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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Crashing App (Game won’t open)


Sometimes it can happen that the game either crashes while playing or during the opening process. In general this does not matter and is due to lack of memory. Just completely close the app via the multitask bar (double tap on the home button) and restart the game. Everything should work fine now.

If it does not work and the game still won’t open there are a couple of things that might help. If the game does open but you are back to level 1 (or any other level below your current status) stop playing and see our “Recover Village” section.

1. Turn the device off and on again

The first thing that might help to get the game working again is doing a hardware power cycle of your device. Just click on the sleep button on your device (the little black button at the top right corner) until “slide to power off” appears on the screen. After turning it off, wait a minute or so and turn the device on again by pressing the home button. If everything has started again (that might take a moment) try opening the app again.

2. Log out of Facebook and/or Game Center

Sometimes Game Center or Facebook can cause crashes of the app (for example if you have added too many neighbours for the game to handle) and it might help to log out of those services. If you are using both, log out of both of them, if the game works after that you can log back into one of them to see which one caused the problem. It might also work with both Game Center and Facebook if you are always only signed in to one of those services at the same time.

To sign out of Facebook, open the Smurf’s Village App and on the main menu screen click “Options” then “Manage Friends”. Just click on “Change Account” and you will be logged out. When the Facebook Pop-Up appears, do not give your information again, just tap on the “x” in the top right corner. If it says “Log In Now” instead of “Change Account” you are already signed out.

To sign out of Game Center you have to open the Game Center App on your device first (for more information on the Game Center App and where to find it see our “Adding Neighbours” section), then at the bottom tap on “Me” and then on the banner with your account (it should say something like “Account:”). After that a Pop-Up appears, click on the “Sign Out” button and then try opening the Smurf’s Village App again.

3. Play the Game without Internet Connection

If all of the methods stated above do not help, you can always try to play the game without any connection to the Internet. This is not a long-term solution but might help you to get your game to start so you can, for example, save your crops before they wither.

On an iPhone or iPad simply go into Settings and turn the Airplane Mode on. If the Airplane mode is not available (for example on some versions of the iPod Touch), just go to Settings -> Network -> Wi-Fi and turn that off.

4. Sync your device to iTunes

Another thing that can sometimes help is to sync your device to iTunes (iOS only). Just plug it into your computer and connect it to iTunes, then open iTunes and choose your device. At the bottom right corner is a “Sync” Button. After your device has finished synchronizing, disconnect it and try opening the game.

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  1. David says:

    Great news!!!!! I was having the same issues of the smurf village crashing on the orange screen prior to start up. I tried all of the regular suggestions (airplane mode, wifi off, turn off iPad, close app, etc) with no success. I did a hard reset on the iPad and was able to get back into the app. By hard reset I mean holding the home and power button until the apple symbol comes up doing a reset on the iPad. Low and behold it opened the program first try! Figured I would share due to my frustration with no answers anywhere on the Internet for this problem.

  2. Jade says:

    Same problem has happened to me twice on various levels…in the end it's caused me too much trouble to fix…as much as I enjoy the game this really is not fun, so it's been deleted for good. It actually makes me stressed! Maybe one day when the kinks are worked out of it I will load it again but for now I do not recommend!

  3. KRbriggs says:

    i can't open my SV, been going to village recovery same thing still not working> i'm currently on SCAVENGER HUNT. and now i loss everything?

    • Sassete says:

      What kind of device are you playing on android or apple and do you haev a backup of your game somewhere on computer or through game center

  4. Vickie says:

    My smurfs completely crashed 3 days ago. I had stuff planted and i went in to check on it my island was empty of house of anything i traveled to my mainland and that was empty of everything. now i am stuck on a green nothing but green screen telling to build a house but there is no money no smurf berries and no smurfs.. Iam so not happy as i was high in levels and spent alot of time building up my village.. Anyone have any ideas how i can recover.. I have emailed beeline and no response at all..

    • Shannon says:

      If you tap on papa smurfs face a heap of times in the options menu you can open up a recover village tab which allows you to reset back to the last auto save the game did

  5. lkj says:

    I cant play the game .i have the same problem… :-( it closes on orangescreen.

  6. Lysander says:

    HELP! I have an Android ICS device (Nexus S). Through two updates now (including one today), the game will not get past the Beeline screen, just crashes out every time I try to launch it. My phone is not rooted and I don't want to uninstall the app or clear the data, as I'm afraid I'll lose everything, including what I've paid for. I've tried launching it in Airplane Mode and same crash happens – I can't even get far enough to try to restore a backup village.

    Am I screwed? If I have to reinstall and reset my progress for the entire game I think I'm out… too much time and money spent to bear going through it all again.

  7. POoh says:

    smurf has been crashing more than 2 months ago. My sister and I already stopped playing because we cannot open the app anymore. I have tried to update it but it also can't be updated. I hope beeline resolves this problem soon.

  8. eric says:

    My game crashed and I just spent money for smurfberries. I have had problems in the past and beeline does not and I repeat does not respond. Any ideas? Should I wait till next update?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Eric if you contacted beeline during the weekend more probably don't reply, please give them 48 hours and see, also make sure to contact them via also if you want to recover your village please check out the tips on how to restore you village on our website. All those tips are in troubleshooting section on your right hand side. Good luck

  9. callio649 says:

    im trying to update smurfs but it wont work how can i fix it?

    • Sassete says:

      Try again and se if it works now it seems like apple had some problems with their servers

  10. colin702 says:

    im trying to update the new version of smurfs but when i click on it to download it says "Smufs Village couldn't be downloaded at this time", and i dont want to delete or i will lose all progress

  11. Smurfygirl says:

    I have the same problem as most people. I can't get past the beeline screen. It has only been like this for a few days but it is really annoying me. I have tried:

    -airplane mode
    -turning wifi off
    -restarting app
    -powering off iPad

    I have an iPad 3 and I downloaded the newest version of the app about a week ago. I don't want to delete the app because I dont want to have to start the game again from scratch. Any advice?

    • eric says:

      Any luck yet my game shut down this morning after spending 50 on smurfberries.
      Stupid me.

  12. Lyn says:

    My app has been crashed for the 2nd time on android, 1st I ended up un installing the app & reinstalling again…. Losing my progress!! It has just happened again at Level 7, iv tried everything suggested but with no luck… Any other ideas?

  13. laura says:

    from 21 july the game stop to work, i have ipad 2. the orange line arrived since at th.e end and after it closed, I try with log out facebook and game happened? I read that some people have my problem in this period,I have the last version of the game that I se in the app store, but nothing.

  14. MeMe A says:

    This is the second update and still I can not open the game, only the beeline orange screen and it get disconnected. I am receiving the notifications between now and then however I cannot log into the game…. Until when this will remain if anyone could answer?

  15. PK2005 says:

    After I updated to new version, it very difficult to access to my island. The boat is sailing and after that the game shut down. I have to try more than 10 times, When I want to access to my island. Is it a bug? And all my friend gone from my map as well.

    • Joy says:

      Same here. Game shut time when going to the island. I tried turning off all other apps in the back ground, restarting the device, etc.

    • JF1812 says:

      I am experiencing the same issue … game closes while boat is sailing to the island or as soon as it reaches the island. Can only access the island every 1 in 4 attempts

  16. eim says:

    its been weeks since i last played my smurfs because it keeps on crashing when i want to play. it crashes out after loading and thats it. i cant play it anymore. ive done all the suggested methods but, nothing happen. spent a lot of money playing smurfs, but now, i've wasted my money and time playing.

    • Texas_Lady_Lee says:

      just did the latest update myself, and can't get to the island without a crash..must be cruising in threw Bermuda triangle..At level 32
      Have tons of memory….done all suggested fixes..guess it is up to beeline to fix us.

  17. Curtis says:

    I have an I-Pod touch, the 4th generation, and I am having a hard time updating Smurfs village.
    I have tried many of the above Ideas but a pop up message comes up reading, "Unable to download Application" Smurfs Village could not be downloaded at this time.
    Done -or- Retry
    What should I do?

  18. jessica says:

    Mine Keeps crashing at beeline screen as well…. I have android and have tried airplane mode, restarting phone, turning off the internet connection… Any one else have any suggestions for android users???

  19. Fast Eddie says:

    I'm have the same probelmlem as a month ago, I can't get past the beeline loading screen and it keeps crashing as it did back in june. I have tried all the tips posted at the top of the page but no luck. I don;t want to do a re-install but if I do should I do a full back up to itunes before I delete? I'm just worried I am going to lose my village as it seems this is an isolated problem. I don't normally laucn the game through game centre.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      If you want to re-install, you should do a back-up first. It doesn't matter if you don't use GC to log in, as long as your village is connected with it, you can recover.

  20. Fast+Eddie79 says:

    I am having probelms getting past the beeline screen when logging into smurfs. Its the same problem I was getting a month ago before an update was released. Is it just me having this problem or is this a widespread problem? I don;t know how to resolve it, I'm hesitant to delete teh game and re-install just in case I lose my village.

  21. Theodore says:

    I am having the same problem alot of other people have had. the game goes to the "beeline" screen and then crashes. I have tried all the suggestions to resolve the problem, save for reinstalling the game, and none have worked. Would reinstalling the game be my only option?

  22. Erika says:

    I now have that problem aswell. Earlier tonight my game stopped working. I couldnt log in anymore. Game just kept crashing. And now Im back to lvl 1.
    Ive tried that restoring village thing but it wont work?
    For some reason there is only one Saved Village: 2012-07-14, but nothing happends when I click it ( or if I click the preview village button )
    I've also tried turning flight mode on. Can log on then but Im at lvl 1 and cant do anything about it..
    Is there anything else I can do or is game lost completely for me?

    • Poet says:

      Do you have a game center ID? If so, a saved online version is always there. Simply log on via your game center, and when you are prompted which village to restore, choose the one which you last left it at. If not, try contacting Beeline support for help.

  23. Anthony Bellasario says:

    I don't know if there is something wrong with my iphone or with the game, it is not working since yesterday. I am able to get to the welcome screen but it hangs up there. Does anybody else have the same problem?

    • Brainy says:

      Reboot device first and see it that works. If not, then turn on airplane mode to see if it works. If still doesnt work, contact beeline and I am sure they will tell you to do the same thing.

  24. Ali says:

    Hi there i want to play the game on my galaxy Y is it comptable with it or not?

  25. evouli says:

    i cant open the game!it stuck in the orange beeline logo and then close!i've restarted my device and i have space free.whats the problem?i have android and that problem came up today.i did the update ,the game open fine but in the next time i only see the logo!

    • Cam says:

      yeah i have an ipod and some times i can play for a little bit and it happened when i updatd it to

  26. BabyLee9x says:

    Today (6/7/2012) when i updated,after that i can’t play game? Can’t click to play….what happen?

    Help me please!

    • Poet says:

      The latest update in the app store is a bug…We are now waiting to hear from Beeline about this.

  27. Corine says:

    I can't log in to facebook. When I go to 'Options' and 'Manage Friends' en click to 'Log in', my device (iPod Touch) shuts down for a couple of weeks now.. Really annoying en I don't know what I can do about it!!
    Also I don't receive any MIAB anymore. This week I got one, but the price was a bench… Not a part of Clockwork! :(

    • Jillian says:

      I have the same problem, for a couple of weeks! So far you are the first person out of countless posts I've gone through trying to get help to figure it out, since it's not the whole app having issues, it's just not connecting to Facebook…. did you get it figured out by chance at all?!

  28. tessie says:

    my game crashed and i reset it but when it crashed it gave me papa's new house but when i reset it it wasnt there anymore. how do i recover papa's house?

  29. themomma45 says:

    thank you very much for the suggestions. the connection with the facebook app on my ipad was my issue. so glad i worked it our as i have been playing this app for about 1 1/2 years or so

  30. Sarah says:

    I can’t get in to it on my phone, although I ha a notification today that my smurfs are “missing me”. When I tried to log in on my iPad it only brings me up a brand new game with no option to find the game on my phone. Rebooting, deleting info or app I not working! What to do?!

  31. ljd says:

    i am in level 39 on a ipod and mine wont open either! I have to find a wifi connection and it will open then but that is the only way. if my battery gets low it closes the game and I have to find a wifi connection again! Please fix this soon

  32. Hearts_n_Flowers says:

    I haven't been able to get past the orange beeline screen for about 5 weeks now. I've received the last two smurf updates but still the problem hasn't been resolved. I've disconnected from the internet and used the airplane mode but still have had no success. My fiancee has the iphone 3 and his still works ok. Frustrating! Please suggest something to help fix this annoying problem. Thanks.

    • eric says:

      Did you ever get your game to work? Im having the same issues and dumb me spent money on smurfberries.

      • Guest says:

        I've had the same problem with our smurf game on the iPad. We followed instructions in earlier post.
        We had deleted Smurf game (app) from the iPad. Re-installed it. The data from our game (at Lvl 24) was saved on the Game Center. When we started the game up – it pops up with a screen saying that there are two games — one with Level 1 and another at Lvl 24. We selected the Lvl 24 game to overwrite and it was fine!

        Some other post said they've had to re-install at least twice to get their's to work. Ours worked the first time.

  33. Meh everyone crashing too I see. I'm glad I didnt mess around too much…although i did restore from itunes. Luckily it didnt reset my level to 1 as after reading here i went into airplane mode (internet off) and it works. Whew….level 40 not lost XD. Looks like we just have to wait for them to fix stuffs…at least its not just me.

    • Brainy says:

      yep, just wait

      • whatever says:

        hey Brainy the village went to level 1 if off line mode and before that i stupidly reinstalled it (((( it is still in the game center though and crashes when i try to go there on line… do you think i will be able to get it back from GC later on??(((

  34. Gamer24 69 says:

    I have been having the same problems since last night. None of the above fixes work for me. I have tried everything. Please help I am on Level 34 and have spent money on smurfberries in the past. Please help I will be really upset if I lose this game.

    • Brainy says:

      Game server issue. Just sit back and wait for beeline to resolve it.

      • Jannick says:

        I Think I Mighty have done "too much" – reinstalled the app and so on. Will I be back on my level 30 later?I'm using Game Center.

    • Debstar1969 says:

      I experienced a similar problem 2 days ago. Except I lost over 60 smurfs and my village was empty except for a piece of floating stream!! My level 33, amount of coins and smurfberries in the top left corner remained at the correct levels but the I couldn't do anything with the game!! I emailed beeline and I have posted their response below. I followed the instructions exactly! And my village is now restored to the point I was at prior to the game crashing.

      The other thing important to mention is that I could only access the game to complete these instructions was by turning the internet OFF!!

      From Beeline:
      "We do apologize. In the most recent versions of Smurfs' Village (version 1.0.4 or above) we have included a new feature to help back up data while we look into the source of the lost data issue. To check which version of the game you are running, from the main menu, tap "Help" then scroll down to the Technical Support section of the help guide. The version number of the game will be above the Technical Support header. If you are using version 1.0.4 or above, to locate the village recovery tool, at the main menu select "Options." In the Options menu, tap on the icon of Papa Smurf's face 16 times. A new button (Recover Village) will now appear. Tapping this button will bring you to a list of saved
      village data. From here, you can tap on a listed saved village state and tap "Preview Village," which will allow you to view the village. While viewing the village, tapping the red arrow at the bottom-right of the screen will bring you back to the "Recover Village" menu, where you will be asked whether or not you would like to use the previewed village's data. Tapping "Yes" will select the previewed village's data. If you are using a previous version of the game, or experiencing issues with the village recovery tool, please let us know. We apologize for the inconvenience,

      See how you go. It worked for me. Hope this helps those fellow Smurf Village Players!!!

  35. malini108 says:

    Just do what Brainy said-play in off-line mode and wait for the fix .Re-installing game WILL NOT work .Did it myself this morning ,luckily managed to get my progress back-still crashing after that… .Sadly no giving and receiving gifts until this issue fixed …

    • malini108 says:

      I was fiddling with the game and got it working like this (on iPhone4 with all latest updates)
      Off-line mode (Settings-airplane mode ON)
      Open the game and tap PLAY
      After loading ,tap small house sign on left bottom corner that takes you to different villages and will say "not connected to game centre or fb"
      Exit game by pressing main "button " on iPhone (bottom middle )
      Go back online and QUICKLY re-open the game which should be on yours and neighbours villages
      WAIT till it loads all your friends villages and they became visible

      I was able from that point to visit friends villages,leave gifts and get back to my village and find some gifts left for me too.

      Once I exited my village via iPhone button after that ,kept crashing and had to repeat the above process to get to it online again

      Cannot tell if this would work for anyone else but it did it for me and hope Beeline will had it fixed ASAP
      Happy Smurfing!

    • Magpie says:

      One app I had was blocking most of my ipad2's memory I guess. Could only play smurfs village in airplane mode but now, wala, problem gone after having delete that other app.

  36. Apt says:

    I try to contact beeline about my crashing but when I select issue "My Game is crashing" and click continue it said

    "We are aware of an ongoing issue with this title crashing when attempting to start the game or attempting to connect to the App Store. We are currently investigating the issue and will resolve this soon."

    So the problem is my app or game server?

  37. Apt says:

    Just last night I cannot get past the orange beeline page, it loading and then pop out to home screen. I try to log in and out game, FB, GC but it didn't work. But when I open game on Airplane mode I can access game. Is the problem with my App or game Server problem? If I play in Airplane mode game will not be save and GC and I cannot send and receive gift to/ from friend right?

    • malini108 says:

      Just do what Brainy said-play in off-line mode and wait for the fix .Re-installing game WILL NOT work .Did it myself this morning ,luckily managed to get my progress back-still crashing after that… .Sadly no giving and receiving gifts until this issue fixedas you have to be connected to gc and online

  38. Guest says:

    Thanks Beeline BUT none of your fixes work, great game, NOT!!!

  39. haptic says:

    hi there my smurf keep crashing when i go online… but when i'm not using the internet connection it works fine… any solution???

  40. Batchpad says:

    Help Please!

    My Smurfs Village keeps crashing when loading so that I cannot play the game. The only way I can see my village is to turn on Airplane mode on the iPhone – then it works! Turning Game Centre off has no effect and the game still crashes.

    Any ideas on a fix?

  41. Sally Daum says:

    Starting yesterday, I cannot get into the game, and neither can my daughter. On the iphone, memory is 1/3 full, on the ipod, it is less than 1/4 full. We each have only 2 friends on the Smurfs Village account.

  42. Jan Daum says:

    Smurfs Village, you are losing all of us! Turn off all the garbage you are shoving at our machines so we can start the game. Nothing works to get past the orange screen and ads.

  43. Sara says:

    The app opens only on airplane mode… That’s weird! But the worst thing is that the game has started again from level 1, and if i try to play without the airplane mode it crashes again. So i can’t even restart the village (i was at level 18)… What can i do?

    • Brainy says:

      Turn on airplane mode blocks the game from connecting to the game server which is down at this time. Continue using the airplane mode to access your village until beeline fixes the game server.

      • Sara says:

        Thanks for your help! But there’s a way to recover my level 18 village right now? Or i just have to wait until the problem is fixed? Thanks again

    • Elaine says:

      Problem seems to be fixed now, my village is working fine now with wifi on.

    • dulce-smurf says:

      Mine won’t even open on airplane mode…I’m such a sad Smurfer right now!!! Anybody come up with any other ideas???

  44. Flo says:

    I was having the crashing problem too, the only way the app would open was if I put my Iphone on airplane mode. However whenever I exited airplane mode, the game resumed on crashing everytime I tried to open it.
    So I decided to uninstall the game as a lot of peolple advice in this topic. I chose to keep the data on the gamecenter and uninstalled the game. Then I reinstalled it, hit "Play" button and my village was back to level 1, with Papa Smurf asking me to place a garden ! The game just didn't ask me if I want to restart of resume from an existing village ! What should I do ?! I hope I'm not screwed since I used to always see "You're now connected to Gamecenter" everytime I played the app before deleting it…

  45. adds says:

    uhm i have no idea what happened today but i can't open my village, this is very weird it keeps closing it.
    a bunch of my friends encountered the same issue
    need help please??

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Beeline had some server problems because Apple updated something but it should be fixed now.

  46. beeline you fool!!! says:

    I cant get passed the orange screen either!! i was on it last night and this morning i cant get on to it! i was on level 26! But i updated it as well i had like 29,800 coins but after the update i went down to 600 :( i was like WHHATTT!!! :(!! silly beeline!! fix it please!!

  47. Josephine says:

    im on level 20 at 55%..

    yesterday the application was fine. Then this afternoon i cant get pass through the orange screen of beeline.

    I tried deleting the app and the re install again.
    pass through the orange screen (in offline mode), the game center is popping above, BUT I START AGAIN FROM LEVEL 1…

    How can i get it fix ??

    I spent some $$ on the gameee…..

  48. Justsmurfingaround says:

    Hi! My app crashes if i use it with wi fi on..i’ve reached level 25,n it had been working normally earlier. It works fine if i use it with wifi off but again crashes on turning it on :( what should i do? Pls help :(

    • Justsmurfingaround says:

      I tried re installing the app but its still crashing! Plus i can’t get my progress back :(:( PlS HELP!!! My sister’s app is behaving the same way..

      • Brainy says:

        you shouldn't have to reinstall the app. Its the game server issue and beeline is working on it. The current workaround is turn on airplane mode (or turn off wi-fi) on your device if you need access to your village to save your crops. While in airplane mode, your phone can't receive calls/emails so dont forget to turn off airplane mode when you are done with your village.

      • Josephine says:

        Me tooo.. I did reinstalled the game.. And it start from level 1..

        • Brainy says:

          ouch. You shouldnt have to reinstall the app because the problem is on the game server. If you are using game center, it should pull down your saved level from game center server. Otherwise, I am afraid you lost your village.

    • Brainy says:

      do nothing, just wait for beeline to fix the game server

      • Texas Lady Lee says:

        I have tried everything y'all suggested, but nothing works..
        When I checked game center..says zero progress on this app.
        I'm on my ipad2, have tons of memory. Was at level 30 at about 30% , 93 smurfberries
        $300 spent on this game.. have no neighbors..not connected to Facebook ever..
        Now what?
        Just wait? I see others have posted months ago with the same issue..
        Guess they will fix this app when they don't have the cash flow from us smurf crazed folks.

  49. My game has started crashing every time I turn it on. It even does it when I open the game on my ipad as well as my iPhone. I have tried restarting the phone. I have tried leaving game center and logging back in. I have even tried deleting the game and reinstalling it. It's still crashing, though I did get further after reinstalling it. My plants have already withered, but I'd really enjoy continuing to play the game. I can't do that though if I can't even get into the game.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      This happened because apple updated something and Beeline had to change some things to make the games work again. Now it should be fixed.

  50. Selene Yang says:

    I believed there is something wrong with beeline and internet connection.
    it does not work properly on the internet and will shut down after launched.
    I deleted the game and keep my profile in the game centre. however, when launched it is unable to retrieve my existing profile in the game centre. Right now, even if start from level 1 and still unable to play while connected to the internet.

    I tried to check on how to recover my village, however it is unable to recover. as I believed, internet access is required.
    I hope beeline will be able to advise on how to retrieve my village.