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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Scaredy Smurf


Scaredy Smurf

Scaredy  (scardy) smurf is a new special character which was introduce to the smurfs village in version 1.1.4 (Halloween update). You can get Scaredy for free if you are in level 12 upwards. You will get this quest from Papa Smurf to find him ( ”Oh, I think Scaredy can be brave a little longer. come back at night and calm him down”). It is hard to find Scaredy as he is well hidden. In order to find Scaredy you need to have the night mode activated you may get this message from him “Come find me after dark”.


You need to see closely in order to see him, you may find him behind bushes, mushrooms, or huts. It is hard to distinguish between him an the other smurfs because he looks similar, apart form he  has yellow exclamation mark over his head and walks slowly. One trick that helps you to find him easily, if you switch to Tailor smurf mode (in case you bought tailor smurf) you can see him easily as he has an exclamation mark over his head.

Once you get him you can get the 400 XP bonus after tapping him every night.


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  1. Suzan says:

    make 4 smurfs wave at you

    • Poet says:

      Hi Suzan, you just have to tap at 4 different smurfs….the simple act of them acknowledging your tap is considered as waving at you.

    • Greedy_Smurf says:

      Or you could even click on the same smurf 4 times, because sometimes when they are busy planting, there aren't enough available to do some of the quests.

  2. Helen says:

    How do you get night mode on?

  3. nano says:

    what is keg?

  4. MissSmurf says:

    how can i get the NIGHT MODE…!!! PLZ HELP!!!

  5. baby smurf says:

    night time comes when you turn Effects On (under options)

  6. Penny82 says:

    I had my effects on and last night I clicked on scaredy smurf and papa smurf still told me to wait until night. I did it was dark and still nothing. I'm on the pacific coast so my time is in line with whatever time beeline is said to use. I'm confused.

  7. Sel says:

    I haven’t updated my smurfs app in a very long time. I heard some people losing their game & starting back from level 1 after updating their app. I think I’m due for an update but am scared to do so thinking there is a possibility that I may lose my game & have to start over again. How safe is it to update the app?

  8. We bozo says:

    Lost scaredy he just disappeared. How can I get him back

  9. Awesome smurf says:

    In my village Scardy smurf is invisible and dose not walk around but there is a yellow exclamation mark that is stationary and if I tap it papa smurf pops up and tells me to come back and calm down Scardy at night!
    Any sugestions?

  10. Lee says:

    Hi.I almost finished level 19 using Android, and i just realized that i loat Scaredy and Grumphy. Is there anything else i can do beside recovering the village? Because if i recover it, then the percentage to completion will be only 63%, while now i have 98%. please help :-(

    • Sassete says:

      No I dont think so to be sure to get them back the recover trick is the only way for the moment and you should do that as soon as possible to not loose more of your playing

  11. Kagzie says:

    I have brought an iPad I'm playing smurfs on my iPhone if I download the smurfs village on my iPad will I start from beginning if I start or will I lose my game on iPhone we I am level 26 I don't want to lose my iPhone game if I start on the iPad

    • Sassete says:

      Do yu have gc if so you only need to log in on gc on your iPad and aftre a min or two your village pop up on your new device

  12. Viv says:

    I have just updated my smurfs and my village never goes dark on a night its perminantly day time so i cant get xp of scarsy smurfs:( please help

  13. Smurflover says:

    What is night mode? And how can i Turn it on?

  14. Camaryn says:

    What Time does it have to be when scaredy stop walking around and cover his face and u get xp??

  15. Brendan says:

    What happens if you DON'T tap Scaredy at night to calm him down? Will he stay in that place for the rest of the game, for weeks / months / years? Or will he eventually snap out of it and start walking around again?

  16. Milz says:

    How do you make it night time?

    Scardy Smurf walks around my village( I have the latest version) & when I press him Papa Smurf tells me to come back at night. It’s only ever been dark in my village once before I did the more recent update?

  17. @do1267 says:

    why my scracely don't give me xp at night time, for a week now

    • BigPapaSmurff says:

      Maybe he's just NOT that scared anymore … did you try yelling BOOOO at him?

      • Greedy_Smurf says:

        Ha! That's funny!

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Let's be Smurfy and nice to everyone. To do1267, it's unknown why he isn't giving you XP. Are you sure that you're not collecting it with the Fireman? You won't see it hovering over Scaredy's hut if you collect with Fireman, but you still get the XP — It's just that Fireman collects it for you. :)

    • Greedy_Smurf says:

      I'm sure, eventually he will give you xp, sometimes I don't get any from him too.

  18. GixxerChic says:

    I noticed tonight while searching for my Scaredey that he couldn't be found anywhere in my village; even moved my houses to see if he stopped behind one when it "got dark" but never found him. A friend of mine said something she has the same problem but he'll be back in the AM. Just in case anyone else has the issue…if you go out & turn off the effects & go into the village he'll be there; go back out & turn effects back on & go back to the village & he'll be there.

  19. spizzal says:

    He has not worked for some time, always says come back later no matter what time.

    • spizzal says:

      Okay effects, so you just change your own settings now? Must have been from an update or glitch. Effects On again. Thanks q&a

    • Sassete says:

      You need to have the night mode on to make it work. Tap on the hammer in the right corner – Main menu – Options – and have the effects on On. in this way it will get dark in your village at night and it is then you can calm him down

  20. David says:

    Even with the new updates today I still do not have my rafts back on the island. All of the new quest with the updates have to do with sending out rafts so I am stuck and and have been with no rafts for over two months now. Can anyone help me with a fix to this please. I have had no response from beeline.

  21. em says:

    I’m up to level 18 and have just had gargamel come in and destroy part of my village. I have replaced everything he destroyed, which included the timber hut. I also had papa smurfs lab change. It’s almost like it restarted the game when I updated. Papa smurf has given me all the tasks again that were at the beginning of the game. I’m flying through most of the tasks as I already have completed them. With all this I have lost scardey smurf. Will he come back? Has anyone else lost scardey since the latest update? And yes I have looked for him In move mode.

    • Sassete says:

      You are not the only one that had a visit from gargamel and we honest dont know why this happens its a really strange bug.

      • em says:

        Thanks Sassete, scardey was back at night, I’m not sure what happened, he may have gone to visit someone! As for my village, that’s a really silly bug with gargamel, as I have the bridges over both rivers, I had a lot of houses not camouflaged yet, they didn’t get touched. Other then that bug and the occasional restart, this game is pretty good. I refuse to put any more money in my mobile acct for smurfberries so I have a slow time getting through quests. Thanks for such a cute game beeline!

    • Smurfie says:

      Go to main menu, options. Tap on papa smurf head 16times. You will then see a Restore Village option. Click on that and it will show a list of dates to restore. Select the one before the "attack"

  22. kby says:

    can you tell me please, how i can add friends ?? thx for answer

  23. Lily says:

    i'm having trouble with scaredy smurf,he is constantly wandering around the village with the exclamation mark above his head but when i tap him papa smurf says that i should come back at night.the thing is,ive tapped him the three last nights and he keeps doing the same.i wonder if the time change of my ipad affected the game-didnt mess with the clock,i just travelled to a -2h time zone country.thanks:)

  24. Jan says:

    how to turn into night mode??? My scaredy smurf head always got "!" i try to click it but it say come back at night but my village never got night mode. How to turn into night mode????

  25. puginatorr says:

    okay, so its nightime. i went to my village to get expierience from scaredy, but i cant find him. what happen?

    • Poet says:

      If you are sure u have him, search your village carefully. He is very good at hiding, normally hidden behind mushroom houses, flowers, rocks, or any building.

  26. Mia says:

    I can't find Scaredy, because he has never been in my village, even after I finished the quest. I already tried the path moving mode and restarting my device. What can I do?

  27. anou says:

    i have the message : collect gift from jokey but i cant find him, is that normal?

    • Smurfette says:

      No, he should be wandering about in your village, please look at a picture of him in our Jokey article. Then look for him either in "Path Moving Mode" or Tailor Smurfs "Hat Mode". Then you should be able to find him easily.

  28. Kylee says:

    I have scaredy smurf, but there is nothing in my options to turn or night mode? Please let me know what to do?

  29. Leonard Campbell says:

    I have two comments – first it is possible to get xp from Scaredy twice in one day if you do it right at dusk and then just before dawn. (I am not sure you can keep it up though) – Works on both Android and IOS. Second Scaredy can hide pretty good sometimes and even (at least on android) can hide behind objects so you cannot see him. There are two tricks to solve this. 1) if you go to the main menu or visit the friend menu and return than Scaredy will have found a different hiding place. He might be easier to find this time. 2) If you go into move mode and then into background mode (left bottom button) then Scaredy, snails, and caterpillars are easy to find – And you can click on them and receive the XP without leaving that mode- This works great if he is hiding behind the bakery for instance. You just have to be careful moving around that you don't pickup a road. (If you do click on the red circle and then say -NO don't delete).

    • Hassan says:

      Hey everybody I builded a lot of grass then I saw scaredy smurf walking with his eyes closing he cross my bridge I tap on him and he told me some thing thanks

  30. Alicia says:

    I have Scaredy Smurf, I have night mode switched on, it is actually night (about 11pm) and scaredy isn't giving up the goods. I click on him and he just waves nervously. Any suggestions?

    • Smurfette says:

      Scaredy Smurf only gives the XP if he has a yellow "!" above his head. Try again tomorrow night and he shoud have the exclamation mark and give you the 400 XP

  31. cassandra says:

    My village was lost. I did get it back by tapping on papa smurfs head but lost scardy smurf how do I get him back or can I.

    • Smurfette says:

      Are you sure he is lost and not just hiding? As he hides a lot in the village (being scared and all), so maybe look for him in Tailor Smurfs Hat Mode or the Move Mode. If he is really gone, you could restore from a previous backup point, though you might loose some progress. Also, restart your device, that sometimes helps.

  32. matigol2 says:

    when you switch 'on' effects in options you can say day and night :)

  33. Angelina says:

    If I don have a smurfetter hut can I have lone smurf

  34. Shavon says:

    When I click on Scaredy Smurf, even with the effects mode on, nothing happens. Papa Smurf just keep saying “Oh, I think Scaredy can be brave a little longer. come back at night and calm him down”. I clicked on Saredy many times.

  35. teo says:

    how does it become night time in the game smurfs

  36. dan says:

    scaredy smurf isn't giving me xp even at night help please?

    • Smurfette says:

      It does not only has to be night, but the night mode has to be enabled as well (i.e. it has to be dark in the village.) This also happens if you have used the time cheat (i.e. set the time ahead to finish tasks/crops faster). It will return to normal when the time you set the clock ahead to has come in real life.

  37. Diss says:

    Wow, thank you. 1 other question, when i try to buy smurfberries, after i enter the credit card details, it says that the bank statement doesnt match my information, when i am a 100 % sure that i enter everything correctly.
    Is it something you can advice on or is it a different department ?

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to make sure that your billing info from the bank match exactly what you enter, that includes middle names, abbreviations (for example ST instead of Street). It is also often caused if the zip code is autofilled by iTunes. If that does not help, best to contact iTunes Customer Support.

  38. Diss says:

    Last Time I've seen Scaredy was a couple of hours ago, Papa Smurf told me to get back in the evening to visit him, so I did, but i cant find him ANYWHERE.
    I've restarted the game as in signed in and out, and there is still no sign of him.
    Any advice ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Smurfette says:

      Have you tried looking for him in either Tailor Smurfs Hat Mode or the Path Moving Mode? Scaredy is hiding at night, not walking around but usually just standing somewhere behind a building etc. Also, make sure to zoom into the corners, the status bar and buttons might cover him up

      • Diss says:

        I dont have a Tailor Smurf yet? Sorry for not researching this but asking instead, but how do i activate a path mode on an iphone?
        I've searched the whole village in zoom, still can not find him unfortunately
        and thank you for your fast reply

        • Smurfette says:

          Just go to the build menu (with the different shops), there click on the move button in the bottom left corner and afterwards again click on the button in the bottom left corner. Then all items in your village will only show as shadows and you can easily see the Smurfs.

          • AnnaSmurf says:

            My Scaredy Smurf does nothing. I can find him, I can turn effects on and off, etc. Have done it at least 10 times… Still Papa Smurf says to come back at night. I am at level 17. I think Scaredy has been around a long time. I've had him nearly a month.

          • Smurfette says:

            You have to really come back at night, i.e. when it is dark in the village (while effects are on). Then when you find and tap him he will give you 400XP.

  39. simply says:

    I dont have night and day on my android phone. is that the reason i cant find scaredy smurf?

  40. simply says:

    I dont have night and day on my android phone. is that the reason i cant find scaredy smurf?

  41. blabla says:

    Is the scardey smurf in the android version? And the clumsy one????

  42. Val Smurf says:

    I guess we will see tonight, with the new update it does not say day and night anymore it says effects.

    • Smurfette says:

      I know, that is why I said you had to turn on Effects in the options menu. The name has changed because it does not only go dark when turned on, but it will snow sometimes as well, which looks really quite nice (I think).

  43. Val Smurf says:

    Hello! I seem to have a problem with Scaredy Smurf, he does not know what time it is. I cant get him to give me XP at any time of day, even at midnight. I'am playing on a 2008 version of the IPod. Thanks for your help, I would like to tell Papa Smurf that he is wrong when he telle me to come back at night and that it is night, but I cant…

  44. Jimmy says:

    Please help!! How to upgrade the christmas tree??

  45. Tina says:

    I have an invisible smurf. I see a lone hourglass bobbing around on the beach and when I tap it a smurf appears and waves at me then disappears again.. Does anyone know about this?

  46. Jen says:

    My scaredy smurf is gone from my iPhone since the last update, but still on my iPad. Is there any way to get him back?

    • Smurfette says:

      Do you play the same game on iPhone and iPad or are they two different villages?

      • Jen says:

        Sorry, I wasn't notified that someone replied. It's the same account, but two different games… like an alternate universe =P. I can also find scaredy on other random villages, but not my own.

        • Smurfette says:

          In that case you can either transfer your village from iPad to iPhone to get him back (but then it will be the same village) or wait for Beeline to fix it (missing smurfs is happening to a couple of people since the latest update). If it was not so long ago that he disappeared you can also use the "Recover Village" tip to restore your village on your iphone to a point were you still had him. Instructions here:…

  47. Kelvin says:

    I still couldn't find the Scaredy Smurf… Where is the Smurf hiding?

  48. Cayce says:

    How long will Scaredy be around? Also y'all put his first name in parenthesies and y'all forgot to capetilize "Smurf".

  49. Jeths says:

    Yes I am but I just tried to start up a new game centre account and then it said a new iTunes account and I don’t want a new iTunes everything was working great until the new firmware ios5.

    • Smurfette says:

      If you create a new Game Center Account, it does not automatically create a new iTunes account, you can still continue to use the old iTunes Account on both devices. If you do not want a new Game Center Account, you can always log out of Game Center on one of your devices, the only one village will be tied to GameCenter and the user village will be without it. Though that means it also does not get backed up online on Apple's servers

  50. Jeth says:

    Since I have had the newest update I keep on getting asked which village do I want as I play this on my iPhone and my iPad now all they do is clash with each other. It is getting annoying please fix this problem ASAP.

    • Smurfette says:

      Are you using the same Game Center Account on both devices? This might cause one village to be in conflict with the one on your device. If not, try restarting your devices and see if that helps.

  51. Brendan says:

    Once it gets light out, does he just uncover his face and start walking again? :)

  52. Poet says:

    You can identify him as he walks very slowly.

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