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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Vanity Smurf


At the moment Vanity Smurf is available for a special discount price of 1500 Coins in the Smurfberry-Shop, but this is only a temporary discount, so it is important to buy him as soon as possible before he costs Smurfberries.
Vanity is stationary as well and he gives 150 XP once a day, indicated by a mirror symbol over his hut. Touching it then instantly gives the XP.
Vanity Smurf does not have his own mini-game, but a photo studio, where the typical white Smurf hat can be added to existing pictures. Once done the pictures can either be uploaded to Facebook (if signed in) or saved on the devices photo library.

(Please note: Vanity Smurf is now also available on Android devices but he does not have the Photo Studio.)


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  1. Smurfette says:

    I have had Tracker smurf for ever and he hasn't come to me once! Is there anyway I can hurry him up? Brainy always says that I need an Internet connection but my devices never leaves the house and we always have an Internet connection. HELP!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No. We have started repeatedly that Beeline has removed his quests from the Game until further notice. When they bring him back, there will be great fanfare to reintroduce him to the game.

  2. TimberSmurf says:

    I'm at level 32, and i see vanity isn't in the shop anymore. Not for coins or smurfberries.

  3. Chris says:

    Hello everybody. I wrote beeling if they consider to add VANITY SMURF for Android users.
    This is the link…

  4. austin says:

    CAN YOU GET Vanity smurf of the kinda fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if not please make it were i can!!!!!!!!!:)

  5. Tom says:

    when will vanity smurf be available again for android?

  6. jelena says:

    why I can not buy Vanity Smurf?

  7. snorksrock says:

    vanity has been on discount for 1500 on IOS ever since i got it

  8. snuffles says:

    I just got vanity smurf, uploaded a photo and when it brought up my keyboard to write in the text box it froze! I can't get back to my game…now what?

  9. Blah says:

    Is vanity a he or she?

    • NimaSheibani says:

      it is HE :) there are jusr 3 girls in Smurf village, Smurfette, Sassette and Grandma

      • BigPapaSmurff says:

        Nima, is there really a Grandma-Smurf available? … That'd be awesome, because Grandpa-Smurf looks absolutely lost & lonely on his Mountain.

        • Alchemist_Smurf says:

          Yes there is a Grandpa Smurf on the mountain,you get him as a specific character once you rescue him, and his hut costs smurfberries. And Grandpa Smurf is not lost, but he certainly is lonely, so I suggest that you try reaching level 25 so you can visit him and give him the company that he deserves!

      • Alchemist_Smurf says:

        It's not Grandma Smurf, it's Nanny Smurf

  10. Blah says:

    For maybe a year vanity has been on a awesome sale why?

    • nannysmurf1 says:

      He started out as SB, but since he is just 4 fun there were probably complaints so he is now permanently coins!

  11. Hopey says:

    So, when Vanity will be available for Android users?

  12. Cheyenne says:

    i really want to get vanity smurf but it keeps sat currently available over it my other half plays this game as well and he has been able to buy it but i cant can any one help me?

  13. Raha says:

    Guys I wanna buy iPhone 5 soon ( I’ve got iphone4 now and I’m at level 25) does that mean I would loose all the data and I have to play from the beginning? :/

    • Daisymay says:

      No it does not mean that you have to start from the beginning. I know it sound funny but aturerly works we had one iPad but then had to give to a friend so I thought I would lose my data (please note that you can chose to if you want )

  14. Dan says:

    Add an animal to the sacntuary how can I do it ? Plz help me

  15. Traxxas says:

    hello everyone i want Vanity smurf hut,but i cannot buy it : Currently not available.Vanity Smurf is coming soon to a Smurf Village near you.(i have 80112 coins and my level is 23.)

    Please answer me what i have to do.PLEASE!

    (Sorry for bad english i'm Italian.)

  16. benny says:

    please add Vanity Smurf's on Android…

  17. nat_smurling says:

    lol ive being playicmscice dec 2011 and vanity is still 1,500 coins

    • Alchemist_Smurf says:

      Yep, beeline wanted to make Vanity worth his hut's price, and since he's just for fun and not actually worth any smurfberries, VANITY SMURF IS 1,500 COINS…FOR LIFE!!!!

  18. Rose says:

    Is there a way to back up the game on an Android phone?

    • Sassete says:

      serach on google and write backup on …….. and what kind of device you are playing on and there are a speciall forum for problems on android devices you maybe should look on one of those

  19. Mac says:

    Go to "menu" (hammer on bottom right) and you'll see a little camera to the right of "main menu". Click on the camera, and you'll see your village. Then click on the camera on the bottom left of the screen and it'll take a pic of your village :)

  20. steve 789 says:

    I have been asked by Tracker Smurf to tack a photo of the village. I have Vanity but don't know how to photograph the village. Any advice pleasae?

  21. Krenee33b says:

    I cant get Vanity smurf. I see it in the in the smurfberries tab but it just says that it is currently unavailable and is faded out. I'm level 23 do you need to be a higher level. Is there a quest. Why can't I buy him.

  22. il saggio says:

    hi…but vanity smurg now is aviable or not ???v (android)

  23. Tamara says:

    I get tired of him popping up able to buy but he is not. I understand that he is not available for android…but why even have him in there!!!

    • Alchemist_Smurf says:

      so you can get extra XP every few hours and have the oppritunity to have your very own smurfy photo booth by using coins and not spending real money on smurfberries at all!

  24. Mf says:

    What rhymes with new?

  25. mj says:

    why my smurf app in samsung tab 7.0 plus always forces close after clicking the play button?

  26. sassete04 says:

    I can not get Vanity smurf in any spot in any shop and it is not smurfberry shop.

  27. Manny says:

    Vanity dissapeared on Android.. the player pictures are still there.
    Anyone know if this is a glitch?

  28. chris says:

    i see painter is available on andoid!!! but what about vanity??

    • Sherlock says:

      Yeah, Vanity has disappeared from the list of items. He was there until the last update, just listed as not available. Now he’s gone entirely. Will we ever get him on Android?

  29. Alana says:

    i bought vanity smurf for 1500 coins and when i brought him i clicked on his hut for XP and now the mirror that goes on his hut isn’t appearing anymore
    how do i fix this?

  30. atomLitt says:

    When will Vanity Smurf be available?

  31. Elise says:

    I at level 29 and I need to "Use Vanity Smurf's Photo Studio". They said Vanity's going to help me make a portrait of Brainy. How do I do that? How do I get vanity smurf or the house etc?? I'm confused.

    • Poet says:

      You can buy Vanity Smurf in your build menu. Go to your build menu and select the smurfberry tab, and there, you should be able find Vanity Smurf for 1500 coins.

    • Sassette says:

      You do not have to have to because when I did that, all I had to do was take a photo of yourself in Vanity's photo studio, put the hat, and save it on to your photo library. That's is what I did but Clumsy will accept what you did, and to get Vanity's studio, just go to the Smurfberries tab, then you'll find Vanity smurf with a flower on it. I am not sure if it will be 1500 coins or the Smurfberry prices because I got mine for 1500 coins.

  32. Alan says:

    I have a question general when i tap on menu for camera to make a new picture still its saved on my album picture but its appear all green or white or random colour still cannot see around smurfs or village what is going? this problem have already from begin when i've installed. Im using android thought

    • Brainy says:

      i've seen some people reported this problem but it's working fine on my Asus android tablet. May be this is a problem on some android but we dont know exactly which one since there are so many android devices. you can email beeline

      • Alan says:

        I did a fews months ago and i got reply on 17/01/12 here the message: We do apologize, and thank you for your bug report. We have shared it with the developers who will look into it. In the meantime, please try closing the game and restarting your device to ensure you are not experiencing a temporany issue. Thank you for your support and patience.

        I doubt he/she undestand me what i mean…cause asking me to try closing the and restarting doesnt change much at all. Im using samsung galaxy S2 AT&T SGH I777 (i tried too for europe Samsung galaxy S2 SGH I1900 and have same problem)

        both of them is same problem i think is a problem game that cant view picture making a photo easy.

        Hope this help

  33. Noëlle says:

    I’ve a problem before buying this smurf for 1500gold I had 22 smurfberries, but now, after buying I have exactely two! What happend?

  34. Im52 says:

    the game only crashes when I want the take a picture. Sometimes for a very brief moment I get the message that the picture has’nt been sent to the picturelibrary, but most of the times I get a white screen for 2 seconds. Again, only when I take a picture.

    I’ve already rebooted the Android several time. That doesn’t help. Before I choose to restore the game (and not knowing if that is the solution), I was hoping somebody else could help me out.

  35. Im52 says:

    Papa smurf is asking me in level 28 to take a picture of the village. When i do that the game crashes. Sometimes immediately and sometimes when i see the the popup asking me to place the picture on facebook.
    I'm playing the game on my Android. I need some help.

    • Poet says:

      If the game continously crashes, you might want to restore your game to an earlier time. Alternatively, have you tried rebooting your device and trying it again?

  36. puginatorr says:

    i did the photo studio with a funny picture of my pug, and i cracked up!! XD

  37. Jaritza says:

    Why isnt painter smurf or vanity smurf available for me. The beach is available and i have the beach but not painter smurf and he is the one i want the most : (

  38. nway zaw says:

    I had Lv 25
    I can't buy vanity smurf. what do i do?

  39. Mike says:

    I have a task top use vanity smurfs portrait studio but can't see to figure out how to achieve this. I have taken pictures and used library pictures. I have saved both pictures but still nothing. Any help

  40. Katie says:

    will vanity smurf still be avaliable to buy for coins when he is avaliable to buy on android?

  41. amanda says:

    I want vanity smurf so bad I cnt wait till he is available for android. I may go buy I phone just to have him. Lol jkjk

  42. chris says:

    when vanity will be available on android ???

  43. Sharron mchattie says:

    How do I take a photo of the smurf village?

  44. Nina says:

    Why is vanity smurf not available for me?

  45. clumsy says:

    when will it be on a discounted price of 1500 coins

    • Smurfette says:

      Vanity is already available for the discounted price, however it is not yet available on Android. No news have been released when it will come available on the Android plattform.

  46. Tyubvv says:

    Is it worth to get vanity smurf?

  47. paulosmurf says:

    yes ,android version has not update. not painter, beach, season :(

  48. Aaron says:

    I have the android version of this game but cant get vanity or painter these two are the ones I want the most, why cant I get them?

    • Handy_Smurf says:

      I also have the android, with the iphone 4 and Vanity, Painter and Taylor smurf cannot be bought because the smurfs village game for android is really late on its updates so it might take a while before you can see them on the market, not even the beach is on the android .

      • Aaron says:

        I can see painter and vanity in the market, thats all though, over the top of them in red writing it says "sorry this smuf isnt available yet" and underneith them it says "for a limited time only" its annoying me because both of them are my favorites and I want them in my village, I dont want to have to play for ages to get them.
        *sigh* I also keep getting stupid things happen in my village like I bought baby smurf but he never appeared, his house just appeared and thats it. also bought nat smurfling and it keeps telling me when I try to plant flowers that I need the seeds but I have nat so I dont need the seeds. its just annoying and I have reported it to the ppl I need to.

        • Handy_Smurf says:

          Do you have the android, because the android is really far behind on its updates so the beach taylor vanity and painter are not available

  49. qaswedfrt says:

    hi, papa smurf is asking me to take a photo of my village but that function is not available anymore with vanity smurf’s photo studio. what should I do? thanks in advance.

    • Smurfette says:

      That function is not related to Vanity’s Photo Studio, just go to the normal build mode, there at the top click on the Camera Button, after that choose what part you want to take a picture and then again tap on the camera button (now in the bottom)

      • qaswedfrt says:

        yes, thanks for that. I realised after posting. and I’ve actually been stuck at this task for more than a level already. haha how stupid of me.

        thanks again!

  50. Help me says:

    Was smurfette or others were cost coins when the game was new?? Do other special smurfs will cost coins for a temporary time when they come first??

    • Smurfette says:

      No, they were never available for coins, only vanity smurf. It was said this was temporary, but nothing has changed in regard to his status since he was introduced. Smurfette was available for free, but without a hut, during the valentines update. She was at that time in everyones village, but left again after valentines day (unless she was bought with Smurfberries).

  51. Manny says:

    No I mean he dissapeard from the store!

  52. Brainy says:

    wait .. Vanity is not available on android

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