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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Totem pole in the Smufs village


In the recent 1.1.9 update along with Harmony Smurf’s Mini-Game the   M.I.A.B (Message In A Bootle) system bugs were corrected. Players can finally with confidence tackle the message-in-a-bottle quests knowing that they will not disappear the following day. The MIAB system is now working flawlessly the way it was intended. Every single Friday afternoon at 4pm EST a new message in a bottle will appear floating on players’ island shorelines. Since all of the bugs have been fixed associated with this feature users can easily complete bottle tasks and earn their just rewards.

For those not familiar with the MIAB system it was originally designed as a way for players to earn the coveted totem pole. The totem pole is not an item available in the build menu. It has to be constructed by collecting the core pieces. Rewards for successfully accomplishing bottle themed quests usually result in one of these essential pieces. Each week players have an opportunity to collect one of the essential pieces. Once all of the parts have been earned users will automatically have a functional totem pole to control the weather. This unique item possesses the ability to make it rain like a call to the ancient Gods above. It’s very cool.

Message-in-a-bottle quests delegate four different tasks that must be completed within so many hours. These lengthy timed missions can vary from harvesting large number of crops to sending smurfs out on rafting journeys. The sooner they are completed the faster a player will receive their reward. Smurfberries can be used to speed up the process. Although using this option in the past has resulted in the loss of precious berries, the glitches contributing to that problem has been solved. Unfortunately, there will be no refund for players that have lost their Smurfberries when the MIAB system wasn’t working. Players can confidently expedite their bottle tasks using berries if they want to without the fear of the quest randomly switching on them or their totem piece suddenly disappearing.

To make up for the MIAB debacle, Beeline has increased the drop rate for the first totem piece allowing every user who completes their initial bottle quest to snag a totem pole segment as a reward. There’s also an option to instantly complete your totem pole. Once a player’s first piece is placed they can tap on it to prompt a menu with a finish now tab. It costs 100 Smurfberries for each totem part. If a user only has one segment then it will take 300 berries to instantly finish. This feature is handy for those players who have the berries to spare. The MIAB system should be a fun and interesting addition to the game now. It’s time for players to truly rule their villages and make it rain, literally.


With the latest version (Lucky Smurf Island Update, version 1.3.7 on iOS) it is now also possible to win a piece of the totem pole from Lucky Smurf’s Wheel of Fortune (for more information please read the article about Lucky Smurf).

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  1. Smurfyfan says:

    Completed my totem pole ages ago but I just realized that it's missing. I don't remember deleting it though. Any chance it can be recovered? And I just received a MIAB quest for the totem pole piece again…

    • Smurfette says:

      It can't be deleted, this sounds lika data corruption. You could look into the backups and restore your game from a backup point that still had the totem pole but as it is likely that this did not happen just now but rather some time ago this will most likely not work.
      I think the only thing you can do is complete it again

  2. island says:

    I don't get pieces from message in a bottle anymore, am I the only one?
    I only have one piece.

  3. laura says:

    Just completed my totem pole. Is there any benefit to controlling the rain, or is it just cosmetic?

  4. lynne says:

    ive played and won three pieces of the totem pole but it says I only have one piece and there's three more to retrieve. I need help with this. Any Advise?

    • Smurfette says:

      You should open a ticket with Beeline support. You can reach them here:

  5. emerald says:

    I accidently deleted my first totem piece but i want to know what the flag does i have 2 of them and i dont understand what they are for

  6. maey says:

    how many pieces are needed to complete the totem pole?

  7. CiaoMei says:

    after i finish previous 3 parts of totem
    never get the final part on the Lucky Smurf's wheel. and no bottle message for it.
    i suspect there are some problems with the algorithms about the final part of totem.
    it seems i cant finish the totem anymore.

    • Sassete says:

      For some players it feels like it take ages to complete the totem pole but let it take the time you need you dont need to hurry, the totem pole doesnt do anything speciall anyway

  8. Melissa says:

    Can you have more than one totem pole? I first got a quest for the first piece a long time ago, talking probably a half a year or more. I was able to complete it to have the first piece. Then I got two pieces from lucky's wheel, but never got anymore from the MIAB quest again. I still do not have the top piece (last piece) and now finally I got a MIAB quest for a piece, but it is showing the picture of the first piece (bottom piece).

    • Poet says:

      No, you can only have 1 totem pole. Although it shows on Lucky's wheel, you will realize the pointer will never stop at the totem if it is detected you have already completed the Totem pole.

      • Melissa says:

        Once I finish this MIAB quest that I am currently on it will give me the last piece and be done even if in the quest it is showing piece one? I am excited to finally have it finished after months. Thanks for your answer.

  9. Kitty says:

    I got one piece of the totem pole on my first message in a bottle but now it seems like I will never even get the second piece. Does anybody know what is going on or how to fix it?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Beeline is aware there is an issue with MIAB. The missions for the totem pole are spread throughout the levels. And it doesn't give all of the quests for the totem or Clockwork in sequence, but it will eventually give enough quests so you can complete it.

      • Kiwichickadee says:

        Thanks for that reply to Kitty's question Stroumpfette :). I thought something must have gone wrong during the last update when I skipped a level because I still only have the one totem piece and get other MIAB quests. Really don't need another gate though. I'm starting my second MIAB for a yellow gate. Wish we could have some options for other items. Maybe in a future upgrade. Might suggest that to Beeline.

  10. Ann says:

    Finally I completed a totem :)

  11. clumsy says:

    i already finished the 1st quest in the MIAB..but no totem given…:( what should i do?

    I havent see MIAB for 2weeks..:(

  12. No hang-ups says:

    With 16 slots on the island they ask me to crop 17 tomatoes within 15 hours for the second pice of the totem pole. Is that fair?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Are you able to upgrade any of your huts to add another smurf? If so, you could add other plots to grow the tomatoes in one group.

      • No hang-ups says:

        No all are upgraded ( with money), I need at least one smurfberrie to compleat the task. I did not compleat the task. Now again I am on the second task of the totem pole. This time they asked me to send a smurf 8 hours on a raft. Thats fair.

    • :-) says:

      Just speed back your device time by several hours, it will give you more time to complete the quest.And then you change the time by 8 hours to the future, plant one more tomato and speed it up again

    • Guest says:

      Your so wrong

  13. TozBianca says:

    My MIAB works just fine now and has for a couple of updates but my totem pole only has three parts to it and there doesn't seem to be a quest to find that last piece anymore. Anyone else waiting for that last piece?

      • georgie says:

        same story here. I do have two parts, but the last one is missing, and the quests in the bottle are never with this last reward. I have a feeling they just stopped doing it…

    • Charliesmam14 says:

      I am still in need of two parts to complete my totem pole.I am at max on level 54 and over the last 3 months I have become the proud owner of 5 gates and 7 flags from the MIAB I am beginning to to think I will never complete the totem.

  14. ..... says:

    I am on the Halloween update and my Miab is still not working! When will it be fixed?

  15. BamaJohnston says:

    Tonight my MIAB was on the screen about 10 minutes and then it disappeared. I didn't have time to start the first task. I saw a green rocking chair for the reward, it would have been great! This bug still exists.

  16. Lollipop says:

    I have three parts of the totem… After a update the MIAB only have quests for that robot…

    Will I ever complete the totem?

    When I press it, I can’t even buy the last missing part…

  17. Elviana says:

    I have the same problems with the MIAB as all of you but does anyone on here ever answer our questions^

  18. Diane Aspinall says:

    Can you still receive Totem Pole pieces from the M.I.A.B. quest ? I only have 1 piece to go and I would be very disappointed as I have done every bottle quest unless the have disappeared which has happen on a couple of occasions.

  19. gayle4ce says:

    Now that I got 1 friend ( <Joel>81 ) for this Smurfs game it won't let me bring him up

  20. MaTan says:

    my message in a bottle disappear in the middle of a task, each time i try to get marco back it says i need to update apps but i already updated.

  21. renda says:

    i got MIAB and ask me to send 2 smurf to go out for 56 hour, and right now MIAB dissappeared.. :(

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      The MIAB can disappear so you should better ignore it. Recover your village if you want your smurfs back.

  22. Jeneane says:

    I received a MIAB Friday, I used my smurfberries to hurry along the 24 raft trip, FINE, then I pleanted 68 crops of tomatoes and the bottle disappered??????? I can deal with losing my smurfberries but this is geting out of hand. I have sprne over $ 200.00 in REAL MONEY for smurfberries and would like to get what I pay for. Jeneane Davis

    HELP Help

    • Sassete says:

      This happens to some players and Beeline is aware of the problem and what we heard they are planned to fix this problem in the next update

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