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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village Christmas and winter update (version 1.1.5) is live


Christmas theme  is back to the village after almost one year  Winter and christmas update  (version 1.1.5, iOS only) was just launched by Beeline.

Many new holiday quests and seasonal decorative items were added in this update such as snowman, snowsmurf, Christmas trees , in addition to a new snow bunny critter. You will find in also in this update:

  • New, free land expansion at level 26: After all of the “Christmas” Quests have been finished, Papa will send out 5 Smurfs for 72 hrs. to get new tools for Timber Smurf. After that his hut can be upgraded for 7500 Coins. Then a new land expansion is added to the East.
  • Sort your friends in the neighbours map from A-Z, Z-A or by gift. (i.e. neighbours not having yet been given a present come first) by tapping the button at the bottom right corner
  • Falling Snow: Turning on “Effects” in the Options Menu lets it Snow in the village. The snow on the ground is always visible and can’t be turned off.

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After more than 350 comments all questions regarding this update, like:

have now been answered numerous times, please read the comments. If you have questions regarding other aspects of the game, please post them in the correct section.

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  1. Dizzy says:

    I have a few issues with my most fav game, I’m on level 29.

    1: Grouchy has disappeared

    2: Marco has disappeared

    3: I can’t see friends villages

    4: I can’t leave or receive gifts from friends

    On the plus side I now have a stack more space!

    Just wondering how long it might be before all these issues are sorted, it’s driving me nuts!!

  2. C.. says:

    Ok big question! I currently have a level 37 Smurf village, on my iPad, connected with a certain gamecenter and iTunes account. I'm buying a new MacBook and will be making a new iTunes account and a new gamecenter account, using a different email. So will I be able to keep my village? And how?

    • Smurfette says:

      Yes, but it is a bit complicated, here are the instructions you need to follow, but before you do anything, please make a backup of the iPad (either buy syncing it to iTunes or the iCloud, depending on what you use).

      1. As there are at the moment a lot of server issues and people are unable to load their Game Center villages (or to save the current progress to Game Center), log into your Game Center Account on a different device and open the Smurfs Village game to see that the village is correctly saved on Game Center and you can access it. If you are unable to access it or the village does not transfer, this is an issue on Beeline's side that should be fixed soon, so just try again in a few days. If you do not have a second device, ask one of your friends you have connected to via GameCenter that they can see your current village.

      2. If step 1 works out okay, you can delete the Smurfs App from the iPad, if it asks you whether to Keep or Delete the Game Center Data, make sure to choose "Keep".

      3. Redownload the Game from the new iTunes Account that is supposed to be used for the Game in the future.

      4. Log into your old Game Center Account and transfer the village. Now the game needs to create a backup point, as this is only done once per day, you might not be able to progress to step five until the next day. (Read here about the backup feature:…

      5. Log into Game Center with the new Account that is from now on supposed to be used for the Game, then open the app and you will start from level 1.

      6. Now use the backup feature to restore the old village. For the new village to then be tied to the new Game Center Account it is important to play a little (pant something, or move some items around, only then is it updated to the servers).

      7. That is basically it, if you want to get rid of the Smurfs Data tied to your Game Center Account, delete the App while logged into your Account and this time choose "Delete" when ask what to do with the Game Center Data.

  3. john says:

    i am at level 30 and papa smurf tell's me to buy a lantern.
    Where can i find one?

  4. Robert says:

    Has anyone else lost Grumpy Smurf since the update?… After he was sent into the woods and bake a cake, I haven’t seen him… Anyone have the same problem?

  5. Donn Taylor says:

    This is the buggiest update of smurfs ever! I've lost Grouchy and Marco, and I can no longer water crops or get my crops watered. And I found that Scaredy Smurf disappeared when I went to click on him last night. He was back this morning, but he vanishes when it's time to collect exp from him.

    • Smurfette says:

      The watering/gifting issue has nothing to do with the update, it is due to Beeline's servers. I have, after over a week, been able to get water and gifts today, so it seems that this should be fixed soon. At night Scaredy hides very well, he usually just stands behind buildings and stuff, so it is possible you just missed him, at least I have not heard of anyone losing Scaredy. Regarding Marco, Beeline said he should be back about a week after he was lost. The Grouchy issue is still investigated

  6. Who watched The Smurfs: Christmas Carol???

  7. Dizzy says:

    When i try to go to a friends village there is no friends there, there used to be but now they have disappeared. Anyone else having this prob?

  8. dani says:

    same problem to update xmas tree!!!

  9. Shadesha says:

    I am currently on Level 21 and can see that at Level 22 I can purchase some steps that will open up some land to the East. I noticed with the Xmas update that at Level 26 you get an expansion to the East for free. I was wondering if it is the same piece of land, as if it is I’d prefer to save my 5000 coins and wait till Level 26.

    Cheers :)

    • Smurfette says:

      No, to get the new land that was added with the Christmas Update you need the stone steps. The stone steps will give you access to land on a cliff, then new land will then expand the space available on the cliff even further

  10. Lilianetta says:

    I don't receive any gifts sent from my neighbors while they can receive mine since i've updated to x-mas edition. Anyone got the same problem like mine? Any solutions? Thanx a lot

  11. kiva says:

    thanks helped

  12. poohnee says:

    Really want the Marco Smurf back!~

  13. Jim says:

    So no new levels. Been stuck at 40 for a month. Ugh.

  14. Jim says:

    Is anybody else having problems buying gifts for friends and watering their flowers. I know it has been more than 24 hrs. when I try to buy a gift for someone, but it won't work. Plus the game quits on me sometimes when I am trying to water a friends flowers.It somtimes takes up to five or ten minutes just to water somebody's flowers, and then I find out that their flowers wilted anyway even after I know I watered their flowers.. I haven't seen any other comments like mine, so is it just my game that is doing this?

  15. lady_D says:

    I need help!! I purchased a Christmas tree for 150 coins only to later find the Christmas tree quest. Now it says the item has been placed and I cant complete the upgrade. Can anyone help me with this?

    Thank you

  16. Hilde says:

    Hi, I got the request of harvesting some salad stuff, radishes, lettuce and green peppers. Ive done that several times, but I dont get the quest credited, -papa smurf just sayibg the same thing.

    What should I do?

  17. Rox says:

    Why after all new quest i dont see grouchy anymore ?

  18. LeeGue says:

    How do you get the snowman – i've bought 2 from the shop but papa smurf still won't move on?????

  19. Philipp says:

    i cant find anything for android user have anyboda a link with this update for android?

  20. Smurfy fi says:

    Just smurfing through here looking for grouchy. *grouchy, you here someplace? * oh well, he must be hiding elsewhere, carry on peepz, I’ll smurf someplace else.

  21. audrey says:

    to upgrade chritmas tree u have to tap the base of the tree. took me several tries. cost is 250 coin

  22. baby kit says:

    Hi there… can someone help me… I cant find grouch in my village after the quest of Papa… please help me I love grouchy…

  23. Jay says:

    Delay, 8 hours again on my iphone 3G :((

  24. Michelle says:

    How and when do I get grouchy smurf back? He’s been missing since the Xmas quest.

  25. Dorothy says:

    It isn't letting me cllivk the bottom of my Christmas tree

  26. DKriz says:

    About marco's disappearance in 1.1.5. I uninstalled and reinstalled the whole app and recovered my village from game center. This did bring Marco back for the time being. Im not sure if he'll stay tho. Since the un/re-install, Marco left for another village (like hes supposed to), I found him and he returned to me (like hes supposed to). If he does this a few times in a row for me, I figure he's back to normal.

    DISCLAIMER: Do this at your ow risk! Do not try it without a good understanding of village recovery: you might lose all your progress if you do dont understand the process. ALSO, the in-game restore (16-tap on papa smurf) is lost when you un/re-install, so that method will not work for recovering your village.

    Unfortunately, it did not bring grouchy back :(

    • DKriz says:

      LOL or maybe my un/reinstal just happen to coincide with Marco's planned return (like Beeline stated)!

  27. Elv says:

    I cant see the land expensions in the futured villages!!

  28. Nelly says:

    I have no clue on how to build the snowman with grouchy. Can anybody help me, please???

    • Smurfette says:

      Just buy it in the Shop (for example the fourth shop with the star icon). There are two snowman, one is a man one is a smurf, make sure you place the correct one.

  29. Charms says:

    Is Marco gone? after the update I did not see Marco anymore nor to my friend’s village. I love Marco


    • Smurfette says:

      It is an error that has been happening to many people after the Christmas update. Beeline employees gave a statement that he should appear again about a week after he was lost.

  30. monica says:

    i also cant do, i cant even move the tree :(

  31. said says:

    Dear Admin

    I was trying to buy SMURFBERRIES but this is the msg i got

    cannot retrieve data.check your connection and try again

    the connection was good and the apple account was fine and i except any apps but the game centre didnt .
    I tried to buy by another account and it did go .

    Please send me the solution .

    • Smurfette says:

      I think you have most probably turned off in-app purchases. Just go to Settings – General and Restrictions and see that you have allowed them.

  32. Wulan says:

    Im wondering if watering flowers & gifting are working wit this new app. I did a lot to my neighboors (who often online) but when i check the next day after watering, their flowers are death and they replant the new ones. Also none return gifting me which normally i got alot from those who received mines. Anyone knows??

    • Smurfette says:

      At the moment there are server issues, nearly no one is able to water or get gifts. There is nothing you can do, it has to be fixed by Beeline.

  33. R. D. says:

    I’m having trouble upgrading the Christmas tree?… How do I do this?… I don’t see any special items to buy or anything like that?… Before the quest I bought the more expensive one… I also bought the less expensive ones after… And still nothing… I deletes the less expensive ones and closed the game and went back and bought them and again, no change… I can’t “move” much less delete the more expensive tree… Help please?!… Thanks in advance!

  34. Grouchy says:

    Hey everybody! Can you tell me how do I upgrade my Christmas tree?? D:

    • Marco Smurf says:

      This question was answerd in the first comments., but anyway if you Click the base of the tree in order to upgrade. Sometimes it requires several tries. If you zoom in it will definitely helps.

  35. -Fanie- says:

    I lost none of my Surfs with this update and was able to compete all the new quests BUT I am unable to receive gifts! Nor can anyone water my flowers. PLEASE help…

  36. Bee says:

    I’m so frustrated. Before this update,i bought smurfette for 30 smurfberries.but now they’re giving her for free! I want my 30 smurfberries back!and my geouchy smurf is also missing… :(

    • Handy_Smurf says:

      No no dont worry, they just give it for the update then she will be gone, and plus if you have the paid smurfette she gives xp to every smurf near her, not the free smurfette.

  37. Lady T says:

    I am trying to update my Christmas Tree but it wont let me. Ive read the previous comments and it still didn’t work. I bout the tree for 750 coins along with the other trees. Unsure of which tree was correct i accidently deleted the 750 coin tree and now it wont let me buy another one. What should i do?

    -Lady T.

    • Smurfette says:

      You can not delete the tree for 750 Coins, you must have deleted another one. Just look closely in you village, it should be there. Then zoom to the bottom and tap on it.

  38. sophia says:

    becus of this website i jus actully got manage to my christmas tree but touching underneath it, finally! after half an hour tryin to find it now wasnt more than 1 min after i read this i got it. thanks a millions!