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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village new version 1.1.0a has been released for android users


This week Beeline has released a new version for Android users to catch up with their iOS fellows.  In this new version 1.1.0a Smurfette has arrived to the islands to enjoy the summer. You can build a new house for Smurfette and play its new mini game. Smurfette will join the crew of Papa Smurf brainy and Marco smurf to travel back and forth from the main village to the island.    Also a new smurf Lucky smurf was introduced to the village, where you can play his minigame and get many items which are not available on the shop at the moment, like valentine statute.  Many other decoration items were added to match the summer theme. In case if you haven’t downloaded  the new version, it  is live on Google play, you can download it at your convenience.

So what is new according to beeline official description?

– Build a summer house for Smurfette on the island! Play her sunbathing minigame to make the lovesick Smurfs go back to work!
– Tired of harvesting on the island by hand? Add Farmer Smurf’s tractor to the island to simplify farming. Just like Farmer Smurf, the tractor will boost nearby crops, and add the “harvest all” ability. If you have Farmer’s “plant all” upgrade in the village the tractor can “plant all” too!
– Lucky Smurf joins the village at level 14 with his mystery box shop. Open mystery boxes and decide whether to keep what’s inside, or open a new box for even smurfier prizes. How lucky will you get?
– Scale the mountainside at level 28 for a new free land expansion on the island!
– Level 48 has been added to the game
– Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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  1. Eugene says:

    Remarkable! Its actually amazing paragraph, I have got much

    clear idea about from this piece of writing.

  2. kitkat says:

    I have purchased berries for my iphonegame the cost was taken yet i have no berries also i did not recieve reciepr n my email wht do i do now

  3. kev fuhr says:

    i need bolts i would love a gift exchange i use my android facebook is kev fuhr

  4. amy says:

    i seem to have a row of rocks going down the center of my island that constantly moves back and forth verrrrrry slowly just wondered if anyone eles has been having this problem or if anyone knows how to fix it? also what is the most current upgrade for android..I have the one with the picture of i think tracker smurf with the feather in his hat…should i hunt for an upgrade? I keep freezing on the island and crash when i try to go to friends islands.

  5. Julia says:

    I haven't got any updates for some months now, and if I search on Smurfs village in android market on my phone the app doesn't even excist?! wtf?

    If I instead search on the web for the app I can see it on android market but it only says "Your unit isn't compatible with this version" Sooooo stupid!

    I want excatly what my iPhone friends have, why do us android-users always get all the problems?!

  6. destiny says:

    Since the latest update my smurfs will not open. I updated and was able to go one once. Since I can not open my smurfs. Help!! My boyfriend is having the same problem. We are Android users.

  7. alison says:

    Bored of this now, still no update on the android issue. Not had any updates since April so its a joke really!

  8. Michelle says:

    I have the same problem. It started a day ago. I can't get past the title screen – I'm able to view previous restored versions of the game but can't actually restore it.

    I've tried the following to no avail:
    – airplane mode
    – sound on/ effect on and various combinations of that
    – restarted the phone
    – clear RAM and active applications
    – tried downloading the app again thru google play (wasn't successful.. told me the app was already installed on my device)

    aside from restarting the game or uninstalling the game I'm at a loss. Will most likely wait for the next update (hopefully should be within about 2 weeks).

  9. smurfer says:

    i have an ios phone and mmy aunt has an andriod phone, but when she got the last update she got all this really cool stuff that i never got and she has everything all the time not just for an offer time,, ae us ios players going to get some of the cool stuff too??

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You say it is always there in the menu and it isn’t for iOS. I doubt this as iOS is most off the time one step before Android with Smurfs. I suggest you to explore the building menu some more 😉

  10. Jessica says:

    Baker smurfs hut caught on fire and i lost all my stuff, and now i cant visit my island! What do i do!!

  11. chris says:

    updated the new Android version worked great for about a week or so then could not visit the island it would freeze then when i did get to go the quests reset and started over and then lost all my smurfs but 6 i had 57. the huts still says 57 but only 6 on the island? anyone else with this issue. Oh I did have to restore my version and did not help.

    • Brainy says:

      Not sure what you mean "did not help". You can't restore your village ? Or you restored your village but still can't go to island ? If you can't go to the island then you are not alone. I can't visit some neighbor's island because the game crashes.

  12. Lenoth says:

    I lost my entire village ! gone from having 120+ smurfs and mine, island, logger, bridges, extra land, everything (level 33) to have 4 smurfs, access to building logger hut, and no bridges, island, hut etc. Please Help !

  13. Chrissy says:

    How can I connect to the game center using my android phone? I am playing this game on my Iphone but I recently bought a new android phone. I have installed the game but I dont want to start from the beginning…HELP PLS!

  14. X-Caper says:

    Anyone help me solve grouchy's tulip quest? I have planted more than 30 boxes of each type of tulip and continue to do so, but the quest isn't solved yet.

  15. Lionheart ICS arc says:

    FUnny Smurfs Glitch,
    I accidentally placed 3 Funny Smurfs Hut, can't get additional gifts and ABSOLUTELY Can't delete the hut. Help?

  16. ICS smurfette says:

    After the newest android update, I noticed I had a weird time/minigame glitch and was wondering if anyone else had it too. Basically most of the mini games' time for "cleaning" have sped up. I.e Papa Smurf's lab and Harmony Smurf's music I can play multiple times a day instead of waiting the usual 30 or so hrs.

    Obviously I can't complain b/c that just means more XP :) but was just wondering if anyone has had that happen too!

  17. Jari says:

    Can't start the game anymore after the update. It shows the orange screen and closes itself. Quite disappointing :(.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Try to turn your device on airplane mode.

      • Jari says:

        I have tried:
        – Airplane mode
        – Logoff from everything
        – Turn off every application to free more memory
        – Turned off every little glitch such as backgrounds
        – Switch the tablet off, let it be for 5 minutes and try again

        Only thing I haven't done that I can think of is uninstall + reinstall, but I am not sure if I am going to loose all the saved games with Android in that case, so I have been hesitant to do so.

        • Brainy says:

          Since you are posting to 1.1.0a so I am guessing you are on android. You could back up only the game data using Titanium backup , reinstall, restore game data .

          • xixi says:

            and if the device is not rooted?it won't work!

          • Brainy says:

            i have a rooted device. Working fine for me.

          • isis says:

            if you root your device it voids any warranty on it. would only suggest this on an older device

          • Jari says:

            I uninstalled the game and reinstalled. I couldn't restore backups, so the village was lost. There has been something else wrong with the game for a long time, for example:
            – no night time ever
            – no weather changes
            – brainy was always claiming that the crops were withered, even if they weren't

            These are now working though.

          • Brainy says:

            For night time, turn on effect . The time goes by the time in the US. Turn on effect will slow down the game. There are no weather changes other than the totem pole making rain/lightning if you have one. Brainy crop wither is an old bug which you can ignore.

          • Sara says:

            Stupid question: how do you back up using Titanium back up?? I haven’t been able to get into my village except one initial time after I updated. Now same, it goes to orange screen and then closes again…. I really don’t want to lose all of my progress….

          • Brainy says:

            that's the app you have to download and install it on your device if you dont have it . My asus tablet came with it.

    • Leah Morris says:

      I have had the same problem, haven’t been able to play for over a week . I contacted Beeline and they requested some info from me which I gave them and they said it is a bug and they will work on fixing it. They also said they couldn’t give a timeline as to when it would be fixed.

    • Michelle says:

      I have the same problem. I'm just waiting for another update.
      I recommend NOT uninstalling/reinstalling. I did that a few months ago to try to get over some glitches and it took me all the way back to level 1.

  18. bom123 says:

    Is there an other download link than google play because i can t dowload it from there :(

  19. Clumsy says:

    I'm curious as to what items you can get from Lucky if you use 5 smurfberries. I thought it would be one of these games where you continue getting items until you quit or get nothing (win all or lose all kind of game).

  20. Cereziitoo says:

    Where o can find the loom??? Thank u

  21. Ryam says:

    I can't get to the far left on my island. Once I downloaded this new version, I can't get past the dammed river. It just won't let me go. Anyone else dealing with this?

  22. lilian says:

    The tractor Works for harvest all but when i select plant all, the tractor turns in too the crop i choose. I had too buy the tractor again. Cost 100 smurfberries already so i do not try the plant all anymore. I think its a New bug. What is great that several butterflys i have on the main land seem to be copyed to the island.

  23. Natalia says:

    I wrote about impossible to grow up fruits on two palmtrees on the new territory of the Island. This problem isn't solved at game's last version :(((

  24. DJ_Di says:

    Marco Smurf does not go to the island. Dreamy Smurf is the one in the captain's hat.

  25. suz999 says:

    I can't download this either. Is it compatible with ice-cream sandwich?

  26. tomoe1967 says:

    After downloading this new version, I cannot go to my island anymore. And I also lost my hut customization option. One way I managed to get thru is to recover my village, then when viewing the last saved version, I travel to my island and then travel back, then I don't recover it. I go back to the jammed version and I will see my island straight away. That way I managed to harvest my island crops. But after going back to main village, I get stuck again. This has happened twice in one day. Is that a bug? Thanks.

  27. ray says:

    The clockwork message in a bottle quests didnt show for clockwork parts. Now i have to do the stupid totumpole ones first wouldve prefered clockwork quests being fixed

  28. bom123 says:

    Is there another dowload site for this?? Because i can t download it from Android market.

    • ashleyy says:

      There is you just have to search the web and make sure its not on the google play store because I downloaded it from thr web only bad thing is you don’t get updates and can’t visit anyone :-/

  29. isis says:

    MIAB not fixed for android users either yet. how do we find Marco smurf as I have never found him at my village? Loving all of the new island updates

    • Brainy says:

      apple doesnt even have a fix either. You find Marco in neighbor village.

      • isis says:

        I only have one friend i gift so should i find him in her village every day or do i need to visit random villages to? how do i recognise Marco. Thanks Brainy

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          Marco Smurf has a sort off cowboy hat and a medal.

        • Brainy says:

          you find marco in neighbor village, not in radom village. If your neighbor has a blue medal next to the village name, you can go in that village and find him

  30. renda says:

    I already download this version, but there isnt smurfette or farmer smurf on my island, it need quest from papa smurf or there’s something wrong with mine?

    • Brainy says:

      Buy the tractor if you want plant all and harvest all. Buy smurfette summer house if you want smurfette travel to the island on the boat

    • flo says:

      I think thats not fair, we pay ones for Farmer Smurf and Smurfette and now we have to pay again for the same characters even they coast the same price like on the Island! If the would coast 5 Berries it would be OK but again 30???

      • Brainy says:

        beeline will always find something to sell . They are in this for business making money. I am sure they will create another island and sell you stuffs for the new island

  31. amy says:

    My game keep forcing close and i cant play Papa Smurf’s Potion Mix Game because it keep loading until suddenly it force close again. It also slow to respone to my touch. Did anyone have the same problem? How to solve the problem? By the way, i’m using Galaxy Tab P-1000.

  32. tara says:

    I noticed that for the first time on my android phone a couple of the people that have left me gifts have their names on the gift. How are they doing that? Is there something that has t be done through the game or facebook?

  33. Anggie says:

    My smurfs village always crashed when i want share gifts to my neighbors, and yesterday when i will move smurfette's summer house, it's gone so i must recover my village. And it happen when i want to move the farmer's hut 😐 In this month i have recovered my village for the three times. And i must repeat every quest again..

  34. Eva says:

    Hi!!! I have a problem with my game, when i open it it starts normally but when i select play at the menu it suddently shut down and goes to my wallpaper, my phone is an android version, if i desinstall the game and then i download it again do i lost all my progress???? Or what can i do for continue with the same progress??? I have many days like this help me please…

  35. Sassete says:

    wait and se if the next update solve your problem otherwise I think you need to contact Beeline and se if they can help you <a href="” target=”_blank”>

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