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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Messages in a bottle and Totem Pole


With version 1.1.8 (second island update for iOS) it is possible to get a message in a bottle. According to Beeline, it will wash ashore about once every week and give tasks, which, when completed within a week will give rewards.  It was claimed earlier this week that few  Smurfs’ village players  were able to get their message in a bottle but most of them they have manipulated time (time cheat), which is not recommended. However many other players have just got  the message in a bottle in their islands,  with  a list of quests.

According to our believed and Beeline representative Bethany Smith a message in a bottle will wash up on the shore of the island roughly every 168 hours (One week). When you tap on the Bottle you will be given several tasks that are chained together. You must complete all of the tasks within the six day time limit.

Once you have completed all the tasks, you will be given a gift. The gift could contain your first piece of the Totem Pole. If you don’t finish the tasks in the time allowed, you will have to try again when the next bottle appears.

The quests  can be long where you will be asked for example to grow 123 Cantaloupes, or 123 tomatoes,  but they are rewarding and you may get up 1000 gold Coins, as well as you can get  a part of the totem pole. Many players are claiming that they  could not place the part of totem pole (dog’s head) , it just disappeared after the gift was opened.

At the moment we are not sure  how this works, but we think that you  will not be able to place  the  totem pole until you will get all the parts.

The Totem Pole has been seen in screenshots and advertised by Beeline has a new feature that allows one to control the rain on the island.

Message in a Bottle quests glitches (V.1.1.8)

Many players are experiencing the latest in a series of glitches with the bottle quests, including me(Poet) and Brainy Smurf. For eg, one of your quests might be to harvest 50 eggplants. However, if you exit the game and come back to the island again, you might find that your quest has been changed to harvest 150 eggplants instead! Also, completing these bottle quests might not necessarily get you parts of the totem pole. Players have reported that some of the rewards are just gold and xp, or normal decorative stuff. We are hoping Beeline can rectify these glitches as soon as possible. – Poet Smurf

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  1. Andi says:

    I have a message in bottle quests that says Let's cheer grouchy up be growing his favourite food. Send one raft for 24 hours. I have sent a raft out twice for 24 hours and couldn't complete the task, I then sent the 24 hr raft that cost 2 smurfberries which didn't work either. I have also grown at least 30 of every cropon the island. I can send the other 24 hr raft cause I am not at level 34 yet. Please help I thought I would get a new task when I ran out of time but I just got some more time……. Totally frustrated :(

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Grouchy's favorite food isn't a crop, it's just a story why you need to send a raft.

    • Poet says:

      The rafts issue are still a work in progress by Beeline for those experiencing this bug. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do but wait for future updates or news from Beeline.

      • Steph says:


        I have the same problem : the bottle quest was to send a raft for 24 hours which I did. It came back this morning but the quest is not complete ! I only have about 3 days left and I am on the second quest because when I got the notification about the bottle, several hours had already passed (I had 5 days and 10 hours left) ! Any news about these 2 bugs ?


        • Sassete says:

          Try to send out a raft again and be sure that you xchoose the right raft and is there 3 days left its possible to finich the questions before the times goes out

  2. Mosh says:

    I never get the chellange bottle, and im in level 31, why?

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am level 29 n having issues with my message in a bottle. At first every time I closed out the game I wod get a message saying a bottle has washed up on shore, I would go check and there would not be a bottle anywhere. I updated the game and still get the message but still no bottle anywhere. What is going on??

    • Poet says:

      The game notifications for the bottle are wonky. I keep getting them when I already have the bottle. So, ignore the notifications. However, if you are not seeing the bottle, you could be facing a bug, and in that case, you have to report it to Beeline.

  4. Lil says:

    I am on level twenty two and I have a number of problems like
    my message in a bottle always used to come as a message everytime I exited smufs so I went back on and there is nothing there so I updated my smurfs to the new update and now it never comes up
    also I had updated my raft hut on the island twice and now I cant use two of my rafts very annoying also
    painter smurf has now lost the colour white and now it's grey and everything that was white is now half brown and half white
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  5. Adam says:

    I keep receiving a message to say that a message in a bottle has washed up on shore but when I go onto my village there is nothing there I am only level 19 is this the reason?

  6. Tim says:

    I got a notice on my Iphone 4 that i've got a bottle message but wheni checked on the island there were no bottle. Can i fix this kind of bug?

    • Brainy says:

      Is this the first time u get the message ?

      Do u see the bottle when traveling to/from the island ? If yes then there is no workaround for this.
      Wait for the build icon at bottom right to disappear and see if the bottle is there. If its there then wait for icon to disappear then tap on bottl

      If nothing then report the problem to beeline getsatisfaction page.
      We are not beeline so we dont know why some players dont see the bottle. We are just a fan page and we are here to give suggestions/workaround based on other players have reported.

  7. Vipin Kalher says:

    I am on level 27, received two times notification for MITB, but could never see the bottle near my shore, please help….

    • Brainy says:

      some players see the bottle in the middle of ocean when the ship is traveling. We dont know any workaround for this game glitch.

  8. Jane says:

    Like many other players posting here, I still have never once seen the MIAB. Not a single bottle, ever.

    To clarify:
    I play on my IPHONE (IOS4). I do NOT play on an ipod or an ipad. Agina: I play on my IPHONE.
    I have wifi access AT ALL TIMES.
    I have doen ALL the updates, INCLUDING version 1.1.9, which is the most recent update.
    I have repeatedly rebooted my iphone.
    I have twice restarted my entire Smurf's Village game (that is, begun again at Level 1) since downloading the latest update (1.1.9).
    I was told after downloading Version 1.1.8 and never receiving a bottle, that I should wait for Version 1.1.9, which should fix the problem. I DID wait for Version 1.1.9. But it did NOT fix the problem, and there are STILL NO BOTTLES appearing, ever.

    I would like to know why this problem persists. Please actually READ this post competely before replying, so that the answers posted do NOT include advice like "reboot your device" or "check your wifi access" or "wait for the next update". As I have made clear – these aspects DO NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.

    Now, once again: Why is there no bottle appearing for me (or for my husband, or for so many other players posting here on this forum)?

    The answers given to others who have asked about this issue on this forum did NOT answer this question. If the individuals who post answers on this forum (such as "Brainy" and "Poet") simply DO NOT KNOW why the bottle have never appeared for so many players, would they please just admit it and say so?

    Then those of us who have this issue can just deal directly with Beeline and see if there are helpful responses to be had there.

    • Brainy says:

      We dont work for beeline so we dont know why. I doubt beeline knows the answer either, othewise they would have fixed the problem long time ago.
      We are here to suggest workarounds and remedies. We are just a fan page and dont even get paid for doing this. If you think you can get better answer from beeline, go ahead and ask beeline and see if they give u the answer.

    • Brainy says:

      Here are beeline info. See if they tell u anything or even give you things to try. or just simple a copy/paste reply "We are aware of the problem and we are working on it"…

      • Jane says:

        Thank you, Brainy. I've sent an enquiry to Beeline. And I do apprecoate your efforts to help on this forum.

        I'll let you know if I get a useful reply from Beeline directly. Otherwise I suppose we'll all just have to wait and see if they manage to fix it…

        Have a good weekend.

        • Brainy says:

          Please let us know what beeline response is because we usually get generic responses from Beeline.

          We read alot of posts from players everyday and pass on along the tips/solutions/workaround to other players. We read beeline pages too and see if we find anything to help other users but we rarely find anything useful there.

  9. Vallery says:

    I have problems with my messeges in bottle. I get a notification about getting one but when I get there, there’s no bottle. However, when I start travelling towards my village, I can see it floating in the water but too far for me to click on it while I’m on the island. Is there any way to fix it?

  10. Richard says:

    I just completed the second message in a bottle quest. I received the dog's head after the first quest, but this time a received a rocking chair. Is this normal to get a random gift and not necessarily a totem gift?

  11. cArrOts says:

    Hi…I’m lever 35 now but I still dont see the totem and havent receive any messages in a bottle!!! Am I missing something here? I love this game but its frustrating when you cant buy stuff because you dont have enough smurfberries, but its more frustrating when you dont get to receive this supposedly free additional stuff! My smurf village is updated and I never missed any of their updates. Whats wrong then? Any advise…

    • Brainy says:

      Most ipod users have this problem because their device does not connect to internet all the time.
      R u an ipod players ?

  12. Llo says:

    I am on the level 32 and the bottle doesnt come to me why?

  13. surftastic says:

    i used to get the bottle quests, and they were ALWAYS glitchy…i never finished one in time. its been almost two weeks since i had a bottle show up. i don't know whats worse….not getting a bottle to try to attempt to finish the quests, or never being able to finish a quest because of the time resetting. anyone else having this issue on an iphone 4s?? i am usually always connected to WiFi…never used a time cheat..i have restarted my phone..ugh…what to do????

    • Brainy says:

      sounds like u haven't updated your game. All these problems have been fixed in latest update.

      • smurftastic says:

        once the update came out….i got it rt away :/ so that is not the issue at all. looks like all problems have not been fixed. anyone else have any ideas???

  14. Llo says:

    What is the smurfling huy?

  15. Li'l Smurfling says:

    im on level 19 and my last quest for the note in the bottle says 'slouchy smurf is organising games for the smurflings but needs some equipment, send one raft for an hour' but when my raft comes back after an hour, the quest doesnt say ive finished, it stays the same, ive sent out a raft multiple times, please help!!

  16. RAC says:

    I am at level 41 in Smurfs' Village, have updated the 1.1.9 version on my iphone since 10 days (april 14th), am always connected to the internet, already build a dam on my island, I don't cheat, but… never seen or received a bottle for the bottle quest.

    What needs to be done?

  17. arenee says:

    How do you delete totem pole pieces, when I highlight it and click the delete key, nothing happens. i don't want a totem pole and want it out of my village. Thank you?

    • Brainy says:

      everybody wants the totem pole. Just move it to a corner if u dont like it.

      • arenee says:

        I dont want to move it to a different location, I want it deleted

        • Brainy says:

          Majority people want the totem pole do I think beeline disabled the delete because they dont want people to call support "I accidentally deleted my totem pole piece. How to I get it back". We are not beeline so we can't help u deleting it.

          • arenee says:

            I sent a request to beeline asking how it can be deleted, if anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            Why would you delete a totem pole piece, everyone was so frustated in the last update for the disappearing totem. If you don't like it, put it under a palm tree where you can't see it.

  18. Awesome says:

    Grrrr… Hate the bottle quest!got the bottle sent the smurfs ,but the time limit ran out because every time I logged on ,the time would increase

  19. Angelle says:

    Hello, i’m in level 31 and while my game was not working from the last update i mean from four weeks which was after opening the game the beeline orange paper appears with a lighted sentence starts by play the new…. Then the orange paper closes and i don’t read the whole sentence and the game closes…. i was getting notification that a message in bottle is waiting me but i couldn’t enter the game to play and now after fixing the game by reinstalling it and it is working now, i got a notification today for the message of a bottle but i couldn’t find it why????

  20. Smurfy Girl says:

    Hi guys so I have a new question. When I updated smurfs new version smurfette gave me a challenge to harvest 20 flower pots , which I've done ( I've actually harvested 52 so far ) but it's not registering with her and the task is still there. Is anyone else having this issue? Also does anyone know how to fix it? I tried tulips and pink roses as well as orange lilies… Please help! ;@)

  21. Diana says:

    It is asking me to grow grouchy's favorito food, and to send a raft for 24 hours. I have sent the raft and it is back, but i dont know what's grouchy's favorite food. Can you help me?

  22. Sunfora says:

    Finally I did it !! What a relief. I have corn and golden corn in my menu, and smurfette was asking to to grow corn. I was frustrated when quest wasn't accomplished!! But when I used golden corn it was done. :)
    Thanks a million.

  23. Smurfy Girl says:

    Hi so I have a question I think my initial post was a reply so I don't actually know if you saw it. So all of the bottle quests I did before was basically for nothing? I used alottt of berries every time a new quests came just rushed through them with berries. I read that my pieces would be given to me at the end so I assumed that all was fine and completed 3 challenges. So now I updated and got what should be my fourth and final piece but to my surprise I got one only and this time I can actually place it. So here is my problem and maybe you guys have some advice for me I basically lose all of the real money I spent buying smurfberries for nothing? I have to complete another three tasks in order to get my totem? I absolutely love the smurfs and I've never had any problems before but I feel like maybe it shouldn't have been left up for people like me that rather use berries for the really cool stuff and spend my money if it was full of bugs and I wasn't going to receive anything….

    • Poet says:

      I am so sorry to hear that…but Beeline has confirmed that the totem pieces you got before the 1.19 update and disappeared is a bug…so you basically start from scratch again…with the 1.19 update, you now have a higher chance of getting the totem pieces as a reward…and by now, you should know you have the option to get the other 3 if you are willing to spend the smurfberries. My advice? Take your time, there's no rush to complete the totem set…you just can make the rain stop or biggie.

      • Smurfy Girl says:

        Thanks for responding I really appreciate it, your right about just taking my time probably a better idea! Thanks again…

  24. Smurfy girl says:

    Hey so I am just wondering all the bottle challenges I did and all of my smurf berries are basically what I would say a loss? I used alotttt of berries to finish the tasks each bottle that came I just used berries to rush through it fast. My pieces were disappearing but I read that I would get them when it was complete, so naturally I assumed all was well. Butttttt I updated the new version and to my surprise I actually got a totem my problem is that was my fourth piece… Any advice? I am a diehard smurf fan been playing since the game came out but this is the first time I’m actually disappointed, I’ve invested a lot of money in this game and don’t think that’s very fair ….

  25. Jane says:

    I downloaded the 1.1.9. update the day it became available – I believe that was on the 14th of April. I have never once had message-in-a-bottle appear at my island, and even now, with the 1.1.9. version installed (4 days ago), there is no bottle anywhere…

    I'm wondering whether this is some sort of bug that still requires fixing? Or does the bottle ALWAYS only appear 7 days *after* the latest update? (I can't imagine that being the case, since from what I've read on this forum, many players have had the bottle appear on the day the message-in-a-bottle feature was first added…)

    This really is rather annoying. Any thoughts?

    • Poet says:

      I can't be sure, but it could be a bug. Are you an IOS or Android player? For me, the bottle appeared on the very same day of the update…12 hours after the update to be exact…so yours could be a bug…in which case, you can either report it to Beeline or wait for the next update in May to fix it.

      • Jane says:

        I play on my iphone (IOS 4). So does my husband, incidentally, who has the same problem as I do – no bottles appear, regardless of having the latest updates and even having restarted the game from Level 1…

        I take it, though, that rather a lot of players have reported not receiving bottle at all, have they not? That would suggest a bug, wouldn't it?

    • Brittany says:

      I'm having the same problem before the update it said a bottle washed up on shore but when I went their there was no bottle and it kept saying it til I updated the new update and now it doesn't say anything about the bottle and there isn't one I'm thinking it's a glitch but im not sure

  26. Sunfora says:

    How can I get ranked in the Game Center? I bought hundreds of Smurfberries but no Acheivement yet !!! Y???

    • Sassete says:

      Its because smurf village is not conected with the acheivements in game center you can only get ranked in the japanese version.

  27. Francy says:

    I have a problem with the bottle…it’s in the middle of the sea and i can’t click on it to complete the quests and get the totem because i see it only when the ship is travelling…how can i solve the problem and get the bottle near the shore????

    • Brainy says:

      When u r on island, wait the for hammer at bottom right to disappear, see if u can tap on the bottle.
      If not then i dont know what else to recommend.

    • Fred says:

      Zoom into the right bottom corner, that'll bring the bottle within reach.

    • Zippy says:

      I have the same problem.

      I can only see the bottle when my ship is travelling between islands.

      Even if I zoom in maximum when on the small island I cannot see it.

      Hope this will be a easy fix.!!!

  28. Charmaine Kerr says:

    My message in. A bottle doesn't want to go away it says alchemist is mixing new smurf send one smurf but every time I tap ok nothing happens I'm level 22 and none of my smurf goes away every time I tap ok does anyone know what to do I have 2 days left and have been trying this now for the last 3 days now

    • Poet says:

      I'm sorry to hear that. Your issue sounds like it could be a bug, and if so, you will have to wait for Beeline's next update to resolve some of these issues.

    • Leeann D says:

      I logged onto this site because I'm having the same issue… Mine says alchemist smurf needs to mix a new potion and send 1 smuf on a raft for 1 hour …I sent the raft out 8 times now and its not registering! grrrr very frustrating! i guess we have to wait and hope for an update soon :P.

  29. Grouchy Darel says:

    Is iphone running on IOS 3 does not work on totem pole quest? I have not seen any bottle wash ashore since 1.18 update. Can anyone help me on this?

  30. KL Smurf says:

    I' ve no bottle until now (already Lv 46 Max) & I' ve got no sb gift during Easter………what should i do !!!!???

  31. Syl says:

    After several weeks completing quests of THE bottle, I earned a coin, à pièce of totempole ( disappeared) and now finally received à dogshead of the pole. Cost me smurfberries, completed THE quests in time, where are the pièces which vanished??

  32. Bernadette says:

    My totempiece, de doghead, disappeared after opening the gift.

    I did complete all the tasks but don’ t get a new totem piece

  33. Sunfora says:

    I’m in level 29 and I’m trying to do smurfette quest of building 10 corps of corn, artichoke and tomatoes. And I’ve done it several times and it was never accomplished , why?? Any help for me

  34. Chris says:

    I have the new update for some time but I have never found a bottle neither on my I pad nor I phone what am I doing wrong?

    • Poet says:

      Are you referring to the new update on the 13th of April? If so, perhaps your one week hasn't come yet? Normally, the bottle quests is triggered only once a week.

  35. Hedrack says:

    Hi guys!
    I have some problems with my message in a bottle. I have 29 lvl and I allready have island with dam, so i have update 1.1.8 atlest 3weeks and still dont have any bootle. Any ideas or suggestion?

  36. Weronika says:

    I finish all quest and i see totem pole but later on he's gone

  37. yann says:

    is this quest only meant for ios player… Not for android player?

    • Poet says:

      Android players should be able to have this quest too..but not until Beeline releases the latest update for Android to fix the bugs.

  38. Momma smurf says:

    I got the new update. Is there anyway to get back my totem pole pieces that disappeared?

  39. Fabian says:

    I have not been able to play the quests at all ,when my device warns me theres a bottle I go to the island and nothing no bottle at all

    • Poet says:

      There's some glitch again… I have been getting these notifications too…but I am currently already doing the MIAB quests…

      • Fabian says:

        I hope beeline could fix this ,because I have no bottle ,no quest and no presents from jokey ,Its getting tired ,thanxx for that poet

        • Poet says:

          For Jokey, have you tried locating Marco Smurf? Apparently, locating him and collecting his gift will trigger Jokey's gift as well.

    • Sassy says:

      Try to enlarge your screen, if you are playing on your phone. My bottle is hidden behind the bottom right corner menu button until I enlarge it.

    • Sassy says:

      Try to enlarge your screen, if you are playing on your phone. My bottle is hidden behind the bottom right corner menu button. It's only after I enlarge the screen that I can see it floating near the shore on the bottom right.

  40. Smurf lover says:

    I have 3 out of 4 totem pole pieces but the bottle hasn’t returned please help!!!!!

  41. Teachersmurf says:

    I also have had the island since the initial update for it. I updated to the 1.1.9 last night, yet I have never seen a message in a bottle. I have tried closing the app, turning off my iPad, and then restarting the program.

    I am over level thirty. Suggestions?

  42. Sue says:

    I've had the island since it became available and I've never seen the bottle … How do I get it?

  43. Sov143 says:

    Definatly hold off on the bottle quest. Every time I leave the game it go to 37 hours even though it had been down to 10. I had 5 day left on the quest when thi 37 hour quest started. There is 5 hours left and it’s back to 37 hours! I keep on having to use my berries and I’ve only recieved coins. Which I had to use over 6 berries whih I used real money for. Beyond frustrating! Just skip it for now and wait till its fixed!!

  44. Bubbles4806 says:

    I have had three messages in a bottle come up and am not able to co Porte all the quests in any of them…today I had a task that has 23 hours left and when I got home from work it said 35 hours left…this happens every time and I am unable to get any gifts from these as I am unable to complete these quests. This is very frustrating.I hope it’s fixed soon!

  45. Smurfs'Village Player says:

    Please fix this as soon as possible. When will be the next update ?

  46. Simone says:

    The bottle is not working! Second time now, i send smurfs out and the hours away is all the time hanging! I will not make it on time ! Not fair beeline! And nothing with easter….

  47. molar says:

    im having trouble seeing my friends..i cant leave gifts or water flowers..ive tried everything..log out log in reset all stumped..

    • Poet says:

      The friend server is one issue that is still plaguing a lot of players, including me. On good days, you might be able to see and visit a couple of your friends and gift them, but on most days, you either can't see them at all, or can't enter their villages. We are hoping Beeline can resolve this too.

  48. amy says:

    my bottle quest goes from 25 hours yesterday to 36 hours today now its 46 hours. and only 2 days left to complete WTH cant complete it

  49. Smurfian says:

    Bottle quest keeps telling me 3 smurfs are in the forest, counting down from ~26h to zero, then starting again, and again…. Fact: no smurfs are missing, so none of them is in the forest. How to get out of this wired loop?

    • Poet says:

      Try not to do the bottle quests for the time being as it is heavily bugged. The coming update(in a few days' time), should fix this.

  50. Issie van Vuuren says:

    I receive the bottle( 3rd one this weekend.).. costs me smurfberries and SMURF's send out, the time does not go below 44 hours. when I use the smurfberries it goes to 35hours and then . back to the 40 hour mark. I have received no gifts thus far.. just from the rafts. i love those… wish I could get that green chair.. the Smurf's sit on it. The rafts are super… they bring the gifts.. not the bottle.. or what.. ???
    I have two friends who water my flowers and send me gifts.

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