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Updated on: May 20, 2015
Updated on: May 19, 2015

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The Mountains


Grandpa Smurfs lives in the mountains and they can be reach from level 25 onwards with the Hot Air Balloon (Please read the article about the Hot Air Ballon for more Information on how to reach the mountains).

Unlike the island and the mainland, the smurfs living in the mountains do not grow crops (except for fruits on magical shrubs) but dig for rewards. There are to shovels available, a “normal” one, which can be used by a Smurf to dig for 30 minutes and costs 200 Coins as well as a golden one. The golden shovel costs 2 Smurfberries and it only takes 5 seconds to dig with it and moreover it will give out better rewards more frequently than the normal ones. To start digging, simply choose a shovel from the build menu and place it somewhere on the ground, a smurf will then start digging at that place.

Rewards from digging in the mountains include:

  • items for Grandpa Smurfs Tasks (Magnifying Glass, Pyjamas etc.)
  • XP and Coins
  • Resources (Wood, Stone and Dye)
  • Smurfberries
  • Gems that can be placed on the ground

Once a Smurf has finished digging it will wait until the reward has been collected. Because only magic shrubs, which do not wither, are available in the mountains and digging rewards do not disappear before they have been collected, it is not as important to come back to the mountains in time as it might be on either the mainland or the island where crops could wither.

Just likes the island the mountains have their own character limit for Smurfs, which is at around 240 to 250 Smurfs. On level 25, when the island can be reached for the first time, there are two Smurfs available. Moreover it is possible to build two additional mushroom houses. From then on for each new level, a new mushroom house can be build.

Unlike the other mushroom houses the ones in the mountains cannot be customized (yet) and there is only an upgrade for 4 Smurfberries available for one additional Smurf, which means the maximum is only 2 instead of 3 Smurfs per house. It is also possible to buy additional Smurfs without houses for 5 Smurfberries each.

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  1. Pt109 says:

    I purchased grandpa's hut 4 days ago in the hopes of getting xp for all of the crystals I have stored and have only received 20 xp per day even though I have hundreds of crystals stored. Has anyone else experienced this glitch? Is there any way of fixing it?

  2. jhw0_0 says:

    Hi I put too many stairs on the mountain but it doesn't seem deletable. The stone stairs on the island as well. I've already emailed beeline about it but didn't get any replies. :( I really think it would be more convenient if we could delete them. And the smurfs seems to not only use the stairs but the 'cliff train tunnel?' as well. Does beeline want the smurfs to get run over by the train or something? As a smurfs villiage fan, I would really like to suggest them to fix these problems.

  3. Joanne Chow says:

    What should I do if my Storage Crystal also full (It changed the colour to white)? It allows me to keep storing crystals but just give me a maximum xp. I now have crystals all over the mountain, can I have another Storage Crystal?

  4. Eos says:

    Yes, found it… I had forgotten where to find the holes. Many thanks!!!

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