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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Timber Smurf Tip (best logs configuration)


Timber smurf best tipsOur friend The Smurf Pope (Don) has shared with us this great tip in order to gain a considerable amount of XP using Timber Smurf.  Using the configuration given below in which Timber Smurf’s hut   is surrounded by logs and stumps   gives you the maximum amount of XP that you can get out of him – 2665 XP. The configuration consists of 71 packs of the thin logs placed horizontally and vertically, and they cost 650 gold coins each in the shop. In addition   6 of the large stumps are added, the stumps are also available in the shop and cost 2000 gold coins.

Timber smurf hut configuration

The overall cost of this   Timber smurf configuration   is 58150 gold coins (46.150+12000), but it will give you 2665 XP twice a day, which really help you to level up faster while you are building your smurfs village.

Our friend Kyan also came up with an  other great  arrangement around Timber smurf hut, which consists of  7 stumps, and 65 logs bundle,  in addition to 3 logs with squirrel see the image below (ignore the squirrel on the right side).

The total of XP that you can get is  2690 XP + original 60 XP = 2750 XP. However you can only make this arrangement if you are on level 29 onwards. Because the squirrels will be unlocked in smufs village on level 29.

Timber smurf arrangement of logs without smurfberries

Bear in mind that:

Logs bundle  each one gives you 25 XP,
Stump each one gives you  120 XP,
Squirrel each one gives you 75XP.


Our friend Oyarsa has added an other arrngement after introducing the lage mossy logs to the village. He was able to earn 3300XP

timber-smurf-with-mossy-logs by Oyarsa

Mossy log 7 x200 = 1400
Stump 5 x120 = 600
Log bundle52 x25 = 1300
Total = 3300

Credit to: The Smurf Pope & Kyan, and Oyarsa

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  1. suiny says:

    How many wood can I get with this configuration please? (I'm level 31)

  2. Julia Kim says:

    I have a question! After I building Timber’s mushroom, he just gives me xp and coins. How can I get wood?

    In the upper middle of the hammer page, every resource scores zero.

    How can I handle it? Please help me.

    Ah, I am in lvl 14.

  3. Coco says:

    I thought I posted this question but I don’t see it uploaded.

    I recently purchased the log stumps which were advertise as helping timber surf collect more wood. However I am only getting 12 logs with an upgraded timber hut. The logs are placed within the green zone. Please advise if it’s a bug?


    • Marina_Smurf says:

      There is an item called the "log splitter" that increases the wood you get from Timber Smurf. It's under "buildings" for 15 SBs. Logs or tree stumps around Timber's hut increase the XP he gives. (The description is misleading)

  4. News Trader says:

    The maximum amount of XP you can get (2665 XP) would be a properly situation by the way!

  5. Hi! Where can I find the logs bundle? Is there a level requirement for it to appear? I am currently lvl 17 and could not find the logs bundle anywhere. Thanks a million!

  6. Redkerr says:

    I guess I don't understand why you would use a stump or squirrel log in lieu of log bundles. A stump takes the place of 6 bundles (150xp) but only gives 120xp. Similarly

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Because that is the way the game is designed. Some people like the squirrel logs, and also the game requires you to place one when you reach the appropriate level. In addition, as I have already explained, the menu states the squirrel log gives 350 XP every 12 hours, not 120 as our article indicates. We think the difference is because Beeline increased the XP when they releveled the game a few months ago. Again, when you place one, as long as you place it in the correct location, it does not replace six log bundles; it only replaces one and effectively expands the area that is in the Green highlighted area for daily XP.

      If you read my original response to your original questions, You asked and I answered this question already. It is your choice to use the squirrel log or not to, except for the one quest that requires you purchase one for 20,000 coins. Once you fulfill the quest, you can leave it outside the range of your highlighted logs, and just collect the 350 XP every 12 hours, or you can delete it. You will still collect the XP whether or not it is in the highlighted range of your logs next to Timber.

  7. REDKERR says:

    I guess I don't understand why you would use a stump or squirrel log in lieu of log bundles. A stump takes the place of 6 bundles (150xp) but only gives 120xp. Similarly, squirrel log takes the place of 4 bundles, but only gives 75xp. Can somebody clarify?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      When you initially place the stump, it gives you 400 xp, which is a lot more than when you initially place either a single log or log bundle. The squirrel gives 500 xp when placed and 360 xp every 12 hours, not 75. It is possible the discrepancy is due to when Beeline releveled the game a few months ago and increased xp given for some items. The optimal configuration, as you will notice with the stumps, actually gives you more xp, because when placed on the outer perimeter of your log configuration, you don’t replace six log bundles with one stump. You replace only one log bundle with one stump. Remember, you only get xp for the area that turns dark green when you tap Timber’s mill. I just tried a little experiment to confirm what my theory that you get more xp overall when you use stumps and take care as to how you configure them.When I replaced one stump with six log bundles, only one log bundle turned dark green, when I tapped Timber’s hut. The other 5 did not. So utilizing stumps in the right places actually expands the physical area of dark green, thus giving you more ongoing XP, than if you had used only log bundles. I hope this explanation alleviates your confusion.

  8. Ani says:

    I want to have maximum utilisation of my main land space…. And i want to make Timber's "configuration -1" above, Plus Miner configuration of Yoshismurfynator, and magician configuration, and spaces for set of 22 FARM feilds… any suggestion on best of all in one space? where to place what

  9. char says:

    Im new to android and my screen keeps going jumbled and I cant read my xp level or how many smurf berries I have sometimes. And also is there any way to transfer my old iphone smurfs to android. Thanks for the help

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There are graphics issues intermittently on Android. Usually exiting and reopening the game solves the problem. To answer your question, the game cannot be transferred between Android and iOS devices.

      • Conan says:

        Can I transfer the game from android to a new Android device?!

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Only if you have used a backup software that backs up APK data. On Android pre-4.0 systems, you would need to use a third party software like Titanium, which requires you to root your device; on Android 4.0 and higher devices, you can use Titanium (which still requires rooting) or you can use Helium which does not require rooting. Here is our article on Helium, but please note neither we nor Beeline support any backup and restore solution for Android:…

  10. Conan says:

    Thanks alot and thank you Kyan,,
    But I took screenshots while collecting timber's xp using Kyan's arrangement and I noticed that even the squirrel at left does not give xp for timber.

  11. justAniGame says:

    Is the update of Oyarsa above of 3300 XP still the highest possible XP as of now?… please suggest, i am yet to make timber stuff configured to earn highest possible XP I am allready at 35 level. Thanks

    • Stroumpfette says:

      As far as we know, it is the highest.

      • justAniGame says:

        but instead of bundle logs we can place more mossy ones to earn more ? or is such arrangement not possible..

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Yes, you can place the mossy ones, but they cost Smurfberries. You will see that configuration in the bottom example in the article above. It may be difficult to see which ones are mossy, since the picture was taken during the winter snow effects. There are four mossy logs in the second example, and they are positioned in front of the tree stumps.

          • justAniGame says:

            Thanks for help… :) ….what is best possible thing if i do not wish to spend smurfberries

    • Gamemaster Smurf says:

      3350 XP is the highest. Using the configuration of logs by Oyarsa, you can add two more log bundles in line with the row of three on the lower left. This adds 50 XP for a grand total of 3350 XP.

    • Smurfette says:

      Would be nice to know how much XP you get from that arrangement

    • justAniGame says:

      can somebody confirm amount of XP earned through this… I also want to know how one gets to know amount of XP earned while clicking… i mean is there any way of counting xp

      • Stroumpfette says:

        Yes. Tap on Timber's hut. All the logs that turn dark green are in the zone where you will earn XP for each of them. The XP rewards for each type of log are listed at the bottom of the article above. So once you have all your logs placed, you need to count up manually how many of each type you have and multiply by the amount of XP given for that type of log, and as long as they are all highlighted dark green, you will get the XP when Timber gives his rewards.

  12. zainab says:

    what does it mean buy squirrels log?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You can find the squirrel log in your menu with the animals under Smurfs/Animals. The squirrel log is the log in which a squirrel peaks out of it every so often. The first one listed is the brown squirrel log for 60 SB, but if you scroll down, you will see the grey squirrel log for 20,000 coins..

  13. John says:

    Where did the large stump go? I can't seem to find it in the menus since the last update…

  14. Kimette says:

    Do the large stumps(woth 2000 coins) have to be placed within the green circle ( the circle in which you collect xp from) to collect more wood

  15. Kimette says:

    Do the mossy logs (worth 12 smurfberries) have to be within timbers circle to give xp or can they be placed anywhere in your smurfs village. Thanks.

  16. Bcent says:

    Do the large stumps give you more wood? I am finding they do not, but the caption says "these help timber smurf collect lots of wood?" Please help!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      To check this, you would have to know how much wood you were collecting with your former configuration. One stump gives more XP than one bundle of logs, but you can fit several logs where you can fit only one stump. I have not seen an analysis on how many wood you collect Each time you collect from Timber; only how much XP.

    • Kay says:

      I want to know this as well. before I put the stump I was getting 12 wood and after the stump Im still getting 12!

  17. Starbeek says:

    In my game I also placed a squirrel next to Timber Smurf, but when I tap Timber Smurf I only get 60 xp.
    I bought the coin version, do you need the smurfberry version to get 75 xp?
    I'm not sure because the smurfberry version has a brown squirrel and not a grey one, but in Kyan's picture it shows a grey squirrel so how does he receive 75 xp?

  18. Oyarsa says:

    Hi there!
    I found a way to maximize the logs I have, which include mossy logs. I am getting 3300 XP with this configuration.…

    Mossy log 7 x200 = 1400
    Stump 5 x120 = 600
    Log bundle52 x25 = 1300
    Total = 3300

    When I have squirrels available, I might change some logs for them. Anyway, one squirrel gives 75 XP but the 4 logs I will need to remove for placing it are giving me 100 XP.

  19. Edmée says:

    Crops on island are not growing following original timing. Every time I leave the island the smurfs stop working. Not able to zoom out anymore on the island. Also, every time when I start timber smurf's game, the village closes down.

  20. Inna says:

    For logs i get only 15 XP not 25….on iOS,,

  21. Karol says:

    What do I have more than one smurf planting crops? It looks like I can plant more crops but it say all my smurfs are busy. I can see 2 a d3 smurfs planting the same plot. Ant ideas

  22. GvE says:

    I’m on Android and only getting 15 xp for each bundle of logs.

    Is it different for Android, has it been reduced or is it an error on this website?

  23. Cams says:

    ? – in Kyan's diagram w/ the squirrel logs, I have everything placed just as the diagram shows but my squirrel logs aren't being highlighted. Are they still being counted? I even played w/ placement of the squirrels & put them right next to his hut & they still don't highlight. Are we sure they count or is it the mossy logs that can be bought w/ sb's that they're being confused w/?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Squirrels count towards the xp but you can't see it when tapping Timber as they won't be green to mark the bonus zone.

  24. Nikki says:

    I can't put the otter in the water, help please!

  25. Meta says:

    Is there a best configuration for Sassette, Snappy and Slouchy with toys?

  26. Smurfettes blueberry says:

    When I tap Timber Smurf to get XP I have noticed that my 'log count' in Hut Customizations also increases. I have added more stumps to increase the amount of XP I get, however the amount of logs I receive for my 'log count' in Hut Customizations does not increase in the same manner. I receive the same amount as before (Before I added more stumps). Is this how it works or am I doing something wrong? I would like to increase the amount of logs I receive per day without having to go to the island to send out rafts.

  27. Shydees says:

    I tried the exact configuration of the above photos for timber smurf but I can't seem to fit all of the logs and wood into the XP area (as in when I tap on the hut most of the surrounding logs don't turn dark green that indicates the XP area)

  28. zyrian says:

    i have timber smurf’s hut in the island but is invisible and any item placed near this invisible hut disappears! Would you fix this bug in the next updates??

  29. Liz says:

    Do more logs increase the wood you get from timber smurf?

  30. Matthias says:

    What happens if you add the new logs that costs smurberries. Will XP go up with the configurations you are suggesting, or is it a waste?

  31. Chez says:

    Is there any chance of getting a tip for miner smurf as well?

  32. Deus says:

    How about adding the new mossy log? One mossy log gives 200 XP as far as I know.

  33. Jeaneymax says:

    I just lost 18 berries somehow and I tried to go to the beeline support website, but there’s no support there!?! Does anyone know where ore how to complain or get help. ?!? Or even how to get them back? Please help

  34. AusPom66 says:

    And where do you suggest the nice new mossy log is placed?

    • Sassete says:

      try to place so close to timber smurf you can if it doesnt work try on another place,

      • Betty says:

        When i tap on timber's mill, you see all logs that are in the xp-area change to a greenish color. Now i have placed the mossy log a close a possible to the mill, but it doesn't change color. Are you sure it has to be placed in the xp-area?

        • VickySmurf says:

          Im having the same problem my mossy log use to be green but when i moved timber smurf to a different location along with all my different logs it is the only thing that does not turn green despite putting it as close as possible and also trying different positions and spots that are within the range. Some please help, thank you

  35. Kyan says:

    I have a better arrangement with 7 stumps, 3 logs with squirrel and 65 logs. (ignore the squirrel on the right side)…

    65 logs bundle (25 XP)
    7 Stump (120 XP)
    3 Squirrel (75XP)
    Total: 2690 XP + original 60 XP = 2750 XP !!

    Here is the best i could come out for Harmony (drums only):…

    and for Miner, the best i believe:…

    19 big stones with moss (90XP)
    5 medium stones with moss (30XP)
    16 small stones with moss (5XP)
    Total: 1940 XP + original 200 XP = 2140 XP !!!

    • Meta says:

      Is it possible you could show a diagram of the miner? I tried setting it up but I'm short a big stones with moss and medium stones with moss

    • The Smurf Pope says:

      I just now got around to reading the whole article. I had no idea that the squirrels gave Timber Smurf XP – I thought that they just gave XP every few hours. I like your setup – any xp is good xp and I like to squeeze them for all they've got.

      Gotta rework my Timber Smurf to resemble yours. Thanks!!

    • Oyarsa says:

      Thanks for miner tip!!!

    • Oyarsa says:

      I just put a squirrel and I got 350 XP when tapping on it. But I put next to Timber and I just got 60 XP, not 75.
      Is this normal or a bug?
      I did not have yet the quest from Papa smurf where you should put a squirrel next Timber. Could be this?

      • Poet says:

        That will depend on the type of squirrel you bought. Is it the one bought with coins or berries? The berry version would give more xp.

        • Oyarsa says:

          Well, I bought a berry version and put it next to Timber for comparison. I just tapped and only 60 XP for the berry version, the same as for the coins one.


          Must be a bug.

  36. Yvonne says:

    Anyone else having a problem with your Smurf app starting over but still show your correct Level? I have had it happen twice this week. I see the conversation for the starting of a village then I get a green screen with a piece of river floating around and Papa Smurf walking around.

    Thankfully I was able to get my village back (after 3 days) since I am Level 40.

  37. mathew says:

    but it limited space effected n i only can have 58 n i upgrade hut n i m lvl 26

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