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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Mountain Wonder: The Mining Machine


The Mining MachineThe next wonder on the mountain was introduced in version 1.4.0 (on iOS, Naughties Update) and is Miner Smurf’s Mining Machine. Just like the previous wonders it comes with an additional land expansion.

To reach the wonder the wooden stairs have to be build once again on the edge of the right side of the screen. After they have finished building the wonder will be available for repair.

The Mining Machine is available from level 25 onwards (as soon as the mountain has been reached) and works just like the previous wonders, which means it will give out one Smurfberry per week when it has been repaired.

There are four stages to the reparation of the mining machine. The following resources are needed to build it; they are similar to the amount of resources needed for the carousel:

180%*80%*80%*24 hours
25915915048 hours
35915915048 hours
41014101425348 hours

*Just like the carousel the first stage will take 80% of ones current stock of supplies with the minimum being 50x Dye, 507x Wood and 507x Stone.

Mining Machine Stages

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  1. oops says:

    Anyone who cannot build Mining machine? I have plenty of resources. When I clicked the "Build" button, nothing happens. There isn't any message or action.
    Please help.

  2. joevenq says:

    why my mountain was not expanded after i completed this mining machine? can someone explain this to me? i used all of my resources just for this.

    • Smurfette says:

      The mining machine works like all of the other mountain wonders, you first get the expansion (by building the bridge) and then you get access to the mining machine and can build it. Completing the building process does not give you another land expansions

    • Feroze says:

      You can buy smurfs for 5 smurfberries

  3. Maja says:

    So will this machine turn my stones into xp? I am sure I read that somewhere…

  4. Michelle says:

    Could you please tell me if you know – once the mining machine wonder is complete does it give resources or just a smurfberries per week?

    • Smurfette says:

      The Mining Machine works just like all of the other wonders, that is it only gives Smurfberries, nothing else.

      • frustrated says:

        We use a lot of resources to attain the items needed to build each level of a Wonder. And then disappointed because we thought it was to perform a function in the game. I cannot dig on the mountain…so I've been using all my resources to build this Mine on the Mountain. I have 1 level left. Now I'm very disappointed that I'm still not gonna be able to dig. all this work for each level, which takes about 2 weeks to gather the resources. What a waste.
        PS. I would like a NO THANK YOU button to bypass something I don't want to do. For 2 weeks I didn't add the Smurfy Wonder that Papa Smurf had as his task, but you can't get any other tasks from him until you do it and wasting your earnings and your space in the village. All these unfinished Wonders that are not wonderful just taking up space. And no I don't want to earn more smurfberries to waste on a shed to hold all the things I never wanted AnywAy.

        • Poet says:

          In case you are not aware, completing the wonders is not a must in the game. You simply have to place the 'unfinished' wonder, which can be bought with coins, and the quest would be completed. In 2 updates ago, you have the option to purchase the Wonder Storage bag and store your incomplete wonders so as to free up space.

    • tony says:

      I was led to believe this machine would mine resources. Boy am I annoyed. All those resources and I get one berry? This machine should be tossed. It took a very long time to get this machine. If this is how the game is going then cancel my participation.

      Thank you.

  5. Carol says:

    What is the best way to obtain stone to build these wonders? Every 24 hours I get 9 from miner smurf in the village, 6 from sending 3 rafts from the island and 6 from magician smurf. It's still taking me FOREVER to collect stone. I have more wood and dye than I need. I occasionally get stone from digging or from lucky smurf.

    • Smurfette says:

      The best ways are to dig regularly in my opinion, also you should indicate to your friends that you want them to give you stone.

    • Renate says:

      You can send out rafts on the island. You can send them out to collect wood, dye or stone. In 24 Horus you collect 2 for each raft. If you have more rocks near your mine you get more stone and the same with your mill.

      • tinysmurf says:

        Actually, you just get more XP when you got more stones near your shouldlook in your featured tab, there is something you can buy with smurfberries (15)wich doubles your stone you get from your mine, but I don't know how it is called, you can also buy for 15 smurfberries a stage for magicisn, that doubles the resources and xp yo get from him.
        Greetings from the homeland of the smurfs Belgium

  6. Anne says:

    I don't like this game anymore. For the mining machine the first stage costs me 943 wood, 738 stone, 394 dye. I didn't know the 80% rule. Just bought the machine when it was new; at the moment I almost finished the last stage of the carrousel. That's why I had so many resources. It is not fair to punish people this way. Beeline wants people to spend a lot of money on this game. It's a cash-cow.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      The 80% rule was added so that people with lower recources could built immediatly but the reverse is sadly also a problem.

  7. LY says:

    Building the wonder is 48 hours for the last few stages while having Hefty on the mainland? I’m not sure if he affects the mountains (and shortens the time it takes to build there as well)… Was just wondering if it’s just my game or everyone’s… Thanks.

  8. Sue says:

    I don't understand what they mean by 10x dye is that android? 7-3-13

    • Smurfette says:

      You need to use 10 units of dye

      • fryky says:

        sorry but i dont understand :( you can use dye for… get more stones and wood? sorry maibe i thinck wrong 😀

        • Smurfette says:

          Dye is a resource like Wood and Stone. You need it for certain things. Dye is needed if you have Painter Smurf and you want to Paint Houses on the island with Architect Smurf. It is also needed to build the Smurfy Wonders on the mountain and in space.
          You cannot use Dye to get more Wood or Stone

  9. Lola says:

    How can I do the latest update for android ?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You download it from the Google Play store. The update with the Naughties is due out any day for Android.

  10. smurfchotic says:

    Well I used at least 500 sbs to buy about 100 smurfs.(cant remember the actual total) Beeline actually gave me all sb from the complaining that I did (my game crashed 5x in a year) and they gave me about 500 additional sbs I didnt buy but in lieu of the resource machine I bought 2x and all the exclusive items I also lost. So I decided that id buy 100 smurfs in the mountain. I cant wait for this update on android because 4sb within a week will absorb the upgrade hut cost 4sb. Im hoping for different colored huts in the mountain in the near future as well.

    • Smurfette says:

      I would love a painter smurf's feature on the mountain as well, though I think first I'd like to see a farmer smurf like feature, I hate to plant and harvest all my crops manually on the mountain.

      • smurfchotic says:

        I agree even a tractor trailer would suffice, but in reality I have to have every smurf hut. Speaking of mountain crops, woah I didn’t realize mulberrry and goji berries are really good. The only thing about farming is space issues. But can’t complain for now. I’m going to focus on xp growth then refocus on decoration.

        Off subject here. I remember a prior article about the rot iron fences being too asymmetrical, but if one puts garden lamp post on the corners, the tall ones, then it’s actually symmetrical looking. That tall garden lamp post is also the same color as the rot iron fences.

        More off subject: I really really wished the blueprint rafts were more successful. I think that’s the only reason I cared about the resource machine.

  11. Mathawas says:

    Finally gathered all the resources and started the building of the ultimate stage, it was pretty quick with 60 smurfs digging but I was disappointed with the fact I did not get a single smurfberry from all this digging.

  12. pon says:

    when the latest update release for android player ?

  13. Lavie says:

    Spending real money on a game is just for the rich players like u, am not rich so maybe it's not a sound way for me to do :)). And I think that's the meaning of this game and the way this game works: "Be patient!". Beeline has offered a great opportunity for us, so why dont we catch this opportunity? The only job left is digging and then building. Anyways, it's up to you. If u want to get sb fastly, its reasonable spending real money. To me, I dont think it deserves wasting lots of money on the things that are not real and not sure like games.

  14. lancerjk says:

    I just used my smurfberry for building of my wonder. However, with 0 smurfberry for the last 2 days, the building of the mining machine still takes 100+ dyes instead of 50+ dyes. Would it be locked as that?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Please read the article above. There are four stages to build the mining machine. The first stage takes 80% of whatever resources you had built up. If you had 125 dye in your inventory, stage one would require 100 dye to complete it. The chart above clearly states what is required to complete each stage.

      • lancerjk says:

        I had 125 dyes but I used all of them to build the wonder and have 0 left now. My question is will the dyes required fall to 50 (the minimum number) after a few days or will it be 80% of the highest amount of resources you had regardless of how much you have at the moment?

        • Smurfette says:

          It is 80% of the amount when you tap the wonder/go to the mountain the first time. The percentage is then set, it does not go higher nor lower and will remain

          • lancerjk says:

            There seems to be some difference from what you stated and my personal experience. So I would like to share my experience with other users so that they wont waste their resources.

            Day 1: After my update, I had 100 dyes and the cost for mining machine is 80% = 80. I didn't want to waste my dyes so I wanted to store 195 dyes to buy binoculars first.
            Day 5: I had 195+ dyes and the cost for the mining machine became 156 = 80% of the dyes I had. After buying the binoculars, it remained the same.
            Day 6: The cost for mining machine became 134 dyes.
            Day 10: The cost for mining machine was still 134 dyes.

            I had a shortage in dyes so I talked about dyes more. My conclusion is that you should buy the 1st stage of any 80% buildings as soon as possible because if you store resources, the cost will go up. After using those resources, the cost doesn't move down as much.

  15. Cici says:

    I'm an Android player, same as you on Level 60. But I'll build the Mining Machine once I get the update. Cause I have many resources on hand, my resources are enough to build it already. When I build my carousel, I also no need to dig extra resources. I'm digging 5-6 times every day with 70 Smurf. My purpose is want to dig some more free SB. Actually I can get at lease 20 free SB a week from the mountain. I understand you don't want to waste your time in this game. But for me, I don't want to spend my money in this game again, even I've paid US$50 before.

  16. Bonlou 1 says:

    After the last update a few of us are having a big problem with gifting friends. It states that the friend has not updated yet, but I am receiving gifts from some of the people that supposedly have not updated yet. Is anybody
    else having this problem and how can it be fixed.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Beeline had an issue with their servers which has now been resolved. This issue affected iOS players only. They have advised players to move around a few items in their villages to force a sync with the servers and push a software fix. Players should be able to gift once they do this.

  17. Kyle says:

    What then do you have to spend resources on? I'm level 50 and every hut I have has an upgraded door, shed, balcony and chimney. I more or less have no other purpose for my resources. And I haven't spent one penny on the game and never intend to, so I think that four free smurfberries a week from the wonders is awesome-not to mention getting the occasionally smurfberry while digging for all those resources.

  18. Lynn says:

    Where can I find the mining machine? I don't see it in my menu….thanks

  19. EVsmurf says:

    Im not understanding the resources problem, aside from the fact every wonder costs a lot of it. I have yet to buid the carousel cause i have been digging up for it but i have already built the new stairway. If it takes 80% of the stock anyway, why would we lose any resources when starting a new wonder?
    Thanks for enlightening my slow brain!

    • Smurfette says:

      The thing is that some people have paid for their resources, either via Smurfberries, via the resource machine or the resources bundles. Every wonder takes a minimum amount, for example if you only have 200 stone, it will take the minimum for level 1, which is 507 stone.

      But those people who have lots of stone, either by digging a lot, or as I said buying it, would loose more, so if they have 1000 Stone (maybe they saved it for customizations) then the first stage will take 800 stone. That is what the complaints are about, it looks like people are actually getting punished for using money in the game.

  20. Wondergirl says:

    I'm starting to get bored with game… the changes they make are only to make us PAY for more things… each level it's more dificult to pass, and less smurfberries to win!
    If we want resources more easily we have to BUY a machine, if not it may take months to get all de Wonders in the mountain… I'm starting to get bored….

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It is always an option to stop playing if the game no longer excites or interests you.

      • JRue says:

        Why is it that anytime someone posts a dislike comment on here people feel it necessary to write a snide comment back about "you can always stop playing." I'm pretty sure everyone on here realizes that quitting is an option at any time. None of us were forced to play but that doesn't mean we have to like all the changes either. Sometimes people just want to rant or for Beeline to read their comments (and yes, we all know after hundreds of reminders that this isn't a Beeline site, but we also know you're reading it Beeline). I'd rather read through 10 "I hate this game" comments than the stupid (repetitive) responses saying "well you could always quit." Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

        • Stroumpfette says:

          You may not be aware this is a fan site run by volunteers and not affiliated with Beeline.

          I am admin on this site, and it is part of my job to "point out the obvious." The purpose of this site is to facilitate and support the player experience as well as to discuss issues with the game.

          People who want to provide feedback to Beeline may do so by visiting their support portal at

  21. Anna says:

    I do think it is unfair to take 80% of one's stock of resources, especially as they are not only gifted but bought through mining and rafting as well as buying outright with smurfberries (that are bought with our human cash). This is unfair to those that have been setting up reserves to do customizations and benefits those that don't care and have just the minimum. Beeline should set a number of resources (even if high) but do not penalize those that love the game and even invest a little money in it (as not all do so).
    Hopefully Beeline can prove to be honest and not cash(Resource) grabbers. I don't mind being deducted a set number, but not grabbing 80% of MY stock!!!!
    And hopefully they will quickly fix the glitches caused by the new updates

    • Smurfette says:

      I doubt that they will change it, this is the fourth wonder that does that (the first two even took 90%), even though hundreds of people complaint. I am not happy about it either, because I have bought both the old and new resource machine and lost real money with this, especially the first time when I did not know about it beforehand, but there is nothing we can do really, except to keep complaining.

    • tribe says:

      lol human cash

  22. smurfchotic says:

    Thanks for the article. I do agree the 10x dye dig up is very uncommon compared to 10x wood and 10x stone. I use 148 smurfs to dig and usually get 18 to 28 dye in total. I’m dyeing for dye to be more accessible.

    • Amin says:

      How come you have 148 smurfs in the mountain. I am in level 57 and only have 35 smurfs?

      • Smurfette says:

        You can upgrade each house for 4 Smurfberries in the mountain which will give you a second Smurf per house. You can also buy additional Smurfs that do not need a house for 5 Smurfberries each.

      • Sevenoceans says:

        I am at level 43 and got 40 smurfs, I use SB to get more smurfs by upgrading the houses.

    • Smyles says:

      If you are using 148 smurfs, where do you store those houses???!!!

      • Smurfette says:

        148 Smurfs is about 50 houses, as you get one per level from level 25 onwards it is not (yet) possible to have so many houses because the max level is 68 at the moment, so some Smurfs were probably bought.

        However, it shouldn't be a problem to have 50 houses in the mountains once enough levels for it have been added, with all the expansions there is a lot of space in the mountains and you can also always just put some of the houses into the condos if you need more space

    • fryky says:

      tell me please how you put 148 smurfs to dig?

    • frustrated says:

      How do you dig? I have no options to dig anything.

  23. Jason says:

    I wonder if any of those who were unable to build the carousel due to the grandpa smurf quest bug have a different set of requirements to build the first stage of this?

    My game is requiring the following: 954/507/42. I have 1145/426/142.

    At present I am working on the carousel and the numbers above are not changing (80%) as I acquire more resources.

    • Sevenoceans says:

      This is why I haven't added the stair case yet as I want to finish off the others first as I am digging up a lot more stones and wood than dye. Main focus here is collecting dyes then when I finished all my wonders (except miners) I can stop digging and customise the houses using surplus of wood/stones and get it down to 507 or thereabouts so I don't have many to loose. Once it's down, I will start building the stair case to the other wonder!

  24. Doc says:

    I guess it was a "bug fix" that caused the drop in the dye count.
    I have noticed that after upgrading to the previous release, the 10x dye can hardly be found by digging, while it was common previously.
    As the creators seem to handle the dye 10 times more valuable than the wood and the stone, this was probably by mistake – and "fixed" in this last release.
    Maybe we should report that as undesired behaviour change – similarly to the Reporter smurf issue.

    • Smurfette says:

      I recommend that you report this on Beeline's support forum directly, it is regularly read by Beeline employees. You can find it here:

  25. goodfairy1 says:

    mm I hope with this update dye is easier to find… I didn't receive many 10x dyes

    • Ann says:

      This is not good. I am collecting for carousel and have a lot of resources :(
      Of course the stairs are building already. I didnt think about that. Stupid me.

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