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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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The island


The island is not just a normal expansion of the village; it works as a second village within your main village.

This was done due to the character limit in the mainland village. With the island working as a second village it is possible to have a new character limit on the island so that people can still add new Smurfs there even when they reached the maximum on the mainland but it still allows the game to be played on older devices with limited memory as well.

This also means, that some of the features (for example the ability to colour items with Painter Smurf or Farmer Smurf’s Plant All and Harvest All Modes) and most of the special Smurfs (like Farmer Smurf, Smurfette, Miner Smurf etc.) are not available on the island (at least not yet).

The only Smurfs that can go from the mainland to the island are Brainy Smurf, Papa Smurf and Dreamy Smurf. Papa Smurf will give different quest lines on the island and on the mainland.

To go to the island just tap on Dreamy Smurf’s ship that is docked at the beach and it will take you there.

The island has the same basic building and shop principle as the mainland (four different shops with different kind of items etc.) but there are items that will only be available on the island and not the mainland and vice versa.

The island itself can be expanded to the south for 25 Smurfberries, just like the mainland, though this expansion is at the moment only available once on the Island .

The Raft House  (by Brainy)

On the island,  one of papa quests is to place a raft house.  The only place you can place a raft house is along the water line near the boat.  Just look for the ghostly image of the raft house along the water line when you are looking for a spot to place the raft. Currently, the maximum number of rafts you can have on the island is 5 .

Gifts from raft expeditions are :  yellow crab, hammock, green chair, blue changing room, straw umbrella, smurfberries, coins, beach tower,  potions, rare pavilion.   (credit to Jewel Morel)

Gift chances from raft expedition:  1 hour with 10% change,   3 hour with 20% changes ,  24 hour with 30% chances  (credit to Jewel Morel)

There are some issues/bugs with the rafts:

   1.   Some people have reported the raft doesn’t do anything when they tap on it .

   2. Others (including myself) have seen where rafts are sent out for expedition but haven’t returned after 24 hour.

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  1. chongwh says:

    papa smurfts request to build architect hut in to build it..please help….tq

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You can buy Architect when you've got Handy's shop (not Handy's hut). To get his shop you have to complete some quests.

  2. mohan says:

    I am level 23 and just got the island, the strange thing is I never seen the ship in my main village but when I go to friends village then return to my village it took me straight to the island therefore I haven't "travelled" from my main village, when I was on the islands it was ok until I want to return my village I got on the ship, the ship was travelling then the game kind of went blank then returns to the main apps page. I went back into the village (after turning the iPad off then back on) and log in the village, village is ok but no ship.

  3. Sevenoceans77 says:

    I am level 19 and just got the island, the strange thing is I never seen the ship in my main village but when I go to friends village then return to my village it took me straight to the island therefore I haven't "travelled" from my main village, when I was on the islands it was ok until I want to return my village I got on the ship, the ship was travelling then the game kind of went blank then returns to the main apps page. I went back into the village (after turning the iPad off then back on) and log in the village, village is ok but no ship.

  4. M Smurfer says:

    I cannot get to my island! Im level 21 and i can only go to it sometimes i really need to get there now though because i hav crops that need harvesting! I tried turning of my phone once and ive even tried force closing it. I visited other smurfs villages thibking maybe mine would refresh then… but nothing! I wanted to recover my village but it shows that i cant go to the island in the past either now! Help!:(

  5. Vanessa says:

    I have the island and papa smurfs says to build a smurf hut. I already built it, but papa smurfs’ message won’t go away. What do I do?

  6. Sue says:

    I'm still having trouble with my island,some of the smurfs are waking but not going anywhere,the little smurfs are mostly the ones that do that. Some times even papa does it and can't get quests done. It will quit in the middle of agame. I can't play smurfetts with the heart because then every thing is delayed on the island. Please help

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Smurfette's game is still bugged so don't play it for now. I don't know why some of the other smurfs are stuck. Maybe rebooting your device will work.

  7. newbie says:

    i can't go to other island , why ?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Did you already complete "the island quests"? If not you can't visit it yet.

    • Crystal says:

      I have not completed my "smurf to the island" quest and cannot get to the island but I also cannot get to the boat. So if anyone has any ideas, suggestions or anything on how to fix this it would be greatly appeciated

      • Smurfette says:

        Have you build the bridge on the left side so you can access the beach? If so, then you should be able to get the boat, if not you have to get the beach first

        • Crystal says:

          How do you get the beach? I tried to put a bridge up this morning and it would not let me know. Thanks for all your help!

          • Sassete says:

            You need to place the bridge on a specific place look after the shadow and it take some time to build the bridge, you can only se the beach when the bridge is done

  8. Eve says:

    Papa smurf always told me tap the ship to visit my island but I can't find any ship in my village ?

  9. jorn says:

    I have several times been to the island
    but now i can't go whit the boat there is a yellow question mark above
    Who can help me

    • Hala says:

      The yellow question mark means that ur crops are ready so u should go back . Double click on the boat u will get the question to go to the island

  10. Ness says:

    I can't access my island anymore!! I am on level 17 and all of the sudden one day I appeared on the island. Everything was working fine except that every single time I would travel to the island Brainy will ALWAYS say that my crops had withered, which I could see was not true, and it didn't matter if I paid one smurfberrie or just hit ok, it would not go away. Now, all of the sudden, I cannot access my island anymore! Sailor smurf is gone and I've tried tapping Papa Smurf's head 16 times to recover my village several times, but nothing has happened yet, it is not working! I need some help here!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Have you tried contacting Beeline Support? You will need your device id, the make & model of your phone, and the operating system (iOS or Android). Here is the link for Beeline:

  11. jordan says:

    It won’t let me visit the island anymore. I tried restarting the game and my tablet. How can I fix it?

  12. AlfseS says:

    All my 5 rafts must had been hijacked by Somali pirates. Damn it …

  13. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    Choose the dye and wood raft at the bottom of the raft list. They are both 24 hours.

  14. dory says:

    what is a shell ? pls help me

  15. rosine says:

    Can anyone help. ….

    What should i do?

    When Papa say :: Let’s add a smurf hut to the island?.

  16. Becky says:

    Every time I plant crops on the island unless i keep smurf app open the crops wont go. The smurfs are actually walking away once i plant them. Can this bug be fixed as well and the reporter smurf please?

  17. Kalega says:

    My niece is on level 19 and can't get to her Island. I was only level 40 when the Island appeared so i don't know what she has to do. Are there challenges or do you need to be on a higher level? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Lightwars says:

    How can I give bolt to my friend?

  19. Patty Smurf says:

    For months I have four rafts that have remained in shadow. I've obviously updated (just did again last night), and nothing. I tried to delete the raft house to "start from scratch," but it won't let me. I only have one working raft and it won't allow me to complete tasks, such as the "send out 2 dye rafts." really frustrating.

    • Guest says:

      I have this problem too. Two of my three rafts are 'greyed out' but no smurfs are on them. I've just sent Beeline a bug report about it.

    • Eugenia says:

      Patty, I do have the same problem with my game. Can't delete the raft house and also have four rafts remained in shadow. Can't complete tasks as well. Does anybody at beeline is working on this problem? it is very frustrating!!!!!

    • Val says:

      I have the same problem on my Android village. I don't have the problem on my iOS.

      • ValC says:

        So, I sent the 2 remaining rafts out to complete the "goals" in the update. And now they are ghost ships also. Has Beeline made any recommendations to fix?

        • Alex says:

          Mine too 2 of my rafts did not come back how can i contact beeline

          • Stroumpfette says:

            Here is the url:

          • Mel says:

            I also had the same problem with 3 rafts being greyed out and now 2 more just came back and remained greyed out. I cant access any of my 5 rafts now.

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            Recover your village since Beeline cannot fix it in the next updates. To recover your village: Go to the beginning menu where the play button is. You'll see a button options. Press it and tap on Papa Smurfs head 16 times. A recover village button appears, tap it and you'll see a list of saved villages. Select one, preview it and if it's yours select recover.

          • Rose says:

            It did not work with recover village I haven't had rafts in months :(

    • grumps says:

      Me too for android

  20. renda says:

    I am having trouble. My smurf corps honey drew, tomato and egg plant yesterday. Until right now, there's nothing happen. Timer wont count dont to harvest. What should i do?

  21. Jaysmurf says:

    Smurfs on the island won't work on standby or when im in the mainland. I already updated and this keeps happening. PLS!!!

  22. Bellepeppa says:

    I too have smurfs missing on the island and the timings of growing my crops seems to be on a stand still. If I grow tomatoes, 8 hrs later they still say they are growing tomatoes.. Please help!

  23. Erin says:

    I have reached level 20 and my ship has not yet come in! I have the most recent updated version of the smurfs for android. Papa smurf keeps telling me to play greedys baking game, no quests. Want to get to island!

  24. Ignacio says:

    Everything is fine except for the fact that I can not get to my island one day sailor smurf was up their in the ship & I kept tapping at it but nothing so now the ship just sits their.. Does it not work with the iPad? Please help.. thanx.. O & by the way I've updated but still nothing.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You should recover your village if it completely doesn't work but beware that you will lose progress. Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a recover village button apppears. Press it and you will see a list off saved villages. Select one and if it's yours recover.

      • Ignacio says:

        It doesn't work.. I somehow ended up in my island when I visited another random village it just took me their & I moved a few things around & built & planted some things there but when I went back to my village I couldn't go back to my island anymore & I keep going back like u say but it keeps doing the same thing

        • Ignacio says:

          Lol wow not even the recovery works anymore.. This part is driving me crazy, besides my wife wasting all of my smurfberries lol

  25. ashhh 90 says:

    Ok, so I'm only on lil 19 and am currently doing the quests to get Dreamy… But somehow I magically ended up on the island with dreamy, papa smurf, and brainy! They told to to built the raft thing, a couple mushroom huts, and garden plots- so I did. But once I asked to sail back to my island…when I arrived, there was no shit to return and the couple 1000 coins I had used to decorate are goneeee! What happeneddd?!
    (also my reporter smurf says I'm not connected to twitter….but I totally am)
    Thanks form the help in advance :)

    Add meeeee: ashhh 90

  26. kitty says:

    . Others (including myself) have seen where rafts are sent out for expedition but haven’t returned after 24 hour.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Recover your village: Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a 'recover village' button appears. Press it and you'll see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's yours select recover. Beware that you will lose some progress.

  27. Jessie says:

    Hi. I’m level 26. I’ve just updated my smurf about doctor smurf and animal sanctuary cove. Since then, my smurf village island doesnt work properly. That is, whenever my smurf grow crops, time isnt ticking. What i am saying is , for example, smurfs grew tomato yesterday but I couldnt harvest them when I came back this app in 8 hours . Well. it still said that 7hours and 3o something…I dont know what to do….All things happened after new update. Can you reply ASAP to sort it out

  28. Sam says:

    Is it normal to get a smurf berrie from the first 30 second raft you send out?

  29. Stephanie says:

    Im now at level 24. I cannot access my island anymore. This is still happening even though I have updated it 2 times. Pls fix it ASAP. Thanks!

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I suggest you to recover: Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a 'recover village' button appears. Select it and you will see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's yours select recover. If it doesn't work contact Beeline at

  30. larrisa says:

    my smurfs disappeared off my island please help i cant do n e thing

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Go to options, tab Papa Smurfs head 16 times, a button recover village appears. Tab it and you will see a list off saved villages. Select one and preview. If it is yours select recover.

  31. mona says:

    Ther are nothing in my island ,whereę is everything what i was buy and building?????? It is’nt not the first time !!!ii’m not cheeting

  32. Kisses says:

    I’m on the exercise the smurflings and he keeps telling me to build or add two sandcastles to the island but it’s not working. I have tried adding all the sand smurfs and sand castles and it still says to add two. Any idea of what I am doing wrong?

  33. shezzy says:

    I dont know how to get a relay stick on the island ,how can i complete this quest?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I think you need to send a raft to collect wood. You can find the raft almost at the bottom off the raft list.

  34. shezzy says:

    Please help!!On the island i have to GET A RELAY STICK. Send out a raft to collect wood. I have done this more than once and i cant gat wood. What do i do ?

  35. GLO says:


  36. Mildred says:

    I on level 37 on the quest for brainy make The Mix up on the soccer game the App take me out of The game and if play The Mix up wirhout Brainy he don't vive me XP for The quest. Some can tell me if can hace To do something on The soccer play?

  37. Dawn says:

    Why is it taking 5 minutes now to get to the island? I’ve rebooted my phone several times and it is still taking 5 minutes at least to get there. It is making me not even want to go to the beach anymore. (and really, not play the game much anymore at all)

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Dawn is yes indeed is taking too long now to get to the island, we dont know why beeline has extended traveling duration. There is nothing really you can do for the moment .

  38. teddybear 04 says:


    I am sorry, but I felt like I have to say that….:-))

    They are the only gifts I got from rafts which ever I send since 2 weeks. Before I got one of the little outhouses and the nice little thing I do not know the english word for (it hangs between the trees.. )

  39. DeAnna says:

    i havent been getting the gifts that my friends have sent me to my island. i am able to send them gifts. Please help so that i can finish clockwork smurf. thanks

  40. DeAnna says:

    Im having trouble getting gifts on my island from my friends. i can send them gifts but havent been getting them, and its been weeks. please help me fix this problem so that i can finish clockwork smurf. thanks

  41. smurfmama11 says:

    i am having trouble getting gifts that are sent to my island. im able to send gifts to my friends but im not getting any. I just want to get enough bolts for clockwork smurf. Any ideas why this is happening help.

  42. Yurii says:

    The journey between the main village to the island is taking too much time with the latest update. It took a

    minimum 3-4 mins for the journey to be completed.

    Am I the only one facing such the problem?

  43. Emma says:

    Papa smurf is telling me to plant and harvest a crop from a palm tree on the island, what should I plant?

  44. wawan says:

    What papa smurfs mean by tap the bottles?

  45. Guest says:

    Is there a certain raft or time you need to send out a raft for smurfberries?

  46. LuchiV says:

    I´m level 20, when I am going to be able to go to the island?

  47. Vicky says:

    Land Expansion…
    Does anyone know if the smurfberry land expansion adds space to both the village and island simultaneously or just one?
    I'm after an island expansion and not village. However, the option is the same whether playing in the village or the island: '..more space to the bottom of your village'.
    Can anyone help?

  48. AJ says:

    I have 3 rafts all have been out and returned many times, they were waiting to be sent out again but have disappeared. The shadows are there (as when they are out) but I can not click on them, it has been like this for nearly a week. I have tried the suggested comment above about visiting another village and island but this has not worked, any ideas?

  49. Angie says:

    I’m trying to place my raft hut where the image is placed, however it keeps telling me that I need to build a bridge. I have 2 bridges on the main land. Can’t figure out how to build a bridge from Island and Main Land? Help please. :)

  50. Skygamer says:

    Try this work around:
    Log back into the game. Go to a neighbour's village, visit their island, go back to their mainland, go back to your own village, go to your island.
    Hope it works for you too.
    Note: I only get kicked out of the ship journey when there are flowers ready to harvest or when rafts have returned from their voyages.

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