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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Timber Smurf


Timber Smurf’s mushroom can be build on level 7 for 300 Coins, it takes 24 hours to build his house and like, for example Greedy Smurf, Timber is stationary and does not walk around in the village.

He gives 120 XP and 60 Coins every twelve hours and moreover for every log or wood that is placed close to his house he gives bonus XPs. To see which logs are affected, just touch Timber’s mushroom, everything that turns green around him is within range and gives extra XP. As soon as Timber is ready to give XP/Coins, a sign appears above his house, tapping it will instantly give the bonus.
Timber does not have a mini-game.


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  1. farmersmurfette says:

    Since getting Architect Smurf on the island I’ve had a mysterious xp bubble every so often in the ocean by the palm tree left of the raft hut. Well, yesterday I got the quest to make Brainy harvest something from the palm trees and when clicking the palm tree by the mysterious xp bubble I noticed a green box shaped outline in the ocean. I “Moved” the outline box to the sand and it remained invisible. Today I clicked on the box and then again to the right of it as though it were a special smurf hut and got a pop-up saying ‘timber smurfs hut not available for upgrade until the smurfs locate his special tools quest in level 26’..basically the same pop up you get in the village before upgrade was eligible. Anyone else experiencing a fantom timber hut on the island? I should add I’m level 26, already upgraded village timber house to get rid of the fallen tree to the far right and im an android :) thanks!

  2. xpepepex says:

    How much wood does he give?

  3. Poet says:

    It shouldn't be the case. Timber Smurf is set to give wood only once every 12 hours.

  4. xpepepex says:

    Timber Smurf is also giving me wood every twelve hours (it gives me 12 pieces of wood), but my friend gets less when she taps on Timber Smurf. Do you know why this difference? Is there an amount of wood that Timber Smurf gives that varies with the level? Is it related to the amount of wood in his surroundings?

  5. Ahmed says:

    How to upgrade timber

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      First Papa Smurf gives you a quest to get Timber's materials, then you can upgrade him for 7500 gold, I think.

  6. Camilkie says:

    How to collect wood (papa's quest). I have a lot of woodnear timber,but nothing happend. And i'm stuck:/

    • Brainy says:

      send out 24h voyage for wood. There are few 24h voyage, need to pick the right one. Read the voyage descriptions.

  7. Dacry says:

    I am only getting 120xp and 60 coins from timber smurf when i collect but i have 4 stumps and 53 of the 6 log bundles arond him they are all in the green area, when hi-lighted. ??

    • Pat says:

      I'm suspecting the stumps do not give xp. I added two stumps a couple days ago. When touching 'flag' for xp, I do not see the numbers as with the logs. When reading what the stumps offer before purchase with coins, the wording does not indicate a payout. Anyone else notice this?

  8. Kaja says:

    I am Level 17 and can already upgrade Timber Smurfs hut for 7500. But I spend my money on buying new crop seeds :(

    • jack72027 says:

      im really annoyed i am level 26 and i can not upgrade timber smurfs hut do you know how to do it. (android)

      • Brainy says:

        If I remember it correctly, it should be coming soon for your level so be patience.

        • alex says:

          so the material will be update soon or…?
          cause i already in level 25 to lvl 26 because their quest said lvl26 can do it..but i now lvl 26 still can't.

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            You need to complete the quests Papa Smurf is giving you now in order to start to look for Timber's materials.

  9. Bowlfullofcherries says:

    I've recently placed a shed near Timber Smurf's hut and recieve extra coins when collecting xp and coins from him. What other objects give bonus coins/xp besides the special deals, logs and rocks when placed near 'special smurf' mushrooms?

    • Brainy says:

      did know that. I only place logs, tree stumps, squirrels around timber hut to get bonus xp. Tap on timber hut to see which items turn green, only green items will give bonus xp. Re-arrange the items around timber hut to maximize bonus xp.

      • Bowlfullofcherries says:

        Right, but the shed doesn't change color. I'm not even sure that it's within the effected area. And now I'm not sure that I'm getting coins- I think it's six pieces of wood each time. The shed cost three smurfberries so I really hope it's the wood and not six coins I've been getting.

        Can anyone confirm this?

  10. Zenn says:

    collect wood from timber smurfs… i tried 2 times.. but the quest still not completed?? anybodyt can help?

  11. periwinkle says:

    Every time i finished a level, i cannot build a new house. and there are 5 houses under a stone bridge. everytime i zomm in, it turns to timber smurf’s house. and i cannot delete them. when i upgraded it today, 2 new houses under the bridge appear. and when i zoom it again it says brainy smurfs beach house.

    • Sassete says:

      I actually dont know what bridge you are talking about but have you tried to rebot your device you dont write if you play on android or ios we should need more information and maybe a picture

      • periwinkle says:

        I am an android user. i updated the game on the latest released version. after the update the bridge turned to a big plot of soil. and everytime i zoom the screen, the plot turns to timbur smurfs house. where can i send the screenshot? I cannot build a new house everytime i level up. thanks for replying?

  12. smurffan says:

    hihi…i have timber smurf's hut in the island but is invisible. So, should island have a timber smurf's hut too??

  13. Margie says:

    How do I place handy huts shop , on the island papa smurf told me to place the architecture thing and it says I have to place handy shop first how do I do this ??

  14. René says:

    I upgraded timbermill from single logs to piles of logs, wher do you people place de left over 80 replaced single logs?

    • Poet says:

      How did you get 80 over single logs? In any case, you can just delete the logs or move it to a storage hut if you have it.

      • René says:

        first: How do you delete the logs, or anything else in this game. That would be helpefull.
        second: You can place 80 or so logs in the green area around the sawmill. then I bought the piles of wood to replace them to get more XP so I'am left with 80 logs.
        When I upgrade to the stumps of wood I will have the same probleme again. :-(
        What is the greatest number of stumps you can place in the green area?

        • René says:

          You can fit 11 stumps of wood and an additional 12 piles arround timbermill within the green boundery.

    • René says:

      never thought of simply deleting the logs, thank you

  15. Brainy says:

    put logs, stumps around timber hut. The tree stumps gives more xp than log bundles and log bundles gives more xp than single log.
    Timber hut has a "bonus xp radius" . Tap on timber hut and see which logs turn green. Only green ones give bonus xp.

  16. polaris says:

    I'm at Level 22 now and already I see the Upgrade Timber Smurf option when I tap on it. If I upgrade it now, do I immediately get that extra space that other commenters spoke of? Or I will only get it after completing Papa's quest at Level 26?

    And do we get double the amount of coins and XP every 6 hours after the upgrade, since it says get twice amount after upgrade?

    I'm playing in Android. Thanks!

  17. polaris says:

    I didn't know I could get 60 coins and 120XP until now, because I've been getting only 30 coins each time, and with 20 logs around Timber Smurf. I don't know how much XP I get though, as it's hard to track given it goes by percentage on the bar.

    Does anyone know why am I getting so little coins? To think i've missed out all the coins for so long!! Thanks in advance!

    I'm playing on Android.

  18. Danilo says:

    I have a little bug on my island.
    I have Timber Smurf on my island, but i don't see the timber's mushroom, just i can touch her house when the bonus is up.
    Thanks for answers?

    PS: i'm on android 4.0.3

    • jsolomo says:

      I have the same problem…I also have 2 timber smurfs in my main village. I just updated and they are both still there.

      • Brainy says:

        Having 2 timber smurfs is not normal and u dont know what will happen when beeline comes out with something for timber.
        U need to restore your village. If u wait too long, all the "good saved village" will be lost. The game keeps about 20 saved village.

  19. Joy says:

    I have problem with the fonts on Timber and Miners Smurf. The time seems to overlap with the words of Timber and Miners Smurfs. Will these be fixed? I have both problems in IPhone and in my IPad. Will Beeline fix these glitches?

    • Brainy says:

      I've never seen this problem and haven't seen anyone else having this problem. Contact beeline and see what they say

    • ces594 says:

      I have the same problem on my iPad. Also I still can't upgrade Timbers Hut and I'm at lvl 28.

  20. wan says:

    currently I am in level 35 and I just suddenly found out that there is an upgrade on the timber, what are the things I need to buy to upgrade since when I try to upgrade it says unlock it until level 26. because of that I can extend my village

    Please explain how?

    • Poet says:

      There's no real upgrade…that's just the christmas quest to unlock the land to the east. Simply complete Papa Smurf's quests to get the land.

  21. Miyanti says:

    I'm reach at level 26 now, but why the large logs still crossed in my land, how to clear it?
    I also wanto to upgrade my timber hut, but it said that if the smurf can find the material so I can up grade my timber, what is the material?

    • Poet says:

      That is just a quest to complete…simply send your smurfs out for the duration that Papa Smurf asks you to do, and once they return, the logs will be cleared, and you will have your extra land to the east.

  22. Rich says:

    I have suddenly noticed that I can 'upgrade' Timber Smurfs hut for 7500 coin. What does this upgrade give me? I haven't had any specific quests from Papa smurf indicating I can or should do this? Is this upgrade what gives me the extra space all the way to the right on my mainland village?

    • Brainy says:

      upgrade will remove the logs and give u more land on right side. There used to be a bug that u should wait for papa quest on next level to upgrade, but I think they already fixed the issue.

      • Rich says:

        Sweet, thanks! I’m going to wait until I have a little more of a buffer of coins (I’m always spending them lol) before I do that, tho. 😉

  23. jules says:

    what s does the new upgrade to timber smurf

  24. ashley flem says:

    So, ive read all the questions and comments. I am still confused on the “stump.” I placed it “near” timber smurfs hut.. no xp when it was time.. i moved it away… no xp.. whats it’s purpose? Can i put logs in it and have slot? Or something? I just dont get it. It takes up alot of space…

    • Brainy says:

      stumps should give you more xp then logs or bundle. I only have stumps around timber hut , no logs.

      • ashley flem says:

        Well, that may be true but i am not getting xp. I havent had any problems with this game until i upgraded to the island version. Then stump is in range and it lights up green but no xp pops up over it when i go to collect my daily xp

      • Francis says:

        I have 11 stumps (120 xp ea) and 49 bundles at 30 xp each (I think) plus timber smurf hut. I get 2910 xp every time. I am at level 31. However, good luck putting all that around. It took me 2 hrs of trial and error.

  25. hakem says:

    add me khalid5444323

  26. Maggy says:

    I just Bought the big log of 650 coins, but it deducted from me 5 smurfberries and the 650! Did it happen with anyone before?

    Do you think it is coming from the new update? And is it possible to contact beeline about it?

    • Brainy says:

      Never seen that. Contact beeline and see what they say. It takes a few days for them to get back

      • Maggy says:

        Thanks brainy, I sent them an email, will wait and see.
        I am afraid to loose more smurfberries if I buy something else :(

  27. Little smurf says:

    How much does it cost to upgrade timbers hut?

    • Smurfette says:

      I am not sure anymore, if I remember correctly it was 15000 Coins. But just tap on his house, it will say you how much it costs once you get to the quest to upgrade him.

      • muile says:

        i got a question about timber smurf. I'm lvl 26 now but to get the quest to expand te village on the right side (remove the wood ) i need to talk to papa smurf. but i only get quests from him if i'm on the island…otherwise he just says. let's go to the island….and the questst he is giving in the iland are quite stupid…just little questes. Is it also normal that i don't get any quests from dreamy smurf? i needed to help him to build a submarine…2 times. than i the lettre with marco smurf and there it stopped… already thanks for the respond smurfette. ( btw sorry if my english isn't perfect, i'm from belgium )

    • smurfvi says:

      7500 coins

      • memcer's village says:

        I m at 26. level and I have 7500 coins bu I cant upgrade timber mill :( haw can I do this??? please help

  28. shyomis says:

    is there an update for timber smurf ?

  29. Lizad says:

    Do the tree stumps give xp?

  30. Lizad says:

    I have just bought 3 tree stumps and placed them so that they turn green near timber smurf, but they do not give me xp, is this correct? I thought that they would give xp, what is the point of them?

  31. Nae says:

    I am in level 28 and could buy the stump to help Timber smurf collect lots of wood…..does it give you coin OR xp?? I haven't noticed anything:s

  32. blueitiger says:

    I have just achieved level 27, sent the 5 smurfs out of the village ages ago, have installed the new update 1.1.7but i cant update timber smurf to get rid of those logs & get more space – any ideas?

  33. Oatkrunch says:

    Im half way at level 26, but papa smurf still have not tell me to upgrade my timber for more space.What is wrong?

  34. Puz2elaar says:

    I’m in level 26 and 5 smurfs went away for 72 hours to get stuff for Timber. Before they returned I installed version 1.1.7. When the quest was completed, papa smurf said that I could update timber. This option is not available, I only see the time after which the logs will give new XP.

    I also have problems with not getting dreamy and posted a problem for that in the dreamy-section. Maybe they are related because of the update? Please help me.

    • Smurfette says:

      The "island" questline has taken priority, meaning that the quest to upgrade will come as soon as you have finished those tasks.

      • Puz2elaar says:

        As I’ve written before the quest was completed and papa smurf told me I could upgrade Timber. Is the possibility to upgrade delayed or will I get the same quest again?..

        • Smurfette says:

          As i said before in my answer, the island questline has now taken priority, meaning the upgrade task will come back as soon as you have finished the island tasks. The upgrade tasks consist of two tasks, the one is "gathering wood for tools for timber" which you have completed, the second one is to upgrade timber's hut, which will, as I said, come back.

          • Puz2elaar says:

            OK, thanks for your help. The second part of the quest I haven’t seen yet. I will wait for that.

  35. maraxion says:

    Hi. i read somewhere that squirrel logs would give xp with timber smurf. got to level 29 today, but the logs dont sem to get dark. so is the information falce?

  36. Brian says:

    I reached level 26 and after a few of the Valentine’s quests, I was able to do the Timber Smurf upgrade. When the large logs were cleared, the game left two “chunks” behind. It appears to be a glitch. Should the entire row of logs have disappeared completely? Anyone else have parts of the logs remaining? Can someone confirm that all of the logs are gone?

    In those areas where the logs piecies remain, there were items up against them at the time of the upgrade (rocks, plants, trees, etc.). Not sure if that caused the glitch…

  37. Alota says:

    Hi, I cannot upgrade timber smurfs house. I am in level 26 and my five smurfs came back from the quest yesterday. When I tap on timber smurfs it says only that timbers wood can be exchanged for extra coins twice per day. What is wrong? What can I do to do the upgrade and get the land expansion on the east?

    • Smurfette says:

      After the quest, have you gotten a quest to upgrade Timber's House? Only when that quest comes up will you be able to do it. I think that it s possible that the Valentine's Day questline has taken priority, meaning that the quest to upgrade will come as soon as you have finished those tasks. At least that is how it was handled with the Christmas quests.

  38. Alota says:

    I am in level 26 and my 5 smurfs came back from the 72 hour quest but I still cannot upgrade timber’s mill (and yes, I tap at timerb’s mill) it only says timber smurfs wood can be exchanged for extra coins twice per day. What can I do? Has anyone else this problem?

    • Smurfette says:

      The upgrade button is at the bottom of the window that tells you how long until you get extra coins again. Also, are you sure it was the correct quest? Did it say they were out to gather tools for timber? Also, try restarting your device, that might solve this issue as well.

  39. Elsa says:

    papa smurf said to up-grade the timber hut – so I did. Now I see that all the very thick tree tunks on the edge of the cliff have gone, and I have lots more free space. Is this free space really true – or will it be removed in the near future? i.e. if I place stuff there will it still be there later?

    • Smurfette says:

      yes, the space is permanent. There is an error at the moment where others (like neighbours/random village) can not see the space and the items you place there, but that should be fixed with the coming updates. But the space will not be removed, do not worry.

  40. maraxion says:

    I built timber smurf in te middle of my crop field. this worked great, but when i needed more place i had to move him. after i did that all the smurfs seem to run to this spot when not gardening. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. to be more specifik, if the mill is a logical gathering aerea, or if its only the sitting logs that attract them. anyone that has replaced all.logs with stumps, please speak up. because if its the mill itself and not the logs, i might alter tje setup.

    • Smurfette says:

      It is because of the sitting logs, if the smurfs have nothing to do they will walk around and sit down, and if you have placed many sitting logs around timber most of them will walk there.

  41. shayan says:

    haw can i change timber smurfs place??????

    plzzzzzzz help me?

  42. Ranga Lal says:

    Hi, can you help me with the best arrangement for Timber smurf please? I have 17k coins + 6 tree stubs. I want to purchase additional but not sure for best layout. If you could help with this then that would be awesome. Please, thanks.

    Ranga Lal

  43. Leen says:

    The bunch of smurfs already came back, but I still cannot upgrade Timber's mill. How do you do it?

  44. Gramma says:

    I read on Facebook that someone upgraded Timber Smurf and go more land. How do you upgrade Timber?

  45. jessica says:

    how do i store my wood in timber smurfs new stump?

    • Smurfette says:

      Just buy it in the shop and place it near his hut.

      • Trevor Bauer says:

        that doesn't help. The stump is near his hut but that doesn't allow me to add more logs or get any points for the farthest piles from the hut. What's the catch?

        • Smurfette says:

          The stump gives you extra XP when you get some from Timber, however, it does not turn green. Other then that you can buy the logs in the shop and place them near timbers hut (not the stump, it has nothing to do with him). But you will only get extra XP for a specific number of logs (like the article says, all that turn green give extra XP). If you do not have enough space near timbers hut you might have to remove the big stump.

  46. Ton says:

    I have no logs in the shop? Anybody else with this problem? I,m level 10

    • Smurfette says:

      Of course you have logs, everyone has them. But they are not in the first shop, but in the second one (with the flower icon). There are two kinds, a single log for 10 Coins and a stack of logs for 650 Coins. They are not at the beginning, you have to scroll through the shop a little to find them.

  47. michelle c says:

    I have soooo many logs thanks to Marco smurf. How many are the max number of logs that can be correctly placed around Timber smurf to make all the logs work

  48. Guest says:

    When I replace the single logs with the pile of logs (cost 650 gold) I still only get 60XP every 12 hours :(…am I suppose to get more or these piles are of useless value :(..

    • Handy_Smurf says:

      The single logs only give you about 15xp if im correct and the pile of logs give you 60XP so everything is working well for you.

    • Mathilde says:

      Same here. Timber smurf is giving me only 60XP and 30 coins, no matter how many logs and/or what kind of logs are placed within range of him. I now have 14 single logs and 3 piles of logs. See no point in getting any more…

      • Mustela says:

        The 60xp and 30c are what you get for the timber mill itself which is extra to to the 2xp you get for single logs and 15xp for each bundle

  49. larry says:

    This may be a silly question but can someone plz tell me how do you find timber or logs? Thanx

  50. yousuf says:

    i have placed alot of logs , put it give the same xp and coins :(

    • Smurfette says:

      When Timber gives you his XP (tap on his house to see a counter for the next time) all logs and wood around him gives extra XP, that is not only does Timber but also the logs give you XP. Otherwise the logs would only give you XP the one time you place them

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