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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Solution to Smurfette’s Flower Box Quest


In one of Smurfette’s latest quests, players are asked to harvest 20 flower boxes. Much like previous flower box quests that some users may have encountered in the past, the wording can be very misleading. Simply harvesting 20 flower beds will not successfully complete the task. Although the instructions clearly state to harvest, only the mere act of planting is credited. Also users do not need multiple flower beds to plant Smurfette’s beautiful bouquet, one will suffice.

Despite the quest’s vague directions, there are several important requirements that must be met in order to complete this task. The first major step is to start with an empty flower bed. Roses already planted do not count. Players have to plant 20 flowers from scratch. If you don’t have any empty flower boxes then select a nearby bed and remove its contents. This can be done quickly by tapping on the desired box and choosing the remove icon located on the side of the menu. The tiny tab often resembles a red circle with a slash running through the center of it. A prompt will appear asking if you are sure you want to remove the item. Clicking yes automatically empties the bed.

The second step is where most players get stumped. Smurfette is extremely general in her wording which often leads users to believe they can plant any type of flower. Unfortunately that is not the case. There’s a glitch associated with this task that only credit users that plant red roses.

Players that attempted to save coins by planting inexpensive daisies were thoroughly disappointed. Varieties such as the daisy, chrysanthemums, tulips, and lilies are not tallied. To successfully tackle Smurfette’s quest and earn the XP reward players must plant red roses, then empty the flower bed, and repeat until all 20 roses are planted.

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  1. yoihachi says:

    hey guys,
    I have just planted 20 crops of blue daisy, plant then delete and check Smurfette's request, it's accepted and I finished this task. So, we can plant any flower…

    • rosie says:

      How do I get a flowerbox ?

      • Smurfette says:

        It can be bought from the build menu, under Decorations -> Garden

        • mmmmm says:

          There is a bug; I can buy only one box. I have 50 smurfs, but it says I need x smurfs to buy x boxes. Yet, it says I need another smurf.

          • Smurfette says:

            You have to take the number of garden plots, magic shrubs and flower boxes that you have. Together they should equal the number of smurfs that you have, so if you cannot buy another flower box you probably have to delete a shrub or garden plot first.

  2. Nade says:

    This trick of plant/ delete/ plant is not working. Before I read this trick, I planted and harvested 20 red roses, (it took me 4 days with 5 flower boxes, ugh!) and it still didn't say quest complete. Then I used the trick and planted and deleted 5 times (for a total of 25 red roses!) and it still has not told me quest complete! Do I have to do this continuously in one sitting or something? That ridiculous! I've wasted so many coins already on this impossible task.Honestly, I'm debating whether or not to even complete it. Why not let Smurffette just walk around with an exclamation point forever hovering over her head? looks pretty, don't you think?
    Please advise…

  3. Kiki says:

    It works! I planted in one flower box blue roses and wait the smurf, then i delete and i planted again until achieve 20 bouquets. You don't need to harvest them, just plant and delete. I deleted 19 time. The last I dont need to delet.

  4. Ry911jumper says:

    iPhone. 20 flowers I have 20 boxes and I have had to replant 3 times with red roses. I’m still not able to complete the quest. Help!!

  5. Samm1991 says:

    Hi i need rose seeds to complete smurfettes task could some add me on game centre samm11991 or on facebook please email search for facey is thank you

  6. Sue says:

    I need red roses seed plz and on my tab 2 galaxy i dont hv friends who played smurf village i only hv 1 who has galaxy and i cant send him gift

  7. Jelly123 says:

    This is so not fair. 2 get roses u need nat smurfling or Facebook- so rigged!

  8. Ayushi Jain says:

    i need red rose seeds.. pls help !!

  9. Ayushi Jain says:

    hi.. its been so many days but i haven't been able to complete this quest. The red roses are locked in my game.. how should i go about it.. pls suggest.

  10. Syler says:

    I need red rose Seeds (and also still need bolts on the island) Any help? friend me! SylerSays

  11. Celia says:

    It works! I planted in three flowers boxes red roses, then i delete them and i planted again until achieve 20 bouquets. You don't need to harvest them, just plant and delete. Thank you so much!

  12. Erte says:

    Wow. Thanks really…

  13. Janjan says:

    Please send me red rose seeds.. Thanks So much.. Let’s exchange gifts. My game center is JANHAPPY87

  14. Luckypigmos says:

    Please add me and send me some red rosé seed. My Id i s luckypigmos on Gc. Thank You so much.

  15. Destiny-141 says:

    Hi I’m also stuck on this quest and

    In need of red roses my GC is destiny-141

    Can someone pleeeaase send me some

    Red rose seeds

    Thank you soo muchh

  16. iona244 says:

    I planted flowers often alone and 20 red roses and not fulfilled the quest of Smurfette ….. I need help please! not much English, I'm in if anyone knows Spanish translator to write it in Spanish to understand it more. thank you very much

  17. Smurfy gal says:

    Grouchy quest harvest some tulips

    Harvest 30 boxes tulips

    I had planted n remove the tulips but until now

    I’m not able to complete the quest


  18. Sam Oakley says:

    My village won't open can't even get on first page for options it's disappeared someone help wot can I do ?????

  19. Smurfette seems to be a big problem. I am an Android user and had her stuck on the Frog quest (I'm at level 29) until the last update where she switched to the Flower Box Quest. I don't have rose seeds, nor can my friend send me rose seeds. At some point someone would have had to buy Nat Smurf quite possibly the most useless smurf in the game. The point is someone would have to spend smurfberries at some point and I thought Beeline wasn't going to force anyone to spend smurfberries to complete quests. Could you ask them if they intend on fixing Smurffette. I've already told my friend to not bother with her. She gives very little xp and the buggy quests aren't worth it.

  20. I am an android user and play smurfs everyday. Im stumped on smurfettes plant 20 flower boxes. I know u have to plant roses but i have no roses seeds. HELP WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?!!!

    • ImYonn says:

      Have a friend on fb or gc and ask them to give roses if they have nat smurfling which he unlocks all seeds except if you didn't reach that level which locks it instead. Hope this helps

    • Hogatha says:

      I know this was awhile ago, but I am on Android and only planting Red Chrysanthemums worked for me.

    • Puffs115 says:

      You do not need seeds. Plant roses. Tap on rosé in planting site and remove and delete rose again. Continue this until you have done 20 roses. This should work . No seeds are needed from friends. Good luck.

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        It can be possible that you don't have rose seeds from the beginning. Then you will need a friend to give you them. You can post your GC name on our "Add me" page( ) so people can befriend you.

  21. İstarlice says:

    Pls help, I did read ever detail on this page. Got the Nat smurf, have been planting and deleting the red roses. Over 30 boxes now. Nothing happens, can't complete the task. Why? What must I do?

  22. mrc.simon says:

    Does anyone has some seeds for the red roses pls :( :P? My gamecentral Id is mrc.simon

  23. Iceh2o says:

    I would like some seeds if anyone has them to give. Iceh2o. I am a good gifter.

  24. Noah says:

    Can someone send me a Red rose seed please I need one badly :( game center –> noah7878 it would be much appreciated

  25. SlinkyG;) says:

    Hi anyone who needs red rose seeds can feel free to add me and I will send them :)

    I'm SlinkyG;) Thanks! Need more friends for Smurfs village :)

    • Marco Smurf says:

      SlinkyG we have created a new place just for you guys to add friends and to get gifts. Simply If you click on "Add Me" button on your right hand side in our website, it will take you to the friends page where you can add and ask friends to add you. Thank you for your cooperation.

    • Kiki says:

      I need rose sedes, please add me.
      GC Kiki#1993.

  26. LoBuereZ says:

    someone that has red roses seeds, please add me and send me, LoBuereZ

    • Marco Smurf says:

      LoBuenereZ please visit this page for friends and gifts

  27. Tonya says:

    I really need friends to complete smurfettes quest please add me: Baeddan

    • Marco Smurf says:

      we have created a new place just for you guys to add friends and to get gifts. Simply If you click on "Add Me" button on your right hand side in our website, it will take you to the friends page where you can add and ask friends to add you. Thank you for your cooperation.

  28. İstarlice says:

    I need red roses speeds, none of my friends can give any. What can I do ? Pls help.

    • Sassete says:

      if your friends dont can give you rose seeds you need the to buy nat the smurf but try with some other kind of flowers and se if that can solve the flower question

  29. Geoff Sinclair says:

    I have 20 flower boxes & l've just completed growing & harvested all the red roses & nothing happened. That's the 3rd time this has happened. I've also tried other flowers daisys & tulips & l still can't complete this quest, this is so dam frustrateing. What can l do to finish this task? This is so frustrating

  30. Jpstarr says:

    I was told to build architect’s hut but there isn’t an option to do that. Where do I find his hut?

    And how do I access the blueprints?

  31. NKULatino says:

    Hello, What is the trick on getting the seeds for Red/ Blue/ Pink Roses? I have not been able to get them. Someone said your neighbors give you those seeds, but none of my neighbors (my friends) have them to give, or don't know how.

  32. Cher says:

    OMG Thank you!!! I thought I was loosing my mind! I planted tulips for days because they were the fastest and got nothing.

  33. Robin says:

    help I'm at level 37 and my village is frozen can't go any were first time this has ever happened someone help me!!!'!!! I have put to much into this game to have it all go away!!! I can't even get to the papa smuf tap thingI don't know what to do!!I have restarted my iPad several times no luck will try over night!!! HELP!!!M!!M

  34. Smurfo says:

    I have restored my village to previous version, after restoring, 2 of the rafts remained sent out and did not come back while i have all my smurfs staying in the village. I have even tried to restore the game from different earlier saved version, but i saw all my rafts had just completely dissappeared when i previewed these saved games. Eventually i just kept the 2 raft remained sent out version…. Is this bug, will beeline fix it? Or what i can do to get back all my rafts?

  35. Mardi says:

    I appear to have lost access to half of my island. Is anyone else having same problem? I'm on level 37 and problem only developed in past 24 hrs. Very frustrating as I had crops planted that have now withered as I can't access LH side of island. Can only view up to the river on the island now.

    • Cher says:

      This is a glitch that happens when you place a house next to the dam wall Beeline has yet to fix it. I solved it by rebuilding my dam. It takes a long time but at least you get your full island back.

    • Dawn says:

      Go to Main Menu. Click on OPTIONS. There you will see papa smurf. Keep clicking on him like 17 18 times. It will look like nothing is happening, but you will eventually see a box that says RECOVER VILLAGE. Click on that and you will see all your save games, and click on the one that you need to get back to your village. It happened to me and I wrote Beeline and thats what they told me to do and it worked :)

  36. Amanda says:

    That didn't work for me…..I have do tulips then I did red roses and now I'm doing daisies…….y am I the only one it ps not working for…'s really irritating!!!

  37. Martha says:

    No me aparece la botellaaaaa q hagooo

  38. MissReena says:

    I just found this after fighting with this quest for days. I deleted all my existing flowers, even though I have been growing these particular lilies for weeks now. I had planted 19 boxes of pink roses (total number of boxes I had) and started to delete them so I could replace them with the red roses. I planted one box of red roses, and the quest was complete.

    My friend who also plays decided to see if this would work for her. She planted 10 boxes of red, then removed them all and planted 10 more. Voila! The quest was complete.

    So neither one of us needed to wait and harvest the flowers at all. Plant, delete, replant until you have 20. Amd in my case, I only hastomake sure the last ones were red. The other 19 were pink and it worked perfectly.

    But for the record…worst quest ever!!!!

  39. PsyChic says:

    I planted 24 red roses!! Quest not completed. I give up. Another glitch?

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