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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Farmer’s Plant All Function


 Farmer smurf (plant all)

A function that many fans of the game have been asking for was added in version 1.1.2 of the app. It is now possible to upgrade Farmer Smurfs hut so that on top of his “Harvest All” function it is also possible to plant a specific crop on all available fields with one click. Like the “Harvest All” feature this can save you a lot of time if you have many gardens in your village.

To enable this function Farmer’s Hut has to be upgraded for 15 Smurfberries, just tap on his house and then on the “Upgrade” button in the window that pops up on the right side. As soon as the upgrade is completed this function can be used and Farmer’s Hut gets a black weather station on top of his thatched roof as a visualisation of that upgrade.

To use this feature, just tap on the house and click on the “Plant All Crops” button. A sidebar with all the available crops will appear. The numbers shown there (i.e. the price, the number of XP and Coins gained) are accumulated, that means they are the totals for all the crops that will be planted by tapping on them, not just for the one individual crop that is shown in the normal mode.

If this function is used, the chosen crop will be planted on every garden and the number of crops is only limited by the amount of available Smurfs and free gardens.

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  1. Hamza says:

    Only In the main village, when I harvest crops, I earn XP(10% more than the original amount) and gold(10% more than the original amount). why? I have already placed Brainy's hut on the island.

  2. Joris says:

    Someone told me that if I had the harvest wagon, I didn't need to upgrade farmer's hut. But that didn't work. Was it a bug?

    • Poet says:

      That's not true. Having the harvest wagon merely unlocks 2 new crops for you. But upgrading Farmer Smurf gives you the 'Plant All' and 'Harvest' All' feature, a feature very useful for planting and harvesting your crops.

  3. Kath says:

    After I reached level 21 when I tap Farmer's hut for "plant all" the crop menu shows an enormous increase in the cost of crops with a coordinating increase of coins and XP. To plant all my fields would cost most of my coin and I'm afraid that the cost is a glitch and I would loose all. BTW, when I plant my crops one by one they are the regular cost/XP. Any explanations or suggestions?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The price you see when you tap the plant all is price for all fields vs the single field price when you plant manually. The xp works like that, too. If the price you're seeing is not the single price multiplied by the number of fields you are planting with the plant all option, then you have a problem which you would want to report to Beeline. Not knowing how many fields you're planting, I can't answer if you have an issue. For example if a single field off raspberries costs 4 coins, 10 fields will cost 40 coins.

  4. Grumpy says:

    When I played on ios and on android the first times before it crashed i didn't have to pay to upgrade farmer it happened automatically after a level up. My village crashed and I wasn't able to recover it, and I got farmer again on my new android and it won't let me upgrade automatically now I have to pay. Is there a work around?

  5. Kyan says:

    there are actually bug/glitch on the island .. there are invincible farmer smurf huts … i have 3 of them… (i have farmer on mainland)

    so i have been using them.. in total i could have 12 garden plots affected. (the effect is very random, doesn't work like the mainland which affect the gardens surround it..)

  6. Leah says:

    I have found a hidden "plant all" on the island. When I plant any crop in a special spot, all of my available crops will instantly plant them. I've used this over and over so i know it wasn't a random occurrence.

  7. ashley says:

    is there a way to grow all your crops instantly with smufberries all at the same time like plant all or harvest all? i would really love this!

  8. Agnes says:

    Is there any similar function (plant / harvest all crops) in the new island?

  9. Spramper says:

    Today I used the plant all function to plant some peas. I have been on a peas kick recently for some reason and that’s all I ever plant just about. For a week now i have always used the plant all function and I have always planted peas. until today. I hit the plant all function, planted my peas, and then the menu disappeared as usual but no “temporary peas” appeared while my smurfs scurried to get to the crops. I clearly saw the 292 coins disappear from the screen as that was how much it took to plant the over 30 something crops but no peas every appeared. I thought it was just a glich bc my smurfs were hard at work on all of the crops. I checked back about an hour later and still no sign of peas but my smurfs were still watering away. Then the notification popped up on my phone that I had peas ready to harvest. I went to my village and much to my disappointment, I only had ONE crop of peas!!! What was strange though is that all of my smurfs were walking away from the field in a large group at the same time just like they do after they get finished watering crops. It’s not that I really mind that I just ate over 200 coins, but thank goodness it was just peas and not pumpkins or potatoes!! Have you heard if this is a bug? Or maybe just a one time thing??

  10. -Fanie- says:

    I love the plant and harvest all function but found, as I migrate to higher levels that I have a large number of shrubs to grow fruit on. Any idea if there are plans in the pipeline for a similar harvest and plant all for the shrubs?

    • Smurfette says:

      It has been requested in the Beeline Support Forum many times (for shurbs and flowers) but it is not yet known if they will implant it into the game. They have done it previously (like Smurfs now going into their houses or the plant all function), so it is possible they will listen to the users again and add it in one of the next updates.

  11. Eilish says:

    i upgraded to the 'plant all' one and the menu of crops says they each get loads of xp but when harvesting all it's popping up with the lower original amount on each crop. read somewhere that only the 8 round the hut that turn green would get the extra but rearranged it all and still all getting original xp etc….anyone heard of a fix to this?

    • Smurfette says:

      The Plant All function has nothing to do with the extra 25% XP you get for eight crops around Farmer Smurf. The high numbers you see are totals for the plant all, i.e. if you are going to plant 10 crops via plant all, it shows you the Cost, XP and Coins those 10 crops combined will get you. But when you harvest them, you see the individual number for each crop

  12. Jessica says:

    Hate the new update! Too slow!!! And I turned off day/night mode and got sent back to level 1! I was at level 34!!! Not happy. Have fixed that but game is still laggy!! Not impressed especially after waiting soo long for the plant pineapples glitch to be fixed!

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline has released a statement saying that the problem with crashes and lagging might be fixed if you update your device to iOS 4.3 If you have an older device and it says up to date with a lower ios version you might have to wait for a fix in the next update. If you use GameCenter, try to reinstall the Game, that helps sometimes.

  13. Sharon says:


    Now the local time is 9:23 am, but my village it is night.. Is this right? When is the sun coming up?

  14. @cory_neal says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! because i have over 100 smurfs and thats a lot of field!!!!!!! but one thing that i dont get is when i baught farmer smurf, and i wanted to upgrade it. i only had like 4 smurfberries left, and i hit the upgrade button, and it only took my 4!!!!! i was sooo happy

    • Smurfette says:

      That is a bug, it will probably be fixed with the next update, but at the moment the upgrade always works, even if you have no Smurfberries, and it will only take your remaining once if you have not enough Smurfberries for the upgrade

  15. John says:

    We have pay more Smurfberries for the Plant All function. It’s just ridiculous!

  16. JoS says:

    I am loving the plant all and harvest all. With 50+ plots of land, growing crops had become tedious. The new feature makes it quick and easy leaving me time to do other things that are important to me.

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