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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Flower Pot Mayhem


Flower pots are one of the most popular gifts for neighbors to give. They not only yield a hefty sum of XP when placed but they also make nice decorative touches to a player’s village. For many active Smurfs’ Village players, these flower pots can quickly accumulate resulting in sheer pottery mayhem. Luckily there are multiple ways that these potted centerpieces can be integrated into the overall design of your village. Mushroom hut accenting is one of the easiest routes to take when dealing with an overflow of pots to organize. Placing them next to homes, in-between rows of huts, around, or at both sides of an individual mushroom will create a nostalgic yet colorful neighborhood within minutes.

The new hut customization options allow players to coordinate each mushroom in a shade the compliments the vivid yellow flowers. Players can re-arrange their pots by tapping the hammer icon on the right lower side of the screen and entering the build menu area. Tap on the left move icon and then tap on item you wish to relocate.

Another nifty decorating tip is to add pots into your garden as accents. When placed under or next to a magical fruit bearing shrub they really stand out. Set one, two, or four potted gifts around each tree. For an even more unique design players can encircle their garden with pots or use them like fences to separate different areas in your town. Depending on the type of flowers that a player is growing in their boxed beds it can be a nice touch. Floral gifts placed near flower beds that may require watering by a helpful neighbor can assist in drawing visiting friends eyes to the area in need.

Players can also use the flower pots to spell out messages to friends. Some players practice this technique with purchased mushrooms or flowers but all those small items can quickly add up. Taking advantage of these free floral gifts is a great way to not only save coins but let friends know you’re thinking of them. Strategically place pots to form letters that read as a simple thank you, hello, or anything else that you’d might want to say. Players can be as creative as they want. It is your village. There’s dozens of different spots where your repeated gifts can make a home for themselves. Whether it’s next to a hut, complimenting Timber Smurf’s Mill, along the shoreline, or accenting a magnificent garden flower pots can be a welcomed addition to any village.

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  1. anyone else had problems with the smurfette quest where we asks u to plant 20 flowers. I have done this twice and can't complete it.

  2. Monika says:

    I don't have flower pots on my build menu. How am I going to finish the task?

  3. Geet says:

    In scavenger hunt , it's asking to place two flower pots. I already have one pot so I placed other, however quest is not complete. Can anyone tell me how to complete it?

  4. m1pNFqcZpXMf says:

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  5. Rachelle says:

    My flower pots don't give me anything!!! Are they supposed to?

  6. Guinea Girl says:

    I don’t have 30 boxes & I shouldn’t have to delete garden spaces to buy flower boxes for a quest- that is just not right. U should b able to plant and harvest multiple times from same few boxes as past quests have worked. I will just not complete this quest

  7. Tanya dunning says:

    I have lost so many smurfberries, due to quest keep crashing mid way throught the blueprint quests

  8. Rico says:

    Grouchy wants me to plant 30 tulips. I've harvested almost 60. Quest won't complete. What gives?

  9. Lis says:

    Can somebody add me on as well – my id name is abc2u

  10. Shelley says:

    Has anyone else had problems with the smurfette quest where we asks u to plant 20 flowers. I have done this twice and can't complete this.

  11. Fuzzy says:

    My totem on the island is not working anymore. Does any of you have the same problem?

  12. Orchid says:

    How do you get flower pots?

  13. Einstein says:

    Add mine too, please…. Adrian CSB, thanks 😉

  14. Kate says:

    GC ZXCASDWER will share bolts or other requested items. Thanks

  15. gabika says:

    Flower pots are useless, i've got hundreds of them in my storage hut. Fortunetely beeline realised that there should be useful things among the gifts, It is a very good idea that neighbours can give me stone, wood and paint.

  16. jules says:

    you can only place this things if you have them from a gift

  17. Z4chAttack1 says:

    Add Z4chAttack1. Will share bolts, flower pots and any other needed items with anyone.

  18. nocciola says:

    please add me for flower pots exchange! I'd love them and I don't have any!

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