 1.10.0. Anteater was introduced in Android version 1.3.7a and iOS version 1.5.0. If you don't keep up with the software updates, your game will not function with the latest and greatest features, and if you wait too long to update, there is a point at which your device will not longer be able to update, and you'll have to either restart the game or you'll have to live with an old version that doesn't have the updated features.

          • David says:

            I have looked for information on how to upgrade my Smurf's Village but have found no information. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. I realize I may not be able to upgrade because my version is so outdated.

          • Stroumpfette says:

            David, you will have to visit the iTunes Store if you're playing on iOS or the Google Play Store if you're playing on Android. When you get there search for "smurf village". It doesn't have to be an exact match to the way the game is spelled. You should be able to see the game listed on the store. It should show that it is currently installed, and there should be an icon labeled "update". I can help you a little better if you let me know what device you're playing on. I'm guessing you're on an older Android device, but I need to make sure you're not on a Kindle Fire. Also, please let me know what version of the operating system is on your device. You can find this out by going to your device settings.

          • David says:

            I'm using a fairly new Samsung Nexus. I really appreciate your help. I'll try the Google store. I went there once before but obviously did a poor navigating job.

          • Stroumpfette says:

            David, If you cannot find Smurfs' Village, that would be because it is entirely possible that Beeline pulled support for your device. There are several of the newer Android devices that are not supporting the game. If you go to the Google Play store and still cannot find the game, we recommend you open a ticket with Beeline at and ask them if your device is no longer supported even though it's a relatively new one. I'll ask around and see if I can find out as well.

          • David says:

            I think you found the answer to the problem. I scanned through hundreds of games in the Google Play Store and Smurf's Village isn't there. I'll contact Beeline for conformation of support withdrawal. Thanks.

          • Stroumpfette says:

            Thanks for replying. I will reply if I learn any new info.

  6. David says:

    During an XP event one often seen request is to bake two cherry cookies. This cannot be done and it stops the level of the XP event at that point. I tried baking one, waiting and then baking another. That does not fill the requirement. Is there any way to accomplish this task? I'm running an android device.

    • Smurfette says:

      The way to do this is to bake one after the other (and not in practice mode, i.e. you have to wait until the waiting time is over). The problem is that there have been lots of issues with Tracker ever since he was introduced and him not recognizing that when tasks are done one after the other is one of them.
      The only other way to do this is to skip the list or to skip the waiting time by using Smurfberries. But I wouldn't do it – you might end up with a similar task again

      • David says:

        Thank you. I tried waiting to bake the second cookie but it wasn't recognized as the second. The problem may have been fixed since then. I'll give it another try when it shows up again.

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Again, you're playing on an old version of the game. It will not work as expected unless you're able to update your software. We're not even sure that is possible at this point.

    • Gamemaster Smurf says:

      If you are looking to boost your XP very rapidly, I suggest spending Smurf

      coins to buy weathervanes. Weathervanes are available in the village,

      island, swoof planet and mountain in decorations>furniture.

      Pick a large area of unused space and place weathervanes until the area

      is completely filled. It takes a little time and patience, but when you are

      done, you will be collecting millitons of XP every 12 hours without wasting time with Tracker XP events that swindle you out of your Smurf Berries.

      Toiling away with growing crops will also be a thing of the past. Make

      Fireman Smurf collect all the XP and you will be living on easy street.

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