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Updated on: Apr, 09, 2014Updated on: Apr 15, 2014

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Smurfs cost Smurfberries


There are also quite a few special Smurfs who can only be bought with Smurfberries; they cost real money unless the Smurfberries given for free during the game are used to buy these Smurfs. Only two of those Smurfs come with their own mini-game, but all help to get extra XP. If the free Smurfberries are used to buy them it should first be considered what the goals for the village is (i.e. aesthetics or levelling up fast) and which of these Smurfs fit that goal, because not all of them can be bought with the free Smurfberries, there are too few given free for that.

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  1. Ida says:

    I have problem with clownsmurftasks, I can hardley complete painting the smufhut. Succeeded onlu one time, why did they make this task impossible ?? Just to let you spent smurfberries ??

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You do not have to spend any smurfberries. You fan choose to ignore the tasks for Painter, or at most, you can choose to spend ONE smurfberry to bypass the current task be given the next task for Painter.

  2. Emerald says:

    I really need lots of smurf berries pleas help

  3. Victoria says:

    How can I get free smurfsberries without hack ???

  4. Sam says:

    Which is better, painter or lazy?

  5. Joe says:

    I know how to get 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 smurfberries

  6. King says:

    how I hack smurf's to have a 1 milion smurfsberries??

  7. melanie says:

    Why can my neighbour buy smurfhouses on her ipad with coins while I need to buy them on my android with smurfberries?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You can buy normal smurf hut's with coins and special smurf huts with smurfberries.

    • melanie says:

      Yes, normal huts with coins but she could buy those special huts wirh coins. Like the hut of smurfette. And that is what i don,t untherstand….

  8. Richard says:

    I'm hacked and I have 40000 smurfberries

    • Jason says:

      how did u hack it ???

    • Stroumpfette says:

      We strongly discourage cheating. There are safeguards within the game that will trigger if you cheat. Also, if in the process of hacking your game, you corrupt it, neiither we nor Beeline will be enthusiastic about helping you. It is your decision whether or not to cheat, but we won’t allow you to post how you did it and encourage others to join in. It isn’t fair to the rest of us who play without cheating.

  9. Joe says:

    How do I get my smurfs of my iPhone to go on my ipad as well

  10. hefti says:

    wen i playsmurf village i press play i see the bakery same a white sqare

  11. Lone smurf says:

    I'm in level 51 and i have one million and a half smurfberries and ihave 4 millions of coins and i bought all the smurfs that cost sb and coins

  12. Smurfy says:

    Please tell me who are the smurfs in the build menu that have nothing written below them and cost 10 SB????? They Look like statues, but I'm not sure???

  13. Vinnie says:

    Few week ago I updated the games, after that is can't access the games totally, anyone can help me?

  14. Sarah says:

    My flatmate started playing this week and is at level ten and I can see on her profile she has been given a medal. What did she do to get it?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      The medal you were seeing indicates where you Marco smurf is. If you visit her village, have a close a look you will find Marco smurf. Tap on him, he will disappear and will go to your village. If you go back to your village you will get a gift from Marco.

  15. r bunga alfiyah says:

    i like smurfberries

  16. Jen says:

    have 31 smurfberries. I am not sure the best “buy” for them. I do not decorate but prefer to level up quickly. I read all of the articles and the first big berry purchase I made was for the golden axe. I was thinking the storage hut for the island, but I didn’t know if that would be better than a speciality smurf. I have lazy, miner, alchemist, slouchy, timber, baker and the normal ones . No smurfette or hefty, farmer or tailor. What would you suggest?thanks!

    • Brainy says:

      - Farmer is very useful because u will use it everyday

      - Buy harvest wagon for 15sb to unlock golden corns. Use golden corn to generate coins so u can buy hundreds of butterflies that let u collect 60xp each every 2 hours.

      The only problem is you have to be a certain level to buy butterflies and I forgot which level. Dont buy too many snails or caterpillars because they are counted toward 250 character limit (#smurfs + #snails + #caterpillers = 250)

      I bought 500 butterflies for 5million coins. 500 x 60xp = 30000xp every 2 hours. Alot of work and maintenance but u get alot of xp

  17. Smurfette says:

    First of all I had one smurfberrie of beeline and then throughout the day I received a lot more I must of been given around thirty. Then my sister who has an android phone who also plays smurf village did not receive any until later that day she went on her iPad and they only gave her one. So why if both me and my sister use iPads did we get different amounts of smurfberries from beeline ? Thanks for any help

  18. Nick Noorman says:

    I lost my level 25 all with 54 smurfs then back to level 1 and only papa smurfs I got witch hv 0 smurfs berries and 300 coins??how it could be?and how to get it back?

  19. Madz says:

    Should I get painter smurf now or wait until the next update?? Apparently the game has a bug….

    • Smurfette says:

      It won't be easy to get the colours from Painter Smurf unlocked with this bug, so you can wait till it is fixed, but if you want to buy him anyways and already have enough berries, there is no real reason to wait as you will be spending them anyways on him.

  20. Marvin says:

    How can I find my friends using smurfs village in Android?

    • Smurfette says:

      You can only add friends via Facebook, that means you need to find other friends using Android on Facebook (I recommend the game's facebook page) and then add them as friends. They will show up if they accept your friend request.

  21. Naida says:

    I have a problem I cannot figure out. I have 50 smurfs but it always says I have 3 smurf available, they just wander around and I cannot buy more garden plots because it says I don't have any smurfs available. They aren't building anything. They just wander around. Any ideas?

  22. alex says:

    where are the saved games on android ? cant find them need to replace them to my new android

    • Smurfette says:

      I do not now what you exactly want, do you want to transfer your village from one android device to another one? If so, I am not sure that is possible, depends if your device has a backup feature that allows you to transfer the backup files to another device. As there are so many different Android devices, however, we can not give you instructions. Best to contact a support forum for your device or the manufacturer.

    • Rich says:

      This is a late reply – sorry.. I would use Titanium backup to manage your Smurf Village game data. You can back up the program and the data, and restore to your android phone after upgrading your ROM, or to a new phone if you’ve changed.

      It does require root access, but doesn’t require you to load a custom ROM – just root access. (The logic of not being able to back up your programs/data without having to hack your phone is beyond me…)

  23. bob says:

    witch is the best smurfette lazy or baby

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to decide that for yourself, depening on what you prefer – like decoration, fast xp etc. Just read our articles on them, that should give you a good idea

  24. Yuriko says:

    jailbreak our device, hack the savegame with hex editor and have free smurfberries :)

    i have atm 41000 berries…smurfberries cost to mutch !!

    so have fun :)

    • Smurfette says:

      Not even taking into account that the developers have to make a living, too and spend lots of time programming this game, I would still advice against using that, not only can you get banned if this is found out, but if you make a mistake when editing your village you can completly loose it. And moreover, jailbreaking the device is also something not everyone is comfortable with.

    • yard says:

      how can I hack the game? I already jailbroke my device but I am a completely loser in such issues, so what next??

      • Smurfette says:

        We do not discuss hacks of the game on our website, as we appreciae the game and the fact that the developers need to make a living themselves, so please do not ask about this topic on our website, as you will not get an answer here.

  25. bob says:

    there should be no smurfberries there hard to get

  26. Free Smurf says:

    You can even manipulate the code without jailbraking your device to get more smurfberries, but I agree withj Smurfette, the developper has offered a great fan for us , they need a return to thier hard work. I know how to get free smurfberries , but I would buy them to keep the game live , and to get more fan.