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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Upcoming update (September 2011)


Beeline again revealed that an up coming update for The Smurfs’ village game   will take place in early September, however until now no firm date has been revealed yet. According to Beeline the next Smurf Village update will have a day and night mode.
– The bugs will be fixed and therefore Papa smurf will not force you to buy Fruits pack which costs Smurfberries.  So you will have free quests
– Unfortunately the movie theatre will be removed; therefore Brainy will stop talking about the trailer. This will free up some memory space and will be replaced by some new cool items.

– A new option will be added where we will have a day and night mode.

Please remain turned for more update.

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  1. Mai-Britt says:

    After last update i lost 20 smurfs and can’t get on my island.

  2. Deb says:

    I noticed that people on the higher levels have a vallentine hut. I don’t have that feature in my vallentine update. How do I get it?

  3. jack says:

    does anyone know how to make a snowsmurf i skipped a cutscen…please help

  4. Aaaaaahh says:

    my papa smurf and the other special smurf was gone after i download the smurf grabber

  5. jean says:

    why do some featured villages have wooden swings and a pavilion? where do they get those from??

  6. Duparchy says:

    Does anybody know if we get smurfberries after sending sole items from smurfgrabber? And how many?

    • Smurfette says:

      I am not really sure what your are asking, but as I understand it you want to know if you can get Smurfberries by transfering items from SmurfGrabber to Smurfsvillage? If so, the answer is no, you will get some XP for the items you get from Grabber, but no Smurfberries. If I understood your question wrong, please clarify it.

  7. cath says:

    it nice that beeline keep updating the smurf village with different occasion etc.. but it will be better if the previous limited edition items stay on the village even after next update (eg. i purchased the big blue bunny during ester but it suddenly went missing with the next update) it shouldnt be remove. and when will the next update will be?what theme will it be? (my last update is marco) and its kinda weird my apple application keep on showing the marco update eventhough i've already updated it. i love playing smurff

    • Smurfette says:

      After the first Marco update there was a second one, but with the same icon, it did not add new things, but was just supposed to be a bug fix. Maybe that is the update that is showing up? A Beeline employee said on their Feedback Forum that the number of items they are able to render on the devices is limited and that is why they remove the temporary items, like the theatre. That way they can replace them with new items. The next update is expected in mid October and we now it will add new land, but no info about the theme has been released, but if I would have to guess I'd say either Halloween or Autumn in general, but it could also be something completly different.

  8. linda says:

    The new update is causing the screen to stay on the beeline's not lettting me in at all!! If not it crashes

  9. Ivan says:

    Is Tailor Smurf going to make more hats??

    • Smurfette says:

      It is possible, but Beeline has not announced any information regarding that yet, so we will have to wait and see.

      • Ivan says:

        Thanks smurfette…. Do you know perchance how I get Marco Smurf? I got him on the quest but I don't have friends via Facebook. Is he gone for good?

        • Smurfette says:

          Do you have no friends/neighbours at all or just not via Facebook (but via GameCenter)? As far as it is at the moment, you must have at least one friend eithere added through Game Center or Facebook to get Marco Smurf back. If you do not have a friend you can not find him in your neighbours village.

  10. Tash says:

    Will the new update have new levels?

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline (the creators) said that it will have at least one new level, we will have to wait and see whether there will be more than one new level, however, there has not yet been an update with more than two new levels, so do not expect more than two, but it will at least have the one

  11. grace says:

    in smurf grabber how do you get stuff for your smurfs viallge im on level 16 in smurf grabber

    • Smurfette says:

      You can’t at the moment, you will have to wait for the next Smurfs’ Village update (it is expected at the end of this week or the beginning of the next week). After that you will be able to get items in Smurf”s Grabber that you then can place in your village.

  12. Shari says:

    How often is space available like Joe said I'm getting board on level 32 need more things to do

    • Smurfette says:

      Land updates have not really been on a regular cycle, there were four expansions up to now, but between each of them there were usually a couple of updates without new land. Beeline said on their Facebook page that the next update will not have new land, the one after that is supposed to feature another land expansion. Nothing beyond that has been announced yet.

  13. Mandy says:

    I play the game on my iPad. If I download it on my iPhone will it link the game? Or will it be a new one? Is there gonna be any problem whenever I connect them to my computer??

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to connect your village on your iphone with Game Center, after that, just sign into GameCenter with the same account on your iPad and you will be asked whether you want to continue playing the iphone village, or a new one. There are no problems with that method, many people, me included, use it without any issues.

  14. Oh I cant wait when will the update comes, didn't they tell u when its finished??

  15. Jaine says:

    Hi, I started a game a while back and then didnt play for a long time and see that lots of people got beaches. How did they get that? I didn’t get one and don’t see a way to. I am playing on an iPhone and iPad and neither have a beach if OS makes any difference.

  16. vargas42 says:

    My favourite game. Don't mind the in-app purchases. Keep it up!

    Possibly fix issues the following issues sometime:
    1. Items can not be selected if behind "return" arrow when in MOVE mode.
    2. Once all hill side stone steps have been purchased and placed, items placed near them will not be selectable anymore. If the user has but three of the four steps purchased he can at least temporarily move the steps causing the issue.

  17. Emily says:

    Does papa smurf ever stop giving quests?

  18. Dannie says:

    Still not spending 20 berries on the fruit pack. I boycotted it in protest over Papa Smurfs quest. I still wont buy it until the price is brought down to a more reasonal level (perhaps 10 berries?). I have bought almost everything else except the critters and the fruit, but I refuse to spend more money just to unlock only 3 crops!

  19. C.. says:

    Once again I like the Harmony Smurf idea! How often do you get a free coin on Smurf Grabber game? I'm desperate to know how they'll be linked! Also what level are you on Smurf Village?

    • Smurfette says:

      It seems that you get a free coin every two hours, though I noticed that if you buy coins the free ones stop until you have spend them all, kind of unfair. In Smurfs village I am on level 37, halfway through 38, but I have been playing since the beginning in November 2010.

      • C.. says:

        If it was up to you, what other ways would you make smurfberries available?

        • Smurfette says:

          That is a bit of a tough one, on the one hand there are the obvious choices like making them available in exchange for coins or growing them on a Smurfberry tree, but the developers have said this will not happen due to it being to easy to cheat (time cheat) to get unlimited Smurfberries. So the game would always need an internet connection to check the correct date to play, which would be bad for people with ipods, without wlan or without unlimited mobile data usage. So I am not sure how this could be realized. I think they should find a way to make them available for free for a specific time period (maybe weekly gift from Jokey with 2 or 3 Smurfberries) and create a way to prevent people from cheating to get as many as they want for free

          • C.. says:

            I think having a boat that could belong to a special Smurf would be a nice feature, and be able to play a mini game on the boat..

  20. C.. says:

    When will this update be available, any specific date yet? Also there should be a way to get smurfberries other than levelling up, buying them or from Jokey! And more mini games/special smurfs would be cool! Also any ideas on what the new cool items will be? Smurfette please answer! :-)

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline has announced on their Facebook wall that it will be available next week, and since Apple does not publish new Apps and Updates during the weekend that means sometime between next Monday and Friday. The developers have said that they are thinking about new ways for players to get Smurfberries and that they are making modifications to the mini games, but I do not expect them in the next update, but we will have to see. Not much about the next update is known, it will have a day and night mode and it connects to the new Smurfs Grabber Game (that means you can get items in Smurf Grabber and place them in your village). They also said that they want to replace the movie theatre (which will be removed with the next update) with something new, so it is possible that this means a new Smurf

      • C.. says:

        What sort of stuff can you get from Smurf Grabber to put in your village? And if you had the choice of adding a new Smurf/House/Mini-game what would you choose? Also I only had 8 smurfberries and it still allowed me to update farmer hut although it should cost 15!? But I'm not complaining!

        • Smurfette says:

          The farner thing is a bug, it would even have worked with 0 Smurfberries, many people have experienced that. It is not yet known what items will be connected with Smurf Grabber, also someone on Beeline's Facebook wall said he found it out and they were flowers and some kind of statue, but I have not idea how legitimate this information is, best thing to do is just wait. I would like them to add Harmony Smurf (so we can listen to our music) or some kind of reporter smurf, that would allow us to leave messages for our neighbours.

          • C.. says:

            Two good ideas, how about a one involving a mini game? Any ideas?

          • Smurfette says:

            I don't know, not too much of a fan of the mini games (though i like the mining one). I think most of all the XP they give should be adjusted, and Painter definetly needs a new picture that gives us the colour orange. Other than that, maybe some kind of memory game with brainy (although I guess he would need a house for that then). Or if we go with Harmony Smurf, maybe he plays a tune sequence and we have to follow him, with different difficulties.

  21. Joe says:

    Will they going to add more space??? I start to get board from the game because I ran out of space and I can’t add any more!!!!

    • Smurfette says:

      They have added new space in the last two updates, so they will not be adding new space in the next update, but it has been confirmed via an employee on Beelines Facebook Wall that the update after that will include land again

  22. Kim1 says:

    I agree! You should be able to sell your bought items back for say 40% of what you paid. IMO good riddance to the movies theater. Doesn’t blend with the whole village idea. Outhouses yet a full theater? They really do NEED to have sales or other ways to get smurfberries. Not tons for free but throw us a bone! One smurfberry from jokey Smurf every two months doesn’t count! I am interested in seeing how they link up Smurf village with Smurf Grabber – and they do because I have Smurf Grabber and it says this, although I have yet to see it happen ( probably in an update when its released for the USA market ). It will be cool to have day and night! I wish I could work on this game myself, there are so many ways to make it more interesting, and keep player around!

  23. Jess says:

    Good game but can become very expensive!

  24. Ray says:

    If you already have the movie theater and u update the smurfs (when the next update is available) will u lose the movie theater if u already have it

    • Smurfette says:

      Yes, it seems that way, the developers have announced that the movie theatre will be removed. It is possible that they will only remove the advertisement for the Smurfs Movie, but it sounds more like the whole theatre will be removed

  25. Papa_D73 says:

    Not sure how to tell the designers this but, it would be nice if we could sell back items we no longer need if even for 1 coin. My daughter got a hold of my phone and bought 55 stools…besides all the lost coins….what am I going to do with 55 stools???

    • Smurfette says:

      I see your point, 55 stools are quite a lot. You can contact the support team of the developers either at or on their facebook page ( They have implemented features wanted by users in the past (like the Plant All Function, the storage hut, etc.), so it is at least worth a try, if enough people ask for it, maybe they will eventually add it.

    • viviennnnnn <% says:

      yea, i think that is also a good idea, it would be good to make some money out of selling some stuff you don't need :)

  26. Bang Bang says:

    So what happens to the people who spent smuffberries on the fruit basket? Do we get a refund??? More details plz. And why are the updates to this game so slow??? I’ve spent a lot of $$$ on this game faster and more updates would b nice.

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to ask the developers about that, you can contact their support team at We are only an inofficial fanpage and guide and have no influence whatsoever about updates or the refund.

  27. Jason says:

    Hopefully they will refund smurfberries to those of us that were already forced to buy the fruits pack for Papa Smurfs quest.

    • Smurfette says:

      You can always try and ask them, the support team can be reached at However, it was announced that this would be fixed, and most of all, you have bought it and can therefore continue to use the Fruity Fun Crop Pack, not only for Papa's task, so it is possible that they will not refund you.

  28. hefty smurf says:

    a mini game for timber smurf will be nice

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline said on there Facebook page that they are working on improving the mini games in one of the next coming updates (though probably not the next one), so maybe they will add one to timber as well, I, too, think that would be great

  29. Smurf says:

    I cant wait to try it, we wish it they make some offers or promotion for smurfs berries also.

  30. Papa smurf Guest says:

    Day and night would be very nice if they also make the street lights and lanterns lit up at night too. I think the beach would stay permanently because if they take it away, what r they going to do with the stuff people put on the beach ?

    Last year, they had awsome snow on the ground and christmas theme. Hope they bring it back this year.

    • Smurfette says:

      Me, too. I really liked the snow theme and I guess they will bring it back, why shouldn't they, i mean it is already programmed and they regularly do seasonal updates. But I guess we will have to wait and see about that.

      The lamp posts are already turned on and off, now they will have a real use

  31. Dymokc says:

    Will the beach be removed after the Summer?

  32. Tracy Oliver says:

    Love the night/day idea, still happy to pay for smurfberries since the basic game cost nothing, but I want to keep my cinema (although it may be worth losing just to get the ! Gone from over brainy).

  33. Liquid says:

    Keep the game free, but extremely hard to play (with a lot a patience) and ask money to the inpatient people out there, that is fair. Like now I am level 13 and trying to get 4000 gold to buy the salad summer pack for over 48 hours now 😉 Thats fair!

    • Smurfette says:

      As far as the developers have anounced, that is the plan, the basics of the game will be free, but premium items or faster leveling up will cost smurfberries and hence money. The problem that one of papa smurfs tasks requires to buy a crop pack that can only be bought with smurfberries will be fixed in the upcoming update, so from then on everything will be back to normal, and just like you said, the game will be free, but extras cost money.

  34. Jimmyg says:

    Can't wait for the new update. Don't mind paying for the berries.
    One of my favorite games. Keep up the great work.

  35. Kim says:

    Thank you for such a great game!! I don’t mind buying berries I have now twice also I love that you give berries as gifts and when we level! Also love the day and night idea you totally read my mind!! Have a smurfy kinda day!!

  36. Guest says:

    Please please please when is Papa smurf going to get a mail box so we can leave messages when we visit our neighbors

    • Smurfette says:

      You will have to contact the developers about that, we are just an inofficial fansite and have no influence about that whatsoever. You can reach them at

  37. Guest says:

    Face Books Game is getting to be alot better I would be thinking of some better improvements besides nite and day

    • Smurfette says:

      I haven't played Facebooks Smurfs & Co Game yet, but heard good thinks about it. A night and day function is what many people have been asking for on the developers facebook side, so I think this is going to be great, especially that the developers listen to the fans from time to time. We do not know what else will come with the update, so there might be the "better improvements" you are asking for (like bug fixes that are really necessary). I think we just have to wait and see what the update will bring

  38. Papa smurf says:

    Come on. Stop asking for free smurfberries, Developers need to make a living too. They dont have free time to write game for you free. Just put yourself into their shoe. If you could write game, would u make it free ?

    • Kim says:

      Well said about the berries I bought them twice now also we get free ones

    • Arne says:

      You are blatantly a developer. Your point is interesting but not valid.

      • Smurfette says:

        Why do you think their point is not valid? Every developer has to make a living, that is normal. You have to pay for other things in live as well, why should you not pay for a game that you enjoy. And in contrast to other games this one is completly free to play, just premium content costs money and it is everyones choice to buy them. I think it is a very valid point

        • Markus says:

          Smurfette, For the next update, what levels are they expanding too ? , And when the update comes , about when will the NEXT update come, in like a month ? 5 months , a year ? please replie , And I run outta of land :/

          • Smurfette says:

            The developers said that they will be adding new levels, but whether it will just be one, two or more is unclear now. Generally they have added one, sometimes two, though many people are asking for them too add more, but we will have to wait and see. The next update will not have new land, but they said on their facebook wall that the one after that will then again add new land. The interwall between updates is generally 4 to 6 weeks, but there have also been shorter and longer gaps between updates as well.

    • Chibi12 says:

      Not a developer, but I think its reasonable to pay for smurf berries, nothings truely free in the world, I’ve never brought smurf berries, I try to play all free games free, but if I wanted more, once in a while, I probably would pay – people who make the game need something back otherwise, why would they keep improving it or making more etc

  39. Cayce says:

    Please make the Smurfberries free and let us pay for Farmer only once.

    • Smurfette says:

      You will have to contact the developers about that, we are just an inofficial fansite and have no influence about that whatsoever. You can reach them at However, considering how successfull the game is, despite the Smurfberry costs, it seems unlikely that they will reduce the price

  40. Minott12 says:

    Yes!!! I can't wait! I'm so smurfing happy!;-)

  41. Lancome says:

    Great there will be day n night! But if those four seasons are inclede it will more smurftastic!! Pls reduce smurfberries costy things..really cost money. Diassappointed quit lil bit

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