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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Mushroom Houses


Smurfs live in mushroom houses, which they can build them during the game. Each mushroom house will add one Smurf to the village population, but it is possible to be upgraded once Handy Smurf’s workshop is built (read UPGRADING HOUSES section for more details).

In order to build mushroom house go to “Build Menu “Just Touch and drag right or left until you find the appropriate Mushroom house you want to build. Note that some Mushroom houses can be seen transparent due to a lack of gold coins, or the lack of available Smurfs, and others require higher levels. Once you select your mushroom house and placed it in the village,  one of the Smurfs will come straightaway and start building the mushroom house.

The first mushroom house that can be built has a red rooftop and it takes two hours to build it.
In later levels there are various mushroom houses with different coloured rooftops and facades, available. Besides their look their prices and building times differ as well. The following is a list of available houses, their costs and building times:

Mushroom houses

 HouseCoinsBuilding TimeLevel
Red Mushroom302 hours2
Turquoise Mushroom1001 hour5
Light Green Mushroom20045 minutes8
Mauve Mushroom50030 minutes11
2nd Red Mushroom100015 minutes15
Yellow Mushroom200010 minutes19
Blue Mushroom30001 minute23

WARNING! Mushroom Houses can not be deleted once they are build, this option was disabled in recent updates.


Different Smurfs’ Mushroom houses and workshops images


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  1. Person :) says:

    K so I have 35 smurfs level 16 and it won’t let me add houses it says I have to wait till the next level and then women I go up a level it will only let me add one I’ve upgarded all of my houses and its really annoying bcuz I want more smurfs

  2. Allycepat says:

    I play smurf villiage on android on my phone and after the last update the population has gone from 44 to 28. I have 22 houses all of which are upgraded. i have all parts of the villiage i had before so i know they arent stuck on one side or something. Im pretty sure ive gone donw a few levels as i have lost all my animals in the sanctuary and my island.
    Is there anyway to fix this problem thanks.

  3. allycepat says:

    I play smurfs villiage from my phone and after the last update my population went from 44 to 28 and i have 22 houses all of which are upgraded. Im currently level 22 and have lost my island and the animals in my sanctuary and im doing quests ive already done before. Any way to fix this?

  4. Sporty smurf says:

    I lost a smurf i accidently deleted a mushroum house i was using the trick to place the blue house and try to move it so i will have two houses how i will get my smurf back?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Recover your village: Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a 'recover village' button appears. Press it and you'll see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's yours select recover. Beware that you will lose some progress.

  5. guest says:

    So can anyone explain to me why I have 19 huts (plus the Papa, Handy, Greedy, Timber and Miner huts) and when I click on a hut it says Total population 15/41. So I am missing 26 Smurfs!

    I had a corruption error and the Smurfs houses stayed but the Smurfs left. Some were on the other side of the river and I figured they would come back once I built the bridge, but no…Now I cannot recover the previous game. How do I get the Smurfs to move back into the houses?

    I am playing on a Dell Streak tablet with Android 3.2

  6. RichLim says:


    Anybody else experienced not being able to add a new smurf hut on the island upon reaching level 40?


  7. reco says:

    not sure either you have mention this earlier, but can I know for other smurf house like the red mushroom, can be upgade?

  8. Valerie says:

    I am having some same issues. My main village has enough houses to support 44 smurfs, but yet I only have 24, and my island can support 8 and I only have 2. Has anyone figured out a solution to this problem?…Have submitted several requests to beeline, restarted my device, and too late for restore before I noticed.

  9. Anda says:

    I am on level 24 and i have in the main village 22 mushrooms houses (without papa strumf's house) upgraded once (with 2 strumf in the house) and 50 stumfs avaible. Is it normal? I think it would be 24 houses not 22. Is it beacause at lower levels maybe (i'm not quite sure what i did) i didn't build any house? I can't build other houses now. On the island i have 8 houses upgrade once and 16 strumfs, i think that is ok, but on the main village something is not right.

  10. K12 says:

    I just reached level 32 and built a new house on the mainland without any problem. When I went to the island to build my new house it told me I would not be eliligible until level 33. How did this happen, and how can I get the house/smurfs without using smurfberries.

  11. Theresa says:

    i had a total number of smurfs in my village of 40, with all the houses and upgrades to support them. after my last update (and my nephew deleting some rocks from miner), my total number of smurfs has dropped to 29 even though i still have the huts and upgrades for 40. has anyone else had this issue? is there a way to get my smurfs back or do i have to reset the game?

  12. Milli says:

    Is there some kind of limit on smurf huts because I'm on level 20 and all my huts are locked? Game says that I can build them on level 21. This problem started on level 19 and level 20 I can build one house and then they went back to lock..

  13. MOMO says:

    hello I have a concern with daddy smurf he asks me "add a mushroom village" and I have built several homes but nothing is happening thank you for your help

  14. jojordan says:

    This might be a silly question…but how do you add people as friends on smurfs? My username is Sweetjordy01. I know how to search through facebook but thats it.

  15. Sarah says:

    After upgrading one mushroom – the extended side disappeared. Where is it?

    How can I get it back?

  16. Sarah says:

    I upgraded my mushroom the other day and today the extended side is gone!

    Its 30 logs! Please give it back!

  17. SammyPGaule says:

    Add me for bolts and some back pleaseeee SammyPGaule

  18. masudasoofi786 says:

    add me if you want bolts masudasoofi786

  19. Allison says:

    Im on level 42 need to upgrade handys workshop click on the arrows shown then screen goes green is there something wrong? Please help also can’t find architect hit on island like papa smurf is telling me!!!!

  20. Krikni says:

    I visited a random village that was on level 27 but there was atleast 50+ houses how can that be possible?

  21. eleni says:

    papa asked me to build architect's hut on the island, but when i tap on the icon it says that i have to build hafty's hut.
    what can i do?

  22. Jenga says:

    Hello, when I tap the mushroom house of baby smurf or smurfette, it says "includes 6 player pictures"
    What does that mean? Thanks!

  23. Qwerty says:

    During last upgrade on Android, my total number of smufes was decreased to 13/49…I have all the houses for it, and all the upgrades, but i can't get them back… How can i do?

  24. kuromi says:

    Hi, my smurf total population is 95/101. what does it mean? where did the other 6 smurfs go? I did not send any smurfs out for quest.

  25. sawgs says:

    been asked to solve riddle no 2 but i can't till the next level. just started at a new level and built a house before this riddle came. help! anyway i can build one without waiting for next level??

  26. phpman says:

    Hi, I'm on level 35 and have the following quest from Papa Smurf: "Add a small mushroom to the village." I don't know how to add a "small mushroom". I placed already a normal one but nothing happens.

  27. ubia says:

    How can I upgrade a house using handy??

  28. Badger688 says:

    Is beeline going to update houses, to run on same time line as the "Smurfs Film" i.e. some kind of "High Rise"

    • Buckeye says:

      THANK YOU !!! I thought i was the only person thinking about this! I'm sure they don't want to take away from the whole Smurfs "village" feel of it. But i personally think the more city-like you can make your village the better. Even optional upgrades where you have multiple choices with different looks for each upgrade like: Upgrade A, Upgrade B or Upgrade C…just a thought. LoL

      • Smurfette says:

        We do not know what Beeline is planning, especially as they are not often releasing info's about that before the update comes.

        Beeline has to comply to the license agreement, though. That means with every Smurf, item, feature they add they have to be allowed to do it, so the "feel" of the original Cartoon/Comics is not lost. That is, for example, why they could never add "black" as a colour for Painter Smurf, because the villages could end up too dark.

        Anyways, if you think you have a good idea, you can always submit it to Beeline. Either email them at or post it on their Facebook Page in the "Forums and Feedback" section, which is regularly read by Beeline employees (not the normal "Wall" though).

  29. Kakana says:

    Where can i find the house for that smurf with wings? Hehe! Sori, i dont know what to call that smurf.

    • Smurfette says:

      I do not know which Smurf you mean with the one with wings, but you either find the houses for the special Smurfs in the Smurfberry Shop (third shop with Smurfberry icon) or in the first shop (with mushroom house icon).

  30. Lali Smurf says:

    Thanks Smurfette!! You rock :)

  31. Lali Smurf says:

    I accidentally painted one of my mushroom houses trying to figure out painter smurfs game. Is there anyway to change it back?

  32. Sophia Gloria says:

    I have all kinds of mushroom houses already and I noticed on the other random villages which are featured…they have this houses with an attic windows and washing line attached outside there do we do that? Upgrading houses only adds how do they get that kind of house already at level 21 wherein I am already level 28… Thanks..

  33. Smjsmith1 says:

    I'm on level 12 and upgraded two houses a few levels ago. But I still only have 1 smurf in each house. How do I get the additional smurf in each upgraded house?

    • Smurfette says:

      How do you see that you only have one Smurf per house? The number of yours Smurfs should just have increased. How many Smurfs do you have in total? And how many houses?

      • Smjsmith1 says:

        I have 16 smurfs. I have 12 purchased homes (2 upgraded once), timber smurf house, papa smurf house, handy's workshop, and Greedy smurf's bakery. It says total population 16/16.

        • Smurfette says:

          Well, then everything is okay. You get three Smurfs when you start and one house. (That means two Smurfs for free that do not have a house). You then added another 11 houses with each one Smurf, that makes 14 Smurfs. Then you upgraded two houses which means one more smurf for each of them, so a total of 16 Smurfs in 12 houses. You did get the Smurfs. If you update another house, you will then have 17 Smurfs etc.

  34. Nikki says:

    How do you ask hefty to upgrade a house? I have clicked on upgrade twice (500 coins each) and clumsy smurf still has the messageto ask hefty to upgrade a house. How do I fix that?

    • Smurfette says:

      It should register, you have done it correctly. Have you made sure to click "Ok" on Clumsy's quest and not "Not Now" or "Cancel", because otherwise it won't be seen as completed.

  35. smurffy says:

    is there any advantage in buying the more expensive houses?

  36. Lilianetta says:

    How Can we replace the mushroom houses? Like to replace the red mushroom houses with the yellow ones? As i want to have all the types of the houses equally :-) Thanx for the advice

  37. DKriz says:

    When tapping on a plain worker house, the "Total Housing" screen pops up. What does the "Total Population" RATIO signify? It never been anything except my population over my population.

    Also what do the blue and black colors of the ratio signify?

    • Smurfette says:

      The Total Housing gives you the number of smurfs living in a house, the total population gives you the number of total smurfs in your village. As you can buy Smurfs for 4 Smurfberries that do not need a house it is usefull if you have done that. If you have a house for all of your smurfs, the numbers will always be the same.

      • DKriz says:

        What about the 2 free 'homeless' smurfs that everyone gets at the start of the game? For instance, I have 26 houses, all fully upgraded: 26×3=78. Add the 2 free homeless smurfs = 80 total. So I suspect that the "Total Poulation" ratio should be 78/80 (ie housing/poupulation). But it actually reads 80/80. So the game must ignore the fact that those 2 free smurfs from the beginning of the game dont have a house?

  38. Robin Nash says:

    Papa smurf is telling me to ask Handy to upgrade a house… do I go about doing this? Also, what/where is the magic shrub? thanks!

  39. Will says:

    Hi, i am wondering how to get the mushroom house with moons and stars on.

  40. Handy_Smurf says:

    We do not discuss cheats on this website.
    And I do not believe there is such a cheat like that

  41. mama smurfette says:

    Is there any other way to get smurfberries besides buying them and moving levels?

  42. Dymokc says:

    Why did they disable the option for deleting mushroom houses?

    • Smurfette says:

      It was always disabled, then they enabled it for a very short time (a week or so), but removed it again with a new update. The reason they gave was that it caused a lot of problems and technical difficulties and as far as I know it will probably not be enabled again in the forseeable future.

  43. Jojo says:

    How do you get those big mushrooms and the bleeding heart bush

    • Smurfette says:

      They were special valentines day items and are no longer available. They might become available again next valentines day, but it is also possible that they will introduce new items.

  44. Mama Smurf says:

    I just counted and I have 19 houses! So hopefully when I get to level 20 things will work out? I'm not sure how that happened (maybe because my game reset after the update but I still had all my stuff? – just went back to level one)! Thank you!

  45. Mama Smurf says:

    Thank you for your help! No, I have never used that cheat, and I contacted Beeline as soon as I was done asking on here! Thank you Smurfette!

  46. Mama Smurf says:

    The thing is on all those levels I was never able to build a house! Like you said – you can build one per level – but I haven't built one in several because every time I level up it says I need the next level! So I have not build a house for several levels. Is that still normal?

    • Smurfette says:

      No, not really, you should have a total of 19 houses (without special houses like Papa, Smurfette etc.) on level 19. Have you ever used the cheat were you can build an unlimited number of houses? If so, then you might not be able to build another one untill you have the correct number again. But if you haven't, you might want to contact Beeline support at about this

  47. Mama Smurf says:

    I am on level 19 and for the last few level the houses keep saying I will be able to build them once I get to the next level – for instance, on level 15 all my houses required level 16… but once I got there they all said requires level 17 – and this keeps going on! My population right now is 40. Does anyone know why this is happening, or how to fix it?

    • Smurfette says:

      That is normal, you can only build one house per level, so when you build one on level 19 it will say requires level 20 after that and so on.

      • Stuffy says:

        That is the same with me! It is really annoying PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you change this in the next update.

        P.S: I was wondering if in the next update you could have a techy smurf that gives you XP and coins every day. I LOVE your app.

        P.SS: I was also wondering if there is a way to get smurfberries more often I really want to get painter smurf but I cant!

        • Sassete says:

          Im glad that you like the game but we cant take al the credit, we are only a fan page. You can get sb from Marco polo smurf , Jokey and from lucky But there is not a way to earn extra sb on a regular way say once a week

  48. Stretch says:

    If you have hefty Smurf your build times are cut by half

  49. Lilianetta says:

    Is there any way to replace the mushroom houses? Like to change the red mushroom house with the yellow mushroom house. I think to have all types of mushroom houses equally after having enough gold coins now :-) Thanx for the advice

  50. Soaron ronin says:

    page not fond

    can you help ??

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