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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village new update is coming soon


Beeline  just release the icon of the next upcoming update  for both apple iOS devices and Android, which will take place  sooner in the next upcoming days .The icon shows a new smurf musician    holding his horn  known  as  Harmony smurf , which will be introduced to the village. According to Beeline the updates will be released in about a week (sometimes during the second week of April) for Apple iOS devices, thereafter followed shortly by Android.

We will provide you with more details as soon as we can, so stay tuned.

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  1. lilian says:

    Does anyone now when Android will be updated, I see lots of new items for Ios but we still not can do the miab quests and we can not purchase harmony smurf I am getting very inpatient. And I am not amused about beeline

  2. polaris says:

    When I first got the island and until now, I can't access the left part, which I believe has some garden plots as I can see the corner of one. I have 10 smurfs but only 5 gardens now, and Brainy keeps prompting me of withered crops. I strongly suspect it's because of those gardens.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks!

    • Poet says:

      Are you on Android? I read Android players are facing this issue too.

      • polaris says:

        Yes Poet, I'm on Android. So how do I resolve this? Brainy keeps prompting me, and unless I rid of it I suppose I can't go on any quest by him? And I don't wish to use my smurfberry to so-called restore my crops! thanks

        • Poet says:

          Hi, I'm afraid there's currently no solution to this until Beeline releases its next update for Android. One of our admins, Brainy, has also encountered this issue. However, he spent smurfberries to get rid of that error message and now he's fine.

  3. polaris says:

    I was facing problems like moving of items (eg. bridges) and even though it shows ok to shift, but when i did, my wooden bridge was lost.

    I can't build the cliff to expand the right side of the land, even though it shows green when I put the cliff there.

    I keep seeing a corner of garden at the left side of the island, but I just couldn't reach it. Then Brainy keeps telling me my crops have withered when there aren't any crops planted! So I'm suspecting there are some patches of garden at the left side which I couldn't access. And I just can't build the raft house! So I can't complete Papa Smurf's quest.

    While facing all these issues, then my game crashed, gardens, lands, ships, items, specialised smurfs vanished! (At Level 22)

    I restored my village to the Level 21, so had to work towards 22 again, but am still facing all the issues prior to the crash. I hope as I progress to 22, my game won't crash on me again! I've already lost items and gold due to the last crash.

    Does anyone know why is this happening? Would appreciate your help!!!

  4. robert butcher says:

    Out of the chip pan and into the fire? Uploaded the new update which gave level 46 and allegedly fixed the message in a bottle problem (yet to be tested), chance to buy harmony and snappy, etc but 24 hours later (today) when i return from the island to the mainland the mainland crops (golden corn at 5 hours time since planting) are all dead, the quests seem finished and i have three smurfs extra but the gold coins is that of before the upgrade. (the restart option i cant do but thats my fault as it seems i last saved last week as i am mostly playing off line). No idea if this is a one off or a problem, so posting so others can monitor their situation (as in happens to you too= bug, not = me). BTW, no i have never time cheated (or any other) so that is not an explaination

  5. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    I've got something strange:
    The icon of smurfs' village on my Ipad is the one of Dreamy but if I check it on Game Center it's the icon of Harmony and there's no update in the app store.
    Could this be meening that they are going to release the update soon?

    • Fahmi F says:

      same goes to me.hope to get the update soon

    • Poet says:

      It's not strange, Dreamy. lol. Everytime this happens, it indicates the transition period…i,e, The new update will take place anytime from the time the icon changed to up to about 48 hours tops.

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        Ow sorry, didn't checked Game Center before the island update so at least it was strange for me. Thanks

  6. Jessica Shaffer says:

    Wow am I having problems! I hope my 4 rafts come back in the update because they have been gone for 5 days. I also received two totem pole pieces after completing bottle missions but they both disappeared when I tried to place them. To top it all off, I purchased an item for my island for 10 smurfberries and when I went to move it my marbles got highlighted and when I checked them my item disappeared. This has happened previously with items I purchased with coins and not berries. I am very disappointed and I hope that ALL OF THESE ISSUES are taken care of in the next update!

  7. Hello Smurf says:


    Will Harmony Smurf cost smurfberries or coins? Or will we have to send smurfs out to find him? I just hope he does not cost smurfberries. : )

  8. VMW says:

    Is this new update likely to help me get back into the game? It will not load and I have tried all the various suggestions of resyncing, turning off, resetting, game centre, Internet etc and have been without my smurfs for a week :-( when it first happened I knew the game was still running since I got notifications of crops withering (great!!) If the update won't help I will just delete the app and start again rather than hold out for the update. Thanks.

    • Brainy says:

      Since you are using game center to launch smurf game, you can reinstall smurf app and the game should open and start from level 1.
      After playing from level 1 for a little bit, the game should prompt you to choose between local and server level. Pick server level and you should have your village back.

      As a precaution, backup your device to itune first before reinstalling the app.

      • VMW says:

        Ok. 1 does it make a difference I only tried game centre once I couldn't get in the game and 2 how would I reinstall? (I'm not great with technology and can do basics!)

        • Brainy says:

          sounds like you dont use game center often to launch the game so I dont know what game level is saved on game center server.

          Reinstall means uninstall the app and install it again. I wouldn't recommend reinstalling the app since I dont know the status of your game center.

          You could do a full backup (not sync) to itune before attempting anything.

  9. Thalia says:

    I want snappy smurfling

  10. Carlosspain says:

    Help me please!!!
    with the last bottle I have gone 3 Smurfs … somehow they return?

  11. EVsmurf says:

    Do you know if beeline plans on updating the initial games as well? Like the potion game, handy smurf hammering game, etc…? They are getting really boring after so long and it would be great if there were other alternatives! Or am i the only one thinking this?
    Also is there any way to get more special quests after passing a next level? On the village side, besides papa smurf's, theres only one per special smurf and since its getting longer every time to pass a level, its a bit disappointing and frustrating to wait so long for so little story-telling parts… On the island side, im also experiencing the miab glitch what with my smurfs never coming back from their quests but besides that, there is no other quest but the regular papa smurf quests (which they could make shorter so we get more to do…)Slouchy and brainy never asked for anything more than that 1st time after getting on the island. Is it normal? (i just passed L.29)
    Thanks in advance for any info!

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      We don't know if they will be updating all of this. I hope they will update it.
      And you're right about the hamering, potion and baking game, they became boring espescially on the higher levels.

  12. LynnSuzanne says:

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but hope someone can help. On the island, I bought the marbles game with 1500 coins last week. Yesterday I couldnt find the marbles, so thought I accidentally deleted them. So I bought two marbles games. Today both of those marbles are gone! Has anyone else had items disappear for no reason? I don't think anything else is missing.

    • Poet says:

      Quite unusual….but if you are unsure, you might want to restore your game to an earlier time before the marbles disappeared.

  13. Juste DeSadec says:

    Apart from the free Smurfberries, my account has just lost 150+ smurfberrise for NO reason at all, not even an hw crash, nothing. I came back to my village and berries were gone. Can I contact Beeline to get the back?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Have you tried recovering your village to the point you still had them? You will lose some progress but 150 smurfberries are more worth than some xp progress.
      Its better to do things yourself than waiting for Beeline to fix it unless you don't have any other choise.

  14. Juste DeSadec says:

    Apart from the free Smurfberries today (I got just the regular 3), my account has just lost 150+ smurfberrise for NO reason at all, not even an hw crash, nothing. I came back to my village and berries were gone. Can I contact Beeline to get the back?

  15. Xelainga says:

    2 of my raftes won’t work, does Andy body what to do?

  16. Noname says:

    I want gutsy

  17. Clumsy says:

    Can't wait to see this update. Harmony is a fave of mine.

    Here's hoping Tracker and Poet will be added soon too, then I'll have all my faves in the game.

  18. bunny says:

    Free smurfberries on my itouch!! Thanks beeline.. hopefully there would be freebies for droid users too!! :-)

  19. Mika says:

    Got some free SB fore easter. 1 on the Island and 2 x 1 on the main Village… But i have the Bug that i get presants two or three times

    • Lucasxxxx01 says:

      Everyone got this. Gives the player a feeling that they really gave gifts instead of just one gift.

  20. Mika says:

    Got some free SB fore easter. 1 on the Island and 2 x 1 on the main Village… But i have the Bug that i get presants two or three times, so i cant be sure if everyone gets three SB.

  21. Brodie G says:

    Hi everybody i was wondering if anyone could tell me any info about harmony smurf like e.g. if he has a house or like what effect he hes on the village or if he gives out his own quests like Papa Smurf

  22. Skuxxfella says:

    Will everyone who has got the first piece to the totem pole but could not place it, get to place it in the new update

  23. Jitteke says:

    A hope the rafs are comming back then

    Can not play now whith the bottel sent a raft now

  24. Tessa says:

    I’m not buying anything until THE new update i’ve just started à new level this morning bought myself à normal mushroom house and not only it cost me money but i also lost 20 smurfberries that is not normal i’ve allready did à recovery so i’ve hot them back allready but i’m not planning on starting over again everytime i try To buy something

    Hopefully everything get’s fixed i would have bought THE ice Cream wagon but i’m not going To do that anymore

  25. Kenshinio says:

    And why Android version is poorer than iOS?
    We lack planty of things (eg. latest Farmer Smurf bonus upgrade)… :(

  26. Chici says:

    Yeah. Takes long to fix.

  27. how could u leave us without easter smurfy update? :((( you could give us bunnies, baskets, eggs… but nothing…. i m so angry!

  28. Figment says:

    Any one know about a problem with the rafts mine have all been gone now for weeks and I can't tap them to try to smurf berry them back eather

  29. Loso says:

    The app won't let me go to the island the app just shuts down when I attempt to go there

    • Marco Smurf says:

      if you are using an Andoid phone or tablet and you have updated to version 1.0.6a , this is a glitch. Most android users cant go to the island

      • Jan says:

        Will this update fix the problem of not being able to open my village? It suddenly crashed fours days ago on my IPad. I've tried rebooting, logging out of Game Center and Facebook, going to airplane mode, deleting old mail and deleting other games. I was almost at Level 31, with over 134,000 coins and 84 berries. It still shows how long ago I played on Game Center, even though it won't open. I contacted Beeline but haven't heard back from them yet. Any other suggestions?

        • Poet says:

          I can't be sure whether the upcoming update will fix your issue…but you can wait and see, and it it doesn't work, try contacting Beeline again. Have you tried re-installing the app or playing the game from another device?

          • Jan says:

            How do I reinstall it and will it take me back to level one? I am not very technology savvy :) thanks for your help.

          • Poet says:

            Why do you want to reinstall your game? Is it corrupted? Have you tried the Papa Smurf option? To recover your village, go to the game menu, tap options, then tap on Papa Smurf's head 16 times. A 'Recover Village' button should appear on the right hand corner. Tap on it and a list of saved games will appear in the next screen. From there, select your desired saved game, preview it and tap yes to confirm.

          • bababa says:

            This would work if the game would not crash BEFORE the main menu opens… (the game crashes while the orange Beeline screen starts up) The game does not open at all!

        • bababa says:

          I have the same problems… Haven't played for almost two weeks now because the game crashes on starting up… Playing on iOS, level 41 (as far as I remember). Tried the same things such as airplane mode, rebooting, logging out etc, but nothing helped so far. Hope that Beeline fixes this bug too with the next update!

  30. Daniel says:

    shortly for Android.. like the fix for the island..

  31. smurffet says:

    yeah me too looking foward to new updates and new things!!!!!
    i also just unlocked my beach im verly in level16 with 11191 coins and 19 smurfberries .
    i really dont play the game i just skip time to get my tasks done in time since i go to school and have a part time job at walmart.

  32. Pitufopitudo says:

    Awesome blog!!!! Congratulations. I hope beeline adds a paid or free island expansion but more important another farmer smurf for the island or some fearure like that ya no puedo esperar rapidito

  33. G. Smurf Fan says:

    I really hope he is on the main land i would like all the smurfs to be together
    After all they are all family
    Can't wait till they add others like Poet, Slouchy, and Grandpa those are the ones I hope they add soon

  34. G. Smurf Fan says:

    I really hope he is on the main land i would like all the smurfs to be together

    After all they are all family

    Can’t wait till they add others like Poet, Slouchy, and Grandpa those are the ones I hope they add soon

    • Lucasxxxx01 says:

      Slouchy is already in Smurfs Village 😉 Hope they will ad Poet and the rest to.

      There's more chance that Harmony will be added on the island as the last updates were always on the island. I hope that he will be added on the mainland.

    • Clumsy says:

      I hope he's on the mainland too, I prefer them all together there :)

  35. GOODFRIEND says:

    Wonder if Harmony Surf will come with his house, and wether he'll be located on the island or on the mainland! And hey, still crossing fingers for that Ice Cream thingy!

  36. Clumsy says:

    Wow, one more week. Well better do it right. Looking forward to some different tunes!

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