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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Tailor Smurf


Tailer Smurf was introduced in the latest version of the Smurf’s Village App (Version 1.1.0). After his hut has been bought for 30 Smurfberries and placed in the village he enables the feature to change the headwear of every “Worker” Smurf who lives in the village. Like all the other Special Smurfs that can only be bought with Smurfberries his hut is build instantly, Tailor Smurf is stationary like Greedy Smurf, Miner Smurf, … and does not walk around the village.

The individual Smurf Hats have to be bought with Coins before they can be used on the Smurfs, there price ranges from 100 Coins for the Baseball Cap up to 50,000 Coins for the Magic Hat. Every hat can only be used on one Smurf, for example if you want to dress 10 Smurfs with a Cowboy Hat you have to buy at least 10 Cowboy Hats from Tailor Smurf. The following is a list of all available hats and their prices:

ImagesHat type

Prices (gold coins)

XP for the PurchaseXP per 1 Coin
Baseball Cap 100400.4
Snorkel 10002800.28
Cowboy Hat9002500.27
Feather Headband 4 0008000.2
Football Helmet 20 00020000.1
Jester Cap 250900.36
Aviator Hat1 5004000.26
Winter Hat6 00010000.16
Party Hat25006000.24
Pirate Hat30 00025000.08
Graduation Cap12 00015000.12
Alpine Hat5001500.3
Top Hat8 50012000.14
Magic Hat50 00030000.06

To buy a hat from Tailor Smurf, simply click on his hut and a list with all available hats will appear. A number at the bottom of the thumbnail of the hat shows how many of that kind have already been purchased.

To make a Smurf wear a hat, you have to click on a Smurf inside the village while being in Tailor Smurf’s Hat Mode and the Inventory window will pop up. This only happens if you touch a Smurf that is not currently working. Although once they have gotten a new headwear they will always wear it, even when they are working, to add a new hat or to change one, the Smurf in question can not be busy at the time.

With this feature Tailor offers the chance to make your worker smurf individual creatures, so they don’t all look alike anymore, but there are no additional XP or Coins gained from adding Tailor to the village, this is simply an aesthetically feature.

To buy a hat from Tailor Smurf, simply click on his hut and a list with all available hats will appear. A number at the bottom of the thumbnail of the hat shows how many of that kind have already been purchased.

Hat Mode

The User Interface Bug with Tailor’s Inventory (See below) has been fixed in version 1.1.2. Now there is a “Hat Mode” similar to the move mode that lets you dress the Smurfs with Tailors Hats without interfering with the normal mode of the game.

There are two ways to access this hat mode, either click on the “Build Icon” (the littler hammer) at the bottom right of the village and then on the button next to the camera at the top (the one with the yarn and the needle) or click on Tailor Smurfs Hut to access his hat inventory and click on the “yarn and needle” button at the bottom left from the inventory view. Once you are in the “Hat Mode” every time a Smurf is touched the Inventory pops up and lets you either choose a new hat for your Smurf or remove the headgear completely. Smurfs that are currently working, i. e. growing crops, watering flowers etc., cannot change their hats; you have to wait until they are done.

Tailor Smurf Sale Bug (Valentines update 2012 “v.1.1.6”)

Thanks to Beeline who reduced Tailor Smurf’s price by 50% for the last weekend of January 2012.

The actual price of Tailor smurf is 30 smurfberries, theoretically if you take 50% off it will cost just 15 smurfberries. However it turned out that many players who have less than 30 smurfberries couldn’t purchase tailor smurf.

According to Beeline, Tailor Smurf promo bug was confirmed. He’s only 15 Smurfberries through the weekend, but you have to have 30 Smurfberries in the account to buy him. So if you have 30SB, Tailor will cost 15 Smurfberries and you’ll have 15 Smurfberries left. If you have less than 30SB you won’t be able to buy him.

Beeline has confirmed that they will put him on sale again once the bug has been fixed (most likely with the next update).

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  1. DonnClemons says:

    No up date the IOS in United States. Also Beeline never answers our questions that are sent. Please help us. Bugs are every where and getting worse. Up dates are making our game impossible to play. FIX.

  2. Super Smurf :) says:

    I can't put hats on my smurfs! When I'm in the 'hat mode' it doesn't work and smurfs won't get hats. Please can you tell me step by step how to do it? Thanks

    • Stroumpfette says:

      First you must add hats to your hat inventory. Then you go into Hat Mode (it's like move mode), and you can put hats only on IDLE SMURFS, so if they are growing crops or doing something else, you will not be able to put a hat on any of them. Once you have idle smurfs and you're in Hat Mode, tap on any one smurf and then tap to add the hat you want him to wear. I'm pretty sure that's the sequence, but it's been years since I had Tailor in my village. I didn't re-add him after my last big data crash. There was a problem where the idle smurfs would scurry really fast to their huts, making it nearly impossible to catch any to put hats on them, and I don't know if Beeline ever fixed that bug.

  3. Smurfy says:

    I just bought Tailor smurf hut, but I cannot reach to the hat mode (I could buy hats). I tried to via going to Build mode and tapping to Tailor smurf, but I cannot wear hats to smurfs. Even though I touch smurfs, nothing happened. Could you please teach me how to wear hats to smurfs?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Tailor Mode is like Move mode. You can only put hats on free Smurfs (at least that's how it worked when I had Tailor). You had to be pretty quick to catch them before they went into their huts. You first have to have purchased hats and have those in your inventory before you can put them on a Smurf. The article above explains how to put the hats on the Smurfs. It describes it step-by-step. Let us know if you're still having problems.

    • Smurfy says:

      I tried tried tried many times… then I finally could wear hats to smurfs!! Thank you very much 😉

  4. Bobby brown says:

    Can I put the hat on for special smurf if I hv the tailors hut?

  5. Bobby brown says:

    How can I change the hat for a smurf that I put a special hat on before?
    Can I purchase the hat now and put it on later? How?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I think you have to go into Tailor mode and then tap the smurf that has the hat you want to change.

  6. Chritarn says:

    Does Tailor Smurf ever come up on Tracker Smurfs Quests?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Tracker only gives you quests for the special smurfs that each individual player has purchased, though, I don't believe he gives quests for Tailor at this time.

  7. 123ABC says:

    I was just asking, does the Tailor smurf walk around or does it stay standing at the front of his house?

  8. tyemilo says:

    Just wondering lets say I put a snorkel on one of my smurfs could I take it off of that smurf?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Yes, you take it off using hat mode. There were a few issues with Tailor a few months ago. I don't know if Beine resolved those issues or not.

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