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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Storage in the mountains and the Big Crystal


storage cave in smurfs village The Smurfette Mountain Expansion (version 1.3.5 on iOS and 1.2.2a on Android) added a “storage cave” for the mountain. It costs 25 Smurfberries and can be placed anywhere on the mountains.
The mountains storage limit of 500 items has also been increased. All of the three versions of the storage hut can now hold up to 1500 items (1500 for items that take up one space, for bigger items each space they take up counts as one item, that means for example, a log, which usually takes two spaces, counts as two items).

Big Crystal (Storage for the Crystals)

storage_big_crystalThe big crystal on the mountain works as a storage hut for crystals.

It is available for 2500 Coins from the build menu and can store crystals found from digging. What is special about this storage is that even though they are stored, the crystals will still give out their daily XP from Grandpa Smurf’s Hut (25 XP per crystal, 30 XP if Smurfette’s Mountain Home has been build).

With the introduction of the backhoe the number of crystals that can be stored can be increased by upgrading the backhoe. We do not know the current max but players have reported that they were able to store more than 4500 crystals. There is, however a max. of XP that can be collected from the big storage crystal. The crystal will only give out XP for 4000 crystals which means 100.000 XP without the 20% bonus from Smurfette’s Mountain Home or 120.000 XP with the bonus from Smurfette.

The big crystal will change is colour according to the crystals it currently holds, that means it will take the colour of the crystals that it holds most of. If it holds the same amount for two or more kinds of crystals it will take the standard pink colour.

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  1. dheji says:

    so mountain jewelry will be just like decorations for the mountain and dont do anything if i didnt purchase the crystal grinder ?

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      No. When you have Grandpa's hut all the crystals give XP. Smurfette's hut gives extra XP for the crystals. You can store them in a large crystal for 2.500 coins and they still generate XP. But when the big crystal is filled with small ones you can buy the backhoe for real money (and store more small crystals) or you can buy the crystal grinder for real money and crush the crystals for more XP.

  2. Winnie says:

    Usinf the backhoe, crystals continue to be auto stored in the crystal hut, but only xp up to 4000 crystals are generated. If I move the excess crystals out of the storage, will the crystals outside also generate xp, in addition to the xp already generated by the 4000 crystals in the storage? Hope u can advise. Many thanks

  3. Yanett says:

    The big crystal is no longer giving my xp for all the crystals has reverted to giving only 20xp and 25xp for the ones not in the crystal.

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Are you playing on iOS or Android? I get the full amount of XP on both plattforms.

      • Yanett says:

        im on iOS

        • Marina_Smurf says:

          I play on iOS, too and my crystal seems okay. I placed my crystals (Storage and small ones) next th Grandpa's Hut, because the XP amount shows above the big crystal. I've heard of difficulties on the mountain, because the crystal storage and the normal storage share a limit in some kind of way. Maybe you can delete some items from your normal storage and that helps? Otherwise you need to contact customer support.

  4. Daniel Jackson says:

    Hi, I have both Grandpa, Smurfette & the crystal storage thing along with many stored crystals as I’m on level 51 but all I receive each day is only 500xp & four dye… Is this right? I have all three side by side also.

    I hope someone can fill me in if this is correct or not?

    • Smurfette says:

      You get 500 XP from Granpas hut but you should get additional XP for each crystal that you have either on the ground or stored inside the big storage crystal. That XP is not shown above Granpa Smurf's Hut, but above the big storage crystal (or individually above each small crystal) when you collect.
      Try moving a couple of crystals around Granpas hut and when you collect XP from him again you should see the additional XP as well

  5. pik says:

    I have dug a lot on the mountain in order to get ressources for the wonders.
    Now, my big pink crystal is full (2730 crystals) and my mountain is almost full of crystals on the ground. When I tap grandpa smurf, I can see that not all crystal give XP, so I guess the limit for that has been reached.

    So I was wondering, what do you suggest to do?
    Can I just delete all newly discovered crystal since they are now completely useless?
    Or do you think Beeline will increase soon the big pink crystal storage limit?

    Anyway, thank you for your site, it's a great source of info about the game.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You can purchase the Crystal Grinder. You will find it in your menus, probably under Structures. It was designed to assist players who end up with too many crystals on the mountain and no place to store them. I seriously doubt Beeline can increase the storage Crystal to hold much more than it does currently. You should be aware that if you use any of the other storage units on the mountain like the critter storage unit, it actually takes away from the total number of crystals you can store, because the storage areas share memory.

  6. Stroumpfette says:

    You have to place the Storage Crystal on the mountain. Then go into Move mode and tap the first crystal you want to move. You should see a blue downward-pointing arrow. Tap that. It will store the crystal.

  7. Vicki says:

    Has anyone else noticed that if you take crystals out of storage they no longer grant any xp? I tried organizing the mountain and was filling in gaps with crystals from storage and those crystals are now useless.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You might want to ask Beeline about that. It sounds like a bug. You can open a ticket at

  8. As of the Valentine's update, the gem storage is maxing out at 2,350 gems.

  9. reyhan says:

    I just bought the storage hut in the mountains i had only that big crystal and i had no more space so i bought the storage hut. but even it is totally empty i can not store anything. can you tell me why?

    • Smurfette says:

      The storage hut and the big crystal share a limit, meaning if you maxed out on the stored crystals you cannot store other things.

  10. Rob says:

    Hello, I'm at level 63, have all the extra space in the mountains i can get. Still I'm running out of space to place cristals. In the big storage cristal i have 2120 cristals. level 3 and 4 are full with cristals and I have started on level 5 (snow level).

  11. sandyooi says:

    Why the number of working smurft's in the village can't be increased eventhough had upgraded to many new levels?only maintain in 101 smurft' since level 54. Now in level 58

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It is a hard limit. Beeline can't change it because if the way variables work.

    • Liz says:

      The amount of smurfs and critters/pets is. Limited to 250 per area. You have to get the critter storage hut in each area.

      • Katherine says:

        does that mean IF I PURCHASE another critter storage and store20 more critters I will be able to get smurfs for the huts I built before realizing I wasn't getting more smurfs with the new houses?

        • Stroumpfette says:

          If you already have a critter storage and you're still at limit in that land area, the answer is NO.

          • Katherine says:

            bummer. I have 101 smurfs but built 4 or 5 extra huts before realizing I was not adding to my population. no work arounds then?

          • Stroumpfette says:

            Which land mass? Island, Mountain, Swoof Planet, or Mainland?

          • Katherine says:


          • Stroumpfette says:

            OK. Just making sure it wasn't the Swoof planet. You know, you are able to store many, many more than 20 critters in your critter storage, right? Just that there is a limit on the amount of XP you're allowed to gain from having stored the critters in the first place. I think that limit is 20 critters, which give a max of 10,000 XP. You can buy the Critter Storage Booster as described in this article… to raise the max XP you gain from the critter storage unit by 25%, bringing it to 12,500; however, you can still add critters to the storage unit. Doing so will free up your headcount so you can add the Smurfs you wanted to add.

          • Katherine says:

            just tried that and here's what I see. I moved 6 additional critters but did not get smurfs for my extra huts. are those huts duds now since I didn't add them before moving the critters?

          • Stroumpfette says:

            Your combined character limit equals 250; so you already said you have 101 smurfs. You have only 149 more characters and your special smurfs count as well as the number of critters you've accumulated. IF you upgraded those huts before you stored the critters, you can restore from a hidden backup, store more critters and then build and upgrade your huts. You don't retroactively gain new smurfs for huts you upgraded while at the character limit because as far as the game is concerned, it upgraded and gave you a smurf. You just couldn't get it because you're at the limit.

  12. DavidA says:

    What is the maximum number of smurfs working on the mountain?
    I only have 8 smurfs working yet have built the maximum number of huts. I'm on level 63.

    • Smurfette says:

      You can have as many Smurfs working as you have Smurfs. Do you only have 8 Smurfs or can you just not place more farm plots? If it is the latter you might have to delete some shrubs, they also count. If you only have 8 smurfs that is not correct, have you maybe reached the character limit by buying lots of snails? You can only have around 250 Smurfs plus snails in the mountains.

    • Bryan says:

      You have as many smurfs as you do

  13. Jnp9 says:

    My GrandPa smurf hut has stooped giving me XP every 12 hours ?!!! What gives?

    • Smurfette says:

      Have you changed the time on your device? This sort of thing usually happens if the time was changed. If you have not changed your time, you should wait a day or two, if it still does not give XP again, contact Beeline support about it, then it is a bug in your game.

    • Bryan. says:

      It may be a bug.

  14. Chrivitus says:

    Is there a max of xp each time you tap on grand pas hut? My big crystal is full with 1888 items, but it seems that not every item outside the crystal is giving xp – does anyone know?

    • Smurfette says:

      There didn't use to be, but when people had too many crystals on the ground collecting from Grandpa made the game crash so that Beeline fixed it by adding a limit on how many crystals on the ground give XP. This is a memory issue, we do not know if that is only a temporary solution or if it will be permanent, but going by the fact that most things (like critter storage, bonus XP from magician…) have a limit I would guess it is going to stay.

  15. Sheila says:

    I am level 25 and so far has not unlocked the mountain for me. Starting at that level it is available?

  16. Candy says:

    Does the mountain storage hut store shrub trees, I wanna use the smurfs for planting but I don’t wanna delete the trees.

  17. demetra2307 says:


    My Pink Crystal Storrage Hut is full and I can't store my crystals anymore. I can understand that because the limit is 1500 crystals.
    But in my Storrage Cave I have:
    17 Yellow Picket Fence
    1 Yellow Picket Corner
    1 Bunch Of Mixed Flowers
    3 Path Patch
    5 Lilac Bush.
    And it says I can't store more thingh because the storrage is full?! And the limit is 1500… so how could it be?
    Thats only for the mountain, In the main village and on the island I don't have a problem with that…

    Please help…

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The tootal storage available across all three storage units (crystal, critters, and mountain storage hut is 1500 items, so if you fill up one unit with 25 items and the other unit with 1475 items, you will have maxed out your storage capacity. It is a RAM issue and is not something that appears to be expandable. Decide which items are most critical to store.

  18. musu says:

    How do i storage the crystals in the big pink crystal?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You must be in move mode. Tap the hammer at the lower right of your screen. Choose the little icon that looks like it has 4 arrows, each pointing to a corner (this is the move icon). It is to the left of the camera. Return to the mountain screen and tap a crystal. You will have 4 choixes, one of which is a downward ppointing arrow with purple background. That is the move to storage button. When you tap it, you will be prompted to confirm your store action. Repeat the process until you have stored all the crystals. Exit move mode by tapping the red arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

  19. Thehanzilla says:

    I see an SV update that says bug fixes and performance improvements. Great! Update, and now I can't collect from the 2,000 + gems I have in storage and scattered about, without crashing. Tried a dozen times, crash every time. Closed out every app and restarted my iPad, no luck, crash every time.

    Edit: Sweepy's dirt piles are no longer appearing, either.

    • Kacey says:

      Try to relocate Grandpa house until you can collect Xp from it, for me this method is work.

    • cbrockma says:

      I cannot collect the XP from the gems on the mountain either. I moved the crystal and grandpa's house every where and cannot collect any XP from the gems. Game crashes every time. Does anyone else know how to get around this bug?

      • Stroumpfette says:

        You will need to contact Beeline via their support portal about this issue. Type into the URL box of your web browser to access the portal.

    • Endex says:

      How many gems the crystal can hold now? I have 1'592 stored in there, no other form of storage for me in the mountains. My game is stable where some others have crashes; but i don't want to try my luck on this, therefor this question.

  20. Sander says:

    Why can't we just build a second crystal storage statue in the mountains? I have reached the maximum number of 1600 crystals and another 40 are waiting to be stored.

    Arghh, I need more space :-)

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Yes, several of us have wondered the same thing. You may want to offer your suggestion to Beeline at

      • Sander says:

        Done :-)

        "Large increase of crystal storage statue or possibility to build multiple storage statues.
        With the Carousel needed a lot of resources I'm digging and thus getting a lot of crystals. The space of my storage statue reached the maximum of 1600 crystals already. Please built in the possibility to built multiple storage statues (so each crystal can get its own color) or increase the maximum to 5000 or so.
        Kind Regards"

    • Thehanzilla says:

      The maximum storage on every area is 1,500 items, mainland, island and mountain. I believe this has to do with memory allocation, and would be surprised if it were increased in any of the areas, thouh the miuntain does need it the most. I have over 1,000 gems sitting on my mountain after reaching storage capacity.

  21. Nettie says:

    My crystal storage statue has vanished…BUT I can still store my crystals?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      that sounds like data corruption. Try recovering your data from the hidden backups by going to the blue Play menu and tapping Options. Then tap Papa's head 16 times. When it appears, tap Recover Village. You should now see a list of files on your screen. Starting with the most recent one, preview each file until you locate one in which your storage crystal appears in its correct location. Overwrite your data with that file.

  22. Glenda says:

    April 2013
    Since the last update I have not been able to collect coin or XP from the following without the game crashing:
    1) The school blackboard on the Island.
    2) Grandpa's house in the Mountain, so have not had XP or coin for all the Crystals since then.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    Have shut IPad down completely a few times but this does not help.
    Thank you

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There have been reports of the game crashing when players try to collect XP on various items like the two you mentioned. You may want to open a ticket with Beeline Support to help them gain an understanding of the players affected by this issue at http://:33)8'

  23. Deco 9xs says:

    im outta space in my big crystal is there plans 2 increse the compasity of da big crystal cause if not den its not really worth buying grandpas hut and smurfettes hut

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      If you buy Grandpa's hut you will get 25xp per crystal stored in the big one and if you've got smurfette as well you get 30 per crystal. It's worth it if you've got many of them. I'm don't know if Beeline has plans to increase the storage capacity of the crystal storage.

  24. Sbr says:

    I have about 20 crystals stored in the pink crystal storage hut but I'm not getting any XP from them. Why?

  25. emad says:

    how to increase my smurfs number on the mountains?

  26. erik says:

    Hi, what is the use of the pink crystal storage? Grant pa asked to dig up a crystal. I took it from my pink crystal storage but no reaction like "quest complete".
    Greets Erik

    • Poet says:

      You need to dig up the correct crystal. Just keep digging. As for the storage, it is a place to store the excessive crystals you dig up since space is currently limited on the mountain. At the same time, you can accomplish the goals.

  27. Uncle Doodles says:

    What kind of items can I store in the mountain cave? Do I dig them up or can I put tree grown items in it as well?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Crystals you dig up are stored in the storage crystal instead of the mountain cave. This is because the storage crystal preserves the ability for those crystals to earn their daily XP (assuming you have placed Grandpa's hut). All other things are storable in the mountain cave.

  28. Claudia says:

    I already place the big pink cristal, but can't put anything for storage

    • Poet says:

      To put crystals into the storage, go into 'Edit' or 'Move' mode by tapping on the icons on the bottom right hand corner, then tap on any crystal. On the far right, you will see a new option to store the crystals.

  29. Lau says:

    Just reached the mountain and already dig some crystals.. What am I supposed to do with tthem pls??

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you have Grandpa's hut, place them near it. If you don't, place them somewhere on the mountain. You get some xp for their initial placement, and then if you have Grandpa's hut, you get xp for each crystal daily.

      • Lau says:

        i should receive xp for their initial placement? what that's means?? I actually bought the pink crystal storage and put all of them inside… is that meant that i will not get xp from them?? and if i do not have grandpa's hut, when should i receive those xp.. Pls.

        • Poet says:

          You will continue to receive xp for crystals you store inside. And you need grandpa's hut to receive the xps.

  30. Clinton says:

    hey, i have about 40 crystals on the mountain scattered around. I just bought the big crystal. Is there a way to transfer all the crystals I have to the big one?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Go into Move mode and then tap each crystal you want to move. You will see a purple down arrow as one of the options. This will move it to the storage crystal after you confirm with "yes"

  31. Meily says:

    r u sure limit 1400 crystals ??? coz i already have 1402 crystals n the BIG CRYSTAL give 42060xp per day ???

  32. Sandy smurf says:

    Does sandboxing still work ?

  33. smurfchotic says:

    Im at the max level now 55 on android on my tablet. I like to advance the xp just so I can get 3 more sb to make the next level up easier. I honestly dont need the sb I have 9. Its the messiest village. I kinda dont like the village anymore and regretted focusing on xp too much.

    So I started a newer village on my phone currently at level 26 with more neatness cleaner and even got painter smurf, which to xp mongers not worth the sb, but to me painters prize the color change so I can do holiday theme or diversify the huts in all different colors.

    In my tablet village i am the worst and refuse to keep under 400 xp at level 10 animals. And I will release the 400 xp animal white mouse if a red guinea pig comes along. Thats just mean. The phone village has the lower xp animals all are welcome.

    And you really make a good point, there’s the xp player and theres the more focused player on decor and presentation. Im both but been leaning more towards decor and I really enjoy the game more as a result. Level up can just wait.

    I think too if storage was easier to clean up, I would focus better on decor.

    • smurfchotic says:

      I was replying to happy smurfs’ reply. Oops

      • Happy_Smurf says:

        I agree with you, decor is also more important to me than levelling up. I have always paid attention to how my village looks. However, as I kept playing I got so busy in University that I didn't have so much time anymore to decorate the village nicely as it can really take hours. In the holiday time there have really been hours that I have spent moving items around. I have levelled up quite quickly because I earned a lot of xp with magic blueberries, I kept playing the game every hour or so when I was doing something else on the side, so I have been able to collect lots of xp like that. But it's only minor, only nice thing are the sb at level up.
        Since lucky smurf has been introduced my village got all messy becaus of the tons of (useless) stuff I got from him. I rarely get stuff that I really want and I rarely use sb to keep gambeling. I just recently bought the storage for my main village and it really helped to clean up my village. Looks so much better now. :)

  34. Smurfdude says:

    How much XP does each level take approx??

    • Marco Smurf says:

      check out this guide for XP hopefully will answer your question

      • Thehanzilla says:

        That guide is 13 updates old. Any chance of getting a new one which includes all 58 current levels?

        • Smurfette says:

          That is not so easy. Firstly of the guide is most likely not correct anymore as Beeline changed the number required for the "middle" levels two updates ago. To create a guide for this we have to reach the level and calculate the XP by hand and as you can immagine it would take ages to get to level 58. Beeline has not released information on how much XP is required for each level so it has to be calculated manually.

  35. Sue says:

    On the mountain it confusion! For the second time now I've had a quest from grandpa to grow fruit. 1st. Was 6 and now 16 , does this mean trees or just 1tree with the amount requested?? Any body know ?????

    • NimaSheibani says:

      I finished the quest by buying 16 trees and did the 16 peers at the same time, I am not sure it will work if you plant them one by one or few by few …

      • n8held says:

        I finished the quest with just two trees. It took 16 days, but the XP bonus for finishing the quest wasn't worth the cost of buying extra trees.

  36. Happy_Smurf says:

    Thanx for the update! This is good to know. I am though quite upset about the 'low' number for the christal. As I have to digg up massive amounts of resources for the first stages of the windmill, I just reached 1000 crystals. As I still have about 1000 dye for the first stage left, massive amounts of items will come my way. Soon I won't be able to place a thing in the mountain.. :/
    I should make a request to Beeline that it should be possible to purchase storage items several times. Esp. the storage chrystal.

  37. Kara says:

    Hi, I have a small problem. I accidentally placed object habitat for animals to the village. One of my smurf is so busy in habitat and missing me. habitat does not delete from the village. How do I give away? how can I move the habitat of animals?

    • Susanne Schlumpfmann says:

      I don't think you miss that smurf. The smurfs in the habitat are extra, one for each animal. When you get animals in the habitat (and feed them) they give a lot of xp. You can move the habitat as any other item.

  38. Smurfeyytta says:

    So I could store 1400 butterflies in there, but nothing else? (for example)

  39. kdask says:

    Thanks for the info… I am thinking to take out all the crystal once I bought Grandpa's hut… Now I think i dont need to do so ^^

    Anyway i haven't received bottle quest today, is anybody got the same issue?

  40. smurfchotic says:

    The extra space for spring cleaning. I get it! I really wish with taking items out of storage was easier. Currently if you want to take out x amount of a particular item, you have to tap the storage hut, tap the item , place the item, and repeat. It would be nice if after placing the first item that you would not have to tap the storage hut, but place the same item you tapped elsewhere instead.

    So grandpa smurf get hit 35000 xp a day on the crystal storage alone. 42000 with smurfette.. That’s insane if the animal sanctuary has 25 red guinea pigs all at level 10 (560 xp ) it can get 14000 xp times 3 or 42000.

    Quite the match up grandpa smurfs crystals vs. Doctor smurfs animal sanctuary. There should be a poll on this.

    Obviously im excluding growing crops trees flowerpots and tapping animals.

    • Happy_Smurf says:

      I agree, taking out items from storage should work the same way as purchasing items. You select one and as long as you have it in your storage you can place one after the other without selecting it over and over again.

      I have just completed the last crystal quest, = 1000 crystals. I realized it's a massive amount of XP as I also have Smurfette. I also realized that the Animal Sancturary can give quite a lot. BUT I don't care so much about the XP anymore nowerdays, I might reach max soon, so what does it matter? Nothing… I also have animals from the lowest XP category, in fact I have one of each kind except a few exceptions. I think most of the animals are cute, that's why I have them. I once read here someone had like 25 white rabbits, of course that's massive amount of XP, but no animal diversity…

      • Babygirl*8 says:

        I agree that taking items from storage can be a pain. It does help if you move the hut close to where you are putting the items especially fencing. I put most of my fence in storage while rearranging my village and it did help to have the storage hut near by when I was putting it back.

    • iSayWat says:

      White Rabbits give 800 at level 10.

      • The2000guy says:

        65 out of 25 animals??? Come on, that game must be cheated or something. I cant even have 21 animals with the latest update… And if you calculate very well, you need at least to have such a luck by spending 25sb to get a white bunny times 25 equals 625 sb… So to spend that amount compared to buying smurfette and grandpa smurf cost less and also you can dig to collect the crystals.

        • SmurfBlue_069 says:

          Well, I finally know why there are so many smurfs in the sanctuary. Shoveling out all that white bunny doo doo on a daily basis must be a nightmare!

          Does this mean the sanctuary is where the naughty smurfs get a time out???

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