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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Tracker Smurf


Just like Lucky Smurf Tracker Smurf does not come with his own hut, but in this case with a cauldron on which he cooks a soup. Tracker Smurf’s Cauldron is available from level 10 onwards and costs 600 Coins.

Tracker Smurf requires an Internet Connection and he does not necessarily appear immediately after his cauldron has been placed on the mainland village. If he is destined to appear, his tapping his cauldron will give a countdown timer to when he comes back.

Tracker Smurf is not stationary, that means he walks around the mainland just like Jokey Smurf, Papa Smurf etc. Tracker Smurf comes with his own mini-game in form of his “Tracker XP Event”.

 Every time his “soup” is ready, the XP events starts and for about one day for every XP that are earned on the mainland (for example through other Mini-Games, harvesting of crops etc.) bonus XP are rewarded.

The bonus XP start with a value of 1.1 XP. At that state, for every XP that is earned, 10 % of its value is given as bonus, i.e. if 100 XP are earned, an additional 10 XP are given as bonus. There is an indicator bar on the top right corner of the screen that shows the remaining time of the XP event as well as the sum of the currently gained bonus XP.

Completing Tracker Smurfs task can increase the bonus XP value of 1.1. Tapping on Tracker Smurf or his cauldron gives a list of his current quests, which include things like earning a specific amount of XP in a mini-game, growing certain crops etc. If the quest asks for a specific amount of XP to earn via a mini-game, this is a minimum number, for example “Earn 35 XP from Painter Smurf” will also be completed if 45 XP are earned, there is no need to hit the exact number. It is also possible that Tracker Smurf asks for an amount of XP that is higher than the maximum XP that can be gained by playing the mini-game once. In this case the game has to be repeatedly played until the requested XP has been reached, the numbers will be added up.

The bonus XP can be increased up to a maximum value of 2.0. Every additional point increases the amount of bonus XP another 10%, that means at the maximum for every 100 XP earned, another additional 100 XP bonus can be gained.

If Trackers XP Event disappears before the time has run out, it usually means the game does not recognize the existing Internet connection. In that case it usually helps closing the game (if possible, also from the multitask bar) and reopening it.


Tracker Smurf Update (iOS version 1.4.5, Android version 1.3.2a)

After being absent for a long time on iOS and even longer on Android Beeline has finally brought Tracker Smurf back to the village with the Gutsy Smurf Update.

There have been some changes to Tracker Smurf to ensure he works for everyone now, but his event still works as before.

The main change made to Tracker is that he no longer requires and active Internet connection. That means that he will no longer disappear when the Internet connection gets lost or is bad. Tracker Smurfs event can now be played offline.

Moreover, due to the above change, Tracker will now take the time from the device and no longer from Beeline’s servers, that means the event will start at the same time for everyone, independent of what time zone they live in.

The last change made is that Tracker’s event will now happen every week. It begins on Monday, 7.a.m. local time and ends on Wednesday 11.59 p.m. After the event the bonus XP can be collected from Tracker Smurf’s cauldron.

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  1. there is no way to see that bonus is x2. or 1,5

  2. impish says:

    tracker wants 22 xp from miner game. Earned more than that a few times and still not checked off

  3. Ayne says:

    Also the objective will change, Is that another big bugs?…. For instance, first it asked for 2 crops of cucumbers, then when they'r ready to harvest, i find out that it switch ask for 2 blueberries/magic blueberries, and right when i harvest 2nd objective crops, it swich to the 3rd one. There are also so many times objective switch from Papa smurf's potion XP =>to Greeedy's cakes => or to Miner's game etc. All the above happens while i am still in the game or when i re-open / back to the game.

  4. ayne says:

    Is this the place to reporting the Tracker Smurf bugs or should i just e-mail beeline support?

    • Poet says:

      You should report it to Beeline support. However, do note it is an ongoing bug that has not been resolved for the longest time.

      • ayne says:

        Yes, thanks, i figure Tracker are seriously bugged for a long time reading comments below. am not going to e-mail Beeline in this case.

  5. Clar says:

    “add 2 stone wall to village” is a task on my smurfs scavenger hunt but hen I go to buy it, it does not show in the store?

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Usually Tracker shows himself in the store next to the item you should buy … usually the stonewall is under Buildings and costs 500 coins (or one of it's corners)

      • Michelle says:

        Hi! I'm having the same problem. Tracker Smurf asks me to place two stone walls, but when I go to the store his face doesn't show. I can't find the stone walls anywhere. Is this some kind of bug that I just should ignore or is there something I can do? Thank you!

        • Poet says:

          Tracker Smurf has been heavily bugged from day one. Beeline has yet to fix it. I would not recommend you to waste any time on him until he is completely fixed.

  6. Nicole says:

    Tracker smurf is asking me to add two stone walls but when I add them, nothings happens. I also don't get tracker's face on any of the stone walls to indicate which one i'm supposed to place.

  7. Jan says:

    Tracker asks me to obtain 2 magic shrubs but I cannot get them with out the magic fertiliser which costs 25SB any ideas?

  8. asal haddad says:

    Scavenger hunt ask me to build 2 salad .. how can i complete the request

    • Poet says:

      Please ignore it. This is a bug in Tracker Smurf. He is basically asking you to place an item that can only be obtained from the Smurfy Eatery, which is an exclusive item.

  9. Amy says:

    My tracker wants me to build 2 sandwich. This is the second time I got it. I tred searching online but I couldn’t find anything or anyone that could explain this to me. What is sandwich and where can I get them?? Please help!

    • Poet says:

      Please ignore it. You may refer to a statement by Spelling Bee from the Beeline forums: " The Sandwiches and other food items are snacks that you can place in your village from the Smurfy Eatery Exclusive Offer. Again, Tracker is not supposed to ask you to complete tasks that require the purchase of Smurfberry items or Exclusive Offers. Sadly, he is still broken and so he obviously is asking for those things that he shouldn't be. Until such a time as Tracker is fixed completely, I would personally advise against doing any of his tasks. If you do decide to do them, please note that you are doing so with the knowledge that he is still severely bugged."

  10. Linda says:

    what does Tracker Smurf mean when he wants you to build two sarsaprilla in my village?

    • Poet says:

      This is another one of Tracker Smurf's many glitches. Sarsaprilla is a crop that requires smurfberries to plant, which shouldn't be required of players. As such, you should ignore his tasks for now until Beeline fixes him.

  11. Nora Cia says:

    Tracker smurf asking To build 2 cake in the village, i am already play greedy game for twice, but still not done the quest…. How To complete this quest? Thanks

    Nora Cia

    • Smurfette says:

      I believe this is a bug and he asks you to get something from the eatery, which was an exclusive offer a while ago

  12. Ron says:

    Just started the game and now scavenger asks for two pawns…..whats that….sorry if its a stupid question!

    • Poet says:

      I believe that sounds like a chess item. When in the build menu, do you see Tracker Smurf's face? Generally, his face should be in the menu to guide you on where the item is.

  13. Craig Anderson says:

    What does tracker smurf mean when he asks to 'Build to soup in the village'?

    • Poet says:

      This is advised by Spelling Bee from the Beeline forums. " The Sandwiches and other food items are snacks that you can place in your village from the Smurfy Eatery Exclusive Offer. Again, Tracker is not supposed to ask you to complete tasks that require the purchase of Smurfberry items or Exclusive Offers. Sadly, he is still broken and so he obviously is asking for those things that he shouldn't be. Until such a time as Tracker is fixed completely, I would personally advise against doing any of his tasks. If you do decide to do them, please note that you are doing so with the knowledge that he is still severely bugged."

  14. Emily says:

    build 2 sandwich in the village

  15. Christy says:

    What does Tracker smurfs want me to do when he asks to build 2 salads? Usually it directs to the purchase spot, but not this time.

    • Smurfette says:

      I am not sure – there is a new Smurf Eatery as an exclusive offer that apparently lets you make food, so its possible Beeline once again forgot to exclude the items from the things you have to pay money for from the list of quests and tasks and you are actually being asked for food from the eatery.

  16. Farhat says:

    Tracker Smurf asked me to build 2 sandwich in the village. Anyone has a clue what it means?

  17. Heather says:

    Tracker wants me to build 2 cake in the village…. what are they/

    • Smurfette says:

      I am not sure it is possible you are supposed to bake them in the bakery. But there is also a new Smurf Eatery as an exclusive offer that apparently lets you make food, so its possible Beeline once again forgot to exclude the items from the things you have to pay money for from the list of quests and tasks and you are actually being asked for food from the eatery.

  18. Nazi says:

    How to build 2 cake in village?

  19. elfrien says:


    Tracker Smurf is asking me to harvest a box of flowers. How do I do that? I’m on 15 level.

  20. Dianne says:

    For the last several months, my tracker restarts several times after starting on Sunday night. I have completed all tasks just to start all over again. Sometimes it restarts as many as 5 times. Does anyone else have this problem? I appreciate any suggestions to fix this problem. Thanks

    • Smurfette says:

      He is only supposed to start on Monday morning – so if he appears for you on Sunday night that might be the reason – you should try to wait with starting his tasks until its monday morning.
      Also, make sure the time on your device is set correctly – especially that you have chosen the correct time zone and not just adjusted the time manually, that can also cause problems.

  21. Sannez says:

    What does they mean with add 2 bischops?

    • Sassy_Smurf says:

      bischops? Im not quite sure what that is. But if you open the store menu trackers head should be on the area where you can find it and it will lead you to the item he needs

  22. sad hunter says:

    hi. tracker asked me to build 2 snow angels i did that (spending 300×2 coins) but the quest doesnt reflect this … and i cannott progress in the scavanger hunt.

    • Smurfette says:

      Tracker has been buggy ever since he was introduced, there is not much you can do about it – try adding two more snow angels to see if that completes the quest.

  23. Sassette smurfling says:

    Tracker just left my village for no apparent reason after being around for a few hours. Not sure why. He was meant to leave on Wednesday.

    • Smurfette says:

      This can happen occasionally, Tracker is and has always been a bit buggy. Try rebooting your device, sometimes that helps and he comes back.

  24. dartflier says:

    Please fix the bug with tracker he is annoying me with his coming and going and not giving me the small XP he has allowed me to earn, also keeps asking to complete a game twice and there is a 6 hr wait to do so

    • Smurfette says:

      We are not Beeline, just a fansite. Please open a ticket with Beeline regarding Tracker Smurf. You can do that by filling out their form here:
      Tracker has been buggy ever since he was introduced and to be honest it doesn't look like Beeline can or will fix him, players have been complaining about him for ages and nothing has really changed. I am nowadays just ignoring him.

  25. Thao says:

    I don't have tracker on my game although I bought a cauldron. I don't know why. Every time I tap on his cauldron, the message "Tracker is away" appears. Please tell me how to get a tracker on my game.

    • Smurfette says:

      There have been issues with Tracker since he was added to the game. Unfortunately Beeline has not been able to fix them. If you habe the cauldron you should automatically get Tracker at around Monday morning your local time. if he doesn't work for you I don't think there is anything you can do to get him to appear

  26. Tracker keeps asking me to take a picture of village but when I do nothing happens. First couple of times I just bought out the list but he keeps asking for me to take the picture. I presume it means with my ipad home & power buttons or am I missing something? Thanks!!!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to take the picture and then exit out of picture mode for him to acknowledge that you took it. If he doesn't, then as usual, he's broken. Even on the Beeline forum, people are advised to ignore him. You can open a ticket with Beelibe if you like, but don't hold your breath waiting for this to be fixed. Tracker just doesn't seem to be a high priority.

    • Smurfette says:

      No, it doesn't mean with your home and power button. The game has a picture mode, go to the build menu, at the top is a little camera button, click it, then you can take a picture within the game.

  27. Vincent says:

    BTW I just got this request from Tracker Smurf " Add 2 gopher with Vegetable cart to the village" What is this? I don't have VIP thereforeI hope it is not VIP item. Plus there is no smurf icon to be found to show where to find the item. Can someone help?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You can't add this item and fulfill the quest because it was once an Exclusive Offer. You can open a ticket with Beeline and let them know about this latest problem with Tracker at

  28. Vincent says:

    BTW I just got this request from Tracker Smurf " Add 2 gopher with Vegetable cart to the village" What is this? I don;t see a smurf icon to show where to get it from. I'm not a VIP either and I'm not sure if it is a VIP item.
    Can someone help?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      We answered your duplicate question on this issue. You cannot complete the quest. It is a former Exclusive Offer item that Tracker is asking for. You can open a ticket and let Beeline know about this latest error from Tracker.

  29. SmurfAddict says:

    Hello! It seems like earlier I was able to get much more XP for Tracker Smurf, because I noticed, that he ws counting not only XP that I earn on Mainland, but also in all other locations…. And this week it counts only the XP that I earn on Mainland… I know, that it is how it suppose to be, but it is frustrating to see such a low numbers of bonus XP now(((

    • Smurfette says:

      I have never heard of him counting the XP in other areas and as you say its not supposed to, so its definitely a bug.

  30. Some Smurf says:

    Someone please tell me how can i see this tracker smurf?

    I start playing SV when homnibus tome comes to SV and up till now i have never seen this tracker smurf. I am playing on android device (first using jelly bean, now updated to kitkat) and have reached level 49.

    I've tried playing with and without internet connection but the result is just the same. I didn't have issue with MIAB quest. It comes every friday evening. But i waited everyday for tracker yet he doesn't come. I keeps on getting notification tracker is back but he just never shows up not even once. I have completely disable tracker notification nowadays since it doesn't do any good.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It sounds like there are multiple issues with your game. It could be that part of the game data is corrupted. Do you ever see Tracker's task list at the top-middle of your screen? You can open a ticket with Beeline and ask them about both issues at

      • Some Smurf says:

        I would avoid opening ticket to beeline since I know it wouldn't bring up any solution based on any article i've read. I've never seen task list on top-middle screen. What does it look like? Everytime I tap the cauldron it just says tracker is away.

        Could you please tell me at what time does tracker arrive on the village? When he arrive does it have any message box inside the game? And should I search for him first or just simply tap the cauldron?

        • Smurfette says:

          He comes from Monday morning until Wednesday night. Just tap his cauldron. There should also be a Tracker icon in the middle top of your screen when he is there.

          • Some Smurf says:

            Thanks for your replies Stroumpfette, Smurfette
            Looks like i've reach dead end. If anyone else has some solution please let me know.

  31. SuZen says:

    Tracker Smurf asks me to change my profile photo. Where do I do that? I do not have a Facebook account so I hope that is not required now.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No, that is not what he wants you to do. Tap the large icon at the top left, where it shows how many coins and SB you have. A grid of pictures will display. Select one of the pictures. You will notice the one you selected is also displayed in the icon in the upper left. Tap the back arrow at the upper right to return to the game. The quest should be fulfilled.

  32. VVV says:

    Tracker tells me to add two police dress up tables to village but there is no such thing in the build menu. Second time such a thing is happening :(

    • Smurfette says:

      He is asking you for items from the Detective Mini game. It is a bug, I would just ignore Tracker for now until Beeline fixes this, which hopefully happens with the next update.

  33. Jay says:

    It seems to me that the Tracker xp event ends early if I restart my iPad, or possibly just if I close completely out of the app and reopen it, while the event is going on. So I always just let the app run in the background when I'm not playing during this time.

    Greedy's and Papa Smurf's games are repeated way too often as tasks. It's especially frustrating when a task asks for two cookies, meaning Greedy's game must be played twice.

  34. moon says:

    Tracker smurf asks me to harvest 1 boxes of flowers. how am i gonna do that?

  35. Sarah says:

    Hi, this is the 1st time this has happened to me, tracker left then a minute later I see tracker walking around in the village, I checked the cauldron and it said there wz like 80927564 hours left it was crazy! Then I left the game and came back and he wz gone. Wz this a bug, because so far I haven't experienced any bugs even with the rafts. 😮

    • Smurfette says:

      Yes, this seems to have been a bug, probably something with the in-game timer went wrong, but if he is gone now you should not worry about it too much.If it happens again though you should probably contact Beeline

  36. g555 says:

    I collected around 140 000 XP and tracker smurf didn't give it to me :(

  37. Helenn says:

    Tracker Smurf told me "Add two hat rack with fedora to the village" what is that?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      They are prizes you can get in one of the minigames, and he shouldn't be asking you for that. Beeline is aware of the problem. Unless he gives you another quest, you will not be able to do any more Tracker quests.

  38. Has there been any news when they are going to fix the Tracker bug? For me he has been consistently starting and stoping Monday-Tuesday, then normally working properly on Wednesday. Is it just me that is irritated that they are quick to fix bugs that give a player an advantage, like the raft bug, but take weeks or months to fix bugs like the Emperor Swoof Statue or this Tracker issue that make us loose out in things like SB or XP?

  39. Nadia says:

    Tracker smurf asks me to add 2 lattice fence wall with ivy, but I can't find that :( Could you please help me ?

  40. Angel says:

    Tracker wants me to add 2 hat rack with fedora to the village. Where can I find them?

  41. VVV says:

    Tracker tells me to add "2 hat rack with fedora" to the village, but his icon doesn't show up anywhere in the menu. How to complete this objective??

    • Smurfette says:

      I know it is available via Detective Smurf's game, I think this might be a bug, at least I could not find it on the mainland either.

      • VVV says:

        So only way to do it is to buy detective? I'm still on the 1.2x bonus so I won't get much benefit from it. :(

        • Smurfette says:

          It looks like it at the moment. Either buy detective but even then you are not guaranteed to get the item you need or to spend SB to skip the list, but I would advice to ignore tracker this week and hope Beeline fixes it soon.

          • VVV says:

            Lol the problem fixed itself. Today the tracker objective has changed to "add 2 path junctions" . They probably updated it overnight. Thanks a lot anyway! :)

  42. Stroumpfette says:

    I'm not sure which item he is asking you for. You'll need to go through the menus, try Decorations, Garden, and Furniture first, and see if Tracker's icon is on any of the pictures. When you find his icon, that is the item he wants you to place.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Not sure why you're not seeing Tracker. You'll have to open a ticket with Beeline at

  43. Rachel says:

    I second Smurfette's advice here. Not only is it annoying how he comes and goes but, the repetitveness is awfull! He just asks you to do the same thing over & over. My smurfs have plenty to sit on & I'd have a thousand pink picnic tables by now if I built them every time he asked. I'm not game developer but, it would be nice if his requests were more general, less reptative, & if you didn't have to do everything in twos!!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Guessing you're referring to Smurfette's response to Smurf E below?

      • Rachel says:

        She has several, that's why I didn't just reply to one. Woke up to no xp again today from him. Glad to have gotten good advice here and not worked too hard at it. Love this site!!

  44. Nekozuki says:

    Can u help me, please? My tracker smurf is gone. Everytime I tap on the cauldron, it keep saying, "Tracker smurf is away now. Check back between Monday and Wednesday to help him complete his soup." But when I tap again according to the instruction, with or without internet connection, he never appear. Is this a bug? How can I fix this? Help plzzz…

  45. Anita says:

    Tracker asked me to make to smurfs wave at me, but it won't work to get. to The next question. Anyone suggestions? It's my first question and I don't have SB at The moment to skip The list…

    • Smurfette says:

      You should just tap on Smurfs that walk around a couple of times (in the mainland area). If that does not work its a bug and you need to contact Beeline support

  46. Smurf_Bichon says:

    Tracker has been very reliable for several weeks now, and he's helped me stay on Max level, although the amount of XP needed on these higher levels is brutal.
    One thing I do is that, as soon as Tracker shows up, I play the games and spend a few SB until he is at 1.5, so that I gain 50% extra XP on everything. Also, when Tracker is not visiting, I try to not add anything to the mainland. Instead, I try to only purchase items when Tracker is active, to get the most XP I can.
    I also add frogs freely all over the mainland (15,000 coins each, gaining 1,500 XP when placed, and 200 XP every six hours). Then I delete them. I get tons of coins daily from sandboxes on the island (1,500,000 every day), so when Tracker shows up, I have a lot of coins to spend.
    Right now, Tracker is being really helpful… I'm hoping that continues…

  47. Smurf E says:

    Since the last update, Tracker Smurf doesn't go the full 72 hours. After about half a day, it ends the whole event. I've wasted smurf berries getting to 2.0 because the game just stops. I'm not disconnecting from the internet– why is this happening?

    • Smurfette says:

      This has been happening to other players as well (and for a long time, not just since the last update). Our advice at this moment is to ignore Tracker or at least not spend SB on it. Beeline has been working on fixing him for a long time, but it does not look like they are able to get him to work properly for everyone.

  48. marj001 says:

    Hi, a little help here.. tracker keeps coming then leave after just an hour.. this is the first time this happened to me.. i havent even finished the second level yet then he's already gone.. letting me collect very mnimal xp..

    • Poet says:

      Tracker Smurf has been bugged since day one. My advice to you is not to invest in too much time or effort with him until he is properly fixed. For now, simply do his tasks where possible, but do not spend any berries or spend too much time on it.

  49. tran le says:

    My tracker smurf collect the number in red circle, not the xp number. Can someone tell me is it a bug or what because last time he still collect my xp? (external link removed by admin)

    • Stroumpfette says:

      First, we don't allow external links posted on this site, so we are sorry, but we removed the link you provided. Second, what red circle? Once you tap on the cauldron to collect your XP, Tracker collects whatever amount you collected during his quests.

      • tran le says:

        The link i provided was screenshot from my game, when i collect xp there is 2 kind of information showed up. First line was xp number and the second line show another kind of number (there is the bubble xp icon next to it).
        So before, my tracker collected the xp from first line, but now he collect the xp from the second line which is way lower than my real xp :(((.

        • Smurfette says:

          Tracker has always, for me, and that is also how it is supposed to be, collected from the second line. It shows the XP with the Tracker Bonus, meaning only if you are up to the complete bonus will both lines be identical. If you are, for example on a 10% bonus and you collect 100 XP then you will get 100XP immediately (first line) and 10XP will go into Tracker's cauldron (second line) and you will only get the XP once the Tracker event is over. So maybe you used to collect with the complete bonus and this time you have not reached reached the max tracker bonus? That is the only explanation I have for this.

          • tran le says:

            Since my first time playing the game, my tracker smurf always collect the full amount of xp earned not 10% like how he suppose to be. I guess it was good bug and just happened for awhile (or for me :D). Thanks for your explanation. I have never know what was the meaning of 2nd line.

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