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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Timber Smurf


Timber Smurf’s mushroom can be build on level 7 for 300 Coins, it takes 24 hours to build his house and like, for example Greedy Smurf, Timber is stationary and does not walk around in the village.

He gives 120 XP and 60 Coins every twelve hours and moreover for every log or wood that is placed close to his house he gives bonus XPs. To see which logs are affected, just touch Timber’s mushroom, everything that turns green around him is within range and gives extra XP. As soon as Timber is ready to give XP/Coins, a sign appears above his house, tapping it will instantly give the bonus.
Timber does not have a mini-game.


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  1. Shannon Sly says:

    Hi! I'm level 27 now but i don't know how to upgrade my timber hut. Please tell me how to upgrade it. Thanks

  2. Coco says:


    I bought the wood stumps because the description says it gives out more wood. They are placed within the green zone but I am not receiving extra wood at all. Is this normal?

    • Jokey01 says:

      I play on the Kindle Fire. The description I see for the logs is that they help collect lots of wood, no mention about the green zone. However the three logs in the list say extra wood when placed near timber smurfs hut. I have only got the log pile and they help but I cannot say if the stumps do the same as I never bought any.

  3. Mel says:

    I am not receiving wood or stone from the mill or the mine …. is there a glitch going on right now?

    • Handy Smurf says:

      I am not sure, I just checked my game and for me it seems to work…. The last updates have been very glitchy though :(

  4. Jazmine says:

    I’m level 15 but i don’t know how to place wood around timber smurf’s hut…can someone please help me

    • Jokey01 says:

      Go into decorations then greenery, scroll down till you find the wood you want. Buy it and place near timber smurfs hut.

  5. Jitka says:

    I'm level 36, but still can't upgrade Timber Smurf's Mill. The message 'Upgrade for 7500 coins' appears in red font. When I click 'Upgrade' I recieve error message 'This upgrade is locked until the Smurfs find materials to upgrade Timber's Mill at level 26'. What shall I do to unlock it? Thank you for your help.

  6. Matt says:


    I am on level 29. Papa smurf has not asked me to send any smurfs into the Forrest yet, until he does I cannot upgrade timbers smurfs hut and access past the fallen tree for extended land. Any idea what I can do?

    • Smurfette says:

      Keep doing Papa's task on the mainland – it looks like you are way behind. There is no other way to get the land expansion.

  7. Smurfin says:

    Hi, I bought the log splitter but I only get 12 wood each time I collect. Do I need to remove a log to place it near the hut?

    • Sassy_Smurf says:

      I also get 12 extra wood, And my wood spliter is as close as possible to Timber

      • There is a large tree stump in greenery that you can put by Timber that gives you more wood. TImber gives 6 and the wood splitter doubles it. So 12 is all you get until you add the tree stumps. They are big so you can only have about 12 of them near him. And that is if you remove all the XP wood but keep the splitter. Hope this helps.

        • Belle says:

          I am now level 16 but I got no tree stump in greenery …is that a bug in android cell phone? My log splitter doesn't work, what should I do?

          • Marina_Smurf says:

            Do you need the tree stump to fullfill a quest? And I'm not sure … are you already able to collect resources from Timber Smurf? I'm not sure in which level it starts. You have to place the log splitter close to Timber's hut and everytime the bouncing wood-sign appears the log splitter gives wood, too.

      • Snuffy smurfette says:

        I forgot how to put logs down can you please tell me

        • Marina_Smurf says:

          I'm not sure I understand your problem: you open the menu, go to greenery, purchase a log for 5 coins and place it somewhere … that's it. If it's a quest from Papa Smurf you'll see his picture next to the log you need to buy.

  8. Evi says:

    how can i gain wood quickly? I'm in level 35 and have a lot of smurfywonders i still need to complete. dye and stardust are fine. but i don't gain a lot of woods

  9. Branca says:

    I'm level 55, and I don't think I have upgraded timber smurf's hut! I heard about once you upgrate his hut, his axe will become gold axe, but my timber smurf is still using a silver one, and when I tap on his hut, there's no option says i can upgrate it. How can I upgrate his hut?

    • Smurfette says:

      If you could upgrade timbers hut it would show the option when tapping on it. Its part of Papa's quests so I think you already did. Upgrading it does not change the look but removes the logs at the right side of the village and gives you an expansion
      The golden axe is available in Miner's minigame and can be purchased for if I remember correctly 20SB

  10. Nathans says:

    I am at level level 11 and have collected twice from timbermill. I noticed that the collected woods remains 0, which level i can collect the woods from timbermill? Thanks

  11. Meilina says:

    How can 'add 1 things smurfs can sit on to the village'?

  12. AmethystRuby says:

    After you have upgraded timber smurfs hut …..and have placed a ton of wood around his hut……what is the limit to how many pieces of wood you receive to go towards your resources? In one days time.

    • Smurfette says:

      You can get 6 Wood every 12 hours before upgrading and 12 wood every 12 hours after upgrading, you cannot increase the resources by playing more wood, that only works for the XP

  13. JMJ says:

    Hi. I am on level 23. My timber gives me only 6 wood every 12 hours. How do I get 12? Don't I have enough logs around? Tell me what to do?

  14. TimberSmurf says:

    My Glorious Return!

  15. Darina says:

    I am not getting any wood or rocks when i touch the buildings! Why is that? I only receive coins and XP.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You may not be at a high enough level. Resource accrual doesn't start until near the time you are given the first quest to customize a hut. I think that is between Level 16 and 19.

  16. smurfgn says:

    please help me.
    now i'm in lvl 22
    pa2 smurf asking collect 6 wood from timber and 5 stone from miner smurf
    i already click ok (pa2 smurf quest) and already play timber n miner.. but nothing i got maybe (pa2 asking same)
    is it means i must play 6 times in timber n 5 times in miner… right that?? or ??

    thx u… please help me

    • Poet says:

      Where are you getting this quest from? In the main village or the swoofs planet? And are you certain you have sufficient wood and stone? Make sure you have enough wood placed near Timber before you collect from him. Similarly, enough stones placed near Miner before you collect.

  17. smurfgn says:

    please help me..
    pa2 smurf asking me to collect 6 wood from Timber and 5 stone from miner smurt
    i already play it. (timber n miner).but nothing happen so how can i past it..?
    its that means i must play 6 times in timber n 5 times in stone??
    thx u

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No. The quest is not asking you to play the games. It is asking you to collect the resources you earn each day. You cannot hurry this task with SB. You must wait until you see the stones bouncing over Miner's hut and the logs bouncing over Timber's mill. Then tap the hammer at the lower right of your screen and make note of the number of wood and stone you have in your inventory. Return to the game screen and collect from Miner, Timber, or both. Recheck how many resources you now have in your inventory. The difference between the first and second figures represents how many woid and stone you collected.

  18. Bobby brown says:

    Will the timbers log splitter gives double the actual amt of woods fr 12 Tim 24? Or it just like the stump gives extra Xp only

  19. Sam says:

    My Android app upgraded this week and has been acting strangely since. For one, Papa Smurf has told me to collect wood from Timber. I've done so at least 3 times already and nothing happens. There is still a giant blue arrow hovering over Timber Smurf's hut. Not sure what I'm doing wrong …

    • Stroumpfette says:

      That sounds like an old bug. it most-likely will go away when you level up. You can also ask Beeline about it on their support portal at

  20. none says:

    what happens if u upgrde timbers hut ???! his axe is gonna be gold inatead of silver and that means he gives wood quicker?? or what

  21. grace says:

    hi! im level 31 and papa smurf's ask me to put a SQUIRREL'S LOG next to timber smurf's mill.. so, where can i find such log? been looking for it for the past week…thanks

  22. Jeff says:

    does anyone know how much extra xp/coins the mossy logs that cost 12 smurberries each give? Im wondering if it is worth purchasing a few of these and placing them near Timbersmurfs hut. If no one knows for sure, I will buy one and post he results here, so please let me know if you would like to know as well. If no one else has the answer or is interested in the answer, I dont want to take the chance on wasting 12 smurfberries.

    • Smurfette says:

      It gives you 450 XP when you place it and 150 XP from Timber (every 12 hours).

    • Caryn says:

      I bought it for a bunch of smurfberries and it does nothing for me. I placed next to timber smurf and when i tap on him every other wood piece is darker but not the mossy log. Ive tried it in several locations. I am on level 30 , ive upgraded timber smurf. In the info about the item it says to place near timbers mill. And it can, not will, only "can" give xp. It was a waste for me!!!!

  23. lucia says:

    hi.. i am in level 27 and i can’t not yet upgrade timber house.

    i only have to wait to complete.all the papa smurf ask?



    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you have already completed Papa's quests, it is possible it is a bug/glitch. Report it to Beeline at

  24. Smurfovic says:

    Does the tree stump give extra wood?

    • Smurfovic says:


    • Stroumpfette says:

      It appears not to. I have several stumps, and the max wood I get is still 12.

      • SmurfBlue_069 says:

        Hello All,

        I believe that the stump (despite the build menu claim of extra wood) only gives +120 xp for each, but no extra wood, and the wood bundles only give +25 xp. I guess its only effect is to increase your global effect [the sum of all xp] that determines how much wood you get.

        Mind you, 12 wood every 6 hours does add up pretty quickly…

        • fran says:

          How How do u get wood every 6 hrs? I'm level 30, with the hut upgrade and log splitter. Did u place splitter wrong?

  25. Smurfovic says:

    Is 12 wood the maximum you get from timber? Or do the stumps give you extra wood each time, like it says in the buildmenu?

  26. Ali says:

    Im in level 28 , I can't upgreade timber smurf's hut , when i want to upgreade it's tell me
    (( LOCKED : this upgreade is locked until the smurfs find materials to upgreade timber's mill at level 26 ))
    Now im in level 28 and im not founded , what can i hapen please ?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Not sure why this is happening. You should contact Beeline at and open a support ticket.

    • kuharaj says:

      I am having the same problem and i am also at level 28 now. Can't upgrade timber smurf hut.

      • Stroumpfette says:

        Open a ticket with Beeline Support. During Level 26, there are supposed to be a couple of quests that allow you to upgrade Timber Smurf's hut for 7500 coins. If the game isn't letting you upgrade, there must be some sort of bug/glitch. You can reach them at

    • TimberSmurf says:

      Do you have 7500? If so, Glitch/ bug

      • Katy says:

        I also have the same problem. Can anyone tell me what the upgrade does ?

        • Stroumpfette says:

          The articles from April 24 forward explain what features are contained in the upgrade.

    • Tom says:

      I think I have the soultution for your problem!
      I'm at level 26 and the key is papa smurf!
      You have to comleat his task(send 5 smurf for I think for 72h for materials!)
      So if you havent done papas tasks you wont be able to upgrade!
      I still have to wait 37h from the task but ill write again….

  27. Kyle says:

    Look for the logs. They're a buy able item

  28. Mai says:

    Papa smurf, ask me to collect 10 woods for handys invention. How do i get those 10 woods?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Collect from Timber or purchase.

      • angelica says:

        I've collected several times, but nothing happens( Quest is not complete ( the arrow above timber smurf hut is blinking all the time( please help

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          I think you have to get 10 wood in one time. If you're level 26 you can upgrade Timber after a quest. The he will give you 12 wood each time.
          You might get 20 wood from Lucky. That can complete the quest ass well.

  29. Kim says:

    "Timber smurf's hut was carried away by a beaver. Let's build new one!???" What is it? I could build new timber hut, but could not upgrade it. Actually I already have something in extended land from previous timber smurf upgrade, so the app is closed automatically when I tried to upgrade timber smurf's hut again. I'm on Lv.40 and iOS user. What should I do?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I'm guessing that shouldn't have happened. Recover your data to a time when Timber Smurf's hut was properly in place. Go to Options, tap Papa's head 16 times, tap Recover Village, and preview the data files that come up.

  30. Blah says:

    The new Christmas decorations don't say if it was a seasonal decor or not and 2 of them say give extra xp they have not ever gave me xp why???

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The temporary decorations clearly state that they are temporary. Usually the ones that cost SBs are permanent, though I'm not sure if that is how this update is coded. If some items are not giving promised XP, open a ticket with Beeline and let them know you're having issues:

  31. Marti says:

    How many XP gives mossy log? Is it worth buying?

  32. gary says:

    u said "everything that turns green around him is within range", is there any way to enlarge this range?

  33. Marti says:

    Wiat gives mossy log? Is it worth buying?

  34. Mart says:

    How many XP gives mossy log? Is it worth buying? I got from lucky squirrel log, do i have put it near timber hut? Now i have it next to sanctuary and it gives XP…

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Do not submit your questions more than once. It only makes our responses take longer for everyone else when we have to read through duplicates submitted. Thank you.

      • Marti says:

        Sorry but I fought that is something wrong with adding comments or my internet connection. I wated almost a day just to see my comment…

        • Stroumpfette says:

          It’s ok. We are staffed with volunteers, and our volunteers are from around the world, so sometimes it takes a little while before someone is available to answer the questions, and with America’s Thanksgiving weekend, some of us weren’t online as much as we are usually.

  35. LMS says:

    What does it mean "get from timber smurf" ? I click on it. When there is woods sign it gives expirience but not wood. Am I wrong?

  36. Laura says:

    I'm level 25 and Papa Smurf has requested that I collect 10 pieces of wood. I have gathered more than 10 by using the rafts and collecting from Timber Smurf. However it still does not give me credit towards the quest. Is there something else I should be doing? Help!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Please be patient until someone can answer your question. Submitting the same question more than once only slows down the process of reviewing, answering, and approving the comments in the queue. I'm not familiar with the update as I play on the Android platform (and our update hasn't yet been released). A moderator who plays on iOS will be able to answer you soon.

      • Laura says:

        I apologize for posting twice. When I submitted the first post, I was not sure if I did it right because I didn't have my name with it. Therefore I sent it the second time with my name, only to realize the first post had gone through. Sorry, I'm new to this! :O)

        • Marco Smurf says:

          Is OK Laura, but anyway welcome to the club :).
          In order to gather wood you can either get them from Timber Smurf, as gifts from friends, as rewards from Lucky Smurf, from a Wood Raft Voyage or by buying them for Smurfberries. I personally got them from luck smurf I was lucky enough to get them the first time. Many players arre complaining anout this problem, but I think if you try other method you may pass this quest.

    • Pierre says:

      I bougietje 100 wood for 5 smurfberries and it worked.

    • ian says:

      tap timber smurfs hut…i had to do it twice because timber gives me 7 logs per tap…i also think that putting logs around timbers hut will increase the number of logs to be collected…and collecting logs from raft does not work..because papa smurf gives different quest in different locations(main island,island) have to do it in the main island…

  37. elin says:

    I got a quest from Papa smurf a few days ago and I don't know how to do it. It says "Collect 10 woods" but when I touch Timber smurf's hut it doesn't work. How do I collect woods if I'm not able to get it from Timber surf? I can't get from rafts either because it's not the same quests at the island

    • Marco Smurf says:

      you can gather wood either from Timber Smurf, as gifts from friends, as rewards from Lucky Smurf, from a Wood Raft Voyage or by buying them for Smurfberries. try it again it may work this time

  38. Karin says:

    Papa smurf told me to place a squirrel's lodge near timbers mill but i have not enough space for it (level 31). Is it possible to remove other items so i get space for THE lodge?

  39. mary says:

    Hi everyone!!

    I'm on level 8 and Pappa Smurf tells me to put logs in the village in order to have smurfs somewhere to sit…i don't know how can i make or buy this logs…do you have any idea??

  40. Leona says:

    does anyone have or nowhere to find a diagram for placing stones around the mill and wood around the timbermill to receive maximum exp?

  41. Nat says:

    Hi everyone, What do I do with the mossy log? It cost 12 smurfberries but I can't seem to make it work.

  42. Jojo says:

    Halfway thru level 27, beaver takes away timber hut and papa surf asked to rebuid the village. lost half of my smurf and no boat to visit islands too. What do i do?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a recover village button appears. Press it and you will see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's yours press recover.

  43. Shydees says:

    I have timber and miner smurfs huts on the far right side of my village, so when I click on them the pop up covers them is there a way to see the entire XP area without moving them? I really like where I have them located but I just can't see the XP area.

    • Jason says:

      Move as far as you can to the right and then quickly press on their huts. It should slide over more so that you can see the rest.

  44. smurfypal says:

    I'm on Level 27, and have an INVISIBLE TIMBER SMURF HUT on the ISLAND! Too funny. Only knew it was there at night when a mysterious glowing window was in the middle of nowhere on the edge of the screen.
    Have moved it so i know where it is now to click on it, and yes, it gives me timber and coins! But…isn't really there…
    Any clues as to why? I've had extra garden beds appear randomly on the mainland before, but this is the strangest thing yet… :-)

  45. Sabrina says:

    Why does my tracker smurf always say is away and i do have a internet connection.

  46. Sabrina says:

    Ive done a expansion on my main village a couple of times and ive found what looks like another timber smurf hut it doest do nothing can anyone help

  47. marcosos says:

    why I get only 30 coins and 60 exp?

  48. aLLy says:

    why does i have three timber smurf hut ??
    as far as i remember, i'm just moving log and then the application exit… when i open it again, i saw two timber smurf hut… and i did it again for the second time… that's why i had three of them… they are giving me coins and XP's each…

  49. Dutch Papa Smurf says:

    I m at level 31 Papa smurf said buy a squirrel let's get timber a squirrel 2750 xp buy a squirrel's log and place it next to timber's smurf mill. I bought a squirrel for 20000 but there is no space next to the timber's mill so i placed the squirrel on an empty place most next to timber's mill. The message of papa smurf is still buy a squirrel. How can i solve this?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Remove some logs next to Timber, place the squirrel and if you wish you can change it.

      • Dutch Papa Smurf says:

        How can i remove the logs? Must i first buy the squirrel again?

        • Sassete says:

          To remove the logs go to the shop and then can you se a small mushroom house in the left corner tap on the mushroom and you are going to se a view over the village you are now in moving mode. I think you only need to take a squirrel you have and put next to him and if that doesnt work you need to buy a new one for 20,000 coins

  50. Mona karim says:


    Please tell me what should i do for sluchy in iland:

    Gather 6 pieces of wood using raft.



    • Sassete says:

      there are speciall wood reaft tours you can send out your rafts on look in the bottom of the raft tour list and you should find it

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