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Updated on: November 18, 2014Updated on: November 19, 2014

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Smurfs’ Village Ultimate Guide to XP


In the game Smurfs’ Village, players earn experience points also referred to as XP or EXP for completing various quests and tasks.  Experience point systems are used in most role-playing games to measure players’ progress. In order to level up or advance a specific number of points must be accumulated.  Although some games allow users to create their own characters to level up individually, Smurfs Village takes a slightly different approach.  Each player’s main objective is to build and expand their village. Starting off with a small empty field, users have to construct mushroom homes, set up gardens, and decorate. Instead of a custom character, it’s the village that has to be leveled up. The majority of the gameplay involves tackling special quests that aid in the construction of your town while assisting Papa Smurf on his personal mission to protect the village from the wicked Gargamel.

As player’s progress the amount of experience points required in order to level up increases. First time players only need 50 XP to advance to the next level. After level 6 those low numbers quickly jumps towards the thousands and higher, sometimes tripling. At its core experience points are everything. Currently the highest level in the game is 45 which require a whopping 29,978,334 experience points to reach.  Luckily, most of the tasks performed in the game generate XP.

The secret to playing Smurfs’ Village is to complete as many high XP generating tasks as possible each day. Completing Papa Smurf’s quests, harvesting crops, placing decorations, sailing on voyages, receiving gifts, and even playing mini-games earn experience points. Never neglect any of Papa Smurf’s quest they often reward large amounts of experience points upon completion. Strategically planting and harvesting crops like corn, onions, lettuce, pumpkin, and magical berries when possible to boost your experience points potential. Snails, caterpillars, large flower patches, and stone pathways are also good XP items to use to decorate your village.

When you’ve reached level 19 and unlocked your island take advantage of the voyage system. Sending smurfs on trips always produce XP.  Becoming a good neighbor by frequently gifting will usually result in your pals doing the same act of kindness for you. Flower pot gifts with 400 XP can really add up for players with a lot of generous friends. While waiting on crops to ripen play some of the mini-games like the Miner’s or Potion Mixing game to earn a few quick points. These methods are only a handful of techniques. Remember accumulating EXP is essential in order to create a prosperous village.

The chart below made courtesy of our friend and fellow Smurf Expert Leonard Campbell displays the required amounts of XP necessary to reach each level in the game :

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  1. Bang Rapp says:

    According to my calculations you now need more than 1 000 000 XP for each percentage at level 81 (currently the maximum level right now). Later you will need 2 000 000 XP for each percentage at level 88. Moreover (if you have not reached maximum level yet) you will need 53 607 XP for level 50, more than 100 000 XP for level 57, 139 035 XP for level 60, more than 200 000 XP for level 64, 360 613 XP for level 70 and more than 500 000 XP for level 74 for each percentage. (NOTE: This is true if the required XP for the next level is still 10% higher than the present level)

    If you have reached the maximum level and collected more than 100% XP for that level, the word "Max" is written instead of the reached XP percentage. The blue bar now ( I think) indicates how many 100% XP points you have reached for this level, i.e. if you have 1900% XP for the maximum level, the blue bar will indicate as if 19% of the required XP for this level is fulfilled.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Amy says:

    There is a floating circle above things like the butterflies, caterpillars etc. When you click on them it gives you coins and xp but also another circle with a star that says a number. What is that ?!?!?!?!?! It is NOT xp or stardust. It's driving me cray cray.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The other number is the amount you get while Tracker is in your village. Depending on where you are on Tracker’s lists, you will earn from .10 through 2.0 times the original XP reward for all items in your mainland village. When he leaves, that second number will no longer be present. When he returns each Monday, as you progress through his lists, you gain more XP and it accumulates until his visit is up on Wednesday night. This article might help you:…

      • Amy says:

        Ok that makes sense. My other number are high though. They are 85, 250 etc. is that what you are talking about?

        • Smurfette says:

          Yes, if for example you get 2000 XP from an item regularly, and you are at a 10% bonus with Tracker that means the second number should be 200. It depends on the amount of XP you are collected, you can get a bonus between 10% up to 100%.

  3. Zarko says:

    Has anyone by any chance updated the chart with the latest info and XP required for all levels?

    • Oskar says:

      I have a xls-file. May be, it can help you. I’m not sure about the correctness off all datas. Send me a mail to (email removed by admin for protection of abuse by internet) and I will it send to you.

      • Stroumpfette says:

        We are sorry that we do not allow email addresses to be posted in our public forum as this presents a safety hazard to the player/user at hand. You are allowed to post your Facebook link for purposes of friending (and if you still want to communicate with someone here.

  4. Hamza says:

    When I harvested the crop of onions, I earned 193 xp instead of 175 xp. why?

    • Smurfette says:

      Do you have Brainy Smurf's Hut? He gives a bonus to all crops. Also if that crop was placed close to Farmer's Hut/His Tructor etc. it will also give you a bonus for those crops close to him. And then there is the XP Accumulator, it also gives bonus XP if you have it. It should be one of those reasons.

  5. justine says:

    Has anyone else had this issue? I upgraded to the latest Smurf Village with snow yesterday and now when I tap on Papa or Grandpa smurf, they wave instead of giving me another quest.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Which operating system, Android or iOS? And which Smurfs' Village version number? Hint: you can find the version number in the Help file just before the list of credits. But, no, I haven't seen it in my village with any of the updates.

  6. Ian says:

    please can we update this please. I am on maximum level so not too worried about progressing but would be good to know.

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline does not provide this information, so we have to calculate it which would take ages on the higher levels. You are welcome to help out if you now the XP needed for any given level and we will publish it.

  7. Icarus says:

    This new update 1.4.0 is really slow to progress in the game, Before I was able to progress a bit quicker but now just wayyy too slow. Hope the creators give us a way to progress through levels a bit quicker than now.

  8. SHARRYN says:

    Can any1 tell me how 2 get a pump 4 Papa Smurf?

  9. Maryanne says:

    Do I need to o buy smurfberries to b successful in this game?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No, not necessarily. My husband has not purchased any. He is very patient as he waits for SB to accumulate.

  10. Konnie says:

    Can u please help me for tips on leveling up faster cool thanks

  11. Donald Kluitenberg says:

    Leonard has recently composed an updated table (up to lever 58, if I remember correctly). If you contact him, you can ask whether he is willing to share it.

    • Leonard says:

      Thanks Donald. The new version is on the way already.

      • Smurfina says:

        Hi. Where can I find the updated xp levelling up table?

        • Smurfette says:

          There isn't one, Beeline has changed the XP requirement a couple of times in the last update and we are not getting the information from them. It is not possible for us to calculate it because it takes ages to level up in the higher levels.

          • Smurfina says:

            Thanks. Saved me time searching for one.

          • MMMM says:

            It takes, for example, about 20.000.000 XP going from level 66 to 67. (Roughly calculated.)
            You can almost neglect the 4 SB bonus for reaching a new level at these higher levels.
            At these higher levels, you get (relative to that 4 SB bonus) much more SB's (per unit of time) for the special buildings like the weather machine, the mill, the castle, the tower, the sfinx, and so on. Still, also on these higher levels, the collection of SB's goes very slow. (Everything is aimed at in-game purchases of SB's.) I think you should get more SB's reaching a new level, because it takes extremely long to reach a new level (at these higher levels). If you don't cheat, you'll be playing many hours a week if you want to get to even higher levels.
            BTW, don't waste SB's on the silo. It requires even more SB's to use it (each time you use it)!

      • Hoolahoola lady says:

        Leonard, can you share with me please?

  12. Nick says:

    Here's my strategy for leveling, get the butterfly that gives 60xp, 20 gold every 2 hours. try growing golden corn twice a day, and get nothing but butterflies. I now have about 1.5k butterflies, giving me 90k exp, 30k gold every 2 hours. The new fireman is helping alot in the harvesting. it means in a day I can harvest maximum 12 times, which is about 1mil exp, 300k gold. Levels fly by pretty quickly.

  13. jeannette says:

    I am at level 55. How many levels are there?

  14. Audrey says:

    Hi,i have a problem~ when i update my smurf village strange thing happened, i suddenly up 2 level. And this morning my village just like restart again! All the thing that i bought is missing and smurf is missing too~ Please help! Thanks~

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Hopefully, your data is still intact. Try recovering your village from the hidden backups. From the blue Play menu, tap Options. Then tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times. When it appears, tap Recover Village. You should now see a list of files before you. Starting with the most recent, preview each file until you find one with the correct configuration/level of your village. Overwrite your village data with that file.

  15. chloe says:

    i m at level 27, pls let me know how to add 3 stone pathways to the village ?
    the answer better can show the picture

    • Stroumpfette says:

      What you need to do is go go your flowers build menu. Scroll pretty far in, and you'll see pathways that are constructed out of gray stone. All you have to do is select a pathway and pay for it with coins and place it in your village anywhere you want it to go. You have to do this three times to fulfill the quest.

  16. Bang Rapp says:

    I am on level 27 and got about 10000 SB (Chistmas present from beeline) and want to level up fast. Any good hint? I bought 13 treasure (25 SB each) and each of them they give me 932 coins I don´t know how many times a day so I also got lots of money (500 000). Is the dolphin (2×600 XP a day for 100SB) a good investment? Buy smurfs and harvest?

    • SuperWorldJumper says:

      Congratulations on winning the Smurfberry lottery. I myself got 5,000 smurfberries. I was shooting for 10,000, but I got bored and I wanted to spend some time with my family.

      Anyway, here's a few tips.

      Tip #1: Save your smurfberries for things that matter.

      Even though you have an insane amount of berries, don't go wasting them. I never bought a decoration or anything else that cost smurfberries other than unique character smurf huts, and that's not going to change for me anytime soon.

      Tip #2: Buy every upgrade in the book.

      This includes upgrades to all minigames, fully Upgrading all Smurf Huts, land expansions, and buying all the unique smurfs and their huts such as Grandpa Smurfs hut and Clumsy's hut. This will help you in the long run, plus make your village more fun.


      Believe me, it's a waste of your berries and not worth it. There is a better and cheaper way to make money which is in the next tip.

      Tip #4: Build a Gold Mine out of a playground.

      Though you want XP, you can't get it without coins. Sandboxes are your friend. So are Playground houses (They give the most coins) Get a whole bunch together and you will be swimming in coins. I currently get over 300,000 coins a day from my playground, just to give you an estimate.

      Tip #5: Crops are the key. Keep planting.

      Forget shrubs and flowers. Crops are where the XP is at. Delete all of your other shrubs and flowers, and buy all the crop plots you can get. The best crops for XP for me is definitely the Magic Blueberries and Magic Raspberries. However, you control your own time, not the village, so plant your crops according to your own schedule. And use common sense and critical thinking.

      Tip #6: Be patient.

      We all want to level up, but even with an army of 100 smurfs, it still takes time. Just be patient and you'll level up in no time.

      Hope this helps.

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        I'm sure the more advanced players know these tips ;)
        If you've got that insane amount of sb's I'm sure you can buy a special decoration item you really want. Making profit is only a little part of the game. Decoration and having fun is also one ;)

      • TailorSmurf says:

        Even if your magic raspberries wither, still replace them. It only costs a single smurfberry.

      • Bang Rapp says:

        Oh thanks a lot. During the Christmas day I reckon that if I just put my smurf village alive I could spend a couple of hours with my family and when I got back to my phone I could get 10 SB every 10 second and so for a number of minutes. I repeated this a number of time during Christmas day and finally recovered 12420 SB….. After buying everything you need there are not much to buy. That cost me about 2500 SB. Now I still got 9000 left and right now I dont need them. My treasure gives me about 40 000 coins a day. Now I want to find a way to get XP from coins. Thats a challenge. I will focus more on crops than flowers and plants but the trees on the island is still good? I agree: Do NOT buy coins for SB.

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          Buying coins with sb's is sooo stupid :) I totally agree.

        • Cheyney says:

          This exact same thig happened to me at Christmas. And I’m in level 60, is there any more levels after that?

          • Smurfette says:

            Not at the moment, but Beeline often (though not every time) adds one or more new levels to the game with a new update

          • MMMM says:

            Yes, there are move levels now. I’m at level 66. It takes many millions of XP to level up to 67. Each higher level requires more and more millions XP.
            And I see a level 76 under the ‘visit featured village’ button.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if a large percentage of people with the highest levels used a cheat (*).

            *description of possible way to cheat removed by admin

      • Nigelh says:

        What is the best way to organise sandboxes/playground houses to get most coins

      • SmurfBlue_069 says:


        Good work man.

      • Amy says:

        How u got the lottery … From any game?

        • Stroumpfette says:

          The remark on which you have commented was from over a year ago when Beeline sent out free Smurfberries and had a huge glitch where some players go thousands and others got none.

    • Blumpy says:

      I got 2500 smurfberries at Xmas. Bought 30 pink treasure chests which give over 900 coins every half hour. Then keep buying frogs since they do not take up much space. With about 200 of them I advance levels once a week. Now on level 42.

    • Sky says:

      Can I ask what you were doing on Christmas Day to win the 10000 SB's?

  17. Jeannette says:

    It’s a very nice game but it’s absolutely full of bugs. I am at level 44. My rafts (5) don’t work, my bottle is lost it’s way, I must harvest acorns at my mountain but can not plant any tree, vanity is not available for android. Nice, all these new features but please do something about these bugs first. It’s very frustrating because I get stuck.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You may not be aware that this is a fan site not affiliated with Beeline. Please submit a ticket with Beeline to give your feedback to them directly. I sympathize with what you're feeling. I am an Android player, too.

    • Katie says:

      Mine subtract points when I collect rocks. So I keep getting further into the negative. They do have a lot of bugs to fix.

  18. Smurfy says:

    Is it possible to get an updated version (to lvl 52) of this list please? Thanks for all the great guides and tips on this site.

  19. Lauren says:

    I have been told to build 2 water pumps but I can’t see anything of this description, what does it look like?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      They are in the build menu. You will see two faucets with a trough of water below them. Those are the pumps. One costs coin, the other SBs.

  20. Farahnaz says:

    Pleasss help meeeeeee i have problem with third riddle with papa smurfs many foods make me strong but give me water what i am?? Pleas help mee what should i do?

  21. Ridah Ali says:

    Collect 18 Stone For Me?

    What Answer

    level 48

  22. jason says:

    Im on level 34 and since level 33 Papa Smurf has been telling me its time to visit another village. I've visited numerous random villages, all of my friends villages and nothing works. When I try to go to a featured village, no villages show up to select. anyone please help.

  23. Sue says:

    I've posted two questions, on my iPad 2 within this last week. Now how do I know when or where the will be answered????

  24. LynnSuzanne says:

    Level 49 requires 45,265 xp for every 1% that you move. I am grateful for Magic Blueberries, frogs, and butterflies :) Should hit "Max" at next harvest….until BeeLine adds more levels.

  25. Nadine says:

    Collect 3stones?

  26. Steve says:

    45 is highest level???, I don't think so, I hit max on level 47 and have 2 question

    1. when will more level be here?
    2. when at max do the EP's you colect get saved till next level upgrade?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Steve the Max level is 47 and yes you are right, when you reach to the Max level the XP you earn will be collected and you will see it once the new levels are added.

  27. Mamaarty says:

    My bottle keeps disappearing and I and not sure if I finished the quest. It's done this twice now. Please help!

  28. Stacey says:

    I'm at level 16 & kept getting the message popping up about (message in a bottle),but could never see that. How di I see the message, & how do I use my dyes, & at what level will I reach the island quest? I still don't see the long bridge to allow me to get to the far left.

    • Blah says:

      At level 19 you will get a series of quest to find the island and dreamy smurf only on the island will the message in the bottle before I was level 19 I had been confused too now I'm level 21;)

  29. toitoz says:

    pllz help im in level 47 , papa smurf wants me to collect 18 stone .. how can i collect it ? i bought 30 but he didn't accept it

  30. hiyam issawi says:

    smurf says : jokey wants to give me a gift. i wonder what it'll be?

  31. hiyam issawi says:

    papa smurf say s let's get a pump,while i try to decode that message

  32. Hannah says:

    On my game, one of my tasks is to build architects house, I try to build it but is says that I need handys hut.. Is there two because I swear I already have it? Also, how do I look at the message in a bottle?! someone helps please:)

  33. Nasya says:

    Why my smurfs village game is keep missing those expensive items which can earn XP point when it upgrade to higher level since level 16? any one can help ?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Not sure Nancy what did you loose in your village, but if you think what you lost is quite precious, although I don't recommend it , but you can always restore your village to an old stored progress, but you will loose your some progress.

  34. Yanti Lim says:

    I am at level 30, have problem with the XP percentage. Why become 538892%? how to fix it?

  35. Afamiii says:

    I'm at level 40, and been trying to get to the bottom of this game. It just dawned on me, there isn't much point, but its still kind of addictive.

  36. Lilyester says:

    Sharon the answer to that is wait 24 hours then jokey will give you a gift that's what he means by package and if that doesn't work then wait until your on level 16 then open the gift LOL :)

  37. Ma G says:

    Papa Smurf wants me to purchase a lantern. I have purchased street lights because that's the only item that looked like a lantern. The quest is not complete. Does the lantern cost 6 smurfberries?

    • Brainy says:

      no quest makes u spend smurfberries. Lanterns are hanging on a line between 2 red poles. Looks like clothes line

  38. Alaltit says:

    Hi Sassette,
    I got a notification that I have a message in a bottle. I looked for it at the village beach head and the island beach as well but did not see any. What should I be looking for and how is a message in a bottle accessed?

    • Sassete says:

      This is as message that you get to inform you about the island that you can get in the future. The message is a little bit blurry I know that.

  39. Tracy says:

    Sorry, same question as Bryan. Where are the totem pole and message in a bottle, I'm on level 45, updated straight away and paid the smurf berries to speed up my dam, am now just doing filler quests.

    • Poet says:

      We are stumped too at this point, awaiting Beeline to give us more info. We will update everyone in due course once we know more.

    • Brainy says:

      Some lucky players got the bottles. The rest of us are waiting and wondering when it will come.
      We all paid smurfberries to speed up the dam and spent more smurfberries to speed up on additional quests. But so far none of our 4 admins here have seen the bottle and each of us has multiple villages. We are working hard on this.

  40. Velerby says:

    I am having a problem with one of my island critters…when I purchased the turtle I placed it just below the dock and it seems as though it's a dead zone! I can't "harvest" the xp or relocate it. Has anyone else had this happen?

  41. Cyril says:

    I am cyril from France … I m lvl 45 since two weeks….
    When do we have a world position of each player according to his xp expérience….
    When you are beetween to release , and you arrives at lvl Max … If you continue to play , the xp are
    calculeted … So please create " the XP WORLD SERIES" LOL ;))

  42. Bryan says:

    I've recently updated my game to expand the island. I'm on level 33. There's no totem poles or message in a bottle.

    • Sassete says:

      I think that you have to be patient it can take some times for the questions and the bottles to appear.

      • Bryan says:

        Thank you.

        • Alaltit says:

          Hi Bryan and Sassette,

          I got a notice that a message in a bottle has washed ashore. I searched the beach head of the village and the island and did not see any message in a bottle.
          What do I do? Please help.

  43. Where can i see my xp? I dont know how xp i have!

  44. Rodo says:

    I've a crab in the island, but it doesn't work. Whats wrong?

  45. moka says:

    Papa message:-
    collect a package from jokey
    let's show jokey we still like his packages

    What is the answer ?

  46. Brenda says:

    I am trying to install the new dam on the island, for more space, I dragged it all along the river and can’t place it, can you let me know why

    • Gutzs says:

      Just drag all your items to another spot. There is a rivier and the change is big that your items are standing on this river. Replace items and start game over again.

  47. Laura says:

    HELP! I logged on to play this morning and everything is messed up! Half of my things are missing and the tasks appear to be reset. I can't start over (not that I wanted to since I was at 19) but some of the houses are on the other side of the water and the bridges are gone :( I really like this game…any suggestions?!?!

  48. Jamie says:

    Although I may be wrong on this, i believe that some of the amounts for the "exp needed to add one percentage" is wrong. I am lvl 45 now but at lvl 44, i usually planted magical blue/rasberries and through farmer smurfs "plant all" function, i was able to see that when i harvesteed all my magical rasberries, it would give me ~22000 exp and that usually gave me one percent. However, it says that you need an estimated amount of ~30000 exp to add one percent. Again, I might be wrong on this but this is from my personal experience. Thanks -Jamie

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Thanks Jamie for your input, the the XP data was extracted using a script but it could wrong for higher levels. We calculate the XP manually at lower levels and we got pretty much similar values:
      lvl 27=5987xp
      lvl 28=6586xp
      lvl 29=7245xp
      lvl 30=7969xp
      lvl 31=8766xp
      lvl 32=9642xp
      lvl 33=10607xp
      lvl 34=11667xp
      lvl 35=12834'xp
      lvl 36=14117xp
      lvl 37=15528xp

      we will forward your comment to Leonard to double check the values.

      • Jamie says:

        Yes, the values that you wrote down are pretty much accurate if i recall correctly. But I still think there might be a miscalculations of the exp needed for the higher levels. Thanks

    • Leonard Cambpell says:

      It would be impossible for 22000 to be a 1% increase for level 44 and still fit into the values I saw for XP. I would suggest checking at the current level but I know that your are at MAX level (Congratulations). (The smallest XP I have so far seen for level 45 is 29697887)

      • Jamie says:

        Thanks, and I double checked this morning, and it isn't ~22000 but most likely around ~25000. I forgot to take into considerations that I had 20 mice that i got exp from every time i harvested my magical rasberries:P Haha, sorry about that.

  49. Sharon says:

    Papa message: Let’s get a pump?

    What is the answer ?

    • Poet says:

      Hi, I can't be sure as this quest was quite some ago for me, but have you tried placing this item that is next to the stone bridge in the build menu? It costs 1400 coins and it looks like a tap.

    • Marco Smurf says:

      you have to buy a water pump from the shop, you can find it after the stone bridge and it costs 1400 coins.

  50. HurondaFan says:

    Which decorations generate the most XP?

    • Poet says:

      Are you talking about the placement of the decorations? Because no decorations generate xp on its own, only placing it.

      • Marco Smurf says:

        usually decoration items don't give XP, only crops, trees, mini-games, special smurfs (like , baby smurf, scardy, smurfette, ..) and pets which give XP. I prefer yellow caterpillars, they give up 600, trees also give high XP but you need to be at higher levels.

        • HurondaFan says:

          No, when you place items, they give you XP.

          • Jamie says:

            This may not be the decoration that gives you the most exp, but the big rock that costs 1000 for miner smurf gives 400xp. I remember using this to level up quickly in the higher levels. Hope I helped^^

  51. Hannah says:

    It did, and so here's the plan I came up with, though I'm unsure of whether it will work.
    (copied and pasted this from my other post so it's a bit wonky)

    So I made an account and I guess it saved my village. What now, so I guess I would have to get Smurfs on my ipod (I don't use it for games), log into Game Center, download the information, delete the app, reinstall it, and then open Game Center again.

  52. Brenda says:

    How do you recover to previous saved game?

  53. Velerby says:

    How do you get two villages on the same device? I'd love to be able to start a new village without losing my current one!

  54. Velerby says:

    Thanks. I think I'll just wait…I don't want to risk losing any progress.

  55. Velerby says:

    Cool! Thanks.

  56. Jason says:

    This exact thing happened to me. For the amount of berries the turtle cost and the daily xps you are losing is merely not acceptable. I emailed Beeline, explained the problem and asked to be reimbursed the 75 berries. They actually complied. I would recommend doing the same. Dont wait for them to fix, because I doubt they ever will.

  57. John Smith says:

    This is my setup:

    To the right, just out of shot is another column of playhouses. This gives me well over 100,000 gold each day. I'm not sure it's the absolute most efficient set up, but to be honest with such a high yield I decided that having it look nice was just as important. Hope this helps :)