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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Free Smurfberries on the Valentine’s day


Smurfs’ village players are still getting more surprises during valentine’s update, after the  50%  off discount made for Tailor smurfs, many players were surprised to receive  a pack of   5 free  Smurfberries out of no where on the valentines day. Surely is not a gift from a friend and is neither Jockey’s  nor Marco’s gifts.  Apparently it is a modest gift offered by Beeline to share the love with you and wish you HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 2012, so  enjoy your  free Smurfberries and happy Valentine’s day to everybody. Please feel  free to  share  your  valentines’ wishes with us on the comment section below.


It seems that smurfs village App  ends up by crushing or  freezing  in few androids phones and tablets while receiving Valentine’s  free Smurfberries Gift. At the moment there is nothing you can do as it seems like this is a glitch.  However if you lost your village please check out our  village recovery page.

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  1. Ghada says:

    What about valentine's day this year 2014

  2. Sam says:

    Yay I got five free sbs for the release of the iPhone five!

  3. Smurfy!!!!!! 8 says:

    Will you give out smurfberries on valentines day 2013

  4. Smurfy says:

    Why I just can't get sporty smurf and why my friend sent me 2 bolts and it did not appear in the blueprint? What is happening? How do we do the quest when a smurf ask us to gather wood???

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Sporty Smurf is availlable on the island for 5000 coins. The missing bolts are normal, it's a bug. You need to send a raft on a wood voyage to gather wood.

  5. Chris Oulton says:

    I bought a $75 path, but when I placed it I lost 5 smurfberries. How can I get them back.

    P.S: There needs to be mini-games on the island, like a scuba diving game.

    • Like a Genie says:

      Click options and go to papa smurf and tap him 16 times and then an option will pop up and back your game up to the day before that. if that doesn't work, contact beeline. @ your P.S. I agree you should mention that to beeline too.

  6. TSIM says:

    my friend's app froze after the valentine's day update and then 24 hours later he got 650,000 ( yes thousand) smurf berries ….go figure.

  7. Josh says:

    I never received 5 free Smurfberries? Who’s Marco Smurf? When were smurfs. 50% off? Do you only receive these things if you use an apple. I am an android user and none of these things have been afforded to me.

  8. seytan says:

    When I clicked on the "gift from beeline" my game crashed and i didnt receive any smurfberries :-( Samsung Galaxy I9000

  9. Sheila Choo says:

    Happy Valentine's day!

  10. Greenhippo says:

    I play on my iPhone connected to the Internet and I didn’t get any free smurf berries either. I actually lost smurf berries and had to go back to a saved game from a few days previous to get them back. They were right when they said a valentines day surprise. Just didn’t expect that to be the surprise!

  11. Vinod Gopani says:

    The moment i click start it blackouts and game crashes…. Im at 27 level and i dont wanna lose my Village please help , already tried restarting my device for many times. Please help….

  12. Jennifer says:

    I play on my iPhone 4s but I didnt get any free smurfberries

  13. Smurf says:

    Since valentine's update , the evening never come in my village. So couldn't get xp from scaredy smurf. Is there someone else having the same trouble?

  14. Sam says:

    I didn't get any smurf barries on valentines day! I'm disappointed, and every since I upgraded to the new version I can't get any experience points from Painter Smurf. My paints all come out murky looking.

    • Smurfette says:

      Regarding the Painter issues, this is a bug, you can read about it on our bugs and solutions page here: Regarding the smurfberries, you could contact Beeline and ask them to resend them to you.

  15. Amfo1 says:

    Since valentines day receiving 5 smurfberries, jokey has given me one each day since

  16. Nae says:

    Thank you for the berries:)

  17. Joyce McClellin says:

    I did not get 5 free smurf berries on valentine day!!!

  18. Pam says:

    I did not receive the smurf-berries …. I phone….. my phone is crashing too….

  19. Mary says:

    Love the smurfberries!!! Thank you- lots of love back

  20. Joshua says:

    I did not receive the smurfberries and it crashed my phone, village is still intact however, Samsung Charge is my phone.

  21. Jenn says:

    Happy Valentine's Day! Received my 5 smurf berries with love!! <3

  22. Melodyanne11 says:

    I didn't even get a notice for free gift. I play on the iPad2. I restarted my iPad and still nothing, and it is on the Internet. :(

  23. Teri Sharp says:

    I used my 'valentine's smurf berries' and 3 berries from my last level up to upgrade two houses. That was a total of 8 berries used. I am not able to get more smurfs though. I am told that character limit is met. I get the same message when I try to purchase another caterpillar. Can i get my 8 smurf berries back since I didn't get the smurfs I purchased with the two house upgrades? Now I have 0 berries… Please help!!!

  24. angi karvelis says:

    TY so much for the berries! :) Happy <3 day!

  25. Dougg J. says:

    Very nice surprise, I leveled up to 24 at the same time, so getting 8 SB at one time was pretty sweet. Happy Valentine's day to you all, specially Beeline!

  26. Alain says:

    Because there is a glitch with some android phones and tablets

  27. andrew says:

    i got the notice that beeline sent me a gift, then i clicked on it and it crashed.. so i did not receive the smurfberries.. ANDROID SV crashes alot :(

    • Alain says:

      What tablet/ phone are you using? Can you please let us know. if it is an Android tablet or Phone Unfortunately is a glitch which occurs with many Android users.

      • Gerard says:

        Something went wrong ;). I have a transformer prime with ICS

      • kaitu says:

        Asus Transformer

      • cliftonphotographer says:

        Mine is the first Samsung Galaxy 7 inch taplet (P1000) and I got that message on Valentine's day. But when I clicked on the present my game locked up and eventually crashed. I never got the berries but was able to back up and unfortunately lost a good day of play because of it. Now I really want those because I heard it was 5 berries and I want to get Farmer Smurf and upgrade him!

  28. NKULatino says:

    How do we get the 5 free smurfberries? I been playing all day today, and had updated my village already the day the V Day update came out, but still havent gotten any smurfberries :(

  29. trini says:

    The free gift caused my phone to freeze and then forced close.. I didn’t get to recieve the free gift… =\

  30. Gerard says:

    unfortunally my app crashed so no 5 smurfberries. Anybody else had this problem?

  31. kaitu says:

    When I clicked on the "gift from beeline" my game crashed and i didnt receive any smurfberries :(

  32. benjamin says:

    Im level 22 and using android. why i dont get the smurfbbery surprise?

  33. Karin Falke says:

    This morning, valentinesday, I saw 'free gift from beeline' and when I tried to open it, my (android) gsm flipped and I had to restart and….gone was my present…. also there is no discount available for tailor smurf on my gsm. What can I do?

    • Smurfette says:

      You can try to restart your device and see if the Smurfberry comes up again. If it does not, you might want to contact Beeline and ask them to resend the free berries. You can reach them at The discount for Tailor Smurf has long since run out, but it is supposed to come up again sometime in the future.

  34. bertie says:

    Game froze when I clicked on beeline gift and received nothing ! I’ve had just about enough of this game on my android not to mention can’t add friends issue hasent been addressed or resolved yet ….

    • Smurfette says:

      You can try to restart your device and see if the Smurfberry comes up again. If it does not, you might want to contact Beeline and ask them to resend the free berries. You can reach them at

  35. Zacon Pang says:

    Isn't available on Andriod also?

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