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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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The red singing Bird has arrived to the village


Few weeks ago the a red  bird who’s sitting in its nest and singing popped up in Japanese edition villages.  Today has arrived to English villages. The red Bird is a static bird similar to the duck doesn’t move around in the village. The Bird can be purchased in both the island and in the village, and it costs 45 smurfberries. This is  a promotional item for limited time only,   which will be available only for 72 hours (3 days) and then will disappear.  According to Beeline description, this cute musical bird will give you XP a few times a day.

Beeline  has already offered a Black Bat and Yellow Duck, Red Singing Bird, but it would be smurfy if  the  Smurfs will get a Blue Bird  :).

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  1. NattaCo says:

    Teddy bear added to village – good price

  2. NY Smurf says:

    I luv Smurfs' Village I too have been playing since 2010. I luv how they always introduce more and more fun things to the village. I wish Beeline would change the outfit on the Bunny given out around Christmas 2011, he is still wearing the Santa hat and scarf :-)

  3. Kalega says:

    When I first started playing the smurf village in Nov 2010 there were only a few items which required smurfberries. if you kept playing long enough it would seem you could obtain most of them through earn't smurfberries. Now there are so many items that require smurfberries that I think it is out of control. I understand that this is how they keep the game free, but I'm pretty sure that items could cost less smurberries. May more people would be inclined to play if the overall cost was lower to do so.

    • LynnSuzanne says:

      I've been playing a long time, too. At first, for several months, I did not buy any Smurfberries and I thought it was a waste of money to do so. Until one day I spent $11 going to a movie I didn't enjoy. I then realized there was much greater entertainment value in spending $10 on 125 Smurfberries to buy some items and special smurfs, which I could enjoy every day, as I am a daily player. So I spent the ten bucks, bought a few things, and my enjoyment of the game increased! So now I buy 125 Smurfberries every-other-month, which means I'm actually spending $5 a month for some daily entertainment that continues to get better and better!

    • Snescube says:

      I've been playing since 2010 too, and I still play daily, but I have never spent any money on smurfberries yet and therefore I am leveling really slowly now that I am in the high levels. I am considering buying smurfberries as a one off, but am not sure if it is worth it. I am sure I would enjoy to play the game a lot more if I did, for at the moment I am very hesitant about using my smurfberries to such an extent that I am getting annoyed with myself. I feel that I'm going to give in soon, and when I do, the game will be a much more pleasurable experience.

  4. gayle4ce says:

    My son gave me gift card I tunes never bought berries b4 that now only essential stuff will I get

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