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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Animals

storage_critterWith the Easter 2013 update (Fireman Smurf, version 1.3.6 on iOS) the “At Character Limit” issue (see our Troubleshooting section for more information) has been resolved.

There is a character limit of 240 to 250 per area (mainland, island and mountain) in the game. The roaming critters like snails and caterpillars count towards that limit and can prevent the addition of more smurfs. This can now be corrected with the critter storage. Read More→

puppy1The development team at Beeline Interactive is definitely paying attention to their forum and taking players’ suggestions seriously. Over the past month a suggestion posted in the Share an Idea section of their forum has manifested into the game. A forum member posted an idea of adding a cute domestic pet like a puppy to the village. The positive comment feedback and replies made the department take notice. Now players can place an adorable puppy in their village and watch him chase his tail while running about. Read More→

Smurfs village Android update version 1.1.4a was released yesterday by Beeline, this version is about Doctor  and Reporter smurfs and animal Sanctuary. The update is live and ready for download from Google play for all users using  Android: 2.2 and up. Few players are experiencing  game crashes   as well as the game freezes but these are common issues encountered by Android users who use devices which are not compatible with the game.  If you are experiencing other issues please post them below to share with other players.  With regards to the content of this update is similar to Apple’s release version 1.2.6 , but what’s new in this version according to beeline description? Read More→

The animal habitat in the smurfs village, similar to the island, is a different section of the game, so it is not limited by the character limit. Even if someone is on the character limit, it is still possible to get animals for the habitat.

The animal habitat has, however, its own character limit. In level 9 (when the habitat can be placed inside the village) it is possible to place up to three new animal “houses” (i.e. a logs, stamps or caves in which one additional animal can live) to the habitat. From then on one additional house can be placed within Doctor Smurf’s Animal Habitat. From level 12 onwards a new house can only be placed every two levels.

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In the smufs village animal sanctuary , it takes 9755 amounts of food to advance one animal to the maximum level of 10. This means there is a need for a lot of food.

To get the food it can either be bought with Smurfberries (400x Food for 25 Smurfberries) or grown in the animal sanctuary.

At the bottom left corner within the sanctuary there is a garden where little bushes can be placed (available for 40 Coins from the build menu) that can be used to grow food.
Growing food on them works just as with magic shrubs, simply click on the bush and choose an amount of food to grow.

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