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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village Christmas and winter update for Android


After a long long wait now Beeline and without notice have released a new update for Android phones and tablets. Christmas, winter and snow theme took part in this release.

According to Beeline the official description of :

There is an increase in game levels to 40.
New Smurfs have been introduced to discover  namely: Tailor, Clumsy, Alchemist and Scaredy.
Two more land expansions (2 free, 1 paid).
More Smurfy crop packs.
More Smurfy items and buildings to decorate your village.
New “Plant All” feature for Farmer Smurf.
Day & Night Mode.
An upgrade to Papa Smurf’s potion-mixing game.
Falling snow to get your Smurfs in the Christmas spirit

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  1. @rori_15 says:

    i update my smurf village but there is no snow christmas tree,…….

  2. chili says:

    i have done the christmas update yet theres no snow!!!!! Is it always been a problem for android?

  3. zeina says:

    I cant play smurfs village in facebook i have sumsung galaxy tab, it possible to play it in face book &share with my freinf this game.?

    • Sassete says:

      If you go in to the menu => options and manage friends you should be able to connect your smurf village with fb

  4. kate says:

    Why wont the android version let me get vanity or painter smurf.. its making me mad, please help!

    • Smurfette says:

      Because it is not available yet. At the top of our website there is a Android vs. Apple iOS button. If you click it you find a list about what is available on which plattform.

  5. reirei says:

    ….updating my village to the snow was fantastic and a welcome change however coming from NZ where it doesn’t snow for Christmas I am sooooo over it. Bring back the green grass ppppplllease. My daughter is over the snow in her village on the desk top however my iPad isn’t. where can I go to make the snow go away?

  6. nina says:

    i lost my smurfette for about a month. what had happened to my game until i lost my smurfette? i am level 16. thanks for any reply.

    • Smurfette says:

      Have you bought Smurfette with Smurfberries? If not, she disappeared because she was only temporary in the villages over Christmas for those people who have not bought her.

  7. Jen says:

    The app itself removed itself from my phone and I lost everything plus what I paid for. Why a.nd how would this happen?

    • Smurfette says:

      I assume you use Android as you posted on the Android article, in that case you have to reinstall the app and ask Beeline to resend you the Smurfberries (You can each them at

  8. Catherine says:

    We travel a lot due to work schedules and every time when we arrive at a new time zone, our device changed automatically to the new time. But because of this, we are getting punished and it's really not fair. And I saw many people has the problem even they haven't changed time and is already listed as a bug. So beeline, do you think you have the right to "punish" customers when you haven't solved your own problems??!!

    • Smurfette says:

      First of all we are not Beeline, but an unofficial guide to the game, so if you want to complain to Beeline please contact them at Beeline is aware that this can cause problems, but you should not be punished. If you use the time cheat the game will stop special Smurfs (i.e. Jokey, Smurfette etc.) and roaming to give extra XP/Gifts up to that point you set the clock ahead to. So if the time on your device changees for a couple of hours, the most that could happen is that they won't give you the XP for that hours. Also, make sure you change the time zone and not the clock (if you have not done so already). That is supposed to help with this too.

  9. wendy says:

    My smurfs village is not opening… i had done everything to fix this problem and following instructions here, but it does not open… it does only open until the menu interface but when you hit on open then it crash… please help… im so frustrated, im at level 21…

    • Smurfette says:

      If you have done all the tips on our "Crashing App" article then there is not really anything you can do. Please contact Beeline, they might be able to help you. You can reach their support team at

  10. shelly says:

    how do i get my smurfs bk

  11. smurfysherry says:

    . .ccontact or atleast make a way where iOS users and Android Users can interact as neighbors, give gifts and water plants just like what Team Lava, LLC did with its famous Bakery Story, Restaurant Story, Farm Story etc? I mean its possible. .right? I this way people will have more connection w each other, will be satisfied more of their apps. .And that means more smurfberries to buy! (its a friendly competition wothing neighbors, whose village looks best right?)

    5. On android market, you said Clumsy and Alchemist will arrive with the new update. .But w your prior post ive read abov regarding clumsy, that he will not be available until there will be many updates. ?

    6. Lastly, valentine update will come out soon for once again, iOS, will it be the same for Android? Please have us the update as well . .Add update with VANITY SMURF TOO!

    THANK U VERY MUCH ON READING THIS. . More power to you guys! I hope you wont take these comments into trash ,coz i would love to see you guys suceed more and more as one of the best app for smartphones! Beat Angry birds success aye?!#* *#

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline has said the interaction between Android and iOS might be something they are doing in the future, but it is not happening in the near future as they are focusing on other issues (like the friends/gifting/watering thing). Also they were quite busy catching both versions up, so the Android team did not have time to do that as well. 5. I am not sure which comment you mean, but as I said, we are not Beeline, so if there was a comment saying Clumsy will not come soon, it was definetly more of an assumption not a statement. 6. The valentines day update has not yet come for iOS either and Beeline never said it will be iOS only. I assume that Android will get it as well, though we can of course not be sure.

  12. smurfysherry says:

    Good day! I loved the smurfs village so much! You guys did a great job creating suchwonderful app. .so bravo and high five to ur success!

    However, there are some few but important issues i want to address as an “Android user” . .

    1. Not all people are into iOS, there are about 700,000 android phones being activated everyday. And with ICS or Android 4.0 released, i think there will be more users of ndroid. .Bottom line: “I hope you would EQUALLY UPDATE us”. Same content update. Same date. If not possible, atleast not a month later.

    2. I know its very hard on you part developing and using the tool to develop and update smurfs village with android, with its changing platforms/os. .and hundreds of different devices around. .Its really hard to catch up to the cpntinuous upscaling of android. .Nevertheless. .I know you will double up the time to do so. .With equally vast population android has to buy smurfberries. .Why not right? Speaking of smurberries:

    3. I am planning to buy smurfberries, but with my friend, buying and not getting it. .And with alot of comments of not getting it. .Its kindda hard to attract me and other android buyers out there until its safe to buy. .In business. .I think thats a loss. .Losing buyers/customers buying your product.

    4. Adding friends: why cant we add friends. .Ive been reading its the beeline server? I guess no one can help this thing unless its from the beeline itself. .coz u know sometimes. .Its not always the OS. .Sometimes its the App. .I mean u made a very promising app. .That can last a lifetime (in exaggeration) , but what i mean is. .If you are getting these comments. .Its means this app is very promising. .I just hope the app developers will be be continually patient enough with the comments. .Coz when there are comments? Man, it means u made a bang outof this!

    In addition, please repair the add a friend app with us? Please? I have played bakery story. .And i was able to exhange gifts. .Give coins (just like watering the plants) with android and iOS. .Can you please make a way to do that? I mean. .Can u contact the

    • Smurfette says:

      First of all, we are not Beeline, but an unofficial guide to the game, so please contact the developers at I think I can help with a couple of questions: 1) The Christmas Update nearly equalled Android and IOS, the only thing missing on Android are now Painter Smurf and Vanity Smurf and I suspect they will come as well. With Beeline having caught up to iOS both versions should get similar updates in the future. But you also have to understand, the Android version was released about a year after the first iOS version, so it obviously took Beeline a while to transport all features to Android. 2. Sorry, I do not really understand what you mean with #2. Smurfberries should be the same on both devices. 3. If someone bought but did not get their Smurfberries, you can contact Beeline at the email address above, they can resend them to you. It happened to me (on iOS) once as well and I got them send from Beeline. But this should not happen often. 4. You add friends by befriending them via Facebook, you can not do it from within the game. If you are friends with someone who plays the same game on Android, and you are logged into Facebook in the game the friend should show up. But there are some servier issues on which Beeline is working, that cause friends/neighbours to not show up.

  13. Baby-lord says:

    I ad a villige and i am level 14 and I shot THE smurfs’ village off and THE next time i turnd THE smurfs’ village later on my village was reset but i was still from level 14

  14. katrina says:

    When will the Christmas update be gone? (Snow)

    • Smurfette says:

      I suppose with the next content update it will be removed. The snow might also stay one update longer, depending on what Beeline planned as it is still winter, last year the snow was released in February, but then there were no updates between Christmas and February. So I guess we just have to wait and see.

  15. jane says:

    I am on an Android phone and I cannot see my friends even though we are both online and on facebook. Will this be fixed in the next update or something?

    • Smurfette says:

      There are quite a lot of issues with the friends servers on Beeline's side that cause this. Unfortunately, this has been going on for a while and there is not really something that you can do about to change that. Beeline said they are working on it, depending on the issue it will either be fixed remotely by them or with the coming updates if that is not possible. However, there have not been any official announcements and we just have to wait and see.

  16. tiel says:

    how u can download updates at my phone (android)

  17. call 4 gf 8643695093 says:

    i just love smurfs its so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. adham says:

    plz hlp i can't upgrade my christmas tree and also i can't plant flowers it need seeds or something like these any suggestions 😀 😀

  19. kianna says:

    hi peeps

  20. @minjiet says:

    weird things happen, i didnt open the smurf village since 23rd, today (27th) i tried to play back, the game wont start….but if i change the date back to 25th, it can load and play….but if i put in the real time, it wont able to play….

  21. keke mac says:

    Can you download the smurfs to a computer?

  22. sarah says:

    I am having an issue with level 23. Papa Smurf is telling me to visit the website, i did but it doesnt keep me logged in so i dont gey xp& he keeps telling me to do it.

    How do i change the setyings to keep the app running on samsung infuse? Everytime i open the app i have to go through accepting terms, the warning about purchasing smurfberries & logging into facebook…its driving menuts!

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to click "visit" on Papa Smurf's quest, after that it should work. If it does not, please contact Beeline so they can help you (

      • sarah says:

        I have clicked visit & gone to the website, but it wont keep me logged into the app to get the credit for it.

        Ive emailed Beeline about it but they have an answer. Its really frustrating cause im now at level 25 & i still dont have alchemist smurf.

  23. sultricious says:

    Love the update. It’s about time! :)

    Those of you experiencing crashes…do you have older Android devices? It’s been perfect on my Rezound.

  24. grEddysmurf says:

    @Momma, enter option, tap papa smurf icon about 16 times, and u can recover your village.
    @all, i have tons of smurfberry, email me at ##### heheh

  25. Momma Smurf says:

    All of my stuff is gone. I have an Android Incredible. Was on level 17 and lost everything the same day the update came out. I'm not sure what to do. I've had to download it again, but can't buy smurfberries. (I'd bought $20.00 worth before) It says cannot link to server when I try to buy them now. Help, please.

  26. Karissa says:

    Before the update, say I would plant a crop that took 24 hours it would be done in 15 minutes if I stayed in the game. Why doesn’t it do that anymore.? >:( I think they should change it back.

    • Smurfette says:

      This was a so called "time jump" and never supposed to happen, it was an error within the game that many, but not all experienced. If that is now fixed, you will have to play the game the way it was intended to be and wait for your crops to be ready after the normal time.

  27. wan says:

    How to plant crop mentioned in riddle.i dont know how to plant please help me

  28. DonkeySmurf says:

    I am stuck at this mission: I need to place down 3 logs for 400exp. Done that.. but nothing happend.

  29. jose says:

    with last update not only the game crashes, but the whole system! it forces me to hard reset the device (galaxy tab 10.1)

    when it works, still does not show friends' villages

    also, sometimes refers to clock bad sync, and i don't ever change time nor date!

    • Christy says:

      I also had the same notification of bad time sync, but just for one time. Everything else works fine on my Galaxy tab 10.1 (hopefully?!)

  30. Lisa says:

    I realized I haId'nt seen Grouchy since the X-mas update. Maybe I did'nt finish all the quests? Also I constantly sync my ipod and make sure it's always up to date. Is my only option to reset my village to a previous time?

  31. guest says:

    Papa smurf wants me to upgrade my christmas tree. I already have the 750 coin tree placed. Any suggestions?

  32. Joster says:

    When I try to play the miner game, the game crashes !!!

    • Alain says:

      Yes you are right, there is a bug with miner mini game for some Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S2, in which It either crushes or freezes. According to Beeline, you can avoid crashes during his mini-game by going into the Smurfs' Village options and turning off the sound.

  33. Michelle says:

    Played on my Smurfs Village last night on my android phone. This morning the link just shows the Android symbol and when you click on it, it says "The linked program is no longer installed on your phone." When I check my SD card in my phone it still shows up as having datat saved. If I go to the market, it gives me the option to download the game again. If I do that, will it erase all of my data and I have to start over? I have paid money several times for different thing and would hate that! I emailed Beeline but have got no response so far.

    • Smurfette says:

      If you reinstall you have to assume that you will have to start over. Beeline sometimes takes a couple of days before they can answer due to the many questions they get, but I would wait for their answer to be on the safe side. If you end up loosing Smurfberries you paid money for Beeline can restore them to you

      • Michelle says:

        I thought I might follow up on this, in case anyone else has this problem. Beeline had me reinstall the game and then go through the steps to restore my village. You click on "Options" on the Main Menu and then you click on Papa Smurfs face icon 16 times and a new button will appear that give you the option to "Restore your Village." This worked for me and I got my village back. Thanks

  34. nun says:

    i want to ling download :(( Please…..

  35. Bernie says:

    I realised my movietheater is gone and so is the exclamationmark above brainy!

    • Smurfette says:

      The movie theatre was always a temporary item and has been gone from the iOS version for a while and now that both version are on the same level they removed it from Android, too.

  36. Christian says:

    My Sony Ericosn Xperia Neo isnt updating, althoug its set on auto update for my smurfs village app. If i download and install the game again from the market, will i loose my levels and have to start from 1 again?!

  37. Bernie says:

    My christmaswish is fullfilled! Lovely

  38. masurao says:

    When is this Christmas Update for Android ?

  39. Carmen says:

    Cannot download the update to my android, it does not get the updates from the android market (us cellular) :(

  40. brett says:

    still can not see friends

  41. Missy72 says:

    Will it fix the bugs in the android version like being able to see friends

    • Smurfette says:

      That is not a bug in the Android version but with Beeline's friends servers, this happens with iOS as well. Whether, after the update, the situation has improved is not yet known.

      • Angel says:

        Not sure why my initial comment was removed, but here we go again. Me and 2 other friends play this all the time. I cannot visit their village, leave gifts, water their flowers etc. I’ve tried multiple times. If this is a bug with Beeline’s friends servers and NOT the Android version, why is it that no one I am in direct contact with has ever been able to visit friend on their Android phones or tablets?

  42. ashley says:

    My phone gave me the bad device post about changing my clock.. which i never did.. or used the time cheat and i also didnt change time zones. Another question i have is, is there a way to back up my game? I think game center is only for iphones and i have a driod x. I lost my game once and lost 100 smurfberries and bee line wouldnt credit them back.. then they never answered my email about it. Please any help would be appreciated.

    • Smurfette says:

      As there are so many different Android devices, we can not give you instructions if and how it is possible to backup your data.. Best to contact a support forum for your device or the manufacturer. Regarding the bad device time, this is an issue that has been happening quite often lately and needs to be fixed by Beeline. As long as you have the receipts for your Smurfberries Beeline credits them back, but sometimes it takes a while until they answer. You can also post into the "Feedback and Forum" section on their Facebook page ( ). That section is regularly read by Beeline employees.

  43. cami says:

    I am trying to play on my android tablet and my evo phone. Is there a way to sink both devices so that the same game will load. I tried to log in thru facebook, but i cant seem work. I dont want two different villages. I want the same village dispite the device i chose to play from.

  44. Peter says:

    Android update is à nightmare. The update caused crashes with the upstart of the game. You get nuts. What to do

  45. Dolev says:

    Why can’t I download it on my xperia mini pro sk17i. It has all the requirements

    • Smurfette says:

      The only requirement is that it is at least running Android 2.2, however, if your device does run 2.2 or higher, it does not necessary mean that the device is supported. If you want to know when and if your device will be supported, please contact Beeline (

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