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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Storage Hut


house_storage_islandWith the latest update a new storage function has been added (see section moving, storing and deleting items for how to store an item). This function is especially useful when a redecoration of the village is coming up again. To unlock this feature the storage hut has to be built in the village. It is available for 30 Smurfberries in the Smurfberry Shop and builds instantly.

The storage hut adds the storage function, but does not come with its own Smurf, meaning that no new character is added when the hut is placed in the village.

The hut has space for up to 1500 items, the limit can be reached fairly easy if you have a crowded village and want to store many items, so should you reach it and there are still more items you want to store it is wise to delete the cheap items and store the most expensive ones so that they do not have to be bought again.

In subsequent updates the storage hut has also come available in other areas. The island has its own storage hut, the mountain has a storage cave and the Swoof Planet has a space storage hut available. The Mountain and Swoof Planet Storage Huts are a bit cheaper and only cost 25 instead of 30 Smurfberries and they also do not come with a special smurf, but only the building.

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  1. Blake332 says:

    Can you place smurfy wonders in storage huts?

  2. alessandra says:

    hey so i have a festive winter machine, would i be able to store that in the storage hut?

  3. Angel says:

    What can be stored in the storage hut?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The storage hut can hold decoration items, stationary items that do not earn recurring XP. So, it can hold things like flowers, paths, seasonal decorations, but not critters or windmills or clock towers or mushroom huts.

  4. omurceh says:

    Can i store mashroom houses and condos?

  5. Paul says:

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me how to expand my space on the swoof planet? I've completed all the current constellation quests but it's now telling me that I've reached my swoof cap limit? There's lots more expansions to complete but I've got no more str constellations so can't seem to increase my swoof count? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you've reached your swoof cap limit and if the bird is flapping its wings over a space of uncleared land, tap the bird and feed it stardust. It should then begin the process of clearing the next land area for you.

      • Paul says:

        Thanks Stroumpfette. However the bird is not above the space. It's a little icon of a swoof with an exclamation mark. When I click it it says I've reached my swoof limit and I need more swoops to clear hrs land using the magic bird. In the past it's only been the star constellations that allow me to build more huts and add swoops. Seems that now I can't add more for the time being. I'm going to try completing the papa smurf quests on the swoof planet to see if that helps :)

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Nope, that is not going to help you. You've somehow added way too many swoofs and reached your character limit. You can try to add the critter storage and store some of your critters to see if it allows you to build more swoofs, and if it doesn't, you're pretty much out of luck. Bad coding really, on Beeline's part to allow people to max out their character limit when they require you to add characters to clear new space.

          • cousin says:

            Same problem here, it says "Requires Swoofs" (I got 69/76), but then I can't get more swoofs "Swoof hut cap reached" , so I cannot unclear the space.. Will I be able to do so in a higher level (I'm level 36 now), or does that have nothing to do with it?

          • Marina_Smurf says:

            I'm not sure, because a lot of people are having problems with the last expansion. Do you already have all expansions on Planet Swoof? If you can't add another Swoof Hut with the next level, please feel free to open a ticket with customer support.

  6. Simone031347 says:

    Hello,I have a question that how can I store things like Sauna(the thing give me XP regularly )? I know if I put it into storage, it won't give me XP,but is there anything can store thing and give XP?(except the critter storage)
    Thank you~

    • Poet says:

      Hi Simone…I'm afraid not…if you still wan the xp to be given, you have to place the items out in your village. The critter storage is the only exception and even that has a limit.

  7. Kev says:

    Can the items stored be used for tracker smurfs quest?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Sometimes bringing an item out of storage works, and sometimes it does not. You can try it and see what works best for you.

  8. Sarah Dodd says:

    Can i return this item i thought i could store farming stuff or specifically my flower boxes to use later but cant make anymore room for crops so i have no use for it

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You can revert to one of the hidden backups that were made prior to you purchasing the item you don't want. The reason you can't store flower boxes is because they track to the number of Smurfs you have. When you store them, they don't free up a Smurf for something like a farm plot or magic shrub. If you want to use a Smurf that you formerly used on a flower box, you have to delete the flower box (same goes for farm plots and magic shrubs) in order to add another farm plot or magic shrub.

  9. Datura says:

    Grandpa Smurf keeps telling me to store my tree crops for the winter. What benefit do you get from storing tree crops on the mountains?

  10. Aeva says:

    Can I return an item after I bought it with coins because I accidently bought these gnomes!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The only way to do that is to restore from the hidden backups to the most recent backup prior to the time you purchased the gnomes. What you would do is go to the Blue Play menu and tap Options. Then tap the little icon of Papa Smurf 16 times. When it appears, tap Recover Village. You should see a list of the hidden backups. Starting with the most recent file, preview it. You should be able to determine if the backup is before or after you purchased the gnomes. If it is prior, you can overwrite your village with that file. Be sure you understand you will lose progress and real money purchases you made during the time between the backup and the present time. If you're ok with that, then overwrite the village with the backup file.

  11. Smurfs says:

    Can we paint the storage hut? Tks

  12. Smurfette says:

    It has always been that way, if you store an item it is for later use, if you want to get the XP from it you have to place it in your village. You can buy the critter storage for roaming critters, that will give out up to 10.000 XP per every 24 hours.

  13. Amanda says:

    I have purchased this storage wz 30sb 2days ago. I kepts some of my frogs, butterflies & mouses inside this storage hut. I purchased all this pets using coins. But then, I realize that those pets kept inside the storage hut does not give me any XP although I am using my fireman smurf roaming around to collect the XP.!! Why ?

  14. SmurfySimon says:

    I am at characterlimit so can't buy any new smurfs
    If I put caterpilars in the new storagehut, can I then buy again smurfs ?

  15. kdask says:

    HI Smurfvillage,

    I had bought papa hut and wish to buy this storage hut later. My question is what happen to the seasonal item that i stored on this storage hut? will it become unmovable (better this way) or missing or changing to potions? Thanks

    • Smurfette says:

      A while ago some weird things could happen when temporary items were put in storage (like them turning into houses, getting stuck etc.) but for a while new they just disappeard so I guess this is what will happen this time as well.

  16. LynnSuzanne says:

    Has the item limit been increased in the storage hut? I used to reach the 500-item limit and would have to remove items such as hiding the paths under my gardens. But last week I did a village overhaul and put several hundred items in storage! I'm sure I have over 1,000 items stored. I just kept storing to see how high it would go, and finally I just quit storing. Is this a bug or an awesome update that I didn't know I had?

  17. Joe says:

    does the haunted mansion disapear from the purchasable menu when you get the new update?

  18. MissSmurfette says:

    Can you store MushroomHouses?

    I have quite a few at the moment and would like to store them while I move them round a little

  19. Nannysmurf1 says:

    How many SB for the storage hut in the island?

  20. bubbles says:

    if you store wood in the storage hut does it count for extra XP if you put it near Timber Smurf?

  21. Alan says:

    Can I move the items into storage hut from island and move it out to the village?

  22. Shannon says:

    I would like to see some items like storage hut, nat smurfling, brainy house go 50 percent off instead of these other small things.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Sometimes they do such offers but since Brainy's hut on the mainland was only availlable this update I wouldn't expect an offer immedeatly.

  23. nicole says:

    im trying to harvest my crops but it tells me my storage capacity is full & i have bought 3 tiny storage huts & 2 storage barns. what do i do????

    • Sassete says:

      its sound like you want help on smurfs village and co its another game then this, smurfs village is a game that you play on your iPhone or android

  24. eric says:

    Does the storage hut give you points for the items again once you take them out? if not I am really not sure what the purpose is of downloading it. I am only on level 23 so I might need it in the future for something.

    • Brainy says:

      whatever you put in storage hut, you can take it out and place it back in your village.

      • eric says:

        yes but does it give you the points over again?

        • DaintyD23 says:

          No, but it helps when you have a lot of stuff that you don't want in your village at the moment. For example, a stone bridge or the pine trees can be stored away because you don't like the look of it for now.

  25. Wreck Diver says:

    As an addendum to the Storage Hut information; any crop producers temporarily placed in the Storage Hut do NOT free up Smurfs for other build projects.

    I was stuck on Grouchy’s quest on Level 33 to Harvest 30 boxes tulips and I realized that the 30 tulips had to be harvested simultaneously. I didn’t have enough Smurfs free to build the additional twenty box gardens, so I decided to spend 30 Smurfberries to buy the Storage Hut and put my magic shrubs in storage.

    With thirty less Smurfberries and a dozen magic shrubs now in storage, I again tried to purchase the box gardens and was advised that I would need another Smurf.

    So hindsight 20/20, don’t spend 30 Smurfberries on the Storage Hut if you are hoping to free up Smurfs for other build projects. The Smurfs remain committed to the property whether they are working or not.

    (Maybe next update there will be a Ferry to move idle Smurfs between the Island and the Village so that Smurfs can be allocated as needed… )

  26. christian says:

    can i store a caterpilar in storage hut?

  27. Sam says:

    I have the handy hut in the village, still the architect hut is not activated on land

    How can i activate it

  28. danielle says:

    can i buy that for coins not smurf berries

  29. CrazyAuntie says:

    Is anyone having trouble storing the stone & dirt paths back into the storage hut?

  30. CrazyAuntie says:

    Is anyone else having problems storing certain items in the storage hut such as the stone & dirt paths? I use to be able to & still have most in the hut, but once I take it out & decide to put it back…it won’t store it.

    • Urbanobarrios says:

      I have the same problem!!!
      Looks like we are the only ones with this problem since no one else seems to address it.

      • CrazyAuntie says:

        Apparently you are correct since it's been 6 days since you responded & mine almost a month & still no answer. I haven't tried since this last update so I guess I'll do that & see. Thanks for responding though. As they say…misery loves company!

  31. Kriffel says:

    So I can store crops? That would be awesome

  32. Ken says:

    I would have bought the fishing smurf instead ..

  33. Mel says:

    Can I store snails in storage hut?

  34. omg says:

    Missunderstanding of function makes me 30berries for useless!! OMG!!
    Please explain more in the game!

  35. Smurfoid says:

    I have 3 yellow potions in my storage hut, but I can't place them when I try to… any idea?

    • Smurfette says:

      Those are the temporary Halloween items that people put in the storage hut. When they were removed with the Christmas update they got turned into potions but unfortunately ended up being stuck. It will porbably fixed in one of the next updates.

  36. Herbert says:

    how do i put something into my storage hut? i want to give a friend some stuff but i have no clue about how to do it? and i cant put any seeds or what so ever in the storage hut..

    plz help me with this

    • Smurfette says:

      Just to clarify, the storage hut allows you to store items for later use, not to send them as gifts to friends or something. You can only store permanent items, that is not flower seeds, cakes and other items that disappear. To store an item (like a fence, bench etc.) go to the move mode, then tap on the item and there is a yellow button with an arrow. Taping that will store your item.

  37. Kimmo says:

    I am wondering where my halloween stuff went i bought before the last christmas update? Is it all gone? There was no notice that it was going to be stolen from you when you update your device to the next update. In that case the storage building here has at least SOME useful features. You can then storage your bought items and they don't get stolen… but then as I read above the items are stored but you can't get them out…. strange situation :( I'd love to keep the items i buy from all the seasonal updates, because I think they are awesome! Please answer this question…

    • Smurfette says:

      For all seasonal items it says "temporary item" that means you can not keep them (unles you do not update your game). Putting them in storage does not help, with the halloween items they turned into potions (and accidentally got stuck there, though that will probably be fixed with the next update).

  38. Tyson says:

    My village is never getting gifts cause the storage hut take them

    • Smurfette says:

      Gifts can not be put in the storage hut (not until you placed them and then stored them manually), so it does not "take" them. However, there has been an issue with the storage hut with the latest update, all Halloween items that were put in the storage hut got turned into potions and then got stuck. this should be fixed with the next update. Regarding not getting gifts, if you have friends and are connected to either GC or Facebook, you can get gifts, but there were quite a few server issues that prevented gifts from arriving. This has now been fixed, so you should get gits again soon.

  39. Laura says:

    When I bought the Storage Hut, everything got screwed. My village got lost and it wanted me to start from level 0. That really freaked me out. Luckily, I found the info on your website and tapped Papa Smurf's head 16 times and I was able to restore my village. Phew!

  40. Paige says:

    Okay, thanks for the info. I appreciate it!

  41. Paige says:

    After the winter update I noticed that in my storage hut there are little bottles of yellow/golden potions. I think they were once the Halloween items that I put in there that gold deleted from the winter update. But I can take them out of my storage hut, when I try a place them in the village they don’t leave the storage hut. What is going on?

  42. LacyBlue says:

    I am having a problem that since the winter scene update, every time I attempt to put something in the storage hut, the program shuts down. Does anyone have any ideas on the fix for this or is it a known qlitch that Beeline is working on?

  43. Smurfette's Friend says:

    Has the problem with the inventory popping up now been fixed? I don't know whether or not to buy it!

    Thank you :-)

  44. Bea says:

    I’m soooo tired of the storage hut! I even tried to delete it!! This are the worst spended 30 smurfberries :( The inventory is popping up continuously when I touch ANYTHING – crops, snails, characters…- and playing is becoming annoying! Will ever be fixed???

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