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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs’ Village Valentine’s Day Update: Teaser Alert


Although the new Valentine’s Day update hasn’t officially been released yet, Beeline has graciously posted a few screenshots of what is to come. These teaser photos feature a high level flourishing village that’s been hit by cupid’s arrow. Fans can expect an abundance of pink, red, and love themed decorations. In addition a new level (Level 41) will be added, Papa Smurf will also have several unique requests to help the village celebrate this love inspired holiday.

In the first picture it’s clear that there will be some special quests involving harvesting delectable fruit like strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. Players may have to concoct a potion or gather ingredients for a tasty desert. Planting magical dangling heart shaped fruit trees and heart flower patches to spruce up the place might be a task for an upcoming party. These extremely cute seasonal shrubs will definitely change the ambiance.

Decorating which has always been a major aspect of the game will be enhanced with new items added to the shop. As depicted in the photo,  statues resembling cupid shooting an arrow and heart embedded mushrooms can be used as focal points. Players will be able to get creative with their village designs as seen in the second picture. Add dozens of large heart mushrooms around gardens or as an accent against homes.

A Valentine’s Day themed mushroom   is visible in the third photo hinting to gamers that there may be a new smurf or cool looking decoration items that can be unlocked. For users that absolutely love this time of the year there’s endless possibilities in terms of romantic décor. A beautiful white garden trellis with pink colored roses will be available. Players can design a magnificent oasis by placing various flowers, bright benches, fences, and stone pathways beyond the trellis. There’s also a pretty pastel spotted butterfly on a rock that users can purchase. This decoration will most likely generate additional gold and XP for players.

Overall, the upcoming release for one of the most romantic days of the year looks like it’s going to be fun.

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  1. huma says:

    is there anyway i can buy smurfberries if i am not a US resident? ihave tried everything, like game cards redeem.. i do have 20$ in my itune account but i am unable to purchase berries.!, is there any help for this?

    • Smurfette says:

      It should not matter if you are a U.S. resident or not. What kind of error message do you get? Have you bought/downloaded the game with the same account you are using to buy the berries? Also, what kind of Account do you have (U.S., U.K, etc.) and what country are you in?

  2. huma says:

    hi, in the 3rd pic, i see a pink valentine hut, how can i get that?

  3. Paula says:

    After valentine's update 4 my Iphone, my village doesn't open! Stops when blue screen shows. Why???????????????"??????????

  4. Venus says:

    How can I have statues resembling cupid shooting an arrow?

  5. Meeka_star says:

    I'm having difficulties with this as well. I have 11 flower boxes and have harvested 4 times now (total of 44). Papa Smurf is still asking me to plant 20. I also tried not harvesting the flowers as well and it did not work.

    Any ideas?

  6. Darlene says:

    Hi, I am at level 41, but it is not advancing in xp! It rolled over with the new update from 40, but is no longer working…is anyone else experiencing this?

  7. Whitney says:

    I looked for this question, but I haven't seen it. I've updated my Smurfs for the Valentine's update, but Papa Smurf hasn't asked me anything Valentine related. All I seem to get are normal quest questions like geowing watermelons and making cakes. I'm running on an iPhone and am level 17. Thanks.

    • Smurfette says:

      The Valentine's Riddles are given by Smurfette, so if you do not have her you will not get those. Do you have Scaredy Smurf? Because Papa's Valentine's quests involve him, so maybe you won't get them if you do not have him.Are you sure the update worked correctly, can you see the Valentine's items (heart bush etc.) in the shop?

      • Whitney says:

        I have Scaredy Smurf and I haven’t gotten Smurfette yet. But I do see the Valentine’s items in the shop. So maybe it didn’t update correctly? What would I have to do to get the update to work correctly?

        • Smurfette says:

          If you see the Valentine's Day items then the update has definetly worked. I would adivce you complete another task from Papa, but if he continues to only give out normal ones, please contact Beeline so they can help. You can reach them at

  8. penels says:

    Why do my smurf berries keep disappearing?

  9. Jess says:

    what crop uses the same letters as rare stew ribs? can anyone tell me what crop is that

  10. FBS says:

    I've upgraded on my Ipod but although some valentine things can be bought, there is still snow in the village. I thought this would dissapear with the update. Furthermore the game (farmer smurfs actions) is much faster despite the other reactions here.

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline has confirmed that the snow and the Christmas items will disappear with the next update, which should be out in the beginning of March if they stick to their schedule.

  11. realize says:

    I've downloaded the new Valentine update (Apple) BUT I still can see the Christmas tree and all Christmas-related items? is this normal?

    • Smurfette says:

      Yes, Beeline said they will remove the snow and christmas items with the next update. You can delete the Christmas items (except the special tree) if you do not want it anymore, though.

    • Noel says:

      i am having the same problem, I have the smurffette icon, but when the game opens, its still christmas…..

      • Smurfette says:

        The Christmas Tree and the Snow are still there in the Valentine's Day Update. If the icon changed form blue with Papa to red/pink with Smurfette you did the update. The Christmas items will be removed with the next update (though you can delete all of them except the tree with the star yourself if you do not want them anymore).

  12. Blue says:

    With the 20 flower quest, is it possible to just plant, grow, collect xp, delete, then repeat until you hit 20?

  13. Ash says:

    Hi, I read that in Level 26, 5 smurfs will be sent to the forest and then we can upgrade Timber Smurf's hut, in order to open up more land. I updated to the Valentines update when I was still in Level 25. Now I'm on Level 26, but I didn't get any quest asking to send the 5 smurfs.

    Will I still be able to open the land which the large tree trunk is blocking?

  14. Trey says:

    The flowers don't have to be harvested? Does this mean that we just have to plant the flowers, and then delete them and then plant new flowers again? Doesn't work for me though.

  15. camelian says:

    Did anyone else loose their butterfly after the update? I didn't care much for its givings but I'm kinda bummed I spend 10,000 on something that just disappeared after a couple days (I just got it a few days ago).

  16. Rebecca says:

    I am having the same issue as Michelle. I have completed Papa Smurf's"20 Flower Box" quest, but it is not going to the next quest. I have planted over 40 flower boxes of pink roses, because I read Michelle's I went and planted (using Smurf Berries to quick grow) Orange Chrysanthemums and blue daisies. I am still stuck on the quest, can someone help?

  17. reza says:

    why i have two baker smurf house, and i can't delete one of it.

    • Smurfette says:

      Are you sure you have to bakeries? You should only be able to have one. In either case, you can not delete special houses. If you have two then your village seems to have become corrupted. You can try the recover village feature described here:… to restore your village to a point when everything was still fine and you only had one bakery, though you might loose some progress

  18. Valentine Smurf says:

    My friends all disappeared with the new update, even though my internet connection is working fine and I can get to the featured villages. Anyone else having this problem?

    The valentines decorations are neat, but what's up with everything costing Smurfberries? Aren't there any Valentine's decorations we can buy with GOLD??????

    On the upside, I like the flower boxes and the picnic tables with tablecloths!

    • Smurfette says:

      Last year the Valentine's day items all cost Smurfberries, too, so it is possible that there will not be any available for coins this year either. But there are coming up some items as limited time offers and we do not yet know if they will cost Smurfberries or Coins, we just have to wait and see what Beeline plans. Regarding your friends issue, please read the article here:… It has some tips that might help with it.

  19. Filip says:

    Please, Smurfette says: Solve the Riddle. I’ m a giant leafy bud you can pull apart a spiny flower with a tender heart. Harvest a crop from the Riddle. My english is wery badly, what is it? Thanks so much.

  20. Pitufita Alexandra says:

    When will the Valentines update be available for android? It is almost February and I'm still looking at x-mas trees!!!

    • Smurfette says:

      There has not been an official announcement from Beeline yet whether and when the Valentine's version will be available on Android.

      • Cloudberry says:

        Was there an Android version last year? And when can we expect the snow and christmas trees to disappear if we won't get the Valentine's update? I've had my smurf's village since this christmas and all i've seen is snow and christmas decorations…

        • Smurfette says:

          No, the game was not even available on Android at that time last year, it came out about a year after the iOS version. The iOS version also still has snow and Christmas items. If Android gets the Valentine's Day update those will be removed with the update after that. If Android does not get the Valentine's Day version it will most likely be removed with the next update that comes available for the plattform.

  21. Nat says:

    Hello, I’ve looked and I don’t think this question has been posted yet. If it has I’m really sorry! How do you get your Smurf Village to be one of the “featured villages” in the game? Are the featured villages chosen at random or is there a way to “audition” your village and have it reviewed to see if it’s good enough to be featured. I’ve been wondering for a while……

  22. Oonagh says:

    How can we get the Rose Trellis?

  23. Lara says:

    Currently my smurf village tells me that taylor smurfs hut is on sale, and can be bought for 15 smurfberries. I have 22 smurfberries but when i try to buy it i am block as it says i do not have enough smurfberries, anybody else got this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks.

    • Amanda says:

      I have the same problem. Please help

      • Smurfette says:

        There is a bug that causes you to need at least 30 Smurfberries to make the purchase. Tailor will still only cost 15 Smurfberries, but you won’t be able to buy him unless you have at least 30 SBs.

  24. Eddstar says:

    Hey. Does anyone know how to resolve smurfettes task on the new valentines update:
    Harvest a crop what is red on the outside, sweet and
    U cannot eat it with one bite ?

  25. Faye says:

    I have run the valentines update and now everything is very slow and jerky, it isn’t smooth running anymore. Is this likely to be fixed soon? I am running on iPhone.

    • Smurfette says:

      First thing you should do to improve this is to restart your device. Also, try turning on the sound from the options menu of the game, it has been reported that that helps the game to run smoother. (you can still mute your device if the sound annoys you). We do not know when Beeline will fix this, nothing has been announced yet regarding it.

  26. Pinkandtrash says:

    Thank you all for the great job you are doing on this site !
    You are very helpful !
    Love this place !

  27. Wondersmurf says:

    Yes, what a terrible update. the game runs very very slow now, almost unplayable and there is still no marco. i'm really disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Smurfette says:

      First thing you should do to improve this is to restart your device. Also, try turning on the sound from the options menu of the game, it has been reported that that helps the game to run smoother. (you can still mute your device if the sound annoys you). Beeline has said that the Marco issue is still investigated and might take an update longer for them to fix.

  28. Océane says:

    I had the valentine's update on my Ipod Touch but not on my Android phone… Normal?

  29. Oonagh says:

    I see there is a Rose trellis in the pictures, but I can’t find it in any of the shops. How can I get the Rose trellis?

  30. Trena says:

    downloaded the new valentine version of smurf village and now everything runs real slow. They don't act like smurfs they act like robots. Takes for ever to plant crops. Can't play handy smurfs game because of the hesitation in the action. Boo guys! Makes me not even want to play anymore because of the frustration in slowness. I'm on level thirty and i can bet I'm gonna be there a long long long time. Reading other sites posts, I can see I'm not the only one having this problem. thanks alot guys, thanks a lot. Grrrrr!

    • Smurf_Fan says:

      I am also having the issue of ULTRA SLOW gameplay since the Valentines update. Still got snow and Christmas decorations, mini-games are a nightmare to play, rearranging items in the village is a nightmare, and in general everything is very slow to react. Wish I hadn't bothered updating my app. PLEASE FIX!!

    • mmz says:

      Try to turn the sound effects on in the main menu.. i had the some problem with a iPhone 3gs, but with this metod the game is quicker!

    • Ricardo says:

      HI!!! I just experienced the same issue! I read some old posts from last year's issue and found a response by someone that was meant for the current issue…

      TURN SOUND ON – it actually fixes the performance issue :)

  31. Army Smurf says:

    Welcome back Smurfette.

    I missed you

    • Trey says:

      Am I the only one who doesn't have Smurfette in my Valentines update?

      • Smurfette says:

        Smurfette was free for a limited time over Christmas, but to get her to stay you have to buy her house. Did you buy her hut for 30 Smurfberries? If not, then you don't get Smurfette.

    • sadsmurf says:

      One of my friends who hasn't bought smurfettes house has her wandering around again but I don't, also I can't gift the valentines gifts even though my friends and I have upgraded? :(

      • Smurfette says:

        Has your friend upgraded to the Valentine's version? If so, it is a bug, as Smurfette is not free in the Valentine's version, she just came for a little while for Christmas. If you want her permanently you have to buy her.

        • sadsmurf says:

          yes we have both upgraded and have the valentines items in the shop and showing on the gift list, when I click on smurfette on my friends village she blows me a kiss

  32. douglas says:

    With the update for valentine's day include vanity and painter smurf??. Since I have an android they still come up as unavailable. :-(

    • Smurfette says:

      Vanity and Painter are currently unavailable on Android. As we do not know when and if the valentines update will be available for Android we can not say if it will include those smurfs.

  33. Grouchy Darel says:

    I see Beeline is doing 50% sales on tailor Smurf where you can purchase it at just 15 smurfberries. However, my friends and I were unable to purchase this Tailor Smurf eventhough we have more than 15 smurfberries. Kindly fix the bug as the promotion will be expired in about 80 hours. Tq and fingers crossed that there will not be so many bugs in the coming updates.

    • Smurfette says:

      As we are not Beeline but only an unofficial guide to the game we can not fix it. This problem has been reported to Beeline in their Feedback Forum. It seems that even though he only costs 15 Smurfberries you need to have at least 30 (old price) to buy him.

  34. Sum burr says:

    I keep getting this message that I can buy Taylor smurf's hut at half price now for 15 smurfberries. I have 16 smurfberries and every time I try to buy, it says "you don't have enough smurfberries. Do you want to buy some?". What's up with that?

  35. Christian says:

    So, the Valentines Update is out on iOS, but as usual, we Android User get handled like second-class People. Our Friends System isnt working since ages, but instead of fixing this, They throw out another Update for iOS. Great Developers. Great Support. Really. As if it would be so hard to get Updates on Both, Android and iOS, on the same Day. Appereantly, it is. I spent a lot of REAL Money on Smurfberries for in-Game Stuff, but what do i get? NOTHING. At least on Android.

    • Smurfette says:

      I can understand your frustration, but as we are not Beeline but only an unofficial guide to the game there is nothing we can do. You can contact Beeline at to let them know your frustration. But it is still a couple of days until Valentine's Day so it is quite possible that the update will become available for Android too.

  36. TRH says:

    Got the update and just got to level 25. Papa Smurf's latest request is to grow 20 boxes of flowers!! I only have 1 flower box and in order to get more I need more smurfs or will have to delete some farm plots. Seems like a bug?? Has anybody else gotten this request?

    • Smurfette says:

      You can delete a crop field or shrub (little tree that grows fruit) to use a flower box. The quest does not really require you to buy 20 flower boxes, you just have to grow and harvest 20 flowers, you can do this one after the other if you want, it might just take you a while with that method.

      • Jennifer says:

        I've planted over 20 of Blue and Pink Daisies but the quest isn't completed yet and it seems like missing from Papa Smurf. Please help…

        • Smurfette says:

          It is not enough to regrow existing flowers after they got watered, you have to delete the flowers from the box and plant new ones. Then you do not even have to finish them, just planting and immediately deleting them will do the trick.

    • Carol says:

      I also have the same quest to find Nat smurf and grow 20 boxes of flowers. Its seem to me to be a bug, as I dont have Nat Smurf and deleted all my flower boxes after issues of not being able to water them.

    • Michelle says:

      I am on this task, and I have harvested at least 30 rounds of chrysanthemums (specifically orange chrysanthemums as they grow fastest). No love yet from Papa Smurf, as he thinks I haven't made it through 20 rounds yet. Grrr. Will try a different flower.

    • Michelle says:

      An update to the post I just made…I removed the chrysanthemums to plant some type of daisies, and as I planted two rounds of daisies, then Papa Smurf decided I had completed the task. So although the task says to "harvest" 20 rounds of chrysanthemums, daisies, or roses, apparently you have to both plant and harvest 20 rounds.

  37. Sasha says:

    will the update be on android phones?

  38. Paula says:

    Valentine’s Update seems for my IPhone, but not for IPad. Do you know why?

  39. Tamalot says:

    Do you think they will do a St Patrick's day theme, that would look cool!

    • Smurfette says:

      We do not really now what Beeline is going to do for the next seasonal update, but as St. Patrick's Day is, as far as I know, mainly a US holiday, Beeline might want to go with something more international.

      • cbear says:

        Its totally international, especially in Ireland :.just for info) even as far as Australia st paddys day is a big deal

  40. Adrian says:

    Still no sign of an update, not mad or anything, I really admire Beeline for their work but I'm getting a little fed up with my snowy village 😉 I wonder what other new things they're goigng to release aside valentine's day items and new level, doubt there will be an expansion… I'm getting more and more excited!
    By the way, I also want to take some time to thank you for what you are doing here Smurfette, it is my belief that every single one of us on this forum should give you more credit: your answers are clear, fast, and always help everyone out! Keep up the fantastic work and thanks again for your comitment! I smurf you a smurfy day!

    • Smurfette says:

      We expect the update every day now, but as the pictures show, the snow will stay one update longer, that means it should be removed sometime at the end of February/Beginning of March if Beeline sticks to their schedule. I also doubt that this update will have an expansion as the last one already had one. But a Beeline employee said on their Feedback forum that there will definetly new items besides the Valentine's Day stuff, so there is locking forward to that. And thanks for the compliment, I am always glad to know that my work is appreciated.

  41. Bef12345 says:

    Why is there still snow and Christmas Trees? I really want to see grass again, haha! And I hope theres some things in this update that will be better than Valentine's seasonal decorations, do you think there will be something new and permanent, maybe a new special smurf and house?

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline said they are also adding other things then the Valentines Items, but we do not know yet for sure until it comes out.

      • Bef12345 says:

        I also saw on the beeline Facebook page that one of the biggest updates or perhaps the biggest ever one is coming soon! What do you think will make it bigger than the usual updates?

        Also if they do make an island on the other side of the water what do you think it will be like, and how will the surfs get there?

        • Smurfette says:

          i hope and think that what will make it bigger is that they add more than one or two new levels as well as more content than usually. If they really do the island, I would like it if the smurfs would go there by boat, but considering that they are already having problems with the memory this game needs (especially on older devices) I guess all the animations etc. needed for that would be too much unless they exclude older devices, so I think they will probably go with something like a big bridge/tunnel or another way that only requires a permanent item and nothing that needs to be animated.

  42. Lucy says:

    Hello, I recently aproached to 100 Smurfs on my village, since then everytime I open the Game, it only stands by for 10 seconds then it closes. ¿What could be wrong? I'm using Android.

    • Smurfette says:

      Every Smurf character that needs to be rendered on Screen increases the memory needed, so it is possible that this is a memory issue if it really is linked to the number of Smurfs you have. We have some tips that might help with the app crashing here:… (It was written for iOS back when the game was only available on that plattform, but most of the tips, like trying Ariplane Mode, work on Android as well).

  43. Bernadette says:

    Where did beeline post these pictures?

  44. Grumpy smurf says:

    So we get one level? How long has it been since the last (real) upate with a level increase? When they added snow, right? Seriously i dont see how hard it is to add more story and levels to coincide… Do you? Where’s Gargamel? Did he make too much money off the movie that he is now retired? What about Azrel? Meoow! Or just yawwn? Come on Beeline… Step it up… I want more than just seasonal updates 3 months apart…

    • Nukfut says:

      Your comment "Seriously i dont see how hard it is to add more story and levels"…are you a developer? Do you know for a fact it is easy to add content or are you just complaining because the game isn't where you expect it to be? Beeline is doing their best. If you believe it to be so easy, make a game of your own and regularly add quality content.

    • Adrian says:

      It's fun how your username fits perfectly to your comment… Chill out, go play the fishing game and relax!

  45. Smufy says:

    Are there more levels ?

  46. ArmySmurf says:

    is there an official forum for SmurfVillage (and other beeline games) ?

  47. St1603 says:

    Will marco smurf's bug be fixed ??

  48. Cbone says:

    When will it come out?

  49. caleb says:

    what?? first photo.. christmass tree!?? we wont be able to delete the christmass tre in this update???

    • Smurfette says:

      You are already able to delete the Christmas Trees. This either means that they will stay for the next update, but I would assume that those are the christmas trees that could be bought with Smurfberries for a limited time and that will not be deleted with the next update in contrast to the normal Christmas Trees.

  50. Nathan is me says:

    Will there be new smurfs added this update?

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