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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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The island


The island is not just a normal expansion of the village; it works as a second village within your main village.

This was done due to the character limit in the mainland village. With the island working as a second village it is possible to have a new character limit on the island so that people can still add new Smurfs there even when they reached the maximum on the mainland but it still allows the game to be played on older devices with limited memory as well.

This also means, that some of the features (for example the ability to colour items with Painter Smurf or Farmer Smurf’s Plant All and Harvest All Modes) and most of the special Smurfs (like Farmer Smurf, Smurfette, Miner Smurf etc.) are not available on the island (at least not yet).

The only Smurfs that can go from the mainland to the island are Brainy Smurf, Papa Smurf and Dreamy Smurf. Papa Smurf will give different quest lines on the island and on the mainland.

To go to the island just tap on Dreamy Smurf’s ship that is docked at the beach and it will take you there.

The island has the same basic building and shop principle as the mainland (four different shops with different kind of items etc.) but there are items that will only be available on the island and not the mainland and vice versa.

The island itself can be expanded to the south for 25 Smurfberries, just like the mainland, though this expansion is at the moment only available once on the Island .

The Raft House  (by Brainy)

On the island,  one of papa quests is to place a raft house.  The only place you can place a raft house is along the water line near the boat.  Just look for the ghostly image of the raft house along the water line when you are looking for a spot to place the raft. Currently, the maximum number of rafts you can have on the island is 5 .

Gifts from raft expeditions are :  yellow crab, hammock, green chair, blue changing room, straw umbrella, smurfberries, coins, beach tower,  potions, rare pavilion.   (credit to Jewel Morel)

Gift chances from raft expedition:  1 hour with 10% change,   3 hour with 20% changes ,  24 hour with 30% chances  (credit to Jewel Morel)

There are some issues/bugs with the rafts:

   1.   Some people have reported the raft doesn’t do anything when they tap on it .

   2. Others (including myself) have seen where rafts are sent out for expedition but haven’t returned after 24 hour.

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  1. Chris says:

    why my ship cant travelling to the island start from 2 week ago??

  2. Erin says:

    On the island I have a population of 25 but it says that i only have 3 smurfs, anyone have a way to fix this?

  3. Donna says:

    I'm on level 30 and have been for a few weeks, my xp never moves!!

    • Marco Smurf says:

      there was a problem with percentage bar in last update and many people still have the problem like yourself. I don't think you can do anything about it but is better to wait until the new update released and update it.

  4. XLeanneX says:

    I have sent loads of rafts every day and getting no items back. I have even sent one for two smurfberrys with 100% chance but still no gift.

  5. Juls says:

    Constructive Criticism: the Island

     I would enjoy populating the island more if the geography was different. For example; if the beach / ocean was on the lower / bottom side of my display the houses that I purchase would face the beach. Who wants to build a house on an island that doesn’t face the beach???

  6. Casolei says:

    The land expansion for 25 smurfberries is now an option on both the mainland and island. If one is to purchase this would you get the expansion on both for the 25 or will it only work for either the mainland or island depending on where you were when you purchase it? (I had already purchased all the expansions available on the mainland prior to the islands appearing).

  7. Janvier says:


    In the next update, please make it possible to SKIP the 'travelling' part when going from the main land to the island or vice versa. It's nice to see in the beginning, but after a few times you have seen it. Really! It becomes VERY annoying after a while…

    Either put in a 'skip' button, or make it possible to go to another application without pausing the boat…

    Thank you!

    • Brainy says:

      the traveling part is actually "loading…the game" and it takes time for the device to do that.

      • Janvier says:

        Could have thought of that myself…

        But why not load the WHOLE game in the beginning then, when you start up the Smurfs' Village? Might take a little longer to start up, but after that it's easier (faster) to switch between island and main village… Can't take that much more of the memory/processor… After all, it's an Apple, right???

        • Brainy says:

          That would be too much for a device to handle especially older devices. The game is running slow and sluggish on iphone3.
          Do you think the user only run smurf game on a device ? Alot of people have ton of apps running in the background and dont even know how to close them. And when they launch smurf app, it can't get enough device resource and crash.

          This why they broke it into island and main land. Many other games are using the same approach so they dont use up all device resources. Game such as TradeNations where user has classic and frontier land.

          • Janvier says:

            Actually, it still doesn't make sense to me. I get it that the game needs 'loading'. But, when I open the game itself (after it was completely closed, not just in the background), I'm in the game within about 10 seconds… Thus, the game loads in only 10 seconds… When I move from main land to island or vice versa, it takes approximately 30 seconds…

            So, I think there's about 20 seconds of total BS in there!!! Unnecessary extra time… I think that can be removed somehow…

        • Brainy says:

          Do you know Smurf game is over 20MB in size and you have to download it over wi-fi, not over data plan ? That should tell you how big this game is.

          • Janvier says:

            What's 20 MB nowadays? Peanuts! I got games on my iPad that take up over 200 MB!

            Beeline choses to extend, and extend and extend even more… Then the game should become strictly for iPad, if phones can't handle it anymore… Or a simplified version for iPhones/Android…

          • Brainy says:

            20MB is considered big for ipod/iphone/droid phones which majority users play on. This is probably why it's not economically for beeline to create a game strictly for ipad. Different versions of the game will sure make neighbors/gifting incompatible. Beeline can hardly keep up with just 2 versions (apple , android). Look at all the bugs out there. Beeline is now busy trying to get the game run on all different android devices because not all droids are the same.

  8. Thrill says:

    For the past week or so, I have been sending out the 1 hour rafts with the 10% chance for an item. I've probably sent out 75-100 rafts and have gotten 0 items. Before I was getting one even more than the 10% chance it seemed. Did they nerf the rate or is it bugged? Anyone else had this happen?

    • Brainy says:

      The rate is very low so I've stopped sending out rafts.

      • Thrill says:

        I've been playing games for 15 years, I know random dice roll chances are random, and you can go through some bad streaks just by chance, but 100s of rafts now and ZERO items. And the only item I get from Jokey, if any, is a small cupcake the past 2 weeks. Something has to be bugged. I can't restore because it's been at least 2 weeks like this and I have no idea when I would restore to, much less even if that restore save exists. If Beeline sees this can they check this out or anyone mention it to them? Android smartphone version here, is and has been up to date.

  9. henry says:

    I was in level 20 and i was doing papa smurf quests to go to the island. The next day, i updated the smurfs villiage into the Clockwork smurf update. suddenly, after finish sending 3 smurfs the third time, papa smurf didn't give the " smurf to the island quest." But there is the ship and Dreamy on it. When i tap Dreamy, Dreamy won't go to the island. Papa smurf just gave the artchitect quests. I was really confused and don't know what to do. Today a message appeared saying that there was a Message In A Bottle. But i can't go to the island.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Handy's quests come first in the game so you have to complete them first in order to continue the Dreamy quests.

  10. Terje says:

    I'm at level 28.
    From the Island I can access the Miner Smurf's Mine from time to time!!
    I get this white text-messege-box abow the raft hut. When clicking on it I'm allowed to play the Miner's game!

    • Marco Smurf says:

      it must be a bug and was reported by other players previously, but we would appreciate if you can share with us any screenshot that shows this. Thanks

  11. Denny Skerb says:

    Anyone having a problem getting to that damn island ?
    After the new update the boat leaves the dock, music playing, but as soon as the boat enlarges and the sail should go up it sends me back to my I-pad2 home screen.
    I tried rebooting, tried reset, but nothing seems to help. Any ideas that could resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Don't want to start over because I've been playing for over a year ( level 45 ) and a half.
    Thanks, Denny Skerb

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Denny, Please try the tips in this page:… . Also you may try to use the restore option, which will allow you to take you a step back where you will loose some of your progress but you wont lose your village.

      • Denny Skerb says:

        Thanks a lot, I restored to today's date and lost nothing but it works now,must of been some kind of bug. Thank you very much.

      • i have the same problem, i've restored several times and when it gets to the same point the app crashes in the middle sailing. what do i do???

        • Sassete says:

          Are you playing on android or iOs because if you play on iOs and have your game saved through game center you can try to delete the smurf app and re-install it agian

    • Skygamer says:

      I have the same problem. Tried all the restore options in the tips page and the problem returns. Also loaded my village on another I-pad2. The same problem occurred on that I-pad. When opening my daughter's village on the the two I-pad's the problem does not occurr. Therefor the game software is not the problem.
      It appears that the problem re-occurs only when the crops are ready to harvest.

  12. Denny Skerb says:

    Anyone having problems getting to the island ?
    I'm at level 45 and as soon as I Up dated to 1.2.0 the boat leaves the dock, But just when the sail should raise it disconnects back to my IPad home screen. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
    Thanks DMS0614@AOL.COM

  13. angela says:

    i am at level 21. i have 10 smurfs available in the island, but i can only plant 3 plots (says i need another smurf). i have 2 rafts. after i send out my smurfs on the rafts, i have 5 smurfs left just walking around, but i can't add anymore plots. i'm trying to finish the quest (to plant 20 eggplants) and it's taking ages to complete cos i can only plant 3 at a time. pls help!

    • Sassete says:

      Try to force it to place a plot tap on it a several times and se whats happens this trick have been working for other players

  14. dimples_smurf says:

    On the Island I seem to have a floating deck sort of thing. It is a larger version of the deck that the boat docks at but it just floats around the island. It is constantly moving! Nothing happens if i touch it! ems a bit odd! Not sure if it is a glitch or not but has been there since I landed on it.

    • Brainy says:

      it's a glitch. Report the problem to beeline including pictures

  15. Smurfettashomegirl says:

    So, I’ve upgraded to the newest update, and on the island you get the hut to customize stuff.

    Papa smurf is telling me to build this hut, but when I go to get it, it tells me that I need handys hut, but I can’t find it!

    I’m so confused, and I’m ALWAYS updated with this game, but now I just don’t know what to do.

    This island has nothing but glitches for me. I hate it :(

    • Poet says:

      Do you have Handy Smurf in your main village? His hut has a hammer icon hovering above. Complete all of Papa Smurf's quests in the main village to upgrade Handy's hut, then you can access Architect Smurf on the island.

  16. x~SB~x says:

    i am on level 19 n papa smurf is asking me to visit the island but i dont have it, i dont have dreamy smurf either. HELP PLEASE!!!

  17. kate says:

    does hefty surf works for the island too?

  18. nallymc says:

    I'm thinking about buying hefty smurf but first i would like to know if it cuts the building time of the things that have to built in the island or if it only works for the mainvillage

  19. Guest says:

    Hi, I am level 37 on smurfs & have have bought a lot of smurfberries, today wheni was traveling to my island when the ship was moving it sunk and you could see it going down! It said that congratulations you have unlocked expansion 3? It was sinking downwards and then took me too a totally different island? Is this normal? Now I currently have 3 islands and I can travel to each of them? My friend said that this isn't normal so I just wanted to check. Thanks

  20. kaitlin says:

    Ive had my island for a while but now my rafts stoppd working… why!?

  21. Zoe says:

    2 of rafts never come back. What can I do?

  22. Denny says:

    My boat is taking on water,what happened ?

  23. TeePee says:

    When I got to the island for the very first time Brainy smurf was saying I had whithered crops even though I actually didn't, then I noticed there were 2 whithered crops on the left side of the river, I was only just able to grab the corner of them to bring them over to my side of the river but Brainy Smurf is still saying I have whithered crops. I have 8 Smurfs on the island but I'm only able to place 7 plots. Is there any chance there could be another plot over the left side of the river which I cant get to? And will I miss any tasks from brainy by having this message which could stop me getting the task to build the dam when I get to that level? I'm currently level 20

  24. Lilianetta says:

    In the main village, we use farmer smurf to plant or harvest all plants automatically. Is there any way we do the same thing at the island? Planting one-by-one is so tiring, since i 've got 52 blocks of soil. And why can't i get the mole and the well? Any solutions? Thanx

  25. maggie says:

    i couldn't build any huton the island. every time i try to visit the store to buy a hut to build, it keeps saying that all my smurfs are busy. i dont even have a smurf in my island. what shoul i do?

  26. papa smurf says:

    whats the max lvl in smurfs

    • Poet says:

      You mean the level of the game? Or the number of smurfs you can have? If it's no of smurfs, it's simply based on the level you are. i.e. one level, one mushroom house and one mushroom house can only get you 3 smurfs.

  27. Guest says:

    my boat isn't coming back. i have done all the quests!!!! what should i do???

  28. Laura says:

    How do I get the island?

  29. Elly says:

    What are the blue porta potties looking huts that arrive as gifts from the rafts? They have little hearts on the doors. I have about five, and I’ve noticed smurfs going in and out of them.

    • Poet says:

      They act as outhouses, similar to the ones on the main village. Does not really do anything, other than opening doors and closing whenever a smurf walks past.

  30. ness says:

    My rafts left for a voyage and returned, but two of my three rafts are still idle and unavailable for use. My population count says I have all my smurfs available.

    • Jimbo says:

      Yuupp I have the same problem.. My son was playing with my smurf and he spent my smurfberry, so I restored my play to earlier day. After the restore is complete, I see 2 rafts are in shadow, and try to tap on them to bring them back, but nothing happen. Maybe there are 2 smurf on expedition when the system is backing up the data, so when I restore the play, the rafts is in shadow. However, all my smurf are available… No smurf is missing…., but the 2 rafts are gone. I was thinking of restoring my play to earlier date… But still hoping these rafts will return within 24 hours.

  31. glenn graham says:

    how do you up grade the raft hut

  32. Island bottle quest says:

    I was doing the 2nd bottle quest – did the eggplants… Planted honeydews for 4th part then when I harvested them it told me ro plant eggplants. I only have 8 hrs left to complete quest. Wht happened???

  33. Jan says:

    I can place my raft hut. everwhere is wrong…..

    • Poet says:

      Have you checked out our site to find out exactly where to place the hut? It has to be exactly next to Dreamy's ship…you can see it by the ghostline…

    • Lynn says:

      It's mostly in the water, a little above the area where the ship lands.

  34. Sassete says:

    If you are palying on an android there is unfortunately nothing you can do about its a very stupid bug and the only thing you can do is to wait for Beeline to fix it.

  35. memcer's village says:

    I m at level 30 but ı cant have island:( papa smurf didnt ask anything to me??? ı cant find why???? please help meee

    • Sassete says:

      Have you read how you get to the island ( look under the contents) and you are sure that you have got al the questions from papa smurf .

  36. Tasha says:

    on the new island, what is a smurf hut? I built the raft hut, and papa still needs a "smurf hut". Does he mean a house???

  37. SmurfAddict says:

    Not sure if anyone has previously encountered the following 2 bugs on Android – I reported them to Beeline; below is a copy of my e-mail to them:

    "I had just advanced to level 25 and was on the island with 1% XP. About four hours earlier, I had sent one smurf out for 48 hrs. per Papa Smurf's request. I planted some raspberries, sent 3 smurfs out rafting for 5 min., had one smurf start building a hut (1 hr.) and another a bench with a tablecloth (30 min.), then traveled back to the village to harvest some crops. I spent about 3-4 min. in the village and then headed back to the island. When I arrived, my XP was at 6% (the crops I harvested in the village could not have given me that many XPs), my crops had wilted, my rafts were back (each with a star on top), my hut and bench were built, and the quest from Papa Smurf was done, even though there should have been 44 hours left until completion. (If it helps, I believe my next Papa Smurf quest was "Send out a raft (for 8 hrs.) so the Smurfs can go fishing.")

    I then went back to the village to see if this forward leap in time had happened there as well, but it hadn't. Bizarre. (And in case you are wondering, I never play with the phone clock. I wish I could have gotten the 5% bump in XP the old-fashioned way – by waiting.)

    There is another issue I wanted to bring up as well – when I tap something in the village or on the island (could be a crop that needs to be harvested or just me trying to scroll across the screen), it results in rapid scrolling to one end or the other of the village/island. I am not sure what is causing this, but it certainly isn't normal."

    • Sassete says:

      This is a bug that have happens to others players to both on the island and in the village when you travel between. It seems like it only happens a couple of times after that it works perfectly.

  38. Janet says:

    The Island: Papa Smurf's quest is to plant 19 crops of honeydew melons. I planted more than 19 but his quest is still not completed. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks

    • dragonfly2 says:

      I have a similar problem with the bottle quest, already 3 rounds of 28 crops of cantilopes for the request of honeydew and still requests the same…..

  39. Cheri says:

    Hi. Are we going to get Farmer Smurf to go to the island so we can plant & harvest island crops more efficiently? Prior to latest update I was able to plant a few crops on my island & rest of crops would follow. Now all crops have to be planted individually again :( too time consuming. We need to plant & harvest island crops faster.

  40. jamie says:

    Ok, I'm on level 23,I had 18 smurfs on my island all my houses were upgraded as far as I could and raft house had 4 rafts. Two days ago my island started over. Everything is still there, but all my rafts are gone and it is saying that I only have 7 smurfs…..I started the quests over but now I'm at the point were I need to send out rafts and I don't have any. How can I get my smurfs and rafts back?

  41. JourneySr says:

    I also have some bug reports,

    First: i bought the storagebuilding, paid a bid deal for it but it is not ables to store anything.

    Because of the so many crops to plant some times, i thought it was a good plan to leave some in de storage and get them out when i need them. Wrong thinking, i am not able to store anything.

    Second report is that i placed a pet turtle near the boat, but now it is stuck, i can not collect any coins from it, neighter can it be moved to a diffrent place ;-(

    Third is the bottle quest, it said to plant eggplant, do i plant the first shift ( need over 100 crops) then the quest change to plant tomato ( pffffff, now i wait for eggplant, but i need tomatos)

    I dont like this, spending berries but get nothing for it. I hope they fix it soon

    Grtzz JourneySr

    • Poet says:

      The storage hut cannot store crops, only the garden plots. As for the bottle quest, it is bugged. The only way is to exit your app, launch your game, travel back to the island, and you just might find your quest automatically completed.

  42. Jacksiaw says:

    Just out of curiousity on the smurf island. Usually dam is build on some place higher to retain water from flowing to a lower area. However, the dam build in the smurf island is the other way round where we build it at the riverbank to prevent sea water from flowing towards the island. Or does this means that the smurf island is lower than the sea level? If this is true, this may means the island is prone to flood.

  43. angieclare85 says:

    Hi I received an alert about a message in bottle being washed up but when I went into the village nothing happen?

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  44. scott says:

    I was moving some stuff around on my island near my raft hut and one of the raft silhouettes disappeared. O had 3 rafts and now I only have 2 . I did all the upgrades that were available with coins so now the only upgrade available is for smurfberries. Is there any way to get that raft back? I know I didn’t delete it.

    • Sassete says:

      This have happend before to other players that things dissapear. t is a known bug and unfortunaly the only thing you can do is to bulit the raft hut again if you can do that otherwise you can try to get your village back to a date befor this happend by tapping on papa smurfs head 16 times

      • scott says:

        I did the recover to the day before it happened and now I only have the silhouettes of the the rafts. And all of my smurfs are accounted for.

  45. CooperSmurf says:

    I have a strange problem. I have a large dock floating across my island. Every now and then, the boat has a bottle (like Baby smurf). When I touch it, I get 60 XP. I can't make this up. Has anyone else had this problem. Its not causing any problems, I guess, just….eerie.

  46. Tammy says:

    When I travel to the island or from the island my game crashes. It does move me to/from, however Papa isc not acknowledging the travel. Therefore, I am totally stuck (at level 30) without any challenges from MPapa on the mainland. Please help!

  47. Nicole says:

    I can't build gardens on the island… i'm on level 22 and they ask me to plant honeydew but even though i have 9 smurfs doing nothing it tells me i need another smurf… help?
    I play on htc phone

  48. fanny says:

    i already go to the island and back to the mainland but i cannot go back to the island
    how can i go back to the island?

  49. smurffies says:

    One of my mushroom raft house is missing..then i find out that the missing mushroom raft house is on the main land..i have no idea how that there any way to moved the raft house back to the island?

  50. yuri says:

    Hi, just wondering about Slouchy. I bought his house and he gave me some quests which I completed already. I got to a new level and expecting to get new quests from him, but he doesn't give me any. Any idea?

    • Poet says:

      I think Beeline will release more quests for him in future updates. For now, I think he only has a handful of quests. If you have completed them, you will have to wait for subsequent updates to see if there are more quests from him.

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