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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Neighbours and Gifts


The game can connect to either Apples Game Center or Facebook or both. When connected to one of these services all friends who play the Smurf’s Village game as well can be seen as neighbours and their villages can be visited. Every neighbour can be given one gift every 24 hours.

To enable this function either log into Facebook by going from the main menu to options – manage friends and enter the Facebook credentials, to enable Game Center log into the Game Center app on the device before opening the game. It is also possible to be logged into both services at the same time.

In the village, click on the button in the bottom left corner of the village, after that a map with other villages and the features “random village” and “featured village” is opened.
By clicking on “featured village” nine villages can be seen that have been added by Capcom (the developer) as specially featured villages that everyone can see.

The button random village offers the option to randomly visit a village from other players. The villages can be seen, but no presents can be left for the creator of the village, moreover their names do not appear, just the banner “random village”.

On the right side from the map the friends that are connected to the village are shown, to visit that village just click on the banner. Once in the village, a button on the bottom right side appears, clicking that gives the option to choose a gift. This can be placed anywhere within the village and the creator will see it as soon as he opens the game again.
To add new neighbours the person has to be added as a friend either in Game Center or on Facebook, as soon as the friend request is accepted, the new neighbour will show up on the map.

Under the banner of the neighbours map with their names and current levels, the exact number of Smurfs, animals and other characters that are living inside the village are shown.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi. I'm looking for android users as friends. Please send a message saying smurf village so I know what the friend request is for. I play at least 5 days a week. or look me up by name: Ra Cz My picture is a bee.

  2. Angel Shosho says:

    Hi… I have a problem ..

    My friends send me gifts and I’m sure

    But the gifts won’t arrive !!

    What should I do ???

    Please help me

  3. Blackheart says:

    Please add me if you return gifts :) i need bolts :) my name: blackeart21 (game center) hope ill get some new neighbours!!!

  4. Carlos says:

    Please add me for bolts.
    GC: carlosbaigts

  5. alum says:

    I have two questions :)

    First one is: Can I add to my friends a person who use's android when I use iOS?

    Second one: What is wrong with internet connection in game? I can't visit other villages and add my friend.

    Thanks for help :)

    • Sassete says:

      No you cant have android neighbors if you play on ios because they work on differnet ways. It was something wron with the friend server its why you had problem to se your friends

  6. paojia says:

    pls add me in the GC

    id: paojia

  7. Claire B says:

    Hi, Please add me, need bolts. I will gift daily to people who do the same!

    GC: clarey

  8. Maria says:

    I am having the exact same problem as Veerle. It says

    ‘searching’ but even when I wait, my friends don’t appear. I tried re-logging into Facebook, and now im connected to both GC and

    FB. However, it didn’t work and I still cannot visit neighbours, random villages or featured villages. Thanks in advance.

  9. ifamous007 says:

    Please add

    GC : iFamous007

  10. Wendy says:

    Hello! I cant see my friends anymore :( i am connected to fb en gc. I tried everything but is doesen't work. Can someone help me?

    • April says:

      I’m having the same problem: connected to gc but it keeps saying ‘searching for friends’ and no one shows up anymore.

  11. bowo says:

    hi,I use galaxy tab.why galaxy can not show my village friends. when I have logged in facebook.

  12. gixxerchic says:

    My game keeps crashing when I try to visit my neighbors to gift them. I can only do 2 or 3 at a time before it closes out & makes me close out everything & power cycle

    • Teddydengedward says:

      Same for me! When I start gifting, after 3 villages the app crashes! I have to reenter the app. Please fix beeline!

  13. Brian says:

    Please add me. Need bolts and flowerwatering

  14. smurfyfriend says:

    I am just starting my smurf journey and would like some neighbors.
    Game Center id: smurfyfriend

  15. Veerle says:

    When I click on the button in the bottom left corner of the village, a map with other villages and the features “random village” and “featured village” is opened, but my Ipad says "searching for friends" and nothing appears, even if I wait a long time! So now I can't send gifts to my friends! What do I have to do? Someone help me please…

    • Brainy says:

      You need to connect your game to facebook or to game center if you are on apple. Go to the game blue screen (where you tap start) . Tap options , tap manage friends (or manage facebook if you are on android), connect to facebook.

      • *aster says:

        I've got the same problem as Veerle, but when I do the things Brainy said, it doesn't help, is there another solution? Please help me…

        • Sassete says:

          There was some problems with the friend server but it should be fixed now

          • Kidderkid01 says:

            I just updated the recent smurf village and after the update all my friends from game center dissapeared. I even added new ones and they do not come up on my friends village. I have done everything to signing in with Facebook and signing in and out of game center restarted my iPad everything. But I still don't see my friends. It tells me all my friends have been added but their is none of my friends there???

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            There was a friend server outage.

    • Veerle says:

      Thank you for your help! I was connected to game center, but not to facebook. So I did and now my problem is solved!

  16. jorlax27 says:

    add me on gc : jorlax27 will gift bolts daily to whoever will do the same

  17. shellemmerson says:

    Hi please can anyone send me the red rose seed so that I can pass surfettes quest. I will gift in return. Thanks my game centre is shellemmerson

    • Marco Smurf says:

      shellemmerson please go to " Add Me" page you will find many friends which will be able to add you easily and send you gifts ,this is the link for the page Thanks:

  18. Sco says:

    Hello for everybody. My 7 yo son is playing Smurf Village and needs bolts… Could somebody help him to reach this very important goal for him, please.

    His game centre id : Sco.a

    Please… Please

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Sco please go to " Add Me" page you will find many friends which will be able to add you easily and send you gifts ,this is the link for the page Thanks:

  19. Gandakarin says:

    It's been more than a month since I was able to log on. ( I do play Smurf's several times a day)… Whenever I try to log on either in FB or Game Center, my Smurf's Village crashes. I already lost several flowers and I cannot receive and give gifts… Please help !!

    • Gandakarin says:

      I found out how I can log in. Instead of logging in on Manage Friends from the Menu Options, I tried logging in on Invite Friends.

  20. ChunkyMonkey MD says:

    Bolts for Bolts trade – My GC is: ChunkyMonkey MD

  21. Dawn says:

    It’s bad enough that when I upgraded to a new device I had to start all over. I was on level 33 and had bought smurfberries only to lose all progress because of a new phone. Now…..I’m playing again and it won’t let me log into fb so Icn visit neighbors and gift them. What’s the problem? Anyone else experience this?

  22. Melijulio says:

    Hi everyone please add me in GC: melijulio I need bolts please:)

  23. Melijulio says:

    Please add me in GC: melijulio please I need bolts and seeds.:) I'll give you gifts daily! Thanks!

  24. Cale says:

    Looking for friends to exchange gifts! I play daily and will gift back. I need mostly bolts. GC is hoon44, Thxs!

  25. siew moy says:

    Please help in this function either log into Facebook by going from the main menu to options – manage friends and enter the Facebook credentials, for waiting log in screen come out blank…please teach me what can i do…because i already restart games…now my games start level 1 again…???please help me …so sad…cannot log in.

    • Gandakarin says:

      Try going to the Visit Neighbors, then Invite Friends. When asked to "share" on FB, just click x. I do this every single time I need to log in, but at least I am able to log in…

  26. Lazy Buzzard (Terry) says:

    Please friend me! I need bolts mostly. GC: Lazy Buzzard

  27. Lee says:

    Please add me to game center. I play at least 3X a week on Smurfs!

  28. Crystal says:

    Would like to get Smurf Friends on Game Center, please add the following IDs:

  29. sagra says:

    I also need bolts or seeds on the islan. PLEASE, Add me.I play nearly everyday.

    ID: saraskywalker


  30. Samsoet says:

    Hi, please add me to your smurfy game, I need bolts and seeds (main village and on the island).
    I will return gifts daily!

  31. Tiffany says:

    Please add me as friend on game center. I am only on level 17 but I need seeds and someone to water my flowers. I will give gifts back daily. GC ID is DRUELNER

  32. Nicola says:

    Please add me to your Game Center list.I will gift daily .I need Bolts :) GC ID – piemakerman

  33. Piemakerman says:

    Pleae add me to your Game Center list .I will gift daily and I need Bolts ! Thanks ! GC Id – piemakerman

  34. Stacey says:

    add me to smurfs I gift daily, plus I need some bolts… game center ID scantrell81

  35. MortgageGod says:

    Add me to your list, I will gift back daily. thanks! GC: MortageGod

  36. Sumello77 says:

    I need bolts. I will give you back gifts. User: sumello77

  37. Victoria says:

    Add me to Game Center, hiphopvicki. I'll send gifts daily as long as you do too, I play every day.

    hiphopvicki on GC

  38. Beverly says:

    My game won't let me vist friends villages keeps saying I need to update but I have the most recent updates ?? And how do I send bolts ?

  39. kkmama11 says:

    cant receive any gifts from my friends. i can send them but im not getting any. its been weeks i gotten 1 gift and thats all nothing else. i deleted and reinstalled smurfs hoping that it would let me get my bolts but it didnt work. please anyone that can help it would mean a lot…. THANKS

    • Angel Shosho says:

      I have the same problem .. Can anyone help please :'(

    • Nonni57 says:

      Having same problem and beeline isn't any help on this issue or that Grouchy Smurfl's quest of growing 30 tulips doesn't work the suggestion I got from beeline was to have 30 flower boxes and try harvesting all at once is unacceptable because they don't know if that will work but was told they don't have time to address any of the above problems. I am quite put out with their supposing support line.

  40. Sillytheshark says:

    How do you add gift ideas to friends IE bolts/wood/dye/stone ect. It would. E nice to tell people what I need

  41. Ilov3smurfs says:

    Hi my friends are sending me bolts but it only says "someone" not there actual name so how do I know who is sending the gift? Is there anything that will let me know who is sending gifts to me? Thanks

    • Brainy says:

      When either you or your neighbor game disconnects from internet or if you dont open a gift more than a day, the gifts will turn into "someone…" .

  42. Jon says:

    After installing the latest update, I’m not receiving any gifts from my friends … I can see them and confirm that they have sent me gifts … Tried the above method but it does work for me

  43. Thephantomsmurf says:

    Add me up on GC!! Though I dont need bolts yet, but I'd be happy to give daily bolts to every one who needs it.


  44. Jessica says:

    I will gift daily. GC 1Jess41420

  45. Kelly says:

    I cannot see my neighbours! I'm looked in GC and facebook. Turn off and on my game, nothing! It's really annoying, I have this problem only with Smurf Village. I tried to delied the Game it's a pain in the butt. Any ideas.

    • Brainy says:

      Temporary disconnect your game from facebook then see if any gc neighbors show up. Then go back reconnect game to facebook. Go to game main menu, options, manage friends, disconnect from facebook.

  46. Mikkiinja says:

    Hi I recently added a lot of people from this site as friends. I had no problems until today, I can't see any friends villages so I can't send gifts back! The reason given is I am not connected to GC or FB but I am? I am going to have a lot is angry neighbors soon …. Any suggestions , have shut down and restarted plenty of times :(

  47. Jess<3 says:

    I've just reinstalled smurfs because I couldn't receive gifts and It worked!! :-) but… Now all my friends have disappeared I've tried switching my iPad on and off and I'm connected to the Internet all it says is "all friends are added" but no one is there thanks

  48. Anchor nads says:

    Hello fellow smurfers!!!
    Please add me, I gift daily as I play far too much!!
    Let me know what you need in your status at Game Center
    My game center id is

    anchor nads


  49. Smurfy says:

    I can't receive gifts on smurfs I'm on level 20 and I'm connected to game centre and Facebook I can see all my friends which are linked to game centre and Facebook it's just that I can't receive them please help


  50. looking for friends on android to exchange gift (it'sa little bit difficult :( isnt'it? )… i'm Giovanna Sanci on facebook… someone intrested?

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