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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Grouchy Smurf


Grouchy Smurf appears rather late during the game, at around level 15. Papa Smurf again gives the task to search the forest and after that is completed Grouchy is found and returns to the village. To get Grouchy Smurf it is important to regularly do Papa’s quests, especially the ones given right after a new level has been reached, otherwise he will not give the order to search for Grouchy until all of his previous tasks, which should have been done before he asks to find Grouchy, have been completed.

Grouchy Smurf gives 100 XP per day; he is ready to give the bonus XP as soon as a thundercloud appears above his head, taping him then instantly gives the XP.

Like Jokey Smurf, Grouchy does not have his own mushroom house and he is not stationary, he walks around the village with the other Smurfs.

When a new level is reached, Grouchy always has some tasks of his own, which, like Papa Smurf’s quest, give extra XP once completed. Unlike Papa, however, Grouchy runs out of tasks after a while and does not give new quests until the next level is reached. A yellow “!” above his head indicates that Grouchy has a task that needs to be completed.

Missing Grouchy after Christmas Quest:

This issue has been fixed for iOS users with the update That probably means it will be fixed for Android users with the next update as well.

Grouchy’s “Harvest 30 Tulips” quest in Smurfs’ Village

Many Smurfs village players are struggling to complete Grouchy’s quest  “Harvest 30 Tulips” , it looks like a buggy quest but in fact is quite tricky and you can overcome it easily, find out the solution for this quest on this page.

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  1. smurf_lover says:

    How do I make grouchy cross his arms?

  2. Chuck says:

    I'm having a grouchy problem too! He wants me to collect a gift from Jokey. I have done this twice over the past two days and still no task completion, thoughts?

  3. yip says:

    where i can find Grouchy and make grouchy cross arms 2 times?

  4. Amanda says:

    So like many others I am stuck on the 30 boxes of tulips. I have only 6 flower boxes. I used the suggestion on deleting crop land to be able to place more flower boxes….. Well I deleted 9 crop lands and I can’t place any more flower boxes…. Says I need more smurfs….. So now I’ve lost crop land and still can’t complete the quest……

    • Sassete says:

      pu need to plant al 30 at the same time so you need to delete more land plots and be sure that you delete them so you dont store the plots

  5. Jenben1946 says:

    I totally agree. Who has room for 30 flower boxes anyway. I don’t want to have to delete plots land. Think this is the worst task ever. Have had problem giving and receiving gifts since level 5 and now on level 35 so flowers never get watered by friends! Beeline don’t seem able to fix this bug.

    • Onontio says:

      The don't want to fix it. I have the same problem and have written twice to them and they give the same lame response, which is not helpful and does not work. I never get gifts or watering from friends even though I can do it for them. The game has been updated several times since I first noticed this and still no fix. Walk away from this game before you spend money on it. It used to be fun but tasks like this one force you to completely change your village and the game is not really supported by Beeline. They don't care.

  6. Mickey says:

    I have planted many tulips but it does not work. I have not been disturbing the clock. Please help me!!!!

  7. cotodon says:

    Grouchy wants me to harvest 30 boxes of tulips so he can throw pollen in someone’s face. I have been trying to complete this task for a couple of weeks and I really think that I have harvested over 30 boxes of each of the 3 types of tulips and nothing has happened. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  8. Maria says:

    Grouchy has asked to plant 30 tulips in the boxes I know I have but am still unable to complete the quest? What am I to do?

  9. Poet says:

    Did you try harvesting all 30 tulips AT the SAME time?

  10. Miranda says:

    Grouchy keeps telling me to plant 30 tulip boxes. I’ve done this in batches of 7 (that’s all the boxes I have) more than once. It never works! I think I’ve grown 100 tulip boxes! How do I beat this challenge?

    • Miranda says:

      Sorry. Couldn’t get the posts to load until AFTER I posted a question. Seems many people have the same issue with multiple answers. Seems unfair that I have to delete land plots just so I can get 23 more flower boxes. And why doesn’t Beeline say that to us? Stupid.

      • Poet says:

        It's not really unfair as it has been said at the very beginning, one farm plot will take up 1 smurf. Naturally, 1 flower box will also take up the count of 1 smurf, so you can't have both.

        • jla says:

          actually there's nothing natural about it. if i want to have a flower box and a garden on my property I have to decide which to attend to. naturally i can't attend to both at the same time but i don't have to til under my garden every time i want to water my flowers.

        • Onontio says:

          They don't explain it at the outset of the quest that the tulips have to be harvested at the same time. Stupid, a waste of resources, and one more strike against Beeline and this game, which are becoming annoying as time goes on.

    • Poet says:

      You need to harvest all 30 at the same time.

  11. Ashley says:

    Hi, I’m on level 38 and grouchy wants me to havest tulips. 30 boxes worth. I’ve done that twice now and it’s nof saying I completed it. I only have 5 boxes and I’ve been planting the 8 hr tulips. Is there a trick to it?? Help please :)

  12. Felicia Ho says:

    I have tried everything for the tulips quest !!! Nothing seems to happen. Can someone please tell Beeline abt this ? So sick and tired of this silly bug !!!

  13. says:

    OK, so if I plow under good farmland just so I can get 30 flower boxes and satisfy Grouchy, is the payoff worth it? If all that's going to happen is that he'll say "I remember now that I hate flowers" or some such idiocy, then why should I bother?

  14. April says:

    Grouchy has to plant 40 crops of artichokes. I’ve done that (plant and delete again) but the quest won’t get solved. What schould I do???

  15. Delger says:

    I have a problem with a quest from grouchy smurf. He wants me to plant 30 boxes of tulips (“I don’t know who that is but maybe we can throw pollen in his eyes so he’ll get disoriented”)

    I harvested way over 30 boxes of tulips buy the quest still isn’t complete, could someone please tell me what to do?

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Nicole says:

    On Level 33 and asked by grouchy to harvest 30 boxes of tulips. Have planted and harvested over 100 by now with no recognition that the task has been completed. Have tried different colour combinations. Any suggestions?

  17. Helen says:

    On Level 39 and asked by grouchy to harvest 30 boxes of tulips. Have planted and harvested over 100 by now with no recognition that the task has been completed. Have tried different colour combinations. Any suggestions?

  18. Adri says:


    I’m on level 42 and Grouchy wants 30 boxes of tulips tp be planted. I have done more than 30 boxes of pink tulips but nothing has happened.

  19. Clare says:

    Grouchy asked me to harvest 30 crops of tulips. I have done this numerous times and it still doesn’t say this task is completed? Any ideas?

  20. Catherine says:

    On level 43 and grouchy wants 30 boxes of tulips, but I’ve harvested them in all 3 colours with no success. Please help!

  21. *J.Man* says:

    What if you don’t have 30 flower boxes to harvest at the same time?

  22. Sasongko says:

    I have encounter bugs or error in this game, I have downloaded the latest Smurf’s Village from App Store, the icon is Smurfette.

    There’s A Quest from Grouchy Smurf. to Harvest Some Tulips. ( Harvest 30 Boxes tulips)

    I Have 12 Boxes, and i’ve tried to harvest 3 types of Tulips (Pink, Red and Blue Tulips) for 3 times Each. (it should be 36 boxes for each colour of Tulips). but the Grouchy quests still exist.

    and also in the Islands, I already collected 2 from 4 pieces from Message in The Bottle Quest, but I have 4 times (since the last totem) finished the MiTB quest and only Beach Chair, Flag, Beach Umbrella and swinging chair.

    can you give me the answer to these problems?


    • Brainy says:

      harvest all 30 blue tulips are the same time. Ignore bottle quest becaues the bug still exists after 5 weeks.

  23. Patsimaria says:

    I have problem with grouchy say: harvest 30 boxes of tulips. I have a lot of tulips all colors and nothinr. What can i do?

  24. *J.Man* says:

    Grouchy has given me a quest to harvest 30 flower boxes of tulips so the pollen can be used to throw in gargamels eyes to disorientate him… I’ve been growing and harvesting all 3 different types of tulips for a week now and grouchy is still stuck on this quest… Please help!

  25. Beth says:

    Grouchy is asking to have 30 boxes of tulips planted but not specifying what color. So far I have grown 60 and he’s still asking for them. What color are they supposed to be?

  26. Jo says:

    Hace been asked to collect gift from jokey but when do nothing happens. Can anyone help with this

  27. Felicia says:

    Can someone tell me how to harvest 30 tulips at the same time when I have only 8 boxes for my flowers ?

    • Brainy says:

      i harvested all 30 blue tulips at the same time . Some people said you can do 2 batches with 15 each using shorter time tulip.

  28. Bianca says:

    Hey guys, I just updated to the new version and I’m on level 34. Grouchy has amnesia and wants me to harvest 30 boxes of tulips. I’ve harvested about 40 now and he’s not satisfied :( Any tips?? Thanks!!

  29. Suzan says:

    I’m level 37 and grouchy wants me to harvest 30 boxes of tulips. I tried all 3 colours of tulips, but still nothing, what do I do wrong?


  30. DinaFelice says:

    Grouchy says "Harvest some tulips". At the bottom of that note, it clarifies that I should "Harvest 30 boxes of tulips." Well, I have planted and harvested 50 boxes of pink tulips (the 8-hour ones) so far, and no change. Any thoughts? Should I be harvesting some other color of tulips? Or is this an issue that ties in with the constant crashing of the last few days?

  31. Priscilla says:

    I'm on level 37. Grouchy ask me to collect a gift from jokey.
    I had collected 3 timrs, waiting for 3 days but still cant completed the quest.
    What should i do then??
    Please help :'(

    • Brainy says:

      One of the moderator had the same problem. He had to find Marco first, then collect from jokey.

    • -MixPad- says:

      If I recall that quest, my mum got it, It says to get a gift from jokey or a friend ?? I sent her a gift and it cleared the quest for her. Unless its another quest, hope this helps.

  32. Vedant says:

    I got a quest from Grouchy smurf to plant 40 crops of Artichokes. I planted 21 crops the first day and 19 the second but I didn’t complete the quest. Please help!!!

  33. -MixPad- says:

    Hello, i've noticed a few people, including myself, are having trouble with the new grouchy smurf quest of planting 30 boxes of tulips (level 36). Does anyone know which type of tulips ? 8 hr, 12hr or 18 hr ?

  34. DinaFelice says:

    Grouchy says "Harvest some tulips". At the bottom of that note, it clarifies that I should "Harvest 30 boxes of tulips." Well, I have harvested 40 boxes of pink tulips (the 8-hour ones) so far, and no change. Any thoughts? Should I be harvesting some other color of tulips? Or is this an issue that ties in with the constant crashing of the last few days?

    (Hint for iPod Touch users: if you turn off your wi-fi, the game seems more likely to load.)

  35. hardy72 says:

    I need to know how to complete Grouchy's quest of harvesting 30 tulips! I have harvested 40 already and when that didn't work, I planted 30 and still nothing! Can someone please give me some insight???

  36. Julie says:

    I am also having the problem with grouchy's quest with harvesting 30 tulips!!! I have harvested 40 and still nothing and I even tried just planting 30 of them and neither one worked! Anyone else have this problem or does anyone know how to fix it???

  37. Sarah says:

    I have planted AND harvested 45 pink tulips now and is hasn't worked. There must be a certain colour he wants. Any ideas?

  38. Summergirl1964 says:

    I am having trouble with the latest grouchy quest…harvest 30 tulip boxes. I have harvested 40 tulip boxes and it still not clearing the quest or awarding the XP for finishing the quest??? Also, for some reason, I can't see my friend's villages, even though I have logged on and am connected through game center? Is it another glitch happening with the site??

  39. KEp says:

    Grouchy smurf is waiting to collect a gift from jokey smurf. Two gifts have been collected…. What's up with that.. Also smurfette has been stuck on harvesting 20 boxes of flowers. I have harvested 80 and nothing happens…

  40. annj7sdn says:

    Anyone on the new grouchy quest to harvest 30 boxes of tulips, surely there is an easier way it will take forever having to wait all that time?

    • Poet says:

      sadly no…

      • gracelcg says:

        Beeline say:
        •Place one flower box & plant one tulip. Wait for the tulip to finish growing. Harvest the Tulip and then remove it. Replant a new tulip & repeat the process until you have done it 30 times.

    • clarksark says:

      I have the same problem have done the quest 5 times and nothing. Deleted the tulips and tried new color, still nothing!

    • Greta says:

      I only have 8 flower boxes so I can't harvest 30 at the same time. When it comes to other cros you can do multiple harvests, why not the tulips? I have personally harvested over 60 boxes of tulips since this started and all the colors to no avail.

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        It's still a glitch that you can't complete it without having 30 flower boxes. Delete some gardens and buy flower boxes.

  41. annj7sdn says:

    Anyone on the new grouchy quest to harvest 30 boxes of tulips, surely there is an easier way it will take forever having to wait all that time?

  42. ali says:

    Had to restart game and am at level 18 and no grouchy how can I fix that also no clumsy or able to buy vanity smurf and no lone smurf or that other Marco smurf a lot I can’t do like before what can I do to fix that???????

    • Sassete says:

      You should get grouchy from question from papa smurf but he should get to you much earlier. you dont write if you play on android or ios but you cant buy vanity if you play on android, lone smurf was smurfette for a limited time around haloween she is now back as her self again. Marco smurf should appear in your village at lv 22

  43. monica says:

    Grounchy has the exclametion mark, and even when i tap hin it says he can be brave a bit longer, it has being that way for more than 5 level he is freez as wellas the quest bottele from the island
    PLEASE HELP. i hav update and nothing

  44. nirmani says:

    Adding on to that , i can never connect my game online and see others .. i have tried it several times to connect to facebook

  45. nirmani says:

    Hi , im on level 23 . Suddenly i lost my cattepillar and my two snails and i cant visit the island anymore .. I have updated to the new version and i dont know what to do about it ..

    And what does restore game means ? and restart game means ?

    Please help me

    • Natasha says:

      How did you fix this? I have the same problem. I tried the the restore thing by tapping on pappa smurf in the main menu and it did not fix it. I have also lost 69 smurfs :( help please. I have email support with no reply!

  46. rose says:

    i m in level 27 n my clumsy n grouchy are missing what happen now im unable to go to my next island my boat just couldnt move im so frustrated i just dont understand why? My friends that uses android face the same problm so peace off hv to recover the village a few times a week n d same prblm happen again n again! !!!!!?????????????

  47. Mairs says:

    Grouchy wants me to build an intellectual-looking pink bench..but i have built the bench and nothing happenes!! Please help..what should i do?

  48. Kinia says:

    Hellllloooo:) what is the “Pond” Plese helllllpppppp…..

  49. JMB says:

    Grouchy asks me to "come back at night" to calm down Scaredy Smurf. I've played at all hours of the day. What do I do?

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to turn on the day & night mode and then tap on him when it is dark, i.e. night in your village. You can turn it on by setting the effects to on in the options menu

    • Allicia says:

      You just need to find scary once a night, not much to actually do with grouchy. Tap on him when he is standing scared somewhere and you will get xp. You cannot help scardy in the daytime or when he is walking around.

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