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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Beeline releases Valentine’s Update for Android


Valentine Update for AndroidWhile  we received tons of inquiries from  Smurf’s village Android community about the release date of  Valentine  update,  Beeline has  released version 1.0.4 a update for Android users  on Feb 2, 2012.  According to Beeline’s  official description this update  has:

  • Valentines decorative items heart mushroom, heart bush and heart tree
  • New Premium items : squirrels, crabs, cupid statue, rose archway
  • Gift special limited-edition Valentine’s Day gifts to friends.
  • Tons of new quests including a Valentine’s Day quest chain.
  • Level 41 added
  • “Plant all” and “Harvest all” flowers premium feature now available for Nat Smurf
  • You can now remove crops from magic shrubs
  • Removed limit on viewing all your friends
  • Relaunch your game faster

You may encounter few bugs in this update such Miner minigame which will be freezes while you are playing, but we will cover any bugs  and fixes  in this Bugs & Solution page.

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  1. Yvonne Higgins says:

    Beeline, please fix my smurfs village. I was traveling – not cheating with the clock. I was in three states in three days and my tablet didn't know what to think when I tried to play smurfs village. I lost gifts from Jokey, XP from snails and I can't see my facebook neighbor village friends. Please Fix. I don't want to purchase berries for the game if I can't play the whole game. NO hard feelings. I'd just like to play the WHOLE game. PLEASE. facebooker: holmes-higgins yvonne

    • Sassete says:

      This is just a fan page we are not Beeline if you want to contact Beeline you can do it this way –

  2. LmtsjLaurentraub says:

    My friend has smurfs game on android and he was wondering when the update for the island will happen

  3. h34t says:

    What just happen? Things dispersed last night. fences, smurfs, farms, papa smurfs etc. are gone. what can i do?

  4. Nix says:

    My app keeps shutting down, I can't even complete miner smurfs game… HELP please

    • Smurfette says:

      There was a solution to turn of the sound (from the options menu) when Miner Smurfs game crashes, I am not sure if it will still work but you can try it. Other than that, please contact Beeline for more help (

  5. Nan says:

    I had a Valentine’s version. On Valentine’s day i recieve a gift from Beeline (which i guess it’s supposed to be 5 smurfberry as my friend with iphone got it) then my phone freezed due to the wifi disconnection.

    After that my 5 smurfberry is gone!

    What can i go to get them back?


    • Smurfette says:

      Try restarting your device, but other than that I do not think there is much you can do. One way to get them is to contact Beeline at and explain what happened so they can resend them to you.

  6. chiros smurf says:

    Since the update my smurf game doesn't turn to night, how do I reload the update with out losing everything. And when will Android have painter smurf and vanity smurf?

    • Smurfette says:

      You can not really reload the update without deleting the game first and that will delete your village. Have you checked that in the options menu the effects are turned on?

      There is no ETA nor any official word on Vanity or Painter from Beeline

  7. robin says:

    IWhere is the rose archway don't see it anywhere?

  8. meimei says:

    this game is just so addicted….. finshed level 41 ……hope there going to be more updates…(im getting bored of the snow)

  9. Dro-smurf says:

    Hey is alchemist smurf on this update? Im on level 23 but nothing has happend. =/

    • Smurfette says:

      Alchemist Smurf came to Android with the first Chrismtas Update. Have you done all of Papa Smurf's tasks? Please also read our Alchemist article if you have not done so yet

      • Dro-smurf says:

        The thing is that I can’t complete any of them because thegame keeps on frezing every time I try to play the minigames =( im using a android huawei assend II

        • Smurfette says:

          There are some solutions with the sound, go to the settings menu of your device and see if the sound is turned on. If it is, turn it off. If it isn't, turn it on and see if that helps. If it does not, please contact Beeline (at so they can help.

  10. scott says:

    Papa smurf want me to buy some lanterns for the firefly festival, I’ve already bought the ones that are 1000 coins each and nothing happened. Am I getting the wrong ones? I can’t get the other ones for another 7 levels.

  11. isis says:

    hi am addicted to smurf village and have now introduced it to my 12 year old niece. I would love to buy her smurfberries but am reluctant to use my debit card on her archos as i'm not sure if i can delete the card number aftewards and dont want her running up a huge bill. does anyone have any ideas as would love her to enjoy the game as much as i do

    • Smurfette says:

      On Apple iOS you can simply disable In-App Purchases. I looked into it and there does not seem to be an option like that for Android, but as I do not use an Android phone/tablet, you might want to look into it yourself if something like that is possible. If not I would recommend using a gift card. Now the Android store does not have their own gift cards that they sell like, for example amazon, itunes etc. But you can still manage it, you simply have to buy a gift credit card (from your local store or online) and add that. Then, even if you can not remove the card, your niece can only spend the money that is on the card.

    • isis says:

      Hi just to update i emailed beeline. Anyone who is running android 3.3 can set a pincode to block both market and in app purchases. This can be done by opening android market pressing the device menu and choosing settings. Under the user controls section enter your pin code. You then must enable the pin by choosing the Use pin for purchases. My niece will now be getting 800 smurfberries for her birthday and i will be secure in the knowledge i wont have any nasty credit card bills. I hope other people will find this helpful

  12. Bas Domburg says:

    Is Smurfette coming to visit the village (like at christmas)?
    Seems a waste to have valentines day with only guy smurfs :$

    I do not have the smurfette house (costs too many berrys for my taste)

    • Smurfette says:

      Last year Smurfette was there over Valentine's Day but not christmas, and as she was there this year over Christmas, I do not think she will come again on Valentine's Day.

  13. Trish says:

    I have smurfs on iphone and my friend now has it for her android phone, can we ever be friends? clicking on each others fb does not work… my link goes to itunes, and her link goes to smurfs fb page. please help…

  14. Kenny says:

    since the update, timber smurf is only giving 15XP per log pile around him as if it were a single log… ive tried to repostion timber and repositon al the log piles, but today each pile (should be 60XP) only gave each 15XP… any ideas?

    • Smurfette says:

      Not really, maybe Beeline changed the value, I will check with my game next time Timber is ready. Do you use Android or iOS?

      • Kenny says:

        android, HTC-Inspire 4G,

        i also noticed that when i activated miner smurf last night he only counted 2 or 3 rocks around me yet i have the max rock configuration surrounding him.

        ive also noticed no snow on papas hut…

        • Smurfette says:

          It is normal that there is no snow on Papa Smurf's Hut.

          • Kenny says:

            timber still only giving 15XP per logpile instead of the expected 60XP… any ideas?

          • Smurfette says:

            It looks like they changed it a bit, before I would get 30 Coins and 60 XP, now I get 120 XP and 60 Coins from Timber himself. Also for the pile of logs (the ones costing 650 Coins I know get 25 XP each instead of 15 XP each. For the single log costing 10 Coins I now get 4 XP instead of 2XP and for the stump I get now 120 XP instead of 90 XP. However, I have looked at older screenshots (from before the last couple of updates) and the logpile gave 15XP each before, just Timber himself gave 60 XP, the logpile never gave 60 XP per log. At least that is how it is on iOS, it might be different on Android (though I do not know why it should be).

            Also, for Miner Smurf, does he give XP to all your rocks again? If you tap him, do all the rocks turn green?

  15. Poi says:

    Stuck on daytime since the update, so no chance to comfort Scaredy.

  16. tachan says:

    I still have snow, n how do i invite friends? I use android. Please help me because without friends i cannot watering my flower

  17. rookie smurf says:

    Yes,i i completed the current papa's quest and nothing.. and yes, i have the valentines day items in the shop…(im sorry,im noob in the game :P)

  18. Laucs says:

    I keep sending messages to beeline and they still win’t answer so maybe you know: how come the ios users get vanity smurf and get tailor smurf half price?

    • Smurfette says:

      The Android version was released about a year after the iOS version, that is why it does not yet have all of the updates. As for Tailor Smurf, he was on sale for a limited time and as I understand it Beeline can not make limited time offers on the Android system and they probably did not want him to be 50%off for the whole time until the next update. It is possible that they might put him on sale later for Android, too, but there have not been any official announcements yet.

  19. Poi says:

    Every time a crop is ready, I also get an acorns ready notification, even though they aren’t ready yet.

    • Smurfette says:

      That should not happen, have you tried restarting your device? If that does not help, do you use Apple iOS or Google Android?

      • Poi says:

        Aye, tried that. Still happening. Android on an HTC Desire S.

        • Smurfette says:

          My only suggestion is to clear/reset your notifications, as it is possible that this is just one Acorn notification that got stuck. If that does not work, please contact Beeline ( You should be able to reset your notifications either from the notifications window itself or from the settings menu

          • Timedancer says:

            FYI – I'm using Android, and I'm getting the acorn notifications with each crop too.

          • isis says:

            hi i have HTC se and am getting notification for flowers and acorns when they are not ready i have only had the problem since the new upgrade for valentines on feb 3rd

          • Smurfette says:

            This seems to have been happening on HTC devices since the last update, there is not yet a known fix to it.

          • DaanNL says:

            I experience the same bug on HTC Desire S and HTC Incredible S, since the recent two updates (Valentines Day). It's not only the acorns, also the flowers are reported ready when a crop is reported ready.

            I thought the second valentines upfdate was to fix this bug … But it's still there :)

          • Smurfette says:

            The second update was way too early to actually have fixed this issues, as it takes a while for the Beeline team to fix errors like this. Seeing as it is happening to more than one person it seems to be a bug that needs to be fixed by Beeline, probably with the next update

    • Kenny says:

      i had the exact same thing happen cause i was mid grow of an acorn tree… after i harvested that crop, the double notification went away.. im not sure if it will come back upon planting more acorns.. i havent tried.

  20. Kenny says:

    would there be any reason at all NOT to update?

    • Smurfette says:

      There are some bugs in this version as well as in the Christmas version, I do not see a big reason not to update, though. You can find a list of current errors at the "Bugs & Solutions" link at the top bar of our website.

  21. monessa says:

    How can I get the update without android market? I've got this app but i can't download it from market.

    • Smurfette says:

      Do you already have the icon with Smurfette or still the one with Papa? If you have Smurfette, it updated automatically, otherwise you should just search for the game on the Android Market and click on update. What exactly happens when you try to download it?

  22. leighanne says:

    I still have snow is that normal? If so, when will it go away

  23. siomis says:

    i was expecting more from this update ! , but im glad is finally here.
    when does the snow goes away ?

  24. jen says:

    I updated, my icon in library changed. But that is it. No Valentines decor still Christmas. Someone help please. So tried to Christmas decor. Great game but ready to delete! Ugh

    • Smurfette says:

      The Christmas items are still in the Valentine's Day version. Look in the fourth shop (with the star icon), if you have the heart tree, bush etc. there than you have the correct version. You can also check if, when visiting neighbours, you have the Valentine's Day cards and pink potions etc. as gifts.

  25. Lik Ola says:

    My phone (xperia x10) can not run the game. I can't find it in android market! But when I play with the apk since 3 month and it runs very good. Love that game but have to download the APK file because the android fuc…. market can't give me…. Where can I find the new apk please?

    • Smurfette says:

      We only publish links to the Android Market for download, if you need the APK maybe ask a friend to send it to you or use a search engine. We can not provide you with a link to it here.

  26. rookie smurf says:

    “Worker”smurf has the christmas clothes and i dont get the valentines day quest..

    • Smurfette says:

      If you mean the "winter clothes", they will keep that until the snow is removed. Have you completed the current quest from Papa? Only then will you get the Valentine's quests. If you have the Valentine's items in the fourth shop and the gifts for neighbours than the update went through.

  27. Jitske says:

    How do i update it? Because my mom has an android and we can't update it to this valentine theme… Can somebody please help us??

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