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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Valentine update


this version (v 1.0.3) was launched during valentine day period, many valentine’s day themes, icons, gifts were added to make your village look more romantic and colorful.

The option to extand the village and therfore more smurfs were allowed and more quests have been added.

At meantime levels 28-30 were also added, and the facility to as harvest all the crops on one go was offred.



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  1. Rasha says:

    i have a big problem
    when i open the game i found that i lost my smrfs and the building
    and many other things i built

  2. RogLiMo says:

    I have a Smurf Village, I'm on stage 33, but my village did not have new upgrades, we are still in the Christmas village. I would like to know how can I make new upgrades? Thank you Rogerio

  3. How can I get the new valentines house…… Please somebody help me

  4. char says:

    I have not received the valentines update et

  5. nieske says:

    With the Valentine update i have lost all my house, mine, bakery etc. I can't even find papa smurf….help!

  6. lynnea says:

    I’m working on the Valentines Day quests and I’m at level 30. Papa smurf has asked me to place lanterns and I have bought several of the upright lanterns and 3 of the hanging lanters (which I bought with smurfberries), and the quest still isn’t complete. How many and which type of lanters do I actually need?

    • Smurfette says:

      What you are buying are the lamp posts. The lanterns are three party lanterns on a laundry line with a kind of candy cane at the side. You can find it for 1500 Coins in the first shop.

  7. vickypollard says:

    I have missed the land expansion last patch, is it mean that i can never have any more land expansion in this patch and the next patch?

    • Smurfette says:

      First of all, posting the same question three times within 15 minutes does not reduce the time until you get an answer, it just makes it more difficult for me to moderate the comments, so please do not do it again in the future. Now to your question, the expansions are all permanent and do not get removed with new updates. However, when expansion can only be optained by certain quests, like with the one that was added in the Christmas version, the "seasonal task" take priority. That means, if you have reached the minimum level for the expansion the task will come up as soon as you have finished the valentine's day questline. To get more information about the expansions, please read here:…

  8. janers says:

    omg genius! i can't believe the fix is to turn the sound on. my smurfs village was killing me but now i can go back to playing!

  9. Marion says:

    I make the valentinsday update, and now the game doesn't start. It comes the startpicture with
    The orange beeline logo and then the game brakes down, why and what can i do? I'm in level 28
    And im don't wont new begin. And im have by any smurfbeerys, what's the matter with them? Please
    Help me..

  10. Pitifo pitudo says:

    What's the valentains statue for? Does it give you extra xp??

  11. kate says:

    It says vanity smurf is coming soon to a village nnear u but its been saying that for a long time …. what do i do?

    • Smurfette says:

      Vanity is not yet available for Android. You can find a list of what is available for which plattform on the "Android vs. Apple iOS". You find the link at the top of our website.

  12. needs help says:

    It will not update to the new valentines day its still on christmas how do i make it update?

    • Smurfette says:

      The Christmas items and snow have not gone in the Valentine's Day version, they will be removed with the next update. Do you have to Valentine's Day icon of the game with Smurfette or still the Christmas one with Papa? If you have Smurfette, everything is okay, if you have Papa, which version (iOS or Android) are you using?

    • asmiyakhan says:

      don't worry………..u can update your smurf village game on 15th feb ……….. that's it !!! :)

  13. Lee Fong says:

    Missing smurfette after upgrade the Christmas Tree. How to get back this Smurfette?

  14. dan says:

    My android device hasnt told me about valentines update yet. Do you have to be at certain level?

  15. Melissa` says:

    how come i updated the newer version (valentines) but nothing has changed. I'm still getting the christmas edition. Why is it?

    • Smurfette says:

      Because the Christmas items have not yet been removed. If you see the new items (like heart bush, heart tree) in the shop you have the Valentine's Day edition.

      • butterfly kisses says:

        Help Smurfette!!

        I first began playing when the Valentine’s Day update came out and didn’t realize that the items were seasonal or I would have snapped up everything for believed Smurfette. I DO have the icon of Smurfette, but all Valentine’s items are gone! Although I can still purchase things from the Christmas update (a version before I began playing), all the Valentine decorations are gone. Is there anyway to get those items back other than wait a year?? Also, I am running the newest version of Smurfs Village on my iPhone4 that is woefully behind on iOS updates (4.1), due to a broken laptop. I now have new laptop. I understand the importance of backing up first, but I have a MAJOR concern. All my other Apps show all my progress on gamecenter, BUT my Smurfs Village shows nothing! I am a level 24 and have put almost $400 into the game. How do I get gamecenter to register my current status on Smurfs Village?? It does show the App under my games, but no data. Smurfette, you have awesome, concise answers, so please help me??? Thanks.

        • Sassete says:

          Sorry those things that was on sale in the valentine update was only for a limited time, there is no other way to get them now. But you can have in mind for next time, that things that you can buy with smurfbeeries will stay and things bought with coins can dissapear. For the questions with game center you can try to tap on papa smurfs head in the main menu 16 times and se from wich date the game has been saved because it should be saved automatically every time the game center shows up in the game.

  16. Amy says:

    I went to upgrade to the valentines and it didnt do it!! I tried to go back to the app store and reload it but it won’t let me!!! What do I do without deleting my whole smurfs village?????

  17. Emma says:

    Was finding the game really show and jerky following the update to 1.1.6 on iPhone 4 but tried turning the sound on as suggested above and it's really improved the situation. A strange fix but it seems to work! thanks

    • Great advice thank you. Following an update I also had jerky Smurfs on my ipod touch. I also had the sound effect switched off, so I've tried switching the sound on & hey presto, quick smooth Smurfs again. This is an odd solution but as you say, it works! Thanks for sharing….

  18. Volkan says:

    I'm using Iphone 4. When I updated, game became very very slowly. I really dont wanna open it and hope that I can downgrade it to older version

    • Smurfette says:

      Try turning on the sound from the options menu of the game, it has been reported that that helps the game to run smoother. (you can still mute your device if the sound annoys you).

  19. Ammie says:

    Hi I’m trying to purchase Taylor smurff becuas he his on sale for 15 smuffberrys and I have 25 smurffberrys and it keeps saying I don’t have anuf of them to purchase him, what should I do???

    • Smurfette says:

      There is a bug that causes you to need at least 30 Smurfberries to make the purchase. Tailor will still only cost 15 Smurfberries, but you won't be able to buy him unless you have at least 30 SBs.There is a bug that causes you to need at least 30 Smurfberries to make the purchase. Tailor will still only cost 15 Smurfberries, but you won't be able to buy him unless you have at least 30 SBs.

      • MarCT says:

        I have the same problem. I have exactly 15 smurfberries and wants to buy tailor smurf but it keeps saying i don't have enough berries to buy him. Time is running out, i now have only 6 hours left to buy tailor. When will the bug be fixed? What should i do?

  20. manu says:

    Hi, i have an iPhone 3G, my smurfs village goes well until valentine's update, but after this update, the game is too slow, really really slow, i actually can't play whit smurf village…. there is some method to unistall the last update??? thank you!

    • Smurfette says:

      First thing you should do to improve this is to restart your device. Also, try turning on the sound from the options menu of the game, it has been reported that that helps the game to run smoother. (you can still mute your device if the sound annoys you).

      • manu says:

        thank you smurfette!!! THANK THANK THANK YOU!!!!! U SAVED MY SMURF VILLAGE!!!!! looooooove!!!

      • Vismaster says:

        Thanks Smurfette. Turning on the sound from the menu options (and then muting my phone) made my game run much smoother and faster. I was getting annoyed with the slowness… Thanks!

  21. Zit says:

    Como adquiero el hongo y planta de corazones en esos niveles????

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