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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Mountain Wonder: The Wheat Shed


The Wheat ShedThe Wheat Shed was introduced in the Miner Mountain Update (version 1.3.9 on iOS) and builds in 5 stages that require certain amounts of resources.

The shed will increase the frequency at which the Old Windmill gives out a Smurfberry by one day, meaning it gives out one Smurfberry every six instead of every seven days when the machine has finished building.

It can be bought from the build menu on the mountain for 2500 coins. Once it has been placed it can be repaired with the following resources:

11001007512 hours
21161168824 hours
31161168824 hours
420020015024 hours

The Wheat Shed Stages

Unlike the wonders itself, the additional items always take the same amount of resources, independent of the current stock (i.e. it won’t take a certain percentage)

The Wheat Shed Stages


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  1. Jessielyn79 says:

    Does the shed give anything once it is completed other than just reducing the time?

  2. Asmiya says:

    frm where can i get wheat???plz help ty

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to place the wheat shed next to your windmill smurfy wonder and then build it. You find it in the Structures menu for 2500 coins (as the article above plainly states).

  3. Pinky Smurf says:

    Does the wheat shed need to be placed near the windmill to reduce the time to 6 days or can it be anywhere on the mountain?

  4. Kyle says:

    Regarding the stages of the wheat shed, test of strength machine and binoculars: The first of five stages to build each of these is completed with gold and does not require wood, stone or dye. Your tables reflect stages 2-5 not 1-4 (nor 1, 2, 4 & 5 as the binoculars table currently reads).

    • Smurfette says:

      We have kept it with stages 1-4, even though you buy the first stage, because that is the way they have done it with the wonders as well, it says 5 stages, but only four of them are needed to use resources for, the first one is kind of done already. The stage that you buy is kind of the zero point, at that moment it is totally broken and from there on we count 4 stages of repair that need resources, I think everyone understands what is meant with the stages, as we also clearly say it can/has to be bought for coins first in the article.

  5. Nona says:

    I don't understand your comment about percentages for resources for building the original wonders. I am gathering resources for stage 3 of my windmill and it has given me a specific amount I need to gather for each stage (350 each wood & stone & 30 dye for stage 3. I can see what I need for stage 1 of each of the others: 390 each wood & stone & 39 dye for observatory; 507 each wood & stone & 51 dye for carousel). I had read on this site about the wonders on the mountain giving smurfberries and requiring lots of resources so I had stopped doing customizations to my huts to save my resources. Are you saying that I would need less resources to build my wonders if I had not built up my inventory prior to gaining access to the mountain?

    • Smurfette says:

      The first stage of the wonders takes 90% (80% for the carousel) of what you have currently in stock (although there are minimum requirements if you have not enough in resources in stock). So if someone has 1000 Stones, the number for the first stage would be 900 (or 800 for the carousel).

  6. Smurf_Maruda says:

    The shed will actually increase the frequency at which the Old Windmill gives out a Smurfberry by one day, not reduce. Now one has to wait 6 days to get a free Smurberry from the Old Windmill instead of 7 days :)

  7. Smurf_Maruda says:

    The shed will actually increase the frequency at which the Old Windmill gives out a Smurfberry by one day, not reduce. Once it is being completed one gets a Smurfberry in every 6 days (now it is one Smurfberry on every 7 days).

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