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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Free Smurfberries from Beeline for Easter


During valentines Beeline surprised Smurfs village players buy offering 5 free  smurfberries. likewise during  Easter 2012  Beeline didn’t miss the opportunity to share some love with  Smurfs fans after having some frustrated time with message in a bottle (M.I.A.B) quests.   Many players have already received  their free 3 smurfberries, and all of them were thankful to  Beeline  and them  happy easter as well (see the screenshot below taken from our facebook page).

In case you haven’t receive your Free Smurfberries yet just be patient as usually  is matter of time.  At the moment  don’t have more details if   both platforms Apple iOs and Android    are receiving this smurfberries package or not.

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  1. Trey says:

    I’m using apple iOS and got absolutely nothing while others are getting 150+. This game is really irritating with all the glitches. I’m starting to hate it

  2. Christina says:

    In my village it is always morning. From level 22 and now I am in level 23. The clock in my device is correct. I use asus tablet.

  3. laura velasco says:

    i haven't recived ANY smurfberry… Easter is gone… your answer is wait… till when?? Augoust??? :/

    • Brainy says:

      We are NOT beeline so we dont know. The only thing we know is there was a game glitch. Some people didn't get any and some people got 100+ free sb.
      It's not fair and we can't do anything about it.

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        Beeline said that they won't do an easter update because they will fix the bugs.
        Well easter itself became a huge bug, quite ironic.

  4. LaChrize says:

    I didn't received any SB.. because my iApp crash sind over one week now!!!!!!

  5. ayse_hcttp says:

    how can ı buy it?

  6. essiw says:

    Am I to late for this? I didn't get any smurfberrie, not for easter and not these 5, I didn't had wifi at that moment, now that I have I didn't got them…

  7. Guy's i havent had any???? at all no message no nothing and im up to date on everything …. :(

  8. George says:

    over 200 SB !!!!!

  9. Syl says:

    I only received 3, otter familymembers nothing.
    Lost a piece of the totempole again. It is becoming annoying!

  10. Smufy time says:

    i only received 2 ..!
    not even the std 3

  11. CCASE13 says:

    Thanks for the smurfberries!! Please add me as a friend on Game Center: CCASE13

  12. Charlotte says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you .


    I received a whopping 178 SMURF BERRIES .


  13. camdeborde says:

    Has anyone on Android received the Easter smurfberries? I haven't so far.

  14. blackkittycat01 says:

    I got 3 smurfberries as well and I wish I would have received more.

  15. Sandra says:

    Ik heb niet 1 gratis besje mogen ontvangen voor Pasen,

    Waarom zijn er mensen die er 40 hebben gehad?

    En anderen geen 1??

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Gebruik je Android? Deze spelers hebben er blijkbaar geen gekregen.
      Probeer volgende keer een probleem in het engels te schrijven. Meer en misschien betere hulp 😉

  16. Boee says:

    Why did some people get more than 60 Smurfberries and other just 3, I just got 3 and my sister got around 100….

  17. Juke77 says:

    Please, ad me as a friend via GAMECENTER: Juke77

    Thanks !

  18. Bria says:

    I'm an IOs user and didn't get any smurfberries :(. Should I contact beeline?

    • Jcarr94 says:

      I didn’t get any either. Same platform. Must be random? I had to contact beeline for the valentine day ones.

  19. smurfs says:

    i want some too :(

  20. Clumsy says:

    Ha, I just got 3. But that'sok.. We shouldn't get greedy.

  21. lilian says:

    The only gift i got today was that I lost 60 smurfs and I had to restore my village to a earlier day and level. ANdroid user!!!! Thanks

  22. Mommyann11 says:

    I got a grand total of 159 smurfberries.

  23. GabyConte says:

    Does anybody knows if this great gift apply just for IOS users?…I'm an android user and I dont get any free smurfberrie!…another question, should I be ON LINE to receipt this Beeline's gift?????


  24. Roberto T says:

    Great! Free SM should be given more often :)

    Please, ad me as a friend via GAMECENTER: ROBERTOTURK

    NEEEEEEEEED poted flowers!

    Thank you!

    • blackkittycat01 says:

      I don't know why people gift anything other than the flower pot. I always gift flower pots but don't get that in return. I sent you a requst from blackkittycat01 in gamecenter. I also water flower even if there is not gift.

  25. bert says:

    Also got 120+ SBs. i received the last ~1hour ago, so i guess it's over for now. Great surprise, loved it!
    Unfortunately my GF received only the "standard" 3 berries, she was a little upset.

    Was this caused by a bug? – any official statement on this?

  26. @tenakira says:

    received 150 berries max… anyone hv receiving more than 150?

  27. jules says:

    i got 70 smurfberries thanks

  28. Adriana says:

    I got 12!!! First 4 then 4 on the island and when i returned to land 4 more!

  29. muffy says:

    why are some people getting 3 only and others getting 40 +?

  30. Badgohan says:

    Thanks for so much smurfberries

  31. Daiv says:

    I think I know what the "trick" is. After every 3-4 free smurfberries, the game asks if you are having a "smurfy time". I keep saying "OK" and going off the game and coming back. I have this on two phones and one is over 100 SB and the other is at 66 SB so far. 2 other people I know said cancel on the "smurfy time" and they stopped at 9 SB each.

  32. L says:

    I’m not getting all the three smurfberries!!! I leave it and nothing happens! :(

  33. Witchwick says:

    Everybody please add me at game centre WITCHWICK17 ok :)

  34. chef burki says:

    i recieve 29 smurfberries and i still recieving … i'am scaring for this happening to lost my game …is it a gift only for today ?? i am at level 29 …please answer me …sorry for the my english

  35. Lynn says:

    Is this for free?? I got more than 40 sb. Scared this will be charged to my itunes acc

  36. Mark says:

    I need neighbors. Please add me in GameCenter hufferman74. Thanks

  37. Yulius says:

    Thanx for 45 smurf berries gift

  38. Daiv says:

    I'm well over 30 free berries so far. They just keep coming Love it. I even bought the ice cream cart now.

  39. Rafael Ortiz says:

    Thanks for the SBs!!!!!!

  40. tenakira says:

    Received 60 free berries so far… Stil receiving… Thx beeline!!! ("3)<3

  41. trzpiola says:

    So far 30 free sb ;))))

  42. Terrence says:

    my friend receive 26 berries for easter… and still receiving…

    • Upkunt says:

      i reecived over 100 smurfberry Thx Beeline

      • Loz says:

        Im not receiving any!!! Im level 23 :( i dont know if that makes a difference- but my sister is getting many still and she is level 20!!! I leave it on the screen like she does but it is not working 😮

  43. Mike says:

    None for the me. :( Must not be for Android users………..again.

  44. nusa says:

    I think it just isn’t fair that some people are getting a lot of smurfberries and some of use neither one! :S please fix this!

  45. Mereke48 says:

    Thanks for THE berries

  46. Juste DeSadec says:

    Apart from the free Smurfberries, my account has just lost 150+ smurfberrise for NO reason at all, not even an hw crash, nothing. I came back to my village and berries were gone. Can I contact Beeline to get the back?

    • Desiree says:

      Similar thing happened to me yesterday although it’s not as bad as your situation: received the 3 sb Easter gift from beeline, then they subsequently deducted 25 sb from me once I placed a cake that I achieved from greedy’s baking game in my village.

      Had to risk losing the 3 sb from beeline in order to save my lost 25 sb so I recovered my village to the previous save point and of course, my 3 sb were gone forever…

  47. Vivien says:

    and i don't know if its just mine, but I got more than just 3 smurfsberries I got like 30!!! 😀
    seriously no joke 😛
    just keep your screen opened and hopefully it will work for you guyws as well 😀

  48. Katniss says:

    My neighbour have recieved 20 berries now from beeline. Glitch?

  49. Emble says:

    My friends village has not only got the three extra smurfberries but a tonne more – they reckon there smurfberries were doubled and and extra one added – great eater surprise for them! Thank to beeline for the three I got – a wonderful surprise! :)

  50. Alaltit says:

    Thanks for the free SB.

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