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Updated on: May 20, 2015
Updated on: May 19, 2015

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Valentine’s Day Riddle #1


“A crop that is red on the outside, sweet and too large to eat in one bite”
Solution: Plant and harvest a tomato

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  1. adsgf says:

    I thought they meant tomato, but tomato generally is not sweet. and if you say there are sweet tomatoes, there are also small tomatoes that can be eaten in one go. Generally not sweet. totally unsmurfy riddle

  2. feroze says:

    papa smurf won't give me the quest on valentine's day

  3. joanitama says:

    what is the answer to grow a one word crop that rhymes with new?

  4. me@me says:


  5. Christina says:

    You can make the snow go away for the time being.. Go to the main menu and select effects to off.. It worked for me :) I found the snow annoying as well

  6. moran says:

    papa smurf ask me to grou a crop cal meize is do you know wate is it? plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. lot says:

    its an artichokes

  8. minxy says:

    i want the snow to go now plz x

  9. Karen says:

    The answer of the riddle #3 ??? "What crop uses the same letters as Rare Stew Ribs? I need your help.

  10. joy says:

    And the answer of the riddle #2 ??? "giant leafy bud you can pull apart, a spiny flower with a tender heart" ? Pleasee i need u´r helpp =S

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