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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Growing fruits on trees or shrubs



In the latest update (version 1.1.2  iOs) a new way to grow fruits was introduced. At level 21 it is possible to buy trees (shrubs) for either 2,500 Coins or 10 Smurfberries on which a Smurf can grow fruits for XPs and Coins.

It is possible to grow all kinds of fruits on the shrubs after they have been placed, that means they behave like the gardens and can be used individually. It is not necessary to choose a certain fruit for a specific tree before the purchase. As with the gardens, tapping the tree opens a sidebar at the right side of the village with all of the available fruits. At the moment the following fruits can be grown:

FruitCostXPCoinsDuration Min. Level
Acorn20 Coins300 XP60 Coins24 hoursLevel 21
Pears38 Coins540 XP114 Coins48 hoursLevel 25
Oranges54 Coins750 XP162 Coins72 hoursLevel 29
Cherries68 Coins930 XP204 Coins96 hoursLevel 33
Peaches80 Coins1080 XP240 Coins120 hoursLevel 38

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  1. mumbles66 says:

    I am trying to do a trekker smurf thingy and it tells me to add 2 x magic shrubs. I have added 3 but it still tells me to do it. Any idea how to correct this.

    • Smurfette says:

      Does he really just want you to place the shrubs? Maybe Tracker wants you to grow a specific crop, you should have a look at his quest again. If not than try deleting the shrubs and adding new ones.

      • mumbles66 says:

        It says, "Build 2 magic shrub in the village."
        It doesn't say anything about a crop but I tried them all and found the acorns worked. I wish it was more clear. Thank you.

  2. Courtney says:

    Are magic shrubs different from the magic blueberries?

    • Poet says:

      One is a tree, the other is a crop. On the magic shrub, you can plant and harvest several different fruits like Pears, Oranges and Cherries. The common thing they share is both need Smurfs to tend to them. In the earlier part of the game, having shrubs are essential as they are part of certain quest requirements. But in the higher levels, you can do without them.

  3. Kat says:

    Papa smurf is asking me to harvest pears on the island. How do I do this? I can’t find where to purchase/plant shrubs on the island.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      That has to be a bug. Please open a ticket on this with Beeline at The palm trees are the only trees I'm aware of for growing crops on the island.

    • Kacey says:

      Are you sure you have not see it wrong? I think Papa smurf is asking you to harvest THE PEAS rather than harvest the pears on the island.

  4. jemima says:

    any plans of fixing the "magic shrub" issue on the mountain? i don't think we would be able to move without planting that shrub.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Are you speaking about the acorn quest from Grandpa? On my Android system it was fixed with the Version 1.2.2 update. You can do all the other things on the mountain, like build the observatory without needing to complete that quest. Please open a tticket with Beeline so that they can be aware there is an issue.

  5. maomao says:

    Grandpa smurf keeps asking for acorn but i cant even plant any trees. Keeps saying i need another smurf but i already have 15 of them running around doing nothing. Am i missing something?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No, you're not missing something. It seems we're stuck either until Beeline puts out a fix or (I'm really hoping this will also work) we level up. It seems it is taking me forever to level up on level 27, so I have yet to test my theory. Beeline is aware there is a problem.

  6. Serge says:

    Same here. Android tablets user. Level 27, 5 smurfs sitting idle in the mountains and I can’t buy a shrub! It says another smurf is needed. What’s the point then for paying 5,000 coins for each house in the mountain if smurfs are not gonna grow anything?

    Between rafts disappearing and being unable to benefit from the mountain station, the reasons to drop this game are Increasing by the level …. Tsk Tsk too bad, it was fun and some serious money was put into it. :(, can’t beeline hire few more developers to look these bugs up! Some have been acknowledged but still been pending months now!

  7. Byuidahokid says:

    Grandpa Smurf keeps asking me to harvest acorns, but nothing happens. He just asks for the same thing again after harvesting. Is that normal? Thank you for the help in advance!

    • Lucas says:

      I am also stuck on Acrons quest but my problem is different – I have 4 Smurfs now in the mountains but I cannot plant a Schrub – it says "Need Another Smurf" :(

      • Wendy says:

        Yeah Im having the same problem. I have 6 smurfs and it keeps saying I need another Smurf and wont let me buy the tree!!!! :(

  8. Sevenoceans77 says:

    I got gifted acai berries and coconut but as on level 22 and not ready for palm trees, i am not sure what they are supposed to be, are theyseeds? If so how can I plant them?. All I got was "smurfantastic" when opening the gift boxes.

  9. lazy smurf says:

    I am now on level 28. And dreamy asked to harvest 3 palm crops. Since i dont have wild smurf, i planted acai berries 3 times but nothing happen. How do i solve this quest? Thanks

  10. GmM says:

    On August 2, 2012 I ordered 25 smurfberries on a special. I never received them and my money was taken. I'm still waiting to get them. I will not order anything else because of this.

  11. D.YahiAli says:

    I wrote a question about SHRUBS / PALMS ?
    WHY isn't it published?
    Is their any deffirence Between Shrub bougth with SBs or Coins?
    R they bith give the same result ? at the same tima?
    if yes, what is the point?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      All comments must be approved by a moderator before being published. Please be patient as we are volunteers and sign in as we are able.

      • D.YahiAli says:

        still haven't a reply.
        Any way, I'm also volunteering too – replying some quests here !

        • Marco Smurf says:

          There is no difference between Shrubs bought with SBs and coins, sometimes players run out of gold coins so if they have smurfberreis they can get the shrubs. In other words the shrubs are the same and you can buy them with Smurfberries or coins.

  12. yahiali says:

    Why to buy a shrub with 10 SBs, if it has no benefit over the one bought with 2500 coins?
    It's killing me, after i made 1 purchase of it' just to see if it gives extra XPs or if it grows the fruits sooner than the other tree !!!!


  13. Sarah says:

    I just got the animal sanctuary and over the tree stump is a sign with carrots on it. When I click it nothing happens. What is it for and how do I get rid of it.

  14. sam roberts says:

    I just obtained level 20 and I am being asked to harvest one crop of pears. How am I supposed to do this considering the trees aren't available until level 21 and the pears aren't available before level 25?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It is a bug that Beeline is aware of, but they don't have a time frame for a fix. You need to ignore the quest.

    • Kathie says:

      Thanks! I just upgraded to level 20 also and received the same request. This site has been a great help on multiple questions

  15. ujjwal says:

    you are right smurfinator

  16. ujjwal says:

    it is a very very cooooooooooooool game i like very very much

  17. khoa says:

    is there a way to plant all / harvest all shrubs with a few clicks?

  18. KellyBellyBee says:

    After the initial planting of the magic shrub, is there any more quests associated with it?

  19. cesar romero says:

    scavenger hunt
    make clumsy fall down 2 times

  20. Clyde the Penguin says:

    Smurfs, are you aware of any plans to have a Village Smurf (or object) that can control the group growing of shrubs, much in the same way that Wild Smurf on the Island can control all the palms? Some Smurf you hit that allows you to grow/harvest all?
    Thanks very much.

  21. tomoe1967 says:

    Can the fruits on the shrub remain there forever like those hearts we see in some beautiful villages? They look good with fruits hanging on them. How to get that to stay?

    • Brainy says:

      The fruits on shurbs will never be withered.

      • tomoe1967 says:

        If I don't harvest the fruits , it will not wither, right? But the sign that prompts me to harvest will remain there forever, will it? That sign is a eye soar. Same thing for the flowers bed, if someone watered for me, then the watering can sign will show asking me to send my smurf to water it to grow it. What will happen if I don't send my smurf? Will the flower wither? Will the watering can stay there forever until I send smurf? Than you very much.

  22. Smurferguam says:

    How do I get that tree with hearts on them?

  23. jamie says:

    At the smurf's island, how to havest Palm crop from palm tree? and gather 6 pcs of wood using rafts (rafts have to choose what's timing?)

    • Poet says:

      You need to tap on the base of any tree on the island and plant a crop before harvesting. For the wood raft, there is only one option. Just send your smurf on a wood expedition. It takes 24 hours.

  24. Paul says:

    I have been asked to harvest a crop from a palm tree how do I do this as I have no idea

    • Poet says:

      Simply tap at the base of any tree you see on the island and a crop menu should pop up. Choose a crop and then plant it.

  25. cesar romero says:

    let's get brainy to whatever´it up there.

  26. jules says:

    can those magic shrubs withered

  27. Chloe says:

    Please help my daughter (8). She needs to complete papa smurfs quest and plant a magic shrub. Where do you find this?

  28. KnowledgeHunter says:

    I think a shrub is a tree less than one metre tall..

  29. Peace.Rain says:

    Hi, I also could not find the magic shrubs, even I put many tree and growing fruits, but the mission of papa still not completed yet. Please kindly help

    • Sassete says:

      Have you plant the tree that you can buy in the shop for 2500 coins and planted the exact thing that papa smurf is asking about ?

  30. Tmurfss says:

    I couldt find how to put the magic shrubs..plss help

    • Poet says:

      Hi, what do you mean exactly how to put the magic shrubs? Just go to your build menu, find a picture that looks like a tree and place it anywhere in the village. From there, tab on the tree and decide which fruit you wish to grow.

    • Peace.Rain says:

      Me as well, even I put the tree and growing fruit, but the mission of papa still not completed yet

  31. Ftftvt says:

    Smurfett wants me to plant a rose . I do not have the seeds.what do I do?

  32. sarah kimberley says:

    i'm level 24, and have 54 smurfs. trying to buy the tree to get acorns, but it says i need another smurf. is that right? i have the maximum houses for that level, all upgraded. thanks

  33. Ab says:

    Why do shrubs get more expensive, take longer to harvest and pay you back with comparatively less XP’s.

    • Smurfette says:

      Because that is how the game is made, the less effort you put into it (i.e. the crops/shrubs that take longer) the less XP you get. It is the same with the crops, the ones that take long (Pumpkin, Potatoes) give relatively less XP as the ones you have to tend to more often.

  34. Beatriz says:

    Woukd so please explain me what is the diference between the shrub that costs coins from the one that costs smurfberries?

  35. Deanne says:

    Can somebody plse post EXACTLY where to find magic shrugs. I am lvl 21 already and cant find them anywhere and as far as I know I dont have one yet, so i dont need to delete it. VERY confused that I cant do this simple task grrrrrr. PLSE help :)

    • Smurfette says:

      The magic shrubs are just the little trees shown in the pictures above. You find them in the first shop (the once with the mushroom icon)

      • Deanne says:

        Thank you sooooooo much. Why is do hard for ppl to write things. No need to complicate everything. Thanks again. You have ended my frustration.

  36. jellybabex99 says:

    how do i get a majic shrub? i cant ifnd them on any lists!

  37. Jens says:

    Papa Smurf an other Smurfts a gone..why?

  38. Smurfinator says:

    Where is the autumn bush? If it is the maroon bush in the plant menu that costs 20 coins and only gives 20xp when planted, why does it need 15 smurfberries to get unlocked? Or is the wagon really only good for the golden corn?

    • Smurfette says:

      When the game was released in November 2010, the Thanksgiving/Harvest pack was a bit different, you had to buy the Thanksgiving Statue for 15 Smurfberries and it unlocked the Harvest Wagon, the autumn bush and the golden corn. After Thanksgiving the Statue was removed and now the Harvest Wagon costs 15 Smurfberries. It still unlocks the autumn bush and golden corn. The autumn bush is just decoration, it does not do anything "special" even though you need to get the Thanksgiving Pack to unlock it.

  39. Alan says:

    You can just plant something in your old magic shrub and it will be recognized when you harvest them.

  40. Marietje says:

    I don’t get to place a shrub?i can’t find it near the crops.

  41. Can says:

    I cant place more than 2 trees . why ?

    • Smurfette says:

      Because they count towards your garden limit. All of the crop gardens, flower boxes and shrubs that are available to you equal the number of smurfs living in your village. If you want to add more, either add more Smurfs or delete flower boxes / crop gardens.

      • Oonagh says:

        I deleted a flower box but it is still saying I need another smurf before I can then place a magic tree. Is this a bug? Incidentally it says I also need another smurf to buy a garden box or crop patch too.

        • Smurfette says:

          All of your shrubs, crop patches and gardens together must equal your number of Smurfs. If you can not get another Smurf after deleting an item, maybe you placed another one of them (like a crop patch or someting)? You should count them and see if their equal the number of smurfs, if they do, deleting another item should enable you to put a shrub.

      • Ravneet says:

        How can you delete the flower boxes

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Go into Move mode and then touch the ones you want to delete and touch the red circle with the line through it. You could also store them if you want to use them later, but if you store them, they count toward max fields.

  42. Alicea says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I figured out what a magic shrub was this morning after placing tons of bushes last night. But until I read this site I couldn't figure out how to place a new magic shrub/tree. So I read that I needed to delete one in order to buy one to get the points to go on. Thank you again.

  43. Polki1987 says:

    i already have magic shrub but papa smurf asked me to put one! do i have to spend 2500 more coins?? pls help!!

  44. todd says:

    how does one remove shrubs?

  45. ronjoan says:

    is there any other way to buy those shrubs or trees?

  46. Jesse says:

    What are magic schrubs?? I need to place magic schrubs for a papa smurf's quest.

  47. Jessie says:

    Can I upgrade more than 1 Christmas Tree

  48. Johnny says:

    I am unable to find the shrubs, could someone please help me out as to where they are

  49. Kelli says:

    Thanks for this wonderful site with all the tips on how to continue to enjoy this game. I did not know the trees produced fruit until I arrived here- and as I read this post it says that the shrubs also produce fruit- I have not been able to get any of my shrubs to open up an option that lets me select fruit- and I checked all the tabs in the 'store' to see if there is a shrub that could be purchased that provides fruit.

    I have re-read this post and I think the word shrub is being used interchangeable with trees- that would explain why I cannot purchase 'shrubs' that grow fruit- great site- thanks again.

    • Smurfette says:

      Yes, they are, the developers officially call them shrubs, but many people refer to them as trees, that is why we used both words.

      • Kelli says:

        I understand- thanks for the information you've provided on this site- I am learning so much- I didn't know about the boot giving more XP after catching 50 of them- I actually hardly ever fish because I don't enjoy that mini game very much- but now…..well, I have become quite a fisherman! Great Site!


  50. Ydnic says:

    Greetings, having trouble finding the trees/shrubs… Are you aware if the android app is up to speed with the apple/ipad?

  51. Smart_smurfling says:

    Is thats y they r called Magic shrubs

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