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potter_icon Ver.: 1.5.3potter_iconVer.: 1.4.0a
Size: 278MBSize: 108MB
Levels: 72Levels: 72
Updated on: Apr, 09, 2014Updated on: Apr 15, 2014

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pirate_official_iconFor the second time in history, and we don’t know exactly why this has happened, the Android Pirate Update Version 1.3.8a has gone live before the iOS version.

Important features of this update include:

  • Pirate Smurf has invaded the island – Are your Smurfs ready for the high seas?

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Explorer UpdateThe Explorer Update for Android Version 1.3.6a is live. Players can download the update from the Google Play store now.

See the following official release notes for the Explorer Update from Beeline for the changes made with this update: Read More→

Smurfs Village Christmas updateNot long after the King Smurfs update was released for Apple iOS users (version 1.4.8), Beeline has also released the same Smurfs Village update, version 1.3.5 for Android users. This time it features King smurf, who brings a lot of activities to do in the mountains. The update was made available for Android on December 19, 2013 and is available to download from Google play now.
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smurfs-village-1.4.7_Smurf-ClownVersion for Android is now available for download.
Beeline has informed us that it is a generic bug fix release. We encourage players to download the update as soon as possible.
This update does NOT address issues with Tracker, though we have been informed they are aware of and plan to fix his quests in a future update.
As always, we welcome your comments and concerns and encourage that you also report bugs to Beeline directly as it helps them see the full picture of the number of users affected when something goes wrong. You can open tickets with them via their support portal at . Read More→

Smurfs-village-1.4.6-on-iOS-and-1.3Nanny Smurf Update released for iOS and Android

The Nanny Smurf Update, which is version 1.4.6 on iOS and 1.3.3a on Android, has been released. The iOS version was made available on November 1st, with the Android version being available four days later, since November 5th 2013.

The new update comes with a couple of new features, the most prominent being the new VIP System, Nanny Smurf as well as a new mountain expansion and Smurfy Wonder.

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