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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Special Smurfs


There are some special Smurfs in the game, that means not the general, working Smurfs, but the individual Smurfs, like Vanity Smurf. Some of them have to be unlocked by reaching a certain level and then bought with Coins, others have to be bought with Smurfberries and a few of them return to the village completely free and without the need to build a house for them.
Every one of those special Smurfs helps with the village in one way or another, some give bonus XP or add new features and others come with their own mini-games.

The different mini-games can be played every couple of hours for a reward (go to the mini-game (by tapping it) to see how long to wait until it can be played again). During the time the mini-game does not give a reward it can still be played to practice for the next time a reward can be gained again.
Every task that has been completed in those games gets rated either “smurfy” for very good, “good” (sometimes “ok” instead of “good”) or “poor”. To receive a reward in the form of Coins and XP the rating must be at least “good” but if it is “smurfy” the reward will be higher.
As soon as a mini-game can be played for a reward again, a sign appears above the house with an identifying symbol (for instances Papa’s Potion Game sign is a purple potion).

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  1. bob says:

    level 31 harvest a crop that rhymes new

  2. Gamer Smurf says:

    Hi I would like 2 report an intersting occurance.I have one smurf that counts as worker but leaves unfinished crop at one sec and sleeps on the job. He glitches and does things like do a moonwalk across a river and never uses bridges, and this is only one smurf and since all smurfs are diff. I call him "Glitchy Smurf". Can somebody tell me if this is a good thing or major glitch plz?
    P.S. Sorry this comment is so long.

  3. ethan says:

    I think you need smurfs like

    singer; only unlocked in island place next to harmony for daily xp maybe
    he could walk around and give 6 or 7 quests after you beat a levle
    unlocked levle 21

    qween smurf

    another girl smurf in the village come in level 8 instead of a hut she has a
    castle that takes 8 minits to build.

    eskimo smurf

    unlocked in levle 37 lives in a igloo talks
    like an eskimo.

  4. Ash says:

    Hi tracker smurf asked me to make 2 red potions I'm after doing it 3 times but its not crossing off the check list…any ideas?

  5. Cathy says:

    I am trying to finish Tracker Smurfs list, it is asking for 2 path end to the village. I have placed two different path ends, that I consider ends. And it still isn't completing, what will work?

  6. Susiane says:

    My tracker is GoNE with the wind… Oh noooooo

  7. Helper says:

    Papa smurfs helper wants me to get three lamps i did stil no good please help

    Sincerly your helper

  8. Smurfy!!!!!! 8 says:

    Does everyone get beeline bug smurf and what are some of the identities????

  9. Troubled says:

    me and my friend both have smurfs village, we visit each other all the time. But after the animal sanctuary update my friend says that i have a smurf with a flower disk thingy on its back. I check my village but there is no such smurf. Help!

  10. Smurfy!!!!!! 8 says:

    I just got reporter smurf and it said that I did not have internet connection or time was wrong. Both of them correct!!!! What should I do??

  11. Amber says:

    I can’t use tracker smurf or reporter smurf. It says bad device time or no Internet connection. Suggestions?

    • Serena says:

      I got the same thing and I can't figure out the problem

    • Troubled says:

      I am sorry but i could not find out how to post a comment. Anyway me and my friend both have smurfs village, we visit each other all the time. But after the animal sanctuary update my friend says that there is a smurf with a flower disk thingy on its back! In my village! I checked my village and there was no smurf with a flower thingy on its back! I need help! Is it a glitch? Or maybe a bug? Does anyone have the same problem? Please help! And please reply, Thanks.

  12. Tan says:

    Please help…Smurfette asking me : I'm a giant leafy bud you can pull apart, a spiny flower with a tender heart. What is the crop?

  13. Rainee yap says:

    Harvent a shrub of pears..Wat is pls

  14. Liz+;-) says:

    Anybody looking for a new friend? Liz+;-) at game center

  15. smart smurfling says:

    lol i got evry special smurf at level i and 10 because i starded with 400 sb

  16. HappyLady says:

    I have to collect 3 stone? How/where can I collect them?

  17. Mamatha says:

    Make clumsy fall 2 times….How have I do it?

  18. Danuta says:

    Make Grouchy cross his arms 3 times -How have I do it?

  19. Tripper03 says:

    I'm on level 18 and Papa Smurf is asking me to "Build Lucky's Mystery Box Shop" … But I can't find it anywhere to build it… can anyone help me???

  20. oana says:

    hi i am o level 28 and i have this quest on the island :harvest a one word crop that rhymes with new …please tell me which crop i had to harvest

  21. Baiiz says:

    Help me please!
    I'm level 23. Papa smurf ask me : Grow and harvest 7 crops of lectuce so Handy smurf can make a special ol for his equipment..
    What are 7 crops? TT0TT ^

  22. sheryn says:

    I finally have enough smurfberries to purchase a new special smurf, but which one is the best?
    Help please im at level 22!

    • guest56 says:

      I would say hefty smurf or painter smurf, hefty surf reduces everything built by 50% but the only reason i say painter surf is because he offers a fun mini game and you can paint the houses in your village. But overall helpfulness i say hefty.

    • Bhhjhkjk says:

      Get the smurf that makes clothes or if you have an island get harmony

  23. Sissy says:

    How can i found the peaces for clockwork?

  24. Kicks says:

    Hello! I'm at level 25: how can I build architect house? papa smurf Ask me to build him a house but I can't do it neither paying for it………….

  25. Elias says:

    I'm on level 27 and papa smurf is asking me to build architects hut but I can't do it since I need handys hut shop which I can't find…

    • Poet says:

      You need to complete all of Papa Smurf's quests that came with the latest update in the main village. He will ask you to send smurfs into the forest about 5 times. Without using smurfberries, it will take about a week to complete. Only upon completion of upgrading Handy's hut(you will see a new button appear that says 'Handy's shop', when you tap on Handy Smurf's hut), then you can go to the island and build Architect Smurf. He can be found in the island's build menu, next to Slouchy Smurf for 1500 coins.

  26. Arya says:

    I think beeline should add more smurf to village and I'll list them and feature of the smurf that should inspirate beeline

    Flight smurf : the smurf that always wishes to fly but failed many time he success when he made an airplane
    Feature : unlock the plane for voyaging or any

    Astro smurf. : the smurf who went to the moon and made a rocket but cannot fly papa smurf tricked him by
    Bringing him to the mountains
    Feature : unlock the smurf mountain

    Doctor smurf : the smurf that make chemical potions to cure the sick smurf but instead of making potion he
    Made many poison
    Feature : of course a new mini game

    Glutton smurf : this smurf like to steal greedy smurf's cake but later in the story he inspirate greedy to make
    More delicious cake
    Feature : unlock more harder challenge in greedy's bakery

    Masked smurf : this smurf is actually jokey who disguise for making fun by throwing random object to another
    Feature : maybe more quest ?

    This smurfs are based on the comics I read
    Wish beeline paying attention at my comment
    This should inspirate the game
    Also beeline should make a daily reward

  27. hihihi says:

    I have a question.
    In my village, I can see a smurf walking around and watering the ground.
    Does someone know which smurf is it? I don't think it is a 'normal' smurf, since I checked the sign at the upper-left area of my screen, and it shows 0 smurfs available.
    Can someone tell me who is it?

  28. ness says:

    There are times when I mix a potion and the color it wants me to mix is not on the strip it just a solid color. Then it tells me to try again. it allows me to play again but sometimes it happens multiple times in a row and drives me crazy!!

  29. andreea says:

    more special smurfs please ! and animals too !

  30. Jon says:

    Make smurfberries free

  31. laras says:

    Hi, I have one smurf who is wandering around, never work, and when I tap him, he lies down and sleeps. Is he Lazy Smurf? Because I thought Lazy is stationer in his pond.

  32. Jake says:

    They should get Hunter Smurf and a hunting mini game! Shooting targets or hunting bears and deer. An old cabin for a house. I think it is a good idea. Anyone with me?

  33. c7a5t says:

    HELP! Papa smurf, Brainy, Scaredy, Grouchy, my caterpillar, snail, some houses, 10 or so smurfs, and 5+ crop fields have diappeared from my village – I don't think I did anything, but have no idea what to do now. Someone please help?

  34. Sara says:

    I ave baby smurf, smurfette, scaredy, grumpy, jokey all of th smurfs, however these smurfs and my snails and caterpillars have topped givin me gifts/xp! Why is this? Smurfette has a constant quest mark above her head bu is not giving me any quests! Pleas help, missin out on major xp here

    • Smurfette says:

      Those Smurfs not giving XP anymore has usually to do with using the time cheat (i.e. setting the clock ahead to harvest crops faster). You can read about it here:…

      The thing with Smurfette has happened to a couple of people with the latest update, there is not yet a solution to it, you will probably have to wait for Beeline to fix it in the next update

      • Guest says:

        I think all special smurfs that walk around should have quests because all you really do is plant crops and play mini games. Plz make smurfs better.

  35. nikki7654321 says:

    how do you play the smurf village game

  36. Sonic131 says:

    Where can I find a website that ACTUALLY has the names for the Smurfs in the movie

  37. Smurfette says:

    No, you have to use Smurfberries for them.

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