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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Message in a Bottle Bugs fixes are coming!


Many Smurfs village fans are encountering many bugs since the release of version 1.1.8, where there were expecting Message In A Bottle (MIAB) and a Totem pole, however unexpected problems and glitches raised to ruin the ambiance to the game.  Few examples of these bugs, the bottle disappearance in the middle of the quest, the disappearance of the gift (Dogs head a part of the totem pole),  and  papa smurf’s quests which keep changing every time before completing them.

Message in a bottle bugs fixes are coming, according to   Beeline representative Bethany Smith,   that “…the development team has been working very hard on fixing the M.I.A.B. bugs that are complicating and ruining the experience for many of you.

Beeline would like everyone to know that they have isolated the bugs and that they will be fixed in the next version update. In addition, they will continue making changes to the M.I.A.B. system over time to make it a fun experience within the game for a long time to come.

A good example of this is that you can earn special items from the M.I.A.B. quests that you won’t be able to get anywhere else in the game like the extremely rare Pavilion!”

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  1. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful info specially the ultimate phase :) I take care of such information a lot. I was looking for this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thank you and good luck.

  2. hisham says:

    hello im hisham from my ipad and my i phone haves a problem with buying smurf berry it keep saying "receve data is not availble TRY YOUR CONECCTION" if you know anything email

  3. Cams says:

    grrr!! I already had the 1st piece of the totem pole but my most recent MIAB quest reward was for the same piece…worse yet, when I tapped on it, it not only didn't give me any piece, but it took away the one I already had?!?!?!

  4. Leah says:

    For 2 days now I have received notifications that i had a message in a bottle waiting for me. Every time I would tap "Visit the Village" and it would take me into the game but there was no bottle to be seen anywhere. And then magically this morning my Smurfs won't open. The screen only goes as far as the last 4 dots on the Beeline screen and then crashes. Why is my game crashing and why can't I find an answer to this problem anywhere else???

  5. ClumsySmurf says:

    For the people who do get bottles,,

    what rewards do you get?

    I always get such stupid flags that can even be bought…

    I'd rather finish my totempole, do they still give pieces for that? :s

    • skyblue says:

      Currently I got a piece of clockwork, a chair..
      but no more totem poles :-(
      I need 2 more pieces to complete the totem pole, but it doesn't look like beeline's working on it..

  6. Me says:

    I keep getting alerts that the message in a bottle just washed onshore but it Never appears next to the docks. Then as soon as I exited the app the message appears again over and over. What happened? Am I looking in the right place? I can never find the bottle

  7. Emily says:

    I recently played smurfs village the updated one where brainy gets his own hut. Well I got a notification that a message in a bottle had washed up on the shore and I don’t know where to find it can some one help me?

  8. Unicorn.smurf says:

    My MIAB disappeared after I got the dogs head totem. I can't find the bottle anywhere and it says I have to complete the quests to get the other heads… and I don't know how to update the game.

    • Sassete says:

      yes you only get one bottle every week and only one piece every time but you canm even get other things with the bottles dont take for granted that you always will get a piece to the totme pole

  9. Tiffany says:

    My bottle is missing as well. I keep getting a message that I have a bottle and now the game does not tell me when my plants are done growing. I still like playing the game.

  10. Slytrini says:

    When I'm not in the game, the "message in a bottle" question pops up & when I press visit the island & the game comes up, nothing happens. How do I find the bottle?

  11. Angela says:

    My MIAB keep missing in the middle of the request even that I already update to the latest version both on my iOS ver & android ver >_<

    Last week this situation didnt appear but this week it appears. This is so annoying

  12. Gixxerchic says:

    I thought it would be fixed with the update I just had. The bottle disappeared & I never got my smurf back : (

  13. Sand says:

    Keeps saying a bottle has washed a shore but no bottle there and keeps freezing! Time to delete smurfs me thinks!!!

    • Tegrity says:

      Me too! Getting annoying. One more week and no more smurfs me thinks.

    • Bubbles says:

      Just updated mine, but i can't seem too see the damn message in a bottle, and it kepts on prompting me everytime i get off the game, but everytime i liik for it there's none!

  14. Tom says:

    My MIAB is still not working same problem as before start a quest and during the second or third part usually when u have to grow something it disappears. I have the current update but it still screwing up.

  15. Tania says:

    I complete the Miab quests every week and I still only have 2 pieces of the totem pole I'm starting to get very angry that I'm not getting the remaining pieces to complete it. I may just delete the parts I do have because having half a totem pole looks stupid!!! There is no way I'm spending 200 berries to complete this!

  16. gayle4ce says:

    Well, I just got an update for the game 7/5 Today my MIAB came-sent my raft out- the next thing I knew my MIAB was once again !!! GONE Guess things are not quite fixed just yet

  17. Yeti says:

    Just lost the MIAB again, after two hours of the bottle washing ashore it disappeared and especially after I refreshed my game with the latest update untitled " bug fixes"

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      The last 2 updates should have fixed those bugs but they're still there. Let's hope it will be fixed in the next big update.

    • Angela says:

      The same thing keeps happening to me. Every week the bottle appears and within a couple hours the bottle disappears. Who do we complain to?

    • Coco says:

      I also lost my bottle in the middle of the mission

    • M Niles says:

      I am so frustrated by MIAB and lack of response by Beeline that I am ready to stop playing, buying berries, and to actually start writing bad reviews. They want our money and support, they'ed better actually fix these bugs!

      Anyone else got Grouchy locked in a quest that won't finish no matter how many tulips you harvest?

    • Tony says:

      I'm keeping my game on, and leave my itouch in the charger, I'll play it til I finish the MIAB.

  18. Yeti says:

    Haven't completed a MIAB quest the last 4times a bottle has washed ashore. Very annoying

  19. Chris says:

    Getting beyond a joke folks. Paying money for this and it still doesn't work and disappears, sort it quickly please or smurfs are over!

    • Mark says:

      Couldn't agree more! My bottle just disappeared again this morning. Beeline, get your act together. The last two updates supposedly contained bug fixes, but the most important bug of all remains. Why? Help!

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        The last 2 updates should have fixed those bugs but they’re still there. Let’s hope it will be fixed in the next big update.

  20. Christina says:

    I have two items for the totem then the bottle disappeared, since then every single bottle has disappeared within hours of arriving. One I did notice had 5 days to complete then the next day said it had two hours then poof gone so I think it is the internal bottle clock that is stuffed!!

    Seriously very annoying ESPECIALLY when I tried to beat the disappearing bottle by buying smurfberries. What a waste of money/rip off. Add to that i have sent in support requests with no response.

    Getting beyond a joke folks!

    • Phil says:

      Me to,

      The bottle disappeared one hour after i see it and start Quest on two games (iPhone and iPad)
      Not the first time

    • Anonymous says:

      Me too. I also contacted support and have heard precisely nothing. Personally I find that rude, especially since I also used smurfberries.

      • Isabel says:

        Me too …. I bought the SB alone and 'disappearance … bottle too .. I did the day before to recover but all progress was missing bolts including a gift, and SB. I contacted support for up to 2 times, always respond with an automatic e-mail … we will then write …. id smurf, n. order … etc. etc. but they do not respond are spending 2 weeks and still waiting for reimbursement. Beeline is if people like that, this game short-lived

  21. steven says:

    happened to me just now, for the 'x' time already, couldnt even remember the last time i succesfully completed a MIAB quest without it disappearing on me not to mention wasted berries… forget about getting rare items such as pavilion from the MIAB, i'm still only 1/3 complete on both totem and clockwork

    • Mcaenki says:

      oh, I'm glad it's not only me… I noticed that my bottle disappears when I go visit friends. when I get back to the island, the bottle is gone. at least 4 times now. Not fixed by latest update…Very annoying…

  22. Roy says:

    Happened to me yesterday, finished 3 out of 4 quest the last quest was growing 20-30 honeydew. When I returned to the game the bottle was gone…

    But im glad they fixed it in the new update :sarcasm:

  23. JRsmurf says:

    The bottle quest disappeared along with one smurf!! Any remedies?

  24. Nicole says:

    I got a thing that said there was a message in the bottle and when I went to the game there was nothing.

  25. Hassan olawale says:

    I need my bottle quest back…it's the second time it's dissapearing now after. The first quest outta four

  26. Storm says:

    i have had MIAB quests dissappear in the middle of quests! This has happened 4 weeks in a row!!!!! Luckily i havent lost any smurfs over this but I am gettin a bit upset! ( #$%^%#@!#$^(^%# ) Also what is with all the Monsters and Zombie adds for other apps coming up after loading the smurfs????? It is just slowing the game down!! The ticker across the top of the screen does the same! its annoying as hell! And if it doesnt crash after all the crap loading at the beginning of the game i find Scaredy smurf has dissappeared and I have to reload the game anyways!! this game is really starting to suck with all the bugs and issues that are happening! You guys said you will fix the problems, So FIX THE DANG BUGS!!!!! sheeeesh deal with it!

  27. Tracie says:

    Can we get an update or acknowledgement on the still existing MIAB bugs? I am also starting my quests each week and the bottle disappears before the first quest is done. I have also been smurf-napped (he he). Last week the missing smurfs eventually showed back up but there was no quest reward or anything.

  28. Bamajohnston says:

    My MIAB disappeared after I spent 1 berry on completing the first step. I am now growing honeydew for step 2. This is the third week this has happened to me. I see the bottle about 2-3 hours and then it is gone.Poof!!!!
    This is very annoying. I guess the only good thing is that my Smurf's could have still been out on a task when the bottle disappeared. Is this happening to everyone or are some of you very lucky and everything works fine?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      The MIAB can disappear so it's better to ignore them for now.

    • Loloeu says:

      My MIAB is gone too for 2 weeks..happens the same way: the bottle arrives, then I start the question and poof! It's gone…and this week 4 smufs desappeard with the bottle…I'm sad.

  29. Jared Turner says:

    I lost MITB this morning after starting a quest and I have been doing the quest and get to the forth quest and there is not enough time to finish it. 35 hour quest with only 10 hours to do it???????

  30. Sandra-Sandy says:

    after I completed first task, bottle disappeared… and this happened 2 times since the last update
    my friend has the same problem

  31. Nic says:

    I lost my bottle message after I tap okay to send my smurfs to search for the rest part of blueprints. How? Will my smurfs come back?

    • Sassete says:

      They normally comes back when the mission is completed hope your smurfs do that as well

      • Nic says:

        My smurfs are back but it did not say the mission is complete. They did not give me anything. Why is it like that?

        • Sassete says:

          If they where out on a bottle quest and the bottle disappeard is this what happens otherwise if they where out on a mission for example papa smurf it should not be like this, if so, does papa smurf ask for the same thing agian is the mission completet ?

  32. malini108 says:

    Same problem with the bottle but also I cannot get any neighbors or friends on smurfs . I am using iPhone 4 and my nickname is malini108 .I am logged into game centre and FB .
    Many thanks in advance.

  33. Chelsea says:

    My husband and I have been playing the smurfs game for awhile and it has never given him a bottle in a quest or if it does he will start the quest then when we go back the bottle are gone on both of our islands and we always try to catch them when our phones go off and it’s starting to get annoying that the bottles are being taken. It has only done it to us twice now bt my husband has not gotten to do a bottle inn the quest yet because they show up and disappear or they just don’t show up at all please help us fix this. Thanks so much

  34. Gunny says:

    I never had a problem with the MIAB until yesterday. I sent 3 smurfs on a bottle quest and the bottle disappeared an hour later and it was the first quest! I wouldn’t have a problem if it didn’t keep my smurfs! I’ve been smurf-napped!

  35. Stephanie says:

    My game tells me maybe once a week that a message in a bottle has washed up, but I have never found a bottle when I go to the island. Am I looking in the wrong place? I've looked all over the island.

  36. yun says:

    After I paid smurfberries to finish the first bottle quest, the bottle just disappeared. I had no chance to finish the rest quests, then why I paid for the first one? It was the same situation last week too. That's annoying.

  37. Not smurfy says:

    Not happy. You keep saying that the bugs are going to be fixed and they’re not! I have gotten 1 miab and I have had the update for weeks. Haven’t had any miab notifications or rotem poles. Also how do you get bolts for the tomclock? I dont have facebook so cant gwt gifts from friends. And what’s with the upgrading of the smurf huts… It says it allows you to have more smurfs and I have fully upgraded my huts with no extra smurfs… What’s with that.

  38. Melissa_Lam says:

    i've been waiting for 4 whole weeks and still no bottle…

  39. Smurftink says:

    Two of my rafts went missing two days ago. How do I get them back?

  40. AdyanaP says:

    I lost 5 smurfs!! on my M.I.A.B. quest.. What should I do? Please help me.

  41. Hannah says:

    My bug resets my entire game but keeping all my smurfs and maintaining my level, however I can not place a single thing do all I have is 50 smurfs and a lot of green :(

    Is there any idea of how song we will get the update?!

    • Hannah says:

      Any idea of how soon we will get the update*

      • Marco Smurf says:

        Are you an android user or Apple. Apple users just got an update last week, android users last two weeks. May be you are looking for 4 weeks time in order to get a new update.

    • Brainy says:

      You need to restore your village rather than waiting for update because the update may not fix your problem. If you wait too long, you will lose more progress and can't restore anymore.

  42. taniarached says:

    i have problem in the smurf, i am now in level 39 they open for me a new land but i can't place any object there, anyone can help me pls, tks

    • Brainy says:

      which land ? Land to the right of village ? If the land is blocked by long line of wood, you have to complete tasks to remove it.

  43. Lissa426 says:

    I also lost a smurf that was doing step 3 of the message in a bottle when it went away. My husband said he saw his message in a bottle as the ship sailed up, but it wasn't there once he was on his island.

  44. Times says:

    I never had a problem with the MIAB until the new update with Sporty Smurf (apple update). I see a few others are having the same issue. Please fix soon!!!

  45. Jdf says:

    MIAB quest does not work we never had bottle besides the first one for the totem…. now current updates do not work either ie. clock work smurf quest rafts bring back nothing and bottle does not appear… until new update and same thing happened clock work smurf original map appears but nothing else and no bottle still….level 32 not sure what to do.

  46. Mark says:

    It's happened again, my miab appeared I completed the first two tasks and then sent one smurf away for 28 hours. After this my bottle disappeared and so will my smurf, fix it please and if there's a way to get my smurf back please let me know

    • Sassete says:

      For some people the smurf came back after the mission was done hopefully it will do that for you to otherwise you need to wait for Beeline to fix this bug

  47. Nikki says:

    My bottle appeared on Friday, then disappeared. But a raft appeared…. I didn't buy it. Did anyone get an extra raft. I would like to get eith clockwork or complete the totem pole.

  48. Kits says:

    Smurfs return back once the quest time is up I.e. 25 hours but bottle doesn’t show up!! This is how I lost my one piece of totem when I restored my village an list that piece and yet not got it back!!! Bee line should be careful with all the updates and we with updating as it is better to wait and read reviews before updating!!!

  49. Kits says:

    I lost the bottle as well as two of my smurfs!! What’s going on!!

  50. James says:

    Hi I have just lost 2 Smurfs to a MIAB quest will I get them back?

    It’s funny really only had a problem with MIAB after you tweeted about it you must have jinxed me hahaha

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