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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Messages in a bottle and Totem Pole


With version 1.1.8 (second island update for iOS) it is possible to get a message in a bottle. According to Beeline, it will wash ashore about once every week and give tasks, which, when completed within a week will give rewards.  It was claimed earlier this week that few  Smurfs’ village players  were able to get their message in a bottle but most of them they have manipulated time (time cheat), which is not recommended. However many other players have just got  the message in a bottle in their islands,  with  a list of quests.

According to our believed and Beeline representative Bethany Smith a message in a bottle will wash up on the shore of the island roughly every 168 hours (One week). When you tap on the Bottle you will be given several tasks that are chained together. You must complete all of the tasks within the six day time limit.

Once you have completed all the tasks, you will be given a gift. The gift could contain your first piece of the Totem Pole. If you don’t finish the tasks in the time allowed, you will have to try again when the next bottle appears.

The quests  can be long where you will be asked for example to grow 123 Cantaloupes, or 123 tomatoes,  but they are rewarding and you may get up 1000 gold Coins, as well as you can get  a part of the totem pole. Many players are claiming that they  could not place the part of totem pole (dog’s head) , it just disappeared after the gift was opened.

At the moment we are not sure  how this works, but we think that you  will not be able to place  the  totem pole until you will get all the parts.

The Totem Pole has been seen in screenshots and advertised by Beeline has a new feature that allows one to control the rain on the island.

Message in a Bottle quests glitches (V.1.1.8)

Many players are experiencing the latest in a series of glitches with the bottle quests, including me(Poet) and Brainy Smurf. For eg, one of your quests might be to harvest 50 eggplants. However, if you exit the game and come back to the island again, you might find that your quest has been changed to harvest 150 eggplants instead! Also, completing these bottle quests might not necessarily get you parts of the totem pole. Players have reported that some of the rewards are just gold and xp, or normal decorative stuff. We are hoping Beeline can rectify these glitches as soon as possible. – Poet Smurf

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  1. burbol says:

    Everytime a bottle appears my smurfs are busy, and when I log in the next time the bottle is gone. Is this normal? Or should it stay for some time on the shore?

  2. Christina says:

    I got a bottle but the silly thing is sitting right in the bottom right corner where the build menu is and I can't access it.. What do I do?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Zoom in 😉
      If your MIAB says send some smurfs to the forest, don't do it as the bottle can disappear and so do your smurfs.

  3. Carlito says:

    I’ve updated to 1.2.1, but currently only have 3 of 4 totum pieces. I’m now getting blueprints, etc. instead of the 4th totum piece. Does anyone know if I’ll ever receive the last piece of the totum or am I SOL? I really don’t want to spend sb’s on the totum if I don’t have to. Thank you!

  4. Fredde says:

    Lost a smurf. I sent one smurf away for a message in a bottle request. Now the bottle has disapeared. Is my smurf lost now?

  5. XLeanneX says:

    I got the MIAB today and started quest 1 which was to send a smurf out for 24hrs. After about two hours my smurf was back and when I looked the bottle has gone. Can you help! Any ideas ? Many thanks

  6. kate says:

    hi! i already got the quest of the bottle where friends have to send me bolts. what does bolts means? and does the people sending me these bolts have to be friends from Facebook? what if i don't have any friends who play this?

  7. Cherny says:

    How do we get sporty smurf ?!?!

  8. Chern says:

    How do we get sporty smurf?

  9. Smurf says:

    I have some problems :

     when my friend send me bolts I received them. But it did not appear in the clockwork blueprint. What can I do???

    How to get sporty smurf??

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Sporty Smurf's field is availlable in the shop on the island for 5000 coins.
      The disappearing bolts are normal, it's a bug.

  10. Dani says:

    I have not got my message in the bottle yet

    • Farmer_Smurf says:

      Did you complete Papa Smurf Quests? There must be a quest that asks you to tap on the bottle beside the dock. Did Papa Smurf ask you or you didn't reach this quest??

    • Julie says:

      I'm on level 36 and have not had a MIAB how much longer do I have to wait? I have both iPhone and iPad doing smurfs, what level should we expect it?

  11. Carolfife says:

    I have completed numerous MIAB quests and still only have 2 pieces of the totem pole. How many do I have to complete?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You need to have 4 pieces. I only have one so you're not the only one who really wants to get a piece 😉

  12. Cassandra says:

    Hi there! I've got the bottle on the island and was on my last quest to send four Smurfs out to explore with about a day left to finish for my Clockwork Smurf part. Now the bottle is gone from the shore and there's no sign of the Smurfs coming back from their adventure! Have I lost them for good?

    • Sassete says:

      You can try to bring your village back to a date before this happens you lose some work but it can be worth it (tap on papa smurf 16 times)

  13. MJohnson says:

    I have completed 10 message in the bottle tasks and have yet to receive one piece of the totem pole. I keep getting green wood benches, or the blue and brown changing rooms. What is going on?

  14. Lik says:

    I'm on android harmony smurf update, i 've never seen the bottle??? is it normal?

    • Lik says:

      and I am always connected to fb. Is there a specific day/hour to get the bottle?

      • Brainy says:

        we only know the bottle arrives every week around 5pm on friday. Then we occasionally get the message "The bottle has arrived…." through out the week so it's hard to tell exactly. I think beeline pushes out the message from their game server.

  15. Gem says:

    Connect to game centre and it will work

  16. Sarah says:

    On the island, papa smurf says to send out a raft for 24 hours. I have done that twice now and both times that the raft has returned, papa smurf doesn't register it. Any idea on how to fix this?

  17. Grouchy Darel says:

    Looks like I am not the only one who does not get the bottles. I've sent email to BEELINE for a few times but they never reply. I've seen Poet and Marco replied "Have you get the latest update?" or "Is it connected to Facebook or GameCenter?". I believe most of us have got the latest update and we are connected to facebook but still, no bottle wash ashore. Solution, anyone?

  18. XLeanneX says:

    Please help! I have spent 4 days doing the bottle quest. I got the dogs head for the totem pole & went to place it, it disappears. Will it came back or will I have to do it again ?

  19. Shabbar says:

    I completed the task of 100 tomatoes and the the quest bottle disaapeared.

    How do I get the bottle back.

  20. Herjuno says:

    hello. i wanna ask you. is message in a bottle special quest on ios device ? I never had miab show up! im using android phone.

  21. JVin says:

    I'm on level 28 I did the latest update, I have Architect Smurf. I received one MIAB and that was for the Clockwork Smurf blueprint. I go into the game everyday and nothing. I still have 4 out of 5 rafts. The fifth didn't reappear even after the latest update. I see it but can't use it. How do I start the MIAB quests?

  22. masudasoofi786 says:

    add me if you want bolts masudasoofi786

  23. soujanya says:

    I am on level 26 now and wanted to report the problem I face with my game and finally found your site.

    1)on my island,I have got 20smurfs which mean I should have 20 gardens but I have only 18 gardens and 1flower bedwhich doesn’t even display the flowers.its just empty

    2)when I was in level 25 i think i kind of lost my village partly just coins n flower beds but I dint really bother because we can always earn coins back

    3)I think I should have got my message bottle by now.I haven’t got it till date.

    Hope you will look into my account and solve the necessary..

  24. Jasssmineeee says:

    Why didnt I get the bottle? I have the island already. Please help!

  25. Becka says:

    My message in a bottle keeps appearing too close to the build button so I can't access it as every time I tap it the build menu opens instead. Grrrr

  26. sadsmurf says:

    It was friday, and I waited next to the iPad until it was 4:00 PM. I looked for the bottle, but it wasn't there!
    SOMEONE HELP!!!!! I REALLY WANT TO DO THE QUESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Sadsmurf, 'm sorry to hear that, but the M.I.A.B should show up any other time, make sure you are connected to Game center or facebook..

  27. Guest says:

    Hey, I have got 3 pieces of the totem pole so far. What does it do when you collect all four peices exactly? Is it decoration or does it actually do something?!?!

  28. Ashy says:

    How long does the message in a bottle stay? I got a notification that one had washed ashore but when I went into the game it wasn't there. I didn't get the notification right away. I have updated to the latest version so thought the bugs would be gone.

    • Marco Smurf says:

      the M.I.A.B is programmed to take a week, so theoretically will stay until next Friday. There is no specific rule to get the MIAB If it has disappeared, but try to log out from your game center and facebook and try to log in to your game center and see if it shows up or not. It worked for me once.

  29. Christine says:

    I am on level 26. I am having many of the same problems with the message in the bottle. I can see the bottle but when I tap it it doesn't do anything! Any advice or suggestions?

  30. peruchita says:

    I’m on level 23. I keep getting a notification saying “Message in a bottle has washed up ashore”, but I can’t see the message. I haven’t gotten any Totem pole parts yet either. :( Thank you.

  31. Erin says:

    I can see the bottle when I visit my island but when I click on it I can’t get any quests and this only started happening after I updated the app. How can I fix this ?

  32. Baev says:

    I don't get the bottle and i updated the game a long time ago help

  33. Missing MItB says:

    I have never had a Message in the bottle, I have updated my game 2 days ago and still nothing. What do you have to do to get a bottle? I will need it fixed before I can complete the Blueprint things!!

  34. Bella says:

    I can see the bottle, but when pressing on it nothing happens. Level 28

  35. Tilly says:

    I have a bottle in the sea but when I click on it nothing happens

  36. Jo says:

    I’m unable to access the bottle washed up ashore on my island. I had been doing the quests associated with the bottle but after one of the updates it’s no longer working. Very annoying getting the message a bottle washed up and can see the bottle but can’t access it .

  37. LoBuereZ says:

    My MIAB has NEVER appeared! Is this just for me or is it a bug? What can I do for it to appear? I'm level 46, max, got a lot of SB and would really like to have my MIAB…

  38. 1986chevy says:

    I am level twenty six have had the island for a while now but have yet to see a message in a bottle

    • 1986chevy says:

      I also have an accomplished island and have updated the app for my iPhone several times since this has come out and I travel to my island several times daily but have yet to see a bottle

  39. Baby Smurf says:

    I’m leve 29 and I haven’t got any message in the bottle yet. Is there a problem with my island? I don’t what is the problem. Please help:))

  40. Kaaa says:

    My bottle doesn’t has exclamation mark on top of it and I can press it too. Is this a bug?

  41. Hui Xiang says:

    After completing the 1st part of the quest and going for the 2nd i cant click on it as there is no quest(the bottle is still floating there with no light on it)

  42. Lynn says:

    I can't get the message in a bottle even though I'm on level 32- any ideas

  43. Margie says:

    I am on level 26 and I still do not gets the bottles HELP!!!

  44. safo says:

    tengo la botella en la isla pero no puedo acceder a ella. no se abre ningún mensaje cuando la toco a pesar de recibir los avisos previamente……

  45. SunAtMe says:

    I did the update yesterday and I have the bottle on the Island. I completed two tasks. But now when I click on the bottle I just get a blue square around the bottle ( like when you moving things). How do I get pass this?

  46. Cheri says:


    I’m on level 42 & since last 2 updates (both in the last few days) my MIAB is sitting on the shore of my island, but when I click on it a blue square surrounds it but nothing happens, no message or quest :( Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

  47. Jaclyn says:

    I just downloaded the new update a few minutes ago and I am still having problems with the message in a bottle. It says I have one but it is very far out in the ocean and I cant click on it. I see it when the ship arrives on the island but there is no way to get it. Please help!!!

    • Sassete says:

      This sounds like an bug and ther is nothing that we can do about it you can try to contact Beeline and se if they can help you.

  48. azoooz says:

    why i dont have bottle ??

    • Brainy says:

      You dont get the bottle message or you get the bottle message but dont see the bottle ?

      In order to see the bottle, you need an established island. You need to get to the island if you haven't already done so.

  49. Hamsy says:

    I’m on level 32 and have never received a M.I.A.B. How can i check what is wrong?

  50. loubby says:

    This us only for apple users right? Android people don't get mib's?

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