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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Clumsy Smurf


Like some of the other Smurfs, for instances Jokey Smurf or Smurfette, Clumsy Smurf is not stationary, that means he does walk around the village all the time. Clumsy Smurf does not come with his own hut and he is free, neither Coins nor Smurfberries are needed to obtain him, although Papa will ask you to upgrade one of the Smurfhouses with either Coins or Smurfberries so Clumsy can live in one of them after he joins the village (see the “Upgrading Houses” section for more information on that topic).

Clumsy Smurf can be found from level 20 onwards. After that level has been reached, Papa Smurf will give the task to send two of the Smurfs in the village out to the forest for 24 hours and when they return they will bring Clumsy Smurf with them. If Papa does not give you the mentioned task, make sure you are up to date with all of your quests given by Papa (see “ I can not find Clumsy Smurf ” if you continue to have trouble finding him).

Clumsy Smurf will give you quests on his own, but unlike Papa Smurf he runs out, that means if all of his quests have been completed he will not give you a new one until the next level is reached. As with all Smurfs who give tasks a yellow “!” above his head indicates that he has a task that needs to be completed.


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  1. EmmaD says:

    Just bought the clumsy game but when i tap on his hut to play the game no invite to play the game appears? What should i expect to get from this game? Any help appreciated.

    • Poet says:

      When you tap on Clumsy's hut, you basically have to follow him and tap him whenever you see a red exclaimation mark appearing above him. He is finding his toolbox, and usually he will go to where you place your mushroom houses.

  2. Alice says:

    Clumsy smurf has not been working properly for some time now. He completes a few tasks and then travels
    Non stop doing nothing and I have no way eliminating him, thus holding my other games at peril. Help.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I am not familiar with this issue. Is there not a red arrow at the bottom right of the screen which allows you to exit the minigame? Please also open a ticket with Beeline:

  3. Dawn says:

    I just received the stone bridge quest from Clumsy. However, I’ve tried adding the bridge everywhere along both rivers and it won’t let me. Has anyone been able to build the stone bridge? Is there one specific spot where it must go?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There are only a couple of places where it will fit. Make sure the land areas on both sides are well clear where you want to place it. I have two stone bridges in my village. It can be a little tricky to place them.

  4. bob says:

    how much xp does his game give

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It varies per instance of the game and what level you are on. You get xp for every time he falls down and yu tap to get him to stand up, and you get a bonus at the end when he returns to his hut. The total xp per instance of the game is usually at least 2000 and often more.

  5. Gill says:

    What do the hanging lanterns look like?

  6. harrison says:

    i have clumsy i am on level 20

  7. Suzieqz74 says:

    I’m on level 34. Clumsy says to add a mouse to the village. I have added two to the animal sanctuary & also released one from the sanctuary but he won’t say I’ve completed the quest. Does anyone have any ideas?

  8. Ice_o_lator says:

    Hey, i have had troubles with clumsy smurf, i need to collect a package from hip but when i click on it, nothing happends. Anyone knows how i can fix this? Thanks

  9. jiji says:

    Hi , I bought clumsy"s hut and played his game , I was looking for completing one of the village goals ( play 7 mini games ) but I still 6/7. why so? I spent my few little smurfberries for nothing : (

    • MR.F says:

      I've had this issue, too… I think I initially bought the painter's hut as a seventh mini-game. It wasn't until I also bought Lazy's fishing game, the goals was marked as completed, saying I had played 8/7 mini games. Why this is, I have no idea I'm afraid.

  10. Ana Paula says:

    How can a make clumsy fall down?

  11. Cams says:

    Has anyone else had a problem of "freezing" during Clumsy's game? Basically he'll walk around the whole time the the "!" over his head and continue to fall, however nothing happens when you tap on him.

    • Ana Paula says:

      Hello clumsy is not the smurf which have ! on his head he is one which walk around… he never works on plots. hope thats help you.
      good luck.

      • Killekillah says:

        That's just a glitch, it should be fixed already by beeline, but sometimes it is happen again. Restart the game will help mostly.

        Happy smurfing, kille

    • Guest says:

      I had heard of this problem, with toolboxes appearing in random places. I have iOS (iPad 4) and HAD been fortunate enough to not experience any glitches until the recent update, which now seems to be full of them. I am having the same clumsy glitches, as well as grandpa smurf acorn quest and message in a bottle glitches now etc.. Whatever they did to this new update they need to undo and fast.

  12. peruchita says:

    I'm on level 26 and Clumsy asked me to build a keg. I already built one but did not reicieve XP1500. Thank you.

  13. Clumsy smurfs task says:

    o.k so clumsy has asked me at level 42 to build a chimney on a smurf hut and so I did and that didn't work so I decided to buy the halloween chimney and he still doesn't do anything. ??? What do I do? I am not able to complete the task is this a bug? I guess I will ignore. Doesn't seem like anyone has had the problem HELP? If you did how do you resolve? Thanks.

  14. Kells says:

    I hate that when you are playing Clumsy Smurfs game, he goes to the very bottom of the screen, where you can't reach him, or sometimes you can't even see him. Is this going to be fixed?

  15. Janeeh says:

    Placing three hanging lantern
    I've placed a log, but seems to be the wrong ones.
    I only have straight lanterns for 1000 or hanging for 2500, what dó they look like? Where dó i find Them?

  16. Cat says:

    Level 39 quest clumsy
    Place 3 hanging lanterns around the village, i've done but nothing happening
    CAN you help me please?

  17. Niquersb says:

    I have added 9 hanging lanterns so that the smurfs see Clumsy coming, the task only asks to add 3 hanging lanterns to the village, is there a glitch in the app? I already had a bunch of hanging lanterns in the village. Can anyone help me with this?

  18. avery says:

    Hi i am level 20 and just got Clumsy but he doesnt give me quests please help me!

  19. Clumsi says:

    Pflanze 3 Kirschsträucher an??? Sind die Bäume unsere Sträucher??? das ist das einzige, wo ich Kirschen pflanzen kann, oder???

  20. Jolanda says:

    Clumsy asked me to plant flowers he wants a sort that friends can give i am playing without friends what can i do now

  21. mandy says:

    clumsy told me to add a stone brigdge, i already try but cannot put the bridge in the village. what cann i do?

  22. Mandy says:

    how to make clumsy fall two times ?

  23. Jennifer says:

    What is the right color of flag to the village? Clamsy smurf is asking me

  24. Irene says:

    Add 3 stone pathway. What is it?

  25. Teeairlehh says:

    He asked me to add a chimney. How do I add a chimney to a smurfs’ house?

  26. lam87 says:

    how i add a haystack??

    • Farmer_Smurf says:

      Go to the shop (the first one with a hut sign). Go to the right till you reach nearly to the end, You'll see lanterns and on the right you'll see Haystack (a group of straws) with a little fork then place it. More Details: can be bought by 500 gold.

  27. lam87 says:

    how i add a haystack???

  28. Diana says:

    Clumpsy is asking me to take a photo of brainy thought vanity studio.. I have done it twice, even zoomed brainy but nothing happens. Help Please.

    • Jon smurfo says:

      U should use vanitys studio if u don't have it already. Then just take a pic of ur self. U don't even need 2 press the save button.

    • Anabel says:

      Add me on game center so I can have you as a neighbour I have none :(( game center (Anniiee

  29. Rekss says:

    How to add sandcastle to village???

  30. Antonio says:

    La pouf fetta dell’isola mi dice di comprare “marble” ma non lo trovo da nessuna parte.cosa devo fare

    Grazie ciao


  31. lalalalopssy says:

    what colour flag does clumsy need

    • Poet says:

      what quest are you on? From Clumsy Smurf or Papa Smurf? I believe if the quest is about putting a certain color flag, they would have mentioned it in an earlier animated conversation.

    • ronald says:


      • shiloh says:

        how do you get a purple flag??? I have only red and blue in my store??

        • Stroumpfette says:

          If you're playing on Android, it is under the flowers tab for 800 coins. On iOS, it is probably with the other decorations.

          • shiloh says:

            Thank you!!!! I thought it was purple and was so confused!!! I even tried to "paint" the red and blue flags I bought with smurfberries and of course that didn't work! Thanks for responding so quickly :)

  32. Michela says:

    Add a new keg for your village. Was muss ich da machen?

  33. Dudz says:

    Hi where can I find the sandcastle? Clumsy smurf keeps on telling me to build a new sandcastle..please help. Thanks :)

  34. smurfy says:

    Clumsy sagt
    add 3 stone pathways to the village was muss ich machen ?

  35. Nathan is me says:

    Hi, when I'm on the zoomed out screen when I touch clumsy he turns into a golden caterpillar then he falls over I dont even have a goldencatterpillar how do I fix I've restarted my device already thnks

    • Smurfette says:

      This is just a little graphics glitch, it is happening to more people. There is really nothing you can do to fix it, this has to be corrected by Beeline with one of the coming updates.

  36. larsen says:

    frage wie bekomme ich freunde für das spiel fürs game center

    • Smurfette says:

      Du musst erst die Game Center ID's von deinen Freunden finden (falls du keine hast die das Spiel spielen, gehe z. B. auf die Facebook Website von dem Spiel, dort posten täglich Spieler ihre ID's und bitten darum hinzugefügt zu werden). Dann öffne Game Center und log dich ein, unter Freunde klicke auf das + Symbol und gebe die ID's ein. Sobald die neuen Freunde deine Anfrage angenommen haben, werden sie im Spiel als deine Nachbarn auftauchen.

  37. harlene says:

    i have 2 friends added (game center) but i can't see their villages whenever i go and see the village map… what should i do?

  38. tulda says:

    Clumsy asked me – Lets ask Handy to upgrate a house. I must play handys game? thank you

    • Handy_Smurf says:

      No, you have to upgrade a smurf house, simply click on a house that hasent already been upgraded yet and click UPGRADE, it will cost you 500 coins tho

      • pac says:

        for some reason that isn't working for me. I have opgraded 2houses, and he keeps asking me to ask handy to upgrade a house.

        • Smurfette says:

          Have you upgraded a house after he gave you the quest or before? If it was the latter, it only works if you upgrade another house. Also, on the quest window, you have to click "Ok" and not "Cancel" or "Not Now" for it to work.

          • pac says:

            Yes I have upgraded 2 houses since the quest was given. Any ideas on how to reset this?

          • elijah says:

            I am stuck here as well, I used about 16 berries, as well as waiting on 2 level ups. Each time I use the berries, it finishes whatever quest papa smurf is on. Now I am out of berries, and when i emailed them, I got the response to restart my phone. (like I didn’t know to try that myself…)

          • Smurfette says:

            When you email them they usually assume that you have not done anything (like restarting) yet and that you do not have to much knowledge regarding your device, because many people don't. Maybe you could email them again, explaining exactly what you already tried etc.

            Other than that, I am out of ideas myself, it should work.

          • tina says:

            this happening to me too!! i waited for the next level, but after that, clumsy still saying to upgrade a house using Handy. i upgraded houses already. i emailed beeline and submitted online form, but their email has no answer, just showing my original email. i'm getting frustrated about this.. should i rate negative for this game???

          • brett says:

            I am having the exact problem as elijah describes above. Was this ever further addressed? Thank you.

          • Smurfette says:

            No, it wasn't. Please contact Beeline directly, they might be able to help.

          • brett says:

            the support page is not working. I have tried both my phone and several computers so i could message them about this problem. :( could you inform them of the support page errors? thank you. PS: I know everything was filled out properly.

          • Smurfette says:

            We are not in close contact with Beeline, as we are an unofficial guide, but I will send them information about the contact form not working. Until it is fixed, you can just email their support team at

    • tina says:

      i tried to upgrade another house, and clumsy stopped alerting me to upgrade a house using Handy :) happy now!!

  39. Smurfy says:

    i am worried about using the time cheat although levelingup is taking ages what should i do :(

  40. Natasha says:

    Clumsy asked me "Add the right color of flag to the village". What does is mean "right color"?

  41. Meeka says:

    Since the Christmas update every time I touch Clumsy Smurf he turns into a caterpillar instead of falling. Anyone else notice this? I find it very odd :)

    • Smurfette says:

      It is happening to me, too. It's just a little glitch, I think. But quite funny.

    • Nhim says:

      How can I do that? I want my Clumsy Smurf turns into a caterpillar like your, but I don't know how to do. Does anyone know how to do?

      • Smurfette says:

        It is just a little graphics glitch (and I think only on the iOS version, but might be Android, too, not sure). If yours does not turn into a caterpillar there is nothing you can do. But it does not matter, it is just for a second when you touch him, afterwards he turns immediately back and does not give XP or anything like that.

  42. Danielle says:

    Clumsy tells me to paint Brainy smurf but there is no pic?? How do I complete that task?

  43. Pridee says:

    owwww ok, now i get it…but i can't even seem to know how to do that, lol. it sounds like a cool trick though…hahhaha Thankx for the answer.

  44. Pridee says:

    What is the time cheat?

    • Smurfette says:

      Time Cheat means setting the clock of the device ahead to harvest crops faster. But using it has consequences, such as Jokey and the special Smurfs not giving gifts/XP anymore.

  45. Staceenole says:

    I recently leveled up to level 36 and did not get new tasks from Clumsy or Grouchy. Papa is givng me new tasks, but no one else. Is there a point where Clumsy and Grouchy stop giving you new quests?

  46. What happens if you do all the quests really quickly? Do you get clumsy of grouchy before that certain level is reached?

  47. Help me says:

    Yesterday i used time that time cheat, my smurfs go away but then they come back again. But now they go away again will they come again?

    • Smurfette says:

      If you use the time cheat, Papa Smurf gets angry and says if you do not stop the smurfs will leave the village, but as far as I am aware the smurfs do not actually leave, he just says that to scare you not to use the cheat.

  48. sungerbob says:

    thanks admin

  49. diane says:

    Clumsy keeps asking me to replace Brainy’s sand castle. I can’t find it or the magical shrub for papa smurf

  50. pac says:

    I actually upgraded a house 2 seconds before the quest came up. So I built another house after it was built I upgraded it… clumsy is still asking me to have handy upgrade a house :( I can’t build another house I’m at my Max # of houses…

  51. Diana says:

    Sorry, but i did not get it :( what do you Mena "tap hammer at bottom right"?

  52. Diana says:

    You mean take a normal picture of the Village? Not using vanity studio? ….that's what i have Been doing and nothing happens.

  53. Teeairlehh says:

    Is it the stone chimney you’re talking about? The one that costs fifty stones?

  54. Guest says:

    I've tried all these ways…basically taking a photo with brainy and without brainy, but clumsy smurf still says to use vanity smurf's photo studio.

  55. Brainy says:

    how about using the camera icon ? Go to build menu, there is a black camera icon a the top, tap that, then tap at bottom left to take picture.

  56. Cowboy Smurf says:

    you need to use vanity's studio to edit one of your own photos. One from your camera roll, and put a smurf hat onto your own image

  57. vanisa says:

    all the light in the buy menu, i place all already but it still not working, seem like it stuck in this quest now.

  58. Stroumpfette says:

    This quest is a valid quest. You need to go into your build menu and purchase the Chinese festival lanterns. They are three hanging on a string between two white and red poles. Look in the build menus. I don't have my game open at the moment, so I can't tell you which menu it is in, but it is definitely there. If you place the correct lanterns, the quest will be completed.

  59. vanisa says:

    can you post me the picture of that lantern?

  60. Smurfette says:

    You can find it on google images, just google "lantern smurfs village". or click this link:…

  61. vanisa says:

    can u tell me where it is locate in the buy menu? seem like it is in the 1st or 2nd shop and it is before or after sth?

  62. Stroumpfette says:

    It is in the mushroom hut build menu for 1500 coins. To the left of it is a loom for 15 smurfberries, and the right of it is a hay stack for 500 coins.

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